1o whom lL may concern


1he lnLernaLlonal CommlLLee of Lhe naLlonal Lawyers Culld (nLC) and Lhe SeaLLle
ChapLer of Lhe naLlonal Lawyers Culld supporL SLudenLs unlLed for ÞalesLlnlan Lqual
8lghLs (SuÞL8 uW) and oLher sLudenLs of consclence who are asklng Lhelr SLudenL
SenaLe Lo adopL a resoluLlon requesLlng dlvesLmenL from companles LhaL supporL,
malnLaln or proflL from Lhe occupaLlon of ÞalesLlnlan land. 1hls unlverslLy of
WashlngLon sLudenL lnlLlaLlve responds Lo represenLaLlves of ÞalesLlnlan clvll socleLy
who, ln 2003, called on Lhe lnLernaLlonal communlLy Lo boycoLL, dlvesL and sancLlon
(8uS) Lhe SLaLe of lsrael unLll lL meeLs lLs obllgaLlons Lo recognlze and comply wlLh
lnLernaLlonal law ln lLs LreaLmenL of ÞalesLlnlans.

1he 8uS movemenL seeks by nonvlolenL means Lo achleve Lhree goals LhaL are
recognlzed as legally enforceable under lnLernaLlonal law: equal rlghLs, Lhe resLoraLlon
of lands sLolen by an occupylng power, and Lhe rlghL of unlawfully dlsplaced people Lo
reLurn Lo Lhelr homes.

lurLher, Lhe resoluLlon on Lhe Lable does noL ask Lhe unlverslLy and lLs flnanclal
managers Lo ln[ure lLs lnvesLmenLs ln any way. 1he requesL honors Lhe uW LrusLees'
legally blndlng flduclary duLy and Lhe feaslblllLy Lo lmplemenL ls unquesLloned.

1he resoluLlon ls ln keeplng wlLh Lhe uW's vlslon sLaLemenL, whlch calls on lLs sLudenLs
Lo be engaged and responslble clLlzens. uW sLudenLs have a hlsLory of acLlng for human
rlghLs and peace, adopLlng dlvesLmenL resoluLlons dlrecLed aL aparLheld ln SouLh Afrlca
and genoclde ln Sudan. WlLh Lhls resoluLlon, uW sLudenLs [oln a vlbranL and growlng
human rlghLs movemenL on campuses ln Lhe u.S. and Lurope.

1he nLC has a long hlsLory of supporL for academlc freedom and expresslve rlghLs. We
belleve LhaL unlverslLles have a responslblllLy Lo expose sLudenLs Lo Lhe rlch varleLy of
perspecLlves on lssues of publlc lmporLance. unlverslLles and oLher lnsLlLuLlons across
Lhe counLry have been permeaLed wlLh a cllmaLe LhaL sLlfles dlscusslon of dlvesLmenL
and ÞalesLlnlan human rlghLs. We hope Lhe SenaLe wlll avall lLself of Lhls opporLunlLy Lo
engage ln dlalogue and debaLe, lncludlng abouL Lhe norms of lnLernaLlonal law.

And flnally, we ask Lhe SLudenL SenaLe Lo adopL Lhe !"#$%&'($) '$ +(,"#' -.$/
0$/12)("# 3.$-('()4 -.$/ 5($%2'($)# $- 6)'".)2'($)2% 728 2)9 :&/2) !(4;'#<

!"# %&'()*&+ ,&-.#/0 12(+3, founded ln 1937 as a raclally lncluslve organlzaLlon, ls Lhe
oldesL and largesL publlc lnLeresL and human rlghLs bar assoclaLlon ln Lhe unlLed SLaLes.
Culld lawyers parLlclpaLed ln Lhe foundlng of Lhe unlLed naLlons and slnce Lhen Lhe
lnLernaLlonal CommlLLee of Lhe Culld has soughL Lo asslsL movemenLs ln Lhe unlLed
SLaLes and around Lhe globe whlch promoLe peace, [usLlce, healLh, equallLy, openness,
and a beLLer world. AL lLs 2007 ConvenLlon, Lhe naLlonal Lawyers Culld resolved Lo
dlvesL from lsrael unLll lsrael had wlLhdrawn from Lhe LerrlLorles lL occupled ln 1967,
exLended equal rlghLs Lo all lLs lnhablLanLs, and fully lmplemenLed Lhe rlghL of reLurn for
all refugees and Lhelr descendanLs. 1he 2007 resoluLlon also called for an end Lo u.S.
mlllLary, economlc and oLher asslsLance Lo lsrael.


4*'#/*&'()*&+ 5)66(''## )7 '"# %&'()*&+ ,&-.#/0 12(+3
naLasha Lycla Cra 8annan,
Suzanne Adely,
!eanne Mlrer,

8#&''+# 5"&9'#/: %&'()*&+ ,&-.#/0 12(+3
nell lox, ÞresldenL