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ENG102 Initial Research Essay Topic Proposal-Genocide

Instructions: 1. Please complete the assignment Using Good Questions to Guide Your Research, and review the Selecting Your Topic & Practice ctivit! and " Stages o# Genocide Presentation $e#ore completing proposal $elow. %. T!pe !our answers in this document and save using !our last name. &a'e sure !our name is on the assignment. Please use complete sentences. 3. WARNING: if you answer with one word or short phrased answers, it is an automatic zero. Please write complete sentences. This is important for your essay.

Your Name: Michelle mith !hich "enocide o# people ha$e you chosen% !hy% You will $e researching a group o# people, #rom an!where around the world that has su##ered #rom some 'ind o# genocide at the hands o# another group o# people.
(((()o not use the e*ample o# the +ews under ,a-i German!. Though this is a ver! relevant topic #or this assignment, . 'now that all o# !ou are alread! #amiliar with what happened to the +ews in German!. . would li'e !ou to choose a group o# people that !ou are less #amiliar with.

nswer !ere: I want to research the democide that has occurred around the world. I want to put most of the focus on the "nited #tates, $ut I feel that it will also $e $eneficial to use other areas around the world to support my argument that democide is still alive in the world.

Please talk to me after class if you have different take on this topic I have suggested not to do for this assignment.*****

!hich o# the & ta"es o# Genocide 'ill you address or incorporate into your essay% %o not choose all of them. I recommend a minimum of & and a ma'imum of 3 stages. nswer !ere: I will likely $e using dehumanization, organization, and e'termination. %ehumanization is prevalent in any genocide $ecause the oppressors have to look at the victims as if they are less than human. (ecause I want to the main focus to $e on merica, I think that they have to $e secret and organized to commit genocide $ecause the merican pu$lic would $acklash if they found out. )'termination has to $e done *uickly $y the "#, so I can talk a$out some of their tactics to kill *uickly and efficiently while remaining silent. !hich su()ect area #rom the "enocide 'ill you nswer !ere choose #or your essay and 'hy% !hat aspect o# I will $e focusing on politics $ecause it is often the that su()ect are you considerin" to discuss% reason why most wars start. )ven without the war, Only choose one subject and subtopic. when any country comes into disagreement with a certain group of people, the government will want )'ample: +aw,human rights, punishment, etc. to silence them. This is most true when the group or nation speaking makes a compelling argument Su$/ect possi$ilities0 that makes the initial country look guilty. 1aw Prevention Punishment 2ducation ction

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Politics Science Technolog! Religion &one! and 3usiness Ps!chological 2nvironment *+E TI,N : !hat is your outloo- or $ie' a(out "enocide% nswering these *uestions will $e a great addition to your notes and help you decide how you feel a$out genocide su$-ects and help you lead to your thesis statement. .N !ER these /uestions usin" your o'n thou"hts #reely usin" 2 or more 0,MP1ETE ENTEN0E 2 Indi$idual and ociety: Identity 1. 4hat are the various #actors that shape identit!5 .n what wa!s do others de#ine our identit!5 %. 6ow does societ! in#luence our identit! and the choices we ma'e5 7. 6ow does where we are #rom in#luence who we are5 nswer !ere .. /ulture and education are often later reflected in who we are. /ulture shapes everyone whether or not the person is willing to admit it $ecause we are constantly surrounded $y influences from media and other people, and education influences how we think. )very o$-ect and every person touches our lives in some way that makes who us who we are. &. )specially in areas with a large population, people are always in contact, and $ecause of that, we learn new ideas and develop personalities. Peer pressure is one of many e'amples of how society tells us what to do and how to act. 3. If you were to look at different countries, you could see -ust how different merica is from places like /hina. Personally, I think that merica is allowed more freedom, so certain ages groups, like teenagers, act much more e'u$erantly than /hina0s teens do. Mem(ership: !e 3 They 1. 6ow do people ma'e distinctions $etween 8us9 and 8them95 4h! do the! ma'e these distinctions5 %. 4hat is communit!5 6ow are decisions made a$out who $elongs and who is e*cluded5 7. 6ow does a societ! integrate immigrants and how do immigrants trans#orm societies5 nswer !ere .. %rawing the line $etween who one person is and who someone else is usually done $y age, color, and education. These factors influence how we look and act around other people. In some cases, this is what motivates other to condemn the opposite group. 1thers do this $ecause it makes it easier to define who they are or $ecause they do not want to $e affiliated with the other group. &. 2hat I think community is a smaller group of people that includes more than one group of people that coha$itate. In some communities, those who are different are ostracized and forced off of the island, either $y force or su$tly. 3. Immigrants $ring in new ideas and cultures. #ometimes these ideas and cultures clash, depending on what area that these immigrants are moving into. 2ith enough immigrants, the area will eventually $e a large mi'ture of $oth, or one group will $e predominant. 4ud"ment5 Memory and 1e"acy 1. 4hat is /ustice5 6ow can it $e achieved5 %. 4hat does /ustice loo' li'e a#ter genocide5 7. 6ow can individuals and societies remem$er and commemorate di##icult histories5 :. 4hat is the purpose o# remem$ering5 4hat are the conse;uences o# #orgetting5 <. 6ow do !ou evaluate the legac! o# historical events5

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nswer !ere .. 3ustice is the agreed upon action taken against someone or a group of people that has done something that is deemed unaccepta$le. It can $e achieved $y using police force to capture the suspects, or $y e'ecuting them. The appropriate action is usually decided $y a higher authority, such as a -udge. &. 3ustice is often misconstrued during the genocide, and this might $e the case even afterwards. The only way the people can achieve -ustice is $y helping out the victims of the mass killings. 3. 4enocide should never $e forgotten $ecause it is a way of avoiding the mistake again. The societies involved must avenge the victims and speak to its pu$lic a$out how they can help fi' the pro$lem. 5. s earlier stated, people must remem$er genocides $ecause it will $e the only way to stop that event from happening again. lso, forgetting can $e offensive to those who were involved $ecause it made such an impact to the victims. 6. "sually, I look at how many people were killed in the genocide, and then I research the person who committed the genocide. I think that the larger amount of people and the era that the crimes were committed has a lot to do with how much people want to remem$er the events that happened. 0hoosin" to Participate 1. 4h! do some people stand $! during times o# in/ustice while others tr! to do something to stop or prevent in/ustice5 %. 4hat #actors in#luence decision=ma'ing in the #ace o# in/ustice5 7. Under what conditions are most people li'el! to #eel more responsi$le #or helping others5 :. 4hat #actors reduce #eelings o# personal responsi$ilit!5 <. 4hat o$stacles 'eep individuals #rom getting involved in their communities and larger world5 >. 4hat #actors encourage participation5 ?. 4hat can we, as individuals, groups and nations, do to prevent massive acts o# violence in the #uture5 nswer !ere .. #ome people are more proactive than others when they see in-ustice. nother idea to keep in mind is the threats that the government or dictator can make to those who try to stop their plans. Too much is put at risk for some people to want to stop what they see. &. If someone0s family is in the line of fire, the remaining family mem$ers will feel more motivated to stop the oppressors. )ven if the people are not related $y $lood, those who are of the same group will try to defend each other. 3. 7ear will $e what keeps people $ack from helping others. !elping out those who are targeted can get the hero killed, so that way no one will try to save others. 5. If one group is targeted and another is standing $y, the ones who are not directly involved will not feel as much o$ligation to stop the crimes. lso, if the group is risking death $ecause they are aiding the other, then the will not want to have a hand in the situation at all. 6. #ometimes people are -ust apathetic a$out others, and events that are happening around the other side of the world go unnoticed $y those who live on the other side of the planet. The less responsi$le the other group feels for the ones who are $eing killed, the less people who actually feel the need to help out their fellow human. 8. 1n the contrary, there are people who feel it within themselves to help out others. These are the people who tend to get involved with the in-ustice that does not involve them directly. nother aspect is that the conse*uences that the uninvolved group faces are sometimes put in motion $y

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the genocide, so they want it to stop. 9. The only way to stop genocide is to stop the signs that show up in dictators or normal people. If the idea is out there and there is a large enough group to $ack up the threats made, then there also needs to $e people who will fight the tide. 6uman 7eha$ior5 Race and Mem(ership5 Genocides5 etc2 1. 4hat choices do people ma'e in the #ace o# in/ustice5 %. 4hat ma'es it possi$le #or neigh$or to turn against neigh$or5 7. 6ow are genocide and other acts o# mass violence humanl! possi$le5 :. 4hat choices do people ma'e that allow collective violence to happen5 <. 4ho decides how laws or rules are applied5 6ow can we ensure that laws and rules are applied to ever!one in the same wa!5 nswer !ere .. :ost choices are a result of fear. This can entail the person leaving the country or trying to fight the perpetrators. &. :ost people $ecome irrational in the face of danger, so they $egin to lose their humanity. If one person is putting another0s family at risk, then they will want to keep their family safe, even if that means turning against the other. 3. Those who commit genocide cannot $e psychologically sta$le. There must have $een some event that happened earlier in that person0s life to make them hate a certain group of people to such a large e'tent. 5. 2ith a convincing leader, people will often turn to him or her. There are times that a nation needs direction, and they will follow whoever sounds like they have the $est plan of action. 6. The nation0s leader is the one who decides how laws will $e enacted and what laws will $e used at all. In merica, the $est way to stop any laws that can potentially harm others is to vote against them. The "# must recognize who has the nation0s $est interest in mind. 8Yard=deep9 Research Question ;:ile deep *uestions will $e addressed after completing research and your annotated $i$liography assignment<0 nswer !ere .. 2hy do merican leaders want to hide democide unlike the other nations that are more forward with their intentions= &. 2hat is so different a$out the merican people and their views compared to those who live in different areas= 3. !ow is the genocide committed in other countries different from the democide that merica commits= 5. 1verall, which country has committed the worst crimes against its own people= 2hat were those crimes and the aftermath= Related 8inch9 and 8#oot9 ;uestions @minimum 7A0 nswer !ere .. 2hat areas and people have $een most affected $y democide= &. !as there $een any aftermath that is still going on today= 3. 2hat people are trying to stop the democide that happened in merica= 5. 2ho are some of the main contri$utors to democide= 4h! did !ou select this topicBresearch ;uestion @several sentences e*plaining wh!A0 nswer !ere 4enocide is interesting to analyze, and the psychology $ehind how other people can commit mass murder is something that usually catches my interest. Politics is often the reason why genocide is committed, and at some point the mass killings are grouped together as a democide. larger portion of me is more intrigued $y how a government as powerful as merica0s can try to hide its own crimes while

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condemning other nations for the same actions. /orruption is what I think most people look for within nations as large and powerful as the "#. If not merica, I want to find other countries that have e'perienced democide> however, I think that other places are more forward with their distaste for those who *uestion the government. I want to write a$out a topic that I am genuinely concerned with, and although genocide needs to $e recognized, I think the politics $ehind any genocide should also $e a ma-or concern. 4hat do !ou alread! 'nowBhave alread! learned a$out this topicBresearch ;uestion5 @Unaccepta$le answers0 8nothing9 or 8a lot9. Tell me something speci#ic.A nswer !ere I have already had some suspicions $ecause there are so many different opinions that are disseminated. !owever, I know that many opinions are $iased, and the person who is speaking or writing has pro$a$ly had a negative e'perience that motivated to $roadcast their thoughts. (ecause of this, I think that I am not completely educated on my topic, $ut that is why I want to research it more and find out who and what has happened that pertains to democide. 7rom the research that I have done so far $ecause of the assigned activities, I have heard stories of victims of democide. 1nce I delve deeper into my research I think I will find more information that has to do with the overall democide. Possi$le search terms or 'e!words @list at least <A0 nswer !ere %emocide 4overnment murders Protestors narchy Political murders 4ill !ou $e using &1 or P st!le5 2*plain wh! !ou have chosen that st!le. nswer !ere I am more confident using :+ format $ecause I have had so much e'perience with it. #o far, none of my )nglish classes prior have re*uired that I write in any other style, e'cept for this class. lso, I think that :+ looks $etter on paper than P does. Create &1 or P citations !ou will possi$l! use #rom the li$rar! data$ases or other sources @list at least %DA0 @Unaccepta$le answers0 Google, 4i'ipedia. Eor 23SCF, list 46 T data$ases in 23SCFA nswer !ere Academic Onefile: ?%eaths in :oscow> @ussian political murders.? The )conomist &5 3an. &AAB: 33;)"<. 4ale Power #earch. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. !ernandez, %e$ra 4ersh. ?ThereCs no censorship *uite like murder> foreign $orn, they died violently in the "# as -ournalists.? )ditor D Pu$lisher .3 ug. .BB5: .A. 4ale Power #earch. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. , , , . ?2hereCs the outrage= /P3 report calls murder of immigrant -ournalists terrorism, $ut ".#. law enforcement and press remain indifferent.? )ditor D Pu$lisher .3 ug. .BB5: BE. 4ale Power #earch. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. @ichardson, #arah. ?@andolph @oth, a historian of homicide.? merican !istory 56.. ;&A.A<: .5E. 4ale Power #earch. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. EBS O a!ticles: F%o People Gill People= People %o.? )arth Island 3ournal .6.& ;&AAA<: &A. :aster7I+) Premier. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. 7alconer, (ruce. ?:urder (y The #tate.? tlantic :onthly ;.A9&9H&6< &B&.5 ;&AA3<: 68. :aster7I+) Premier. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. :artin, !annington. ?Protestors march for Trayvon and all youth killed $y police.? Iew Jork msterdam Iews .& pr. &A.&: 3. :aster7I+) Premier. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. :uters$augh, Tad. ?1a'aca: Terror nd Ion,Kiolent Protest In Kideo ge.? ntipode 5A.& ;&AAH<: &A6, &.A. cademic #earch Premier. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. ?Police Kiolence In 1a'aca.? )arth Island 3ournal ;&AA9<: .A. cademic #earch Premier. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. @ummel, @. 3. ?:egamurders.? #ociety &B.8 ;.BB&<: 59. :aster7I+) Premier. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5.

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#hanker, l$ert. ?%emocracy nd %emocide.? Iew @epu$lic &AH..& ;.BB3<: .3. cademic #earch Premier. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. E" #ib!a!y: Gomath, /handran. ?)dward #. !erman and %avid Peterson: The Politics of 4enocide.? /apital D /lass 39.. ;&A.3<: .8AE. 1pposing Kiewpoints in /onte't. 2e$. &B :ar. &A.5. Power, #amantha. Pro$lem from !ell: merica and the ge of 4enocide. Iew Jork: (asic (ooks, &AA&. Print. Tirman, 3ohn. %eaths of 1thers: The 7ate of /ivilians in merica0s 2ars. /arey: 1'ford "niversity Press, &A... Print. 2iesenthal, #imon. !arry 3. /argas, (onny K. 7etterman. The #unflower: on the Possi$ilities and +imits of 7orgiveness. Print. $ilms on %emand: ?4enocide: 7rom (i$lical Times Through the ges.? 7ilms 1n %emand. 7ilms :edia 4roup, &AA.. 2e$. 3A :ar. &A.5.$pro'y.estrellamountain.eduMPortalPlaylists.asp'= aidN.638&D'tidN&BA56 Opposin& 'ie(points: ?%emocide in Oim$a$we.? The Iew merican &6 3uly &AA6: 9. 1pposing Kiewpoints in /onte't. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. 4iglio, :ike. ?%eath of a 7ace$ook ctivist.? Iewsweek && :ar. &A.3: .. 1pposing Kiewpoints in /onte't. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. !uman @ights 2atch. ?+i$yaCs ttacks on /ivilians re a Kiolation of !uman @ights.? +i$ya. )d. Ioah (erlatsky. %etroit: 4reenhaven Press, &A.&. 1pposing Kiewpoints. @pt. from ?+i$ya: 4overnments #hould %emand )nd to "nlawful Gillings.? &A... 1pposing Kiewpoints in /onte't. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. ?I/7 %emands "I Investigation Into the Gilling of nti,4overnment Protesters.? frica Iews #ervice &. 1ct. &A.3. 1pposing Kiewpoints in /onte't. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5. ?#ome #ee Politics, Iot 3ustice, In :u$arakCs Kerdict.? 2eekend ll Things /onsidered & 3une &A.&. 1pposing Kiewpoints in /onte't. 2e$. .A pr. &A.5.

$o! Refe!ence Only:

1ist o# Genocides
3elow are lists o# possi$le genocides to select #romG however, tr! to avoid those associated directl! with ,a-i German!. .n addition, ma'e sure that !ou are choosing a genocide that !ou can #ind research #or using the li$rar! data$ase s!stem. +ist of 4enocides !o /hi :in ;Kietnam, .B63,68< :ao Oe,%ong ;/hina, .B6H,8. and .B88,8B, :ichel :icom$ero ;(urundi, .B9&< Ti$et .B5B,6A< #lo$odan :ilosevic ;Jugoslavia, .BB&,BB< dolf !itler ;4ermany, .B3B,.B56< !assan Tura$i ;#udan, .BHB,.BBB< +eopold II of (elgium ;/ongo, .HH8,.BAH< 3ean,(edel (okassa ;/entrafrica, .B88,9B< 3ozef #talin ;"##@, .B3&,3B< @ichard Ii'on ;Kietnam, .B8B,.B95< !ideki To-o ;3apan, .B5.,55< )frain @ios :ontt , $ut disputed $y recent studies Ismail )nver ;1ttoman Turkey, .B.6,&A< ;4uatemala, .BH&,H3< Pol Pot ;/am$odia, .B96,9B< Papa %oc %uvalier ;!aiti, .B69,9.< Gim Il #ung ;Iorth Gorea, .B5H,B5< @afael Tru-illo ;%ominican @epu$lic, .B3A,8.< :enghistu ;)thiopia, .B96,9H< (ashir ssad ;#yria, &A.&,.3<

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Jaku$u 4owon ;(iafra, .B89,.B9A< +eonid (rezhnev ; fghanistan, .B9B,.BH&< 3ean Gam$anda ;@wanda, .BB5< #addam !ussein ;Iran .BHA,.BBA and Gurdistan .BH9,HH< Tito ;Jugoslavia, .B56,.BHA< #uhartoM#oeharto ;Indonesian communists .B86,88< 7umimaro Gonoe ;3apan, .B39,3B< 3onas #avim$i , $ut disputed $y recent studies ; ngola, .B96,&AA&< :ullah 1mar , Tali$an ; fghanistan, .BH8, &AA.< Idi min ;"ganda, .B8B,.B9B< Jahya Ghan ;Pakistan, .B9A,9.< nte Pavelic ;/roatia, .B5.,56< (enito :ussolini ;)thiopia, .B38> +i$ya, .B35, 56> Jugoslavia, 22II< :o$utu #ese #eko ;Oaire, .B86,B9< /harles Taylor ;+i$eria, .BHB,.BB8< 7oday #ankoh ;#ierra +eone, .BB.,&AAA< #uharto ; ceh, )ast Timor, Iew 4uinea, .B96,BH< 7rancisco :acias Iguema ;)*uatorial 4uinea, .B8B, 9B< !issene !a$re ;/had, .BH&,.BBA< /hiang Gai,shek ;Taiwan, .B59< Kladimir Ilich +enin ;"##@, .B.9,&A< 7rancisco 7ranco ;#pain< 7idel /astro ;/u$a, .B6B,.BBB< +yndon 3ohnson ;Kietnam, .B83,.B8H< :a'imiliano !ernandez :artinez ;)l #alvador, .B3&< !afez l, ssad ;#yria, .BHA,&AAA< Ghomeini ;Iran, .B9B,HB< @o$ert :uga$e ;Oim$a$we, .BH&,H9, Ide$ele minority< @afael Kidela ; rgentina, .B98,H3< 4uy :ollet ;7rance, .B68,.B69< !arold :c:illans ;(ritain, .B6&,68, GenyaCs :au,:au re$ellion< Paul Goroma ;#ierra +eone, .BB9< 1sama (in +aden ;worldwide, .BB3,&AA.< ugusto Pinochet ;/hile, .B93<