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Rome Travel Around in Leisure to Get Into Its Heart

When you think of witnessing classical art, enjoying good food and getting the latest in fashion, Italy should come into your mind. It is a dream destination that packs the best that Europe can offer. Rome, the capital of Italy, is a delightful city. It is really a treasure trove of history that will never cease to surprise you. Just think of visiting the istine !hapel, the "atican and other landmarks that are steeped in history. The landmarks you cannot miss in Rome istine !hapel is the best place to appreciate #ichelangelo. It is nothing short of a miracle. $he t. %eter&s 'asilica is e(ually enthralling. It is best to opt for a Vatican tour to save your time. $he "atican #useums are included in the tours. )ou can spend hours at the museums, appreciating art by famous painters and sculptors like Raphael and #ichelangelo. $he "atican *ibrary, +alleria dei !andelabri, ala a !roce +reca and tan,a di Raffaello are included in these tours. $here are other e(ually notable landmarks in Rome that draw tourists from all over the world. $he "illa dei -uintili, an ancient villa, was home to Emperor !ommodus, who was made popular by the film +ladiator. When talking about gladiators, we must mention the !olosseum, largest amphitheatre of Europe. .s you stroll around, your imagination will take a flight visuali,ing all the fighting that took place there between lions, gladiators and criminals. Touring Rome in your own way Rome is a fabulous city. It has something for everyone and the best way to e/perience it is to have your own way. pend time on the roads, e/plore its meandering and cobbled streets with eating joints and coffee bars that offer some of the best pi,,as and coffee of the world. Walking around is the best option in Rome. While traveling on foot, you will come across une/pected surprises that will make your Rome tour really worthwhile.

Rome is known for its food and fashion and hence you should keep aside some time to taste the gourmet food and also visit the market. $he anti(ue markets of Rome are known for their souvenirs. 0nce you visit them, you cannot leave without empting your pocket. Private tours in Rome are very popular. 'y hiring a guide and opting for a custom tour, you get ample scope to e/perience Rome from different angles. . private guide is the best person to help you appreciate the historical and architectural wonders of this ancient city. 1epending on the time you have, you can opt for tours that cover all the landmarks or go for leisurely e/cursions and get into the heart of Rome. Whichever way you choose to see Rome, one thing is for sure, Rome will keep you mesmeri,ed for years to come.

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