A Wicked Woman

A wicked woman is a story about an unsullied, innocent, ingenuous and delicate young woman called Loretta. She lives with her older sister Daisy and her husband. When Loretta breaks up with Billy, a young boy with whom she had had a relationship, the sadness provoked by the rupture is the reason why Captain Kitt, her sister’s husband sends her on a visit to Santa Clara. There, she lives with the Hemingways, a mature couple that introduces her to Ned Bashford, a man who does not belive in the truth and purity of women, and that finally falls in love with Loretta. As the weeks pass, Loretta becomes a small centre of things, not just a pale orb around her sister; she receives letters from Billy though she almost doesn’t care about him anymore, until one morning she receives a letter that put tragedy into her face. Now Loretta is convinced that she is a wicked woman, and Ned Bashford will try to find out what is wrong with her.

LORETTA, a sweet, innocent, ingenous and delicate young. She is an almost naive teenager, but she is also a figure of womanhood. • DAISY, Loretta’s sister. Loretta described her with a brilliant and nature personality. •CAPTAIN KITT, Daisy’s husband, he only wants Loretta to help her wife with the household. •EDWARD “NED” BASHFORD, a man of the world, who has his own philosophy built out of his experiences and who doesn’t believe in the truth or purity of women. He confuses superficiality with profundity. • BILLY MARSH, a raw boy with whom Loretta had a relationship. He seems to try to manipulate Loretta. •ALICE HEMINGWAY, a society woman with an imaginative mind. JACK HEMINGWAY, Alice Hemingway’s husband. He pets Loretta by the time she lives with them.

A wicked woman takes place in the Hemingway’s house located in the town of Santa Clara in California. There, Loretta who was a shy and innocent young woman who always lived depending on her sister Daisy and grew up in an environment where she was inhibited and was not taken into account, becomes a small centre of attention; she was petted by Jack Hemingway, spoiled by Alice Hemingway, and devotedly attended by Ned Bashford. She swiftly developed her personality and discovered her own wishes.

Father: William Chaney, astrologer, never accepted him as a son. Mother: Flora Wellman, spiritualist Step-father: John London, a poor farmer from whom Jack took his last name. First wife: Bess Maddern, his math tutor. Second wife: Charmiand.

Born in San Francisco on January 12, 1876 Quit school at age 15 to work full-time in a salmon cannery. He was an avid reader, educating himself at public libraries, especially the Oakland public Library. London's extensive life experiences included being a laborer, a factory worker, a sailor, and a member of the California Fish Patrol and railroad hobo.

In his teens, he joined Coxey’s Army in its famous march on Washington.

During his travels, he became acquainted with socialism. He was called “The socialist boy of Oakland”.

In 1900, Jack married his math tutor and friend, Bess Maddern. They had two daughters.

In 1907, Jack married Charmian, his second wife.

He died of renal failure on November 22, 1916.

Influence on his writings:

His works exemplifies traditionals American values.

London wrote from a socialist viewpoint.

Jack London got the materials of his books from his own adventures.

His philosophy was a product of his own experiences. This philosophy is reflected in one of the main characters of “A Wicked Woman”, Ned Bashford.

A wicked women story reflects the traditionals standars of a century ago. The naivety Loretta reflects may sound incredible by modern standards; even so, while it is hard to imagine, it may have been believable to readers in 1906.

A Wicked Woman

Enrique Molina Julissa García IX Semester Foreign Languages

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