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Beann Phetsarath HUMA 1100 T-TH 4 PM Generic Cultural Event Critique

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Greek Festival September 7, 2013 at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Salt Lake City, Utah. I saw the Athenian and Parthenon Dancers

3. The objective of the cultural event was to have you witness traditional Greek dances and authentic foods. I have never been to the Greek festival before and I was very interested in trying their array of entrees and desserts. I have tried the gyro and chicken skewers, but I have never had lamb and was very interested in trying one of their main cuisines. They held the event at the Holy Trinity Cathedral and allowed visitors to also view the interior of the church which had magnificent stained-glass windows and at the entrance you can light a candle to say a prayer. 4. I feel the event was designed to make you culturally aware of the Greek traditions. It is an annual event held in downtown Salt Lake City and thousands attend the weekend festival. I think its a great event for the Greek culture to share their ethnic dance and foods with us so that we can see and learn something different from what we experience in our daily lives. I see that there are a few Greek restaurants that are around town and I have tried one of them (Greek Souvlaki) and was not sure if it was just another fast-food chain or ethnic. 5. I think the events cultural context is a fundraiser to fund the maintenance and improvement of their two churches, community ministries, services/activities, and they make a donation to charitable organizations throughout the Salt Lake area ( This can affect the event because attendants are aware that this is an occasion to support the Grecian

community and therefore spend more funds on food and/or retail items that might be available for sale. It is family-friendly for all ages so its definitely a festival that everyone can enjoy. 6. The events historical context is to celebrate Greeces cultural heritage with surrounding communities. The Greek festival has been going on for approximately four decades and was successfully sponsored by the community since 1976. It started in the basement of the church and they had to expand due to the communitys growing interest in attending. A second property had to be purchased in order to accommodate the rising amount of people. 7. The point of view for the participants/organizers was to ensure they have a successful event. I think they definitely wanted for everyone to be more culturally aware and to also hopefully raise a lot of funding for their organization. Especially if this huge occurrence is only once a year. I have only gone once so I am unsure if they change things up or try to make anything different each year. I feel that it is a very enjoyable event and look forward to going again this year after my experience there. I enjoyed seeing the dance and trying the foods all the while supporting the organization that in turn helps our local community. 8. I think the main factors that influenced this cultural event was to have a fundraiser and support the two churches in the Greek society. 9. The social issue the event may have addressed was that the community was learning more and very supportive. 10. A philosophical issue it may have addressed was that it was to upkeep the Christian church. Salt Lake City is known for its beliefs and having another branch of the Christian faith could only help it rather than hurt it. 11. N/A

12. I think this event relates to what we are doing in class because we have learned about history and religion. We have covered the different faiths and how some are more similar than you may know.