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Master Chef

Important Note Aprons and hairnets must be worn PRIOR to entering the Food Technology Lab. Wash your hands BEFORE handling any food or equipment. Serves 2 Ingredients 5t Olive Oil !hallots "ushrooms # Onion $ashers %acon &t 'arlic or & (love Action Plan &. *repare equipment and gather ingredients. . *lace a pot of water onto stove to boil. -. *eel wash and cut shallots. .. Wash and slice mushrooms 5. *eel and dice onion. /. $emove fat from bacon and cut into strips. 0. (rush garlic. 1. When water is boiling carefully add fettuccini and coo) until it is al dente. (arefully drain pasta and return to the pot. 2. Fry shallots until softened. Add onions3 mushrooms and bacon and coo) until bacon is evenly browned. &,. %rea) the eggs and separate the yol)s from the white. &&. 4n a bowl3 whis) egg yol)s3 cream and cheese. # p)t Fettuccini *asta +ggs ,,ml (ream #( *armesan (heese

& . Add the bacon mi5ture to the pasta and then pour the creamy mi5ture over the top. !tir gently &-. !erve and garnish appropriately. Ingredients
Amount Ingredients Amount Ingredients

3t 2 2 ! 2 # ! 2

Olive Oil S allots "us rooms Onion Ras ers Bacon $arlic Clove Pac%et Fettuccini Eggs

200ml !C

Cream Parmesan C eese

&Resources' E(uipment )ist *$at ering Ingredients+ Item ,se *lastic Tray The plastic tray is used to gathering up all the ingredients and also holding on to bowls3 etc. !mall %owls !mall bowls are used for containing ingredients li)e mushrooms3 onions3 garlics and eggs. "easuring cup The measuring cup is used for containing cream when coo)ing the sauce # (up The # (up is used for containing parmesan cheese when coo)ing the sauce &Resources' E(uipment )ist *Preparation+ Item ,se (hopping %oard The chopping board is used for holding foods after finished when chopping6slicing foods and also protecting the surface. *ot The pot is used for boiling water and putting fettuccini in it to be coo)ed. *an The pan is used for coo)ing the ingredients which will later mi5 with the Fettuccini and the creamy sauce. !errated )nife The serrated )nife is used for slicing6chopping6dicing ingredients. Wooden spoon The wooden spoon is used for mi5ing the ingredients on the pan and fettuccini with sauce. Tongs The tongs are used for stirring fettuccini to prevent from stic)ing to the pot. !poon The spoon is used for mi5ing the ingredients together to ma)e the creamy sauce. -ime Plan -ime 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes &5 minutes &5 minutes Action +ntering the room with a hairnet and an apron on. 'athering all ingredients and equipment *lace the pot on the stove and boil *reparing food (hopping all ingredients (oo) all the ingredients including the fettuccine

&, minutes

(lean wor) area and wash the equipment