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Tia Mitchell 9/4/13 6th hour

Tear Of The Tiger Essay There are many things that I wish I could change. I wish I could change that ad grade I once got! that ad mo"e I #ust made in a game! or e"en my school I.$. %icture. &adly! none of us are &u%erman and cannot fi' things li(e that. Of course! we can gi"e our o%inions and here are mine. If I were a le to fi' three things! I)d ma(e it easier for teenagers to o tain em%loyment! ma(e sure that whome"er is getting financial hel% and is using it wisely! and I would also ma(e it so e"eryone could ha"e afforda le health insurance. One of the first things I would fi' is for teenagers to o tain em%loyment. *ll of the %art time #o s are eing gi"en to others and not to the students that need them. These high school students will soon ecome college students and will need a car to get to and from cam%us. +ow will a student %ay for a "ehicle if they don)t ha"e the money to %urchase it, On to% of #o s eing una"aila le! schools are not teaching students the s(ills they need to get a #o ! go through the inter"iew %rocess or e"en sur"i"e in the #o mar(et.

&econdly! I would li(e to fi' it so that %eo%le that are getting go"ernment financial hel% actually need it. Too many %eo%le are ta(ing ad"antage of the system and are ta(ing from those that are in true need of hel%. * lot of %eo%le that are essentially stealing from the mouths of others are usually s%ending the money on drugs and or alcohol. This is once again not fair to the families that truly need that money and try to use it to hel% their families. &ome %eo%le are so des%erate for the money to uy narcotics that they go as far as selling their go"ernment issued ridge cards. There are some %eo%le that are so des%erate and -OT getting the funds to hel% their families that are literally star"ing. .astly! I would ma(e it so that e"eryone could afford healthcare. It is not fair for some %eo%le to ha"e to go to wor( or school ha"ing illnesses ecause they cannot afford healthcare. /or e'am%le! my mother had a friend who was a nurse! he was undergoing treatment for cancer! his treatments were e'tremely aggressi"e and he was una le to wor(. +e was told his lea"e time was u% and either come ac( to wor( or lose your #o and your medical enefits0he lost his #o and his medical enefits! he was #ust far too ill to e a le to wor( at a #o he lo"ed. There are some medical insurance %olicies will that not co"er some treatments and lifesa"ing medications. /or e'am%le my e%i1%en 2a .I/E &*3I-4 de"ice5 was not co"ered y insurance the final cost would ha"e een o"er 6788! therefore! I do without. &ome %eo%le who wor( %art time! and others who cannot o tain em%loyment ha"e no health insurance at all. 9e are li"ing in a society where if you do not ha"e money! you will not sur"i"e. :learly! there are %ro lems in the society we li"e in and these #ust touches on a few. E"en though we are not real su%erheroes we could e in our own societies. 9e may li"e in a society where these %ro lems still e'ist; I don)t thin( they can e sol"ed y #ust one %erson. 9e ha"e to and together and wor( toward a common goal. If I could fi' three %ro lems in this society! I

would change it so that teenagers would e gi"en more o%%ortunity to o tain em%loyment! those who truly need financial hel% from the go"ernment would e recei"ing it and those who do -OT truly need it would e cut from the %ayroll. I would %ut forth my est efforts so that *.. %eo%le could o tain afforda le healthcare.