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Dedicated assistant management professional with experience in fast-paced, complex manufacturing en ironments! Demonstrated a"ility to lead, organi#e, impro e, plan, and find solutions!

$%R& $%M'&(&N$)&S
Inventory Control Team Leadership Communication Resource Management Organizational A areness Pro"lem #olving $ Analysis Process Efficiency Pro!ect Planning Practical %udgment

'R%*&SS)%NA+ &,'&R)&N$&
Company A& Location Inventory Control; Tapping Dept. Lead
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05/2013 Present

(pdated and maintained accuracy of company inventory daily in )uic*"oo*s+ #etup& maintenance& ,uality control for - production tapping machines+ .irectly trained and supervised /01 operators and 2 process technician+ Involved in the hiring process for these positions+ Responsi"le for managing dept+ resources& efficient material flo & meeting ee*ly production goals and minimizing do ntime+ #aved the company 3/&422 "y learning C5C mill operation to run a hot custom order in0house instead of farming it out+ 6inished the !o" faster as ell+ #aved the company 3174 per month "y eliminating the orst !o" in the shop8 separating machined parts from metal chips "y hand for up to 1 hours daily+ Retrofitted the tum"ler ith different size screens to do the !o" so the la"orer could do more valua"le tas*s+ Increased average production on the automated tapping machine to 2-449day from 21449day "y studying its comple: operation and reducing fre,uent errors+ Reduced inaccuracies in the )uic*"oo*s company inventory "y -4; from the previous year after 7 months on the !o"+ 6urther increased accuracy "y creating a system to trac* scrap and su"tract it from the inventory+ Prevented potentially catastrophic mi:0ups of near0identical parts "y esta"lishing precautionary rules and carefully monitoring their e:ecution+ (sed M# <ord $ E:cel daily to update production spreadsheets and manage organizational systems+ =ac*up for*lift driver& "ac*up tool sharpener+

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Constantly too* charge in improvement pro!ects to optimize production& organize& and reduce aste+

Temp Agency B& Location >temp for Company A? Shop Operator, Tapping Dept.
' ' ' ' '

02/2013 05/2013

Operated production tapping machines+ On second day "ro*e machine production record "y /2;+ <ent on to "rea* records on t o other machines+ )uic*ly learned setup of all tapping machines and relieved the plant manager of all setup responsi"ility and most trou"leshooting responsi"ility for the department+ #harpened counter"ores and taps+ )uic*ly hired "y client company and promoted after demonstrating motivation& analytical capacity& and understanding of "usiness operations+

University of Wisconsin-Parkside& @enosha& <I Undergraduate Research Apprentice


09/2012 12/2012

Independently planned& organized& e:ecuted a short e:perimental green screen film+

University of Wisconsin-Parkside& @enosha& <I =+A+ in Interdisciplinary Art

2008 2012

<or*ed in several disciplines including metal or*ing& graphic design& film& and video editing+

(&$-N)$A+ S.)++S
Production machine setup& Microsoft <ord $ E:cel& Intuit )uic*"oo*s& 6or*lift& @no ledge of threaded fastener standards& Caliper Measurement& Tool #harpening& =asic C5C mill operation& Ado"e Creative #uite+