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Under the stipulations of the Water (Prevention & Control of Contamination) Act, 1974 and the Air (Avoidance & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, any procedure, industry or operation or an extension and addition thereto, which is likely to discharge sewerage or trade effluent into the environment or likely to discharge any air contamination into the atmosphere will have to get Grant Establish of the State Contamination Control Board i.e. Delhi Contamination Control Committee in case of Delhi. Consent Management Cell of DPCC procedures and issues the permission under the provisions of Water (P&CP) Act 1974 and Air (P&CP) Act, 1981 keeping in view the other applicable contamination control laws/rules. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR INDUSTRIES TO OBTAIN CONSENT TO ESTABLISH? Delhi has actually been stated as an Air Contamination Control Location, under sub area (1) of Area (19) of the Air (Prevention & Control of contamination) Act vide alert No. GSR 106(E) dated 20-02-1987. This indicates that no commercial plant (any plant made use of for any commercial or trade functions) can send out any air toxin (any strong, liquid or gaseous element consisting of sound) into the atmosphere without previous consent of the State Pollution Control Board. It also suggests that no person shall, without the previous authorization of Delhi Contamination Control Committee develop or run an industrial plant in Delhi. WHO IS THE AUTHORIZING AUTHORITY FOR GRANT ESTABLISH? The Authorization Management Cell developed by State Pollution Control Board / Committee supplies Consent to Establish. FUNCTIONS AND ACTIVITIES OF PERMISSION MANAGEMENT CELL Water (Prevention & Control of Contamination) Act, 1974 and Rules made there under. Air (Prevention & Control of Contamination) Act, 1981 and Rules made there under. Relevant stipulations of Environment (Security) Act, 1986 and Rules made there under. The Hazardous Wastes (Management, Handling and Trans-boundary Movement) Guidelines, 2008. The Plastics Waste(Management & Handling)Rules, 2011 The Delhi Degradable Plastic Bag (Manufacture, Sale & Usages) and Trash (Control) Act, 2000. S.O. 1533(E), [14/09/2006]-- Environmental Effect Evaluation Notification-2006 FILES TO BE SUBMITTED FOR CONSENT TO ESTABLISH:. 1. Properly filled in application FORM No. XIII under Water Act. 2. Appropriately filled out application No. I under Air Act. 3. Permission cost under Water Act and Air Act in the form of demand draft in favor of"Contamination Control Committee" or "State (Name) Pollution Control Board". 4. Sworn affidavit in Twenty Rupee stamp paper giving details of capital investment consisting of land, plant and structure & machinery without depreciation. 5. Copy of Land sale/lease agreement. 6. Copy of Provisional registration/In principal clearance provided by District Industries Centre (DIC). 7. Comprehensive job report consisting of the following:. (a.) List of items to be made.

(b.) List of basic materials to be used (product-wise) & quantity needed per month. (c.) List of plant & equipment to be set up. (d.) Details of Boilers/Thermic Fluid Heaters/DG Sets to be installed and their capacity, fuel to be made use of and fuel consumption. (e.) Information of hazardous chemicals, chemical name and its Boiling Point ("C), Flash Point ("C) and storage ability (Tones) at any given time. (f.) Product Security Data Sheet (MSDS) of unsafe chemicals as per Schedule 9 of the Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules, 1989. (g.) In-depth production process (product-wise) consisting of chemical reactions. (h.) Process Flowchart (product-wise). (i.) Source of waste generation and its quantity. (j.) Quality of effluent generation before and after therapy and release point. (k.) Details of Effluent Treatment Plant consisting of design, blue print and treatment procedure. (l.) Details of solid wastes generation (non-hazardous)-- kind, amount and technique of collection, storage, treatment and disposal. (m.) Information of stack and the procedure equipment/machinery to be attached with it and "Air Contamination Control Develops" to be installed including blue print. (n.) Quantity and quality of stack exhaust before and after treatment. 8. Application for details of hazardous waste generation- type, amount, physical form, chemical composition and technique of collection, storage, disposal and therapy. 9. Memorandum of Articles Association/Partner Ship Deed (Signed). 10. Authorization letter to sign/receive files. TIME TAKEN TO OBTAIN CONSENT TO ESTABLISH. The consent to establish will be granted by DPCC within a duration of four months after the receipt of the application for authorization. CONCLUSION. It is essential for any unit defined above to get consent to establish prior to setting up the plant. List and information mentioned above are not detailed and for understanding based sharing of business owners looking to set up their industrial unit. You can hire our group of specialists to apply for Consent to Establish if you are looking to set up your own commercial device. At PDV Group, we are participated in offering best Intermediary services to our clients to acquire authorizations for different industries. For even more information, visit our internet site:, you can compose to us at or offer us a call on our helpline +91 -9911661818 and directly talk with our specialists for any kind of questions. consent to establish: