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Antonio Lucio Vivaldi Birth: Antonio Vivaldi had been born on March the 4th, 1678. He was ba ti!

ed i""ediatel# a$ter birth %arl# Adult &ears: Antonio Vivaldi was "ade a riest in 17'(. But, accordin) to hi", a #ear later a$ter beco"in) a riest, he no lon)er wanted to celebrate Mass due to co" laints li*e +ti)htness o$ chest,. -his "a# have been )enuine or $a*e. .t "a# have been )enuine, in which case, the illness was robabl# asth"a. .t "a# have been $a*ed due to his )reater love o$ "usic, so he could s end "ore ti"e writin) it and /ottin) ideas down instead o$ celebratin) "ass. An#wa#s, Antonio Vivaldi beca"e a cler)#"an a)ainst his own will. He robabl# beca"e one in the $irst lace because in his da#s, that was usuall# the onl# wa# a oor $a"il# 0in Vivaldi1s case, his $a"il# and hi"sel$2 could )et $ree education. He did re"ain a riest thou)h, even i$ he did not do all the Mass because o$ his oor health and asth"a. Antonio Vivaldi wrote "an# )reat and $antastic "usical ieces that earned hi" a )reat re utation as a "usician, such as 3 us ( and the 4our 5easons. But he also wrote lots "ore s"all ieces, rather li*e 6 $in)er e7ercises and war"8u s $or a be)inner, a"ateur, or student. And this is what the# were. Vivaldi wor*ed $or the 3s edale 9ella :ieta $or "ost o$ the ti"e. An 3s edale is nor"all# ter"ed an or hana)e. But this 3s edale was a little di$$erent. .t was a ho"e $or the $e"ale children o$ noble"en, rich "en, "erchants, wealth# "en, etc. and their nu"erous relationshi s with their "istresses. -he 3s edale was there$ore well aid $or b# the +anon#"ous;un*nown, $athers. -he $urnishin)s were ver# )ood< the #oun) ladies were well ta*en care o$. And, the "usical standards in there were a"on) the hi)hest in all o$ Venice. Loads o$ Vivaldi1s concerti stu$$ was e7ercises he la#ed with his talented and )i$ted u ils. However, his relationshi with the 3s edale was o$ten strained, and he had to be voted on the board ever# #ear in order to *ee teachin). He was actuall# outvoted in 17'=, but was reinstated in 1711, when his i" ortance was reco)ni!ed. He was then ro"oted in 171( to be the erson res onsible $or the "usical activit# o$ the institution. He was ro"oted a)ain in 1716, to "usic director. . Vivaldi1s best instru"ent $or hi" to la# would robabl# be a violin. He was a violinist. Middle Adult &ears: 9urin) his ti"e at the 3s edale, he wrote "uch o$ his "usic, includin) loads o$ o eras and concerti. .n 17'6, his wor*s were ublished $or the $irst ti"e. 3 us 1 had been ublished. 3 us > $ollowed. But his $irst reall# $antastic brea*throu)h was 3 us (, ublished in 1711. .t was a collection o$ 1> concerti with ieces $or one, two, and $our violins with strin)s. -his wonder$ul success was soon $ollowed b# 3 us 4. .n 1718, Vivaldi started travellin). But the 3s edale still aid hi" to write > concerti er "onth and to rehearse with the" 6 ti"es or "ore whenever he was in Venice. He was

aid $or 14' concerti $or ten #ears, $ro" 17>(817((. .n 1717, Antonio Vivaldi was o$$ered the osition o$ ?a ell"eister;@ha el Master or Maestro di Cappella, in the court o$ :rince :hilli o$ Hesse89ar"stadt )overnor o$ Mantua, the @a ital cit# o$ Mantua. -his was a ver# hi)h osition. Vivaldi acce ted, and "oved there $or three #ears. He roduced several o eras durin) that ti"e. .n 17>1, he went to Milan $or a while, to er$or" so"e thin)s 0. won1t bother with na"es< these are too lon) and co" licated $or "e to even sa#2. He "oved to Ao"e in 17>>, which is where :o e Benedict the %i)hth invited Vivaldi to la# $or hi". A$ter ( #ears in Ao"e, Vivaldi returned to Venice in 17>6, where he roduced "ore o eras in the ver# sa"e #ear. Vivaldi also "ana)ed to sBuee!e in -he 4our 5easons in that e ic #ear too. -he# were the $irst $our in a collection o$ twelve with a lon) na"e $or another 3 us, 3 us 8. 0Man he1s written a lot o$ 3 uses2. Late Adult &ears: 9urin) his career hei)ht, Vivaldi was as*ed b# "an# ro#alties and noble"en to la# $or the". He la#ed $or so"e weddin)s and wrote another 3 us, 3 us =. %" eror @harles the 5i7th adored Vivaldi1s "usic, and he *ni)hted hi" and )ave hi" a )old "edal, and an invitation to Vienna to wor* $or hi". .n turn, Vivaldi wrote so"e )ood "usic $or @harles the 5i7th. Vivaldi1s li$e ended in $inancial di$$iculties, $or Vivaldi le$t Venice. He went to Vienna to er$or" and wor* $or @harles the 5i7th, who un$ortunatel# died shortl# a$ter Vivaldi arrived. -his tra)ed# ut Vivaldi in a stic*# situation. He no lon)er had Ao#al rotection and "one# and inco"e, a*a. Co /ob. 9eath: .t is erha s not ver# sur risin) that Vivaldi died soon a$ter @harles, a #ear later, on the >7th o$ Dul#, 1741. 3n Dul# >8 he was buried in a si" le )rave. His $uneral also too* lace shortl# a$ter his death. Althou)h Vivaldi has died lon) a)o, he has not been $or)otten. -here are "onu"ents and "e"orial laBues at his last restin) lace and his last dwellin) lace in Vienna. His wor*s are still re"e"bered, >68 #ears a$ter he died.