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Oxfordshire Netball League aims to promote the game of netball within the county of Oxfordshire through the provision of leagues and tournaments The League upholds the principles of equality, personal integrity and respect

All players, tea a!a"ers, # p$res a!% &''$($als will read and sign a (&%e &' (&!%#(t each season (appendix A, , !" As indicated in the !odes of !onduct all players, managers and officials are responsible for )!&*$!" t+e r#les &' t+e "a e# Oxfordshire Netball League will not tolerate a!y #!a((epta,le ,e+a-$&#r$ ./ AT FIXTURES0 &! &r &'' (&#rt, ,e'&re, %#r$!" a!% a'ter a at(+, ,y players, &''$($als &r s#pp&rters 1 t+$s $!(l#%es ar"#$!" *$t+ t+e # p$re2 s*ear$!", %er&"at$-e &r r#%e la!"#a"e, !e"at$-e ,&%y la!"#a"e %n line with &N rules, players will be "$-e! a -er,al *ar!$!", play ay ,e a%-a!(e% a!%, $' t+e ,e+a-$&#r pers$sts, t+e &''e!%$!" player3s4 *$ll ,e se!t &'' (&#rt, '&r a set t$ e &r !# ,er &' "&als &r t+e rest &' t+e 5#arter &r '&r t+e at(+, at t+e %$s(ret$&! &' t+e at(+ # p$res/ The player may not be substituted Any such behaviour and resulting action should be re(&r%e% &! t+e res#lts (ar% by the umpires and followed up by a written report to the Lea"#e Se(retary# %n the case of a sending off, an EN '&r must be completed and submitted to the !ounty 'mpiring (ecretary and the ONL !hair informed The ONL O''$(ers will decide whether any further action is necessary# )eports will be filed for the (#rre!t a!% a '#rt+er 6 '#ll seas&!s 6/ ON LINE, &! s&($al !et*&r)s$ derogative or rude language Any clubs discovering such postings should *ar! t+e $!%$-$%#al3s4 $! *r$t$!" and rep&rt t+e atter t& t+e Lea"#e Se(retary, even if the sub*ect is internal to the club

COMPLAINTS a"a$!st players, # p$res a!% &''$($als

A (& pla$!t must be submitted in writing (if by e+mail, then a document should be attached" to the League (ecretary in order for it to be presented at the next ONL Officers meeting# ,erbal complaints will not be considered# )eceipt of the written complaint will be ac-nowledged within . days# The ONL Officers will then follow this procedure$ . A s#,1(& complaint# $ttee &' 7 will be designated, independent of the team(s" involved in the


All parties involved will be contacted and an $!%epe!%e!t rep&rt of the match/incident requested from each of those involved 0 in the case of a match this will be both team captains/managers and both umpires, one of whom being the original complainant# Teams must send their accounts within two wee-s of receiving a letter from the league# 1elay in responding could result in points being deducted from the team2s results# ONL will ensure before deducting these points that the individuals concerned received the letter/e+mail# All a((&#!ts will be presented to the sub+committee, who will review all responses and ma-e their decision and recommendation of any action to be ta-en# This may be a written warning to an individual(s" or team3 points deduction on the designated scale3 suspension of a player or team (see appendix 1"


8# A letter *$ll ,e *r$tte! t& all part$es giving the outcome of the decision ta-en by the sub+committee# 9# An appeal may be made in writing within . days of the outcome letter being received# An appeal committee of 4 independent members of ONL 5/or ON1 will be designated and a meeting arranged with the individual parties involved in the complaint for the appeal to be heard# The final decision lays with this appeal committee to uphold, amend or re*ect the original verdict# :# All eet$!"s held during the process will be minuted but be confidential

(igned $ 6666666666666666666666666666666666 (igned $ 6666666666666666666666666666666666 1ate $ 6666666666666666666666666666666666 )eview date $ 66666666666666666666666666666

7osition $ 6666666666666666666666666 7osition $ 6666666666666666666666666

A B C Player (&%e &' (&!%#(t Tea a!a"er;U p$re;O''$($al (&%e &' (&!%#(t D$s($pl$!ary sa!(t$&!s

ljw/Uoli/county netball/policies/complaints & discipline policy 120413/draft 3



D$s($pl$!ary Sa!(t$&!s O! (&#rt < %#r$!" play

U p$res s+&#l% 0 "$-e a -er,al *ar!$!" 0 a%-a!(e play, &!(e &r &re 0 se!% t+e player3s4 &'' (&#rt, for a set time or number of goals or the rest of the quarter or for the rest of the match 0 rep&rt a!y se!%$!" &'' t& t+e C&#!ty U p$r$!" Se(retary a!% ONL C+a$r 0 a (& pla$!t a!% p&$!ts %e%#(t$&! ay '&ll&* t+$s a(t$&!

O'' (&#rt < '&ll&*$!" a (& pla$!t

T+e s#,1(& $ttee ay0 $ss#e a letter &' repr$ a!% 0 re5#$re ap&l&"$es t& ,e a%e 0 %e%#(t p&$!ts &! a s(ale &' 6 t& a=$ # > (the match points, maximum 8, plus additional 9+:+;, depending on the nature of the offence, the number of players involved, whether remorse was demonstrated"

N&!1atte!%a!(e;late arr$-al &' D#ty tea

Fa$l#re t& pr&-$%e %#ty &''$($als *$ll res#lt $! a l&ss &' p&$!ts 0 no show or late arrival after half time + ; points deducted 0 late arrival during second quarter 0 : points deducted 0 late arrival during the first quarter 0 9 point deducted

N&!1atte!%a!(e at ONL


Fa$l#re t& atte!% a! ONL "e!eral eet$!" a!% AGM *$ll res#lt $! a '$!e 0 <;= for absence from a general (winter and summer season" meeting $ <8= for absence for the Annual >eneral ?eeting

ljw/Uoli/county netball/policies/complaints & discipline policy 230413/draft 3