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WVSU Student: Mark Cutlip Mrs. Harrison and Mrs. Shamblin, Mathematics Class, Grade 5 Date of Classroom Observation: March 22, 2011 Time spent for each observation: 1:00-3:00 PM


1. Mrs. Shamblin had a dress code issue with one of her female students. 2. Mrs. Shamblin discussed dress code policy with Mrs. Harrison before addressing situation with Jane Doe. 3. Mrs. Shamblin was concerned that Jane was a distraction to her class. 4. Mrs. Shamblin and Mrs. Harrison discussed appropriate dress code with Jane but felt that there was no need to contact her parents for a change of clothes. 5. Jane apologized and stated she would not wear these clothing items to school again. 6. Mrs. Shamblin and Mrs. Harrison preceded with their lesson plans.


When I entered Mrs. Harrisons classroom on March 22, Mrs. Shamblin was standing in the doorway that connects the two classrooms. She had a concerned look on her face. I usually sit in a single desk in the back of Mrs. Harrisons classroom, so I was not able to hear the complete conversation. According to Mrs. Shamblins report, there was a student wearing inappropriate clothing. Mrs. Shamblin asked for Mrs. Harrisons opinion on if there was a need to call the parents on this female student. I will call this student Jane Doe. Mrs. Harrison viewed Janes clothes. Jane was wearing tight-fitting black stockings and short-style cut blue jean shorts. Both teachers discussed the school dress code and decided to conduct a private conference with Jane. Mrs. Shamblin informed

Jane not to wear clothing items to school like short shorts (cover above the knees). Mrs. Shamblin informed Jane that not only was the clothes inappropriate but she did not want any extra attention brought to Jane. Jane apologized for the situation. She stated she would not wear these articles of clothing to school again. Mrs. Shamblin felt this matter was appropriately handled, so there was no need to contact Janes parents. Mrs. Shamblin and Mrs. Harrison preceded with their lesson plans.

4. ANALYSIS OF THE EPISODE After observing this episode, my thoughts and observations have made me think how important it is to have guidelines, policies, and procedures to help professions problem solve issues we have to face every day. I felt that by having a private conference between Jane and the two teachers made it less upsetting for Jane. I feel that if Mrs. Shamblin would have made this a public issue for Jane in front of her classmates, not only would this affect Jane emotionally, but would have upset her parents. From the students point of view, I feel Jane is relieved to have this situation be discussed in a conference to protect her privacy. I am glad Jane was able to maintain an open, positive line of communication with the teachers. I felt both teachers were professional in the way they managed the situation. By not publicly announcing the fact the teachers felt Janes clothing was close to dress code violation, it helped Jane with the situation. Jane did not have to be teased or bullied. I feel that this is a small example of what teachers have to face on regular basis. Teachers have to be a positive role model for their children. We must guide and instruct children in the classroom but help them have a greater understanding of the need for rules. Parents may not always agree with school rules and policies. Teachers must intervene when there is a life lesson to taught or learned. From my observation, I have learned to be sensitive to childrens needs because you never know what has happened in the life of the child. Here are couple points I will practice when I am a teacher are: 1. I feel that there are certain, sensitive situations it is best to bring in a female co-worker to address situations involving female students.

2. Children may not come from strict homes. They may not have consistent rules or clear expectations.

From the teachers point of view, I feel that Mrs. Shamblin made the appropriate decision to get a second opinion from Mrs. Harrison. Jane was close to breaking the schools dress code. This issue was addressed in a private conference to protect Jane from any possible teasing or bullying. It was not announced in public in front of Janes peers. I could see that this situation concerned Mrs. Shamblin. I feel that Janes situation was handled professionally and appropriately.