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Non-diegetic sound. Peaceful music (Wide Shot: Rebecca drops badge and gun on cushion than drops her coat on the floor)

Voice over of Rebecca: theres not much in life when the ones you love depart from this world
(Camera fades to a close up of Rebecca standing in front of a mirror with a look of frustration of her face) Continued voice over: Its hard to keep alive when this park of

life is so small,
(Back to wide shot of Rebecca sitting on the couch with her hands on her knees and her face in her hands. She stands up and walks to a door next to her very tiredly. She opens the door which makes a squeaky sound and goes inside.)

Im desperate, broken
(Fades back to close up of Rebecca standing in front of the mirror. Bangs her hand frustratingly on the mirror)

This park is so small but there is one Black out

Radio Transmission from a police woman to Rebecca:

Rebecca! We have a situation (Radio transmission noise) running down Dion street (Radio transmission noise) suspect potentially dangerous! Music changes- Fast paced action-like music. Fades to and ally way with Rebecca chasing the potentially dangerous suspect. Long-shot. Both characters run past the Camera. Cuts to a mid-shot of suspect. Camera is panning slowly as she runs past it. Camera then pans really fast to Rebecca who is close behind her. Camera remains a mid-shot as she runs past and camera pans while she does so. Camera cuts to a POV shot (Rebeccas) looking at the suspect. Cuts to a mid shot of suspect running along a pavement and then another cut to a mid shot of Rebecca running along the same pathway behind suspect. Camera cuts to a low angle shot of suspect turning a corner, running towards the camera which she jumps over. The Camera cuts to a wide shot of both characters coming towards the camera. Cut to mid shot of suspect coming to a stop. Cut to a mid shot of the suspects back while she knees Rebecca in the stomach and pushes her roughly to the fence. Suspect produces knife. Close-up of suspect stabbing Rebecca in the stomach. Cut to a close-up of Rebeccas face. She has a pained look on her face as she grunts at the impact of the knife.


A POV shot of Rebecca looking at a picture of her father. A mid shot of Rebecca chasing suspect A wide shot of a Rebeccas sister running towards Rebecca. A POV shot of Rebecca running after suspect. A wide shot of Rebecca on the couch with her hands on her knees and face in her hands. Back to wide shot of Rebeccas sister, but this time she is actually in Rebeccas arms. Mid-shot of Rebecca sitting on a floor, with her knees to her chest and looking very sad. END OF FAST CUT FLASHBACKS. Camera cuts back to a close-up of Rebeccas face while knife is still in her body. Camera angle remains a close-up while Rebecca slowly starts to slide down the fence. Camera does not pan down. Camera cuts to a close-up of the back of Suspects head and pans as she slowly takes two steps back and turns around while doing so. She is immediately caught in a choke. We only see the hand of the person choking her. Black out We notice some red spluttering appearing all over the screen. The screaming of the suspect as she is choked to death and the animalistic sounds of the male choking her is heard throughout the black out. Mid-shot of male vampire, Alucard is shown. He is wearing a black suit and working at a steady pace to our dying Rebecca. Medium close up of Alucard kneeling beside Rebecca and feeling her pulse point. After confirming that she is about to die he turns her head to the other side.

Camera cuts to a close-up of his face. He is shaking his head, almost looking as if he is trying to stay in control of his animalistic side. The screen is red. Camera cuts to a mid-shot of Alucard diving in to bite Rebecca. Screen returns to a Black out. This time the screaming of Rebecca is heard as she is in agonizing pain of being just been bitten. Music changes back to peaceful music which was played at the start. Camera fades in to a shot of Rebecca lying in a bed with a beautiful red and black dress. Camera is panning up her body starting at her feet. A faint but slow heartbeat is heard in the background. As camera pans up to her face, it turns to the right. After that, the camera fades into a flash-back (in slow motion, wide shot) of Rebeccas sister running towards her. Camera cuts back to Rebecca to in the bed. The camera is panning from one side of her face to the other slowly. Leading the camera to fade into another flashback of Rebecca, who is on her knees, laughing with her sister. Also in slow motion. Another cut, (same flashback) of Rebecca hugging her sister. Rebeccas Voice over: Even if Im no longer human, you are still the promise I keep. Heartbeat speeds up at this point. Camera cuts to Rebecca on the bed with the camera slowly closing into her eyes until its framed to an extreme close-up. Camera remains still at an extreme close-up of her eyes for a couple of seconds. No heartbeat is heard thus giving us the impression that she is dead. Then, unexpectedly, Rebecca opens her eyes, which are red in a flash. The end of opening sequence.

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