******* ******* ******* (This or! as ori"inally #ublishe$ in %&'() an$ as *re+i+e$* an$ trans,erre$ to e-te.t in /0012 ******* ******* ******* A34NOW5EDG6ENT7 The author "i+es s#ecial than!s to Dr. Till8an 5. 6artin an$ 9ran! D. Bro nley 9or their contributions an$ assistance in co8#ilin" this +olu8e An$ to the 8any $e$icate$ researchers ho hel#e$ 8a!e this boo! #ossible. Grey Bar!er o,,ere$ e$itorial assistance an$ reco"ni:e$ the +alue o, the or! in its early sta"es. Illustrator Hal 3ra ,or$ #ro+i$e$ the 7ha+er A8a:in" 7tories biblio"ra#hy an$ lettere$ it (in the ori"inal non-ete.t +ersion2 in his o n han$. Ins#ire$ by the i$eas ,ro8 *The Hollo Hassle* an$ *7ha+ertron* ne sletters ( htt#;<< .sha+ertron.co8 2) =erry Gri8es $esi"ne$ the bor$ers an$ #a"e $ecorations (in the ori"inal nonete.t +ersion2) utili:in" ele8ents ,ro8 the 9or8at library o, Gra#hics >ro$ucts 3or#oration. 7o8e o, the illustrations are ,ro8; ?Eti$orh#a) o, the En$ o, the Earth?. ******* ******* ******* 3o#yri"ht (%&'(2 by Bruce Walton All Ri"hts Reser+e$ >ublishe$ by (Grey Bar!er Boo!s2) Bo. D) =ane )

THE 76O4C GOD) %&0' Euler) 5eonar$ (%D0D-%D'(2 .A =OURNEC TO THE EARTH*7 INTERIOR) OR HABE THE >O5E7 REA55C BEEN DI73OBEREDE %'%(. Gar$ner) 6arshall B. 5yon) Willia8 9. the i8#ossible ******* ******* ******* EAR5C HO55OW EARTH >IONEER7 OR IN-EARTHO5OGI7T7 ------Bernar$) Ray8on$ . 0-&%%(0@-((-% 5ibrary o.THE HO55OW G5OBE) OR THE WOR5D*7 AGITATOR AND RE3ON3I5ER) %&@'. (%&%0-%&DD2 .5. A6AGING 7TORIE7) 7EAR3H an$ 95CING 7AU3ER7 8a"a:ines) he both rote an$ #ublishe$ a "reat bo$y o. %&@&.6anu. 8aterial about the ?7ha+er 6ystery? an$ the ?Hollo Earth?. >al8er) Ray8on$ A. I+es) 9ran!lin Titus) .Articles in the 3HRI7TIAN >HI5O7O>HER. Gar$ner . 6ather) 3otton (%@@(-%D/'2 . E8erson) Willis Geor"e . . 3ul8er) . 3on"ress 3atalo" 3ar$ Nu8ber '/-0&0&A' 3o+er $esi"n by Bruce Walton ******* ******* ******* De$icate$ to the Bisionary =U5E7 BERNE an$ to all those ho $are$ to $rea8 o. 5loy$) =ohn Uri .acture$ in the I7BN.THE INNER WOR5D) A NEW THEORC) %''@. Halley) E$8un$ .THE HO55OW EARTH) %&0A 5eslie) =ohn (%D@@-%'%/2 . 7her8an.Writin"s on the Hollo Earth.THE HO55OW EARTH.ETIDORH>A) OR THE END O9 THE EARTH) %'&@.THE NATURA5 >HI5O7O>HC. .An e$itor o.Articles on the Hollo Earth in the >HI5O7O>HI3A5 TRAN7A3TION7 O9 THE ROCA5 7O3IETC) %@&/. F 6.

THE NEW75ETTER 9OR THE HO55OW EARTH 7O3IETC. these 8ay no lon"er be acti+e2 ------95CING 7AU3ER . %1%&'.>HANTO6 O9 THE >O5E7) %&0@ 7y88es) =ohn 3le+es . 3entral Earth +ia (alle"e$2 8in$ #roKection. HO55OW EARTH 7O3IETC O9 ) THE.) 3uritiba ) 3.E. a 8onthly bulletin about their . HO55OW EARTH 7O3IETC O9 ) THE.) c<o 4enneth 7nell. INTERNATIONA5 7O3IETC 9OR A 3O6>5ETE EARTH (Hollo Earth 7ociety o. RAINBOW EARTH DWE55ING 7O3IETC) THE.) Bo.) ) . 'A%A.) 3ai. @(. GRU>O AGARTHA DE >E7IUI7A7. 6ary *6artin* ) Director an$ E$itor o.or *THE 7OUR3E?) a ne sletter *alle"e$ly* recei+e$ .) ) ) . 2. 7y88esH an$ =a8es 6c7ri$e) bet een %'/@-%'D'. 7HABERTRON. 5. THE HO55OW EARTH NEW7.8any o. '0)000) .) ) .Writin"s on the Hollo Earth) or the 7y88es Theory o. %1/.) Houston) .) ) . JA. ******* ******* ******* HO55OW EARTH RE7EAR3H 7O3IETIE7 (3IR3A %&'1 . Tho8e 7abba" F 3esar 3asa"ran$e) Directors an$ >ublishers o.a >ostal No. THE HO55OW HA775E Ne sletter.) c<o 6ary Da+is.ro8 the inhabitants o. I+an Boyes) Director) an$ E$itor o.) c<o Ta ani W. Directe$ by Dennis 9eebac!) e$itor o.) G>O ) ) .) Bo.>.Ree$) Willia8 . c<o Dennis 9eebac!. 7housh. HO55OW EARTH RE7EAR3H A77O3IATION) THE. 3oncentric 7#heres) by the author) his son) 6aricus B. #rint2. Ger8an ancestry2) Director. 3hristine Hayes) Director) an$ E$itor an$ *Translator* .HO55OW EARTH RE7EAR3H 7O3IETC) THE.) RR J%) Bo. 4enneth 7nell) Director an$ E$itor o.) D&% Ri$"e+ie Dri+e..in$in"s. Ne Worl$s 6a"a:ine (out o.) Don 6ills) ) ) .) ) A#t. 3a#tain Ta ani (Willia8 Bernar$2 7housh (o.

) ) 3I Boo!s..) c<o Har+ey 5arsen) Bo.) Bo.) %@(0 Broa$ ay) ) Dell >ublishin" 3o.<< .) Rt.) ) Brotherhoo$ o. the a$$resses 8ay no be current2.) =ane ) Be8is Distributin" ) ) ) Beyon$ Reality 6a"a:ine (no lon"er #ublishe$2 B7R9 (Bor$erlan$ 7ciences Research 9oun$ation2.) ) ) Boohi Tree Boo!s.irst ritten in %&'1) so so8e o.) s-@00%% ) %%) A"ni Co"a 7ociety. Inc.) ) ) 3ritiLue.) ) ) 3elestial Arts.) ) ) A ar$ Boo!s.) ) 3hristie >rintin" 7er+ice. Also see.) ) ) Bar!er (Gray Bar!er Boo!s2.ile. 7HABERTRON) a ne sletter about the Hollo Earth an$ 7ha+er 6ysteries. the White Te8#le.) &@@. Ba" A0%A) 7tation 3.urther in.Richar$ Toronto) Director an$ E$itor o. D.or the rea$er ho ishes to contact the .) ) ) Astara.) '1'1 6elrose. The author cannot "uarantee the a$$resses to be current) but lists the latest in.) ) ) 3os8ic 7cience Research 3enter. htt#.G.) ) 3A &01%0 DAW Boo!s) Inc.) ) ) A areness Research 3enter.) /(@A Balley W.) ) ) Dia8on$ 7tar.co8 ******* ******* ******* 5I7T O9 7OUR3E7 AND >UB5I7HER7 ------This list is #ro+i$e$ .) ) ) 3or"i Boo!s.or8ation (circa %&'(2 on .) ) ) Banta8 Boo!s.) ) ) Arcturus Boo! 7er+ice.) %%0/D.or . #ublications (Re8e8ber that this as . %) @(/.sha+ertron.) 3entury House) ) Ealin") ) 3os8ic A areness 3o88unications.or8ation or a+ailability o.) >.) ) 3lu.) ) ) 3a$a!e In$ustries. /.O.ollo in" .) Rt. A0'0.) ) 3rystal Ball Ne sletter (later the ?5arsen 9ile?2.) 3astle Roc!) 3O '0%01 Burnett) =.) ) ) .) Ro$ney 6.) /(% Roa$. ------A>U Ne sletter.) ) ) A+on Boo!s.

) ) ) 4a.) Bo.) Geocos8ic Research Di+ision.) ) Dorrance F 3o. Bo.) ) ) 2 Hollo Hassle) The (e$ite$ by 6ary 6artin Da+is. /A.%) ) ) =ohnson Re#rint 3or#. ) ) (#ublishe$ 95CING 7AU3ER7) 7EAR3H) F other 8a"a:ines2 >a#erbac! 5ibrary.a >ostal No.) Blac! ) Global 3o88unications (U9O REBIEW2. 5i"ht >ublications. 4entuc!y.) 3ai.>.) ) ) International 7earch .) ) ) Hori:on >ublishers F Distributors.) ) ) >al8er >ublications.) DA% Rosarita 5ane.) 100 Hyacinth >lace.) c<o Gabriel Green) ) ) GA>.) 3ric!et Terrace 3enter. Dutton F 3o.) %(A) 7tation 7.) c<o =oe Gate oo$) ) ) (or c<o Dennis 9eebac!. Utah.) The >riory Gate) ) ) ) Ne A"e 7cience Association.>.Doer) >aul.ton-6in!el) Walter.) ) House o.) Don 6ills) Ontario) 3ana$a 6(3 /7/ International 7ociety . '0)000.) ) ) 9lyin" 7aucers International.>sionics Or"ani:ation. Bre er) 5t$.) ) ) Gray Bar!er Boo!s (Ne sletter F U9O RE>ORT2.) c<o Ta ani W.O.or a 3o8#lete Earth (Hollo Earth 7ociety2.) ) 3.) Bo.) ) ) Health Research.) /A0 Hills R$.) ) Occi$ental >ress. 100 W.) ) ) %/&D& 9ate 6a"a:ine.) ) ) %00%0 . >rayer .) //1 E. D. %1/.) I#s ich) I>% I== En"lan$ E.e Un$erstan$in" 9oun$ation.) ) D.Inner Earth .#osition >ress.) ) ) Hollo Earth 7ociety. 7housh) RR No.) ) ) Goo$ in) Bir"il.) ) ) 9ar Out 6a"a:ine.) AD%.) ) 9a cett >ublications) Inc.) 1&@( (/ A+e.) ) ) 5e8urian 9oun$ation .) A0) 10 7.) (%' No.) ) ) He. D0.ley Re#ort) The.) 3a8bri$"e) >.7.) ) ) Ne+ille 7#ear8an) 5t$.) ) ) Ne Atlantean =ournal) The.) ) 6erlin En"ine Wor!s >ublishers.) ) ) E. 'A%A.) >ublishers.) =ane ) Ha8ilton) Willia8 9.E.) ) ) National 7#eleolo"ical 7ociety) Inc.) Bo. No.) ) ) Ginner) Al.) ) ) Ho ar$) =oan.) ) ) 5e"ion o.) ) ) 5i.) G>O ) ) Hollo Earth 7ociety o.) ) 9itch) Theo$ore.or all >eo#le.

htt#.) / >er+y Ri:hs!y >ereulo!) ) < >innacle Boo!s.) ) ) Wor$ 9oun$ation Inc. A8erica.) ) ) .earso8e co8ets ha+e . To the 3hristian the Un$er orl$ is Hell. an un$er orl$.) The .earso8e #assa"e. sha$o accesse$ by the boat o.) 7t.iery $is#lays o. 7un) 8eteors an$ .) Ala8o"or$o) N6 ''(%0 Ro"er 3.) Rosicrucian Or$er. Willia8s) >ress.>. To 8any an untutore$ sa+a"e) the orl$ o.) /0%% 3rescent Dr.) ) ) 7tran"es) Dr.) =ohn W.) (/0% N.) 7alt 5a!e 3ity) UT 'A%%D Rebel 6a"a:ine.) c<o Atlan >ro$uctions. JA.) ) ) ) 7cience Research >ublishin" House.) ) U9O Annual.) ) ) 7ha+ertron. Althou"h the hea+ens ith their . early 6an) he has 8aintaine$ a tra$ition o. 9ra:ier) ) ) Turnstone >ress) 5t$.) DDA1 E. 5ouis) 6O @(%%A 7a8is$at.i"ure$ in the reli"ions an$ tra$itions o.) ) ) >oc!et Boo!s.iel$) J%00.) >sychic Obser+er.<< .) ) ) 77F7 >ublications.) c<o 3hristine Hayes. 3haron) an$ le"ion ere the coins #lace$ u#on the eyes o. 8an!in$) it is so8e hat sur#risin" that a 8ysterious real8 that cannot be or$inarily +ie e$ shoul$ hol$ such a rei"n u#on the i8a"ination.eet o.) %&) 7#it =unction) /0'' N7W.) ) ) %00%@ ******* ******* ******* NNN INTRODU3TION OOO 9ro8 the $ay the earth .) %/(0 A+enue o.) A'A( 6e8ory 5ane) A#t.) ) ) Theoso#hical 7ociety o. their . Dra er 7(D.) W3%M '=5 7#irals.) (0</0 Grays Inn Roa$.) ) ) Rainbo Earth D ellin" 7ociety) The. Re$.>eace >ublishers.co8 7#here Boo!s) 5t$. Hi"ht >ro$uctions. the $e#arte$ to #ay that .) ) Roth A"ency >ublishin" 3o. . To the Gree! #antheonists it as a orl$ o. the A8ericas.irst shoo! un$er the .sha+ertron. 9ran! E.) ) ) True Treasure >ublications) Inc.) ) >o#ular 5ibrary.) 7cotts$ale) AG '1/@0 Rosicrucian Di"est.) 3onsu8ertronics 3o.O.) ) ) ) =OE I=O 7a8is$at >ublications) 5t$.) ) ) >sychic Australian. ca+erns are the abo$es o.) ) ) ) 7teiner Boo!s.) 'D1( Win$o8 A+e.) ) Gebra Boo!s.) Wellin"borou"h.

8y $ri+e to be as i8#ractical as #ossible hile still e!in" out a li+in". A. E+en the 9lat Earthers can incor#orate its conce#t into their o n cos8o"ony. Bernar$ #ublishe$ ?9lyin" 7aucers .e 8iles $o n.orts.lation. the Hollo Earth 8ay #o# u# to the sur. literature in the . the U9OsP I . But i8a"ine 8y a8a:e8ent hen) a year a"o) I recei+e$ a bul!y 8anuscri#t .ter Dr.ro8 $e+otin" his talents to so8ethin" ?#ractical? li!e a better 8ouse tra# or or"ani:in" a roc! ban$) I . Inner Earth literature 8y ears al ays #er! u# hen I hear about the subKect. the bi:arre) but 8ore li!ely because o.ace any 8o8ent) it is #robably not +ital to our National 7ecurity or the lessenin" o. e belie+e our . un#ro+e$) tra$itions. To Richar$ 7. Occultists can associate it ith astral bein"s ho e. An$ to$ay the 9lyin" 7aucer a.ollo e$ this ith Ti8othy Green Bec!ley*s ?The 7ubterranean Worl$? an$ ?The 7ha+er 6ystery an$ the Inner Earth? (both currently out o.irst i8#ressions that this youn" 8an coul$ ha+e acco8#lishe$ 8ore 8aterial bene. Inner Earth tra$ition as a U9O enthusiast an$ #ublisher o. boo!s an$ 8a"a:ine articles on the subKect) but li+ely syno#ses o.ro8 the Earth*s Interior? to i$es#rea$ rea$ershi# in U9Olo"y) I #ublishe$ his ?The Hollo Earth?) the all-ti8e best seller in 8y #ublishin" e.ancestors) a truis8 co88on) #erha#s to all o.erences to hun$re$s o. The s#iritualist can (su##ose$ly2 co88unicate ith subterranean entities. Une8#loy8ent) Hi"h Interest Rates) or In. Ray8on$ W.iliates can i$enti.. But ho e+er e +ie it) the Inner Earth re8ains one o.ro8 Bruce Walton hich not only containe$ re.or-bearers ere ca+e 8en an$ o8en. 7o $ue to the co88ercial success alone o. the 7er#ent Race or A"hartiH still others sa it inhabite$ by a society ith a Uto#ian 8o$el. #rint2 ith "oo$ success. us) i. a letter to hi8 sayin" I belie+e$ e shoul$ re-e$it) a$$ to) an$ #ublish itP =ust hy I can*t be certain. It coul$ be that I relate to Walton*s #roKect as an a$8irer o.. our stron"est) i.e hun$re$ . An$ li!e Reli"ion in "eneral) it is hi"hly a$a#ti+e. its o n) co8#lete ith a 3entral 7un. >uttin" asi$e 8y . 7o8eho I as ne+er 8ush .eet) or a . 7ha+er the Hollo Earth as the abo$e o. I . To other theorists it 8ay re#resent a 8inature cos8os o. It is not a or! that Double$ay oul$ be intereste$ in.y it as either the source o. 8ost entries as ell.its .iel$.. To so8e) the Inner Earth 8ay re#resent only ca+erns) a . Des#ite the +ie hel$ by so8e that the $eni:ens o. $ebauche$ DeroH to others it as the ho8e o.ire$ o. It #robably ill ne+er be a ?best seller?.ist on a ?lo er? #lace. secret hi$in" #laces o.irst beca8e a are o.

?BRuce AlaN alTON? a.ree co#ies he ill recei+e in lieu o. the boo!s an$ #ublications cite$ herein.uture e$itions) e can be certain that $o:ens) or e+en 6ANC #ros#ecti+e a$$itions an$ corrections ill #resent the8sel+es.or8in" to a style is o.icult) e+en ith the assistance o.or #aste-u#. Throu"hout the e$itin" an$ !eyin" it to a co8#uter) the 8anuscri#t has constantly un$er"one re+isions) alon" ith 8any a$$itions. co8#uter or$ #rocessin".otic an$ obscure "eo"ra#hical locations in+ol+e$ in Hollo Earth entrances .t has been run throu"h a co8#uter ?$ictionary? o. cash ill be "i+en a ay to other see!ers. In titlin" it ?A Gui$e to the Inner Earth?) e trie$ to esca#e the intellectual onus o. We ha+e trie$ to !ee# the or"ani:ation o. re.essional biblio"ra#hers.hy $u#licate their e. What other Biblio"ra#hy coul$ "i+e you so 8any #ractical ?ti#s? on ho to $o so8ethin") in this case) bein" to locate the A3TUA5 ENTRAN3E7 to the un$er orl$P Un. such bi:arre 8aterial hile con.erences has been al8ost totally his. this boo! hich is certain to enKoy li8ite$ sales because ot its s#eciali:e$ subKect.ortsE Althou"h author Walton to 8e has been an unseen) un-8et #ersona"e) I a8 con+ince$ that he is a re8ar!able youn" 8an. Walton is no . Nor is Walton li!ely to beco8e a ?burne$ out? researcher a.. the entries) the e$itin" o. No stan$ar$ ?$ictionary? coul$ inclu$e the e. This #rocess ill "o on until the $ay hen a .ht8l .or8al) an$ neither the author nor 8ysel. Althou"h e ha+e trie$ to 8aintain a consistent style in all o. The . But ith Walton*s li+ely annotations) the rea$er can e. this into #rintP An$ so here is Walton*s #roKect.ortunately) the a+era"e rea$er o. literature in e. this or! throu"h the ai$ o.ter co8#letin" this "reat tas!. In .inal or"ani:ation o. 8aterial in.a.or chec!in" s#ellin".hibit si8ilar sta8ina in e+entually brin"in" all o. "atherin" these hun$re$s o.ore"one royalties to encoura"e the #ublication o. clai8 to be #ro.#lore this "reat bo$y o.act he has .!. labelin" it an ?Annotate$ Biblio"ra#hy)? hich) o..iction riter.ro8 hi8 a aitin" #ublication) alon" ith a 8assi+e re"ional "ui$e to un$er orl$ entrances hich he is no co8#letin"P (Note.an"el.ire.<< .act) I no ha+e . htt#. In . Althou"h I ha+e assiste$ in the .. course) it actually is.intereste$ in $oin" hat 8ost e+erybo$y else $i$ . Whether or not there are .ten $i.i+e a$$itional Hollo Earth 8anuscri#ts . 10)000 or$s #lus se+eral hun$re$ s#eciali:e$ or$s e ha+e a$$e$) I*8 certain there ill re8ain ty#o"ra#hical an$ s#ellin" errors.inal #rintout is run . This has e+ol+e$ into 8y >RO=E3T REDBOO4 $atabase hich can be accesse$ at . Althou"h the entire te. ?BRANTON?2 I ho#e that) as #ublisher) I can e.co8<ut<branton<re$boo!%.lashy . It #ur#orts to be e+en 8ore.cer#te$ or syno#tic . $ata an$ or$ #rocessin") the Herculean tas! o.or8. 7o e a##eal to rea$ers to correct us hen errors are . this or! cannot rush out to the >ublic 5ibrary an$ locate 8any o..

alan$e altonQhot8ail. As .otic races li+e belo in un$er"roun$ ca+ernsE I ha+e ne+er #ersonally 8et the author) tal!e$ to hi8 by tele#hone) or corres#on$e$ ith hi8 on this 8atter.or 8ysel.ro8 un$er"roun$ $ ellers hose ca+ern househol$s you breache$P To 8e the conce#t o. subterranean orl$.or any har8 that 8i"ht co8e to you by your see!in" locations o. I sus#ect that i.un$a8entalists ha+e their ?Hell?.or8ation.hibitin" e+en British accents in nee$ o. 8any #ublishers an$ other sources in the bo$y co#y) electin" to #ublish one 8aster list o.$isco+ere$. the $ata ill be easy) an$ I sus#ect that Walton an$ I ill !ee# a$$in" to an$ correctin" this 8aterial.ro8 you.erre$ to herein 8ay be lon" out o. ( Bruce Walton) at. ra"e . 7ince the te. ca+ern) Hollo Earth) or entrances to any !in$ o. 7o i.co8 2 In our e.orts to?clean u#? re#etitions an$ 8a!e the te.it into this un.t is store$ on co8#uter $iscs) a$$itions to an$ corrections o.) I a8 still s!e#tical about the #hysical) ?(-D? reality o.t ?rea$? 8ore easily) e ha+e $ro##e$ the a$$resses o. a Gri::ly Bear*s inter ho8e is #otentially ha:ar$ous. Neither I) the #ublisher) nor Bruce Walton) the author) are res#onsible .ro8 a source o. us belie+e in alternate) yet #hysical e. *#hysical* Hollo Earth realities) as #ublisher o. you $rille$ a #hysical hole $o n throu"h the Earth an$ ere able to acco8#lish the anti-"ra+itational . WhoRs? -so8e o..ourth $i8ensional? or ?s#iritual?. ?A-D? entities so8e hat outsi$e our #hysical #lane an$ re#resent le"ions o. ANC 3ABERN) hether the entrance to a #ossible 7ha8ballah or the #ortals o. The s#iritualists ha+e their ?astral? orl$.ter you "ot to the center) you oul$ e+entually co8e out in ithout hearin" a sin"le cry o. We cannot "uarantee that these re. $rillin" ?u#? a. such in.istence.erences an$ a$$resses are current) an$ 8any or!s re. interlo#ers not unli!e ?Dr.eats o. Do either Walton or I really BE5IEBE that the Earth is hollo ) or that e. an Inner Earth is lar"ely ?. Write to the author. 9lyin" 7aucers see8 to ori"inate . subtitlin"P An$ so8eho the Inner Earth see8s to . With his "reat :eal to research an$ #ublish such a lar"e bo$y o. the8 e. #rint. you) the rea$er) can sen$ us a$$itional re. $ata on this subKect) I rather sus#ect that he $oes.atho8able #u::leP But $es#ite 8y s!e#ticis8 o. 6any o. the Hollo or Inner Earth. DO NOT ENTER ANC 3ABERN A5ONE OR WITHOUT THE 3O6>ANC O9 AN EM>ERIEN3ED 7>E5EO5OGI7TP Althou"h it is re8otely #ossible that a Dero coul$ "et you) cho# you u# to 8a!e a tasty ste ) it is 8ore li!ely that a . The . this or! I 8ust re"ister a Disclai8er) shoul$ you be te8#te$ to #ut this or! to a #hysical test.erences) or #oint u# errors e ha+e 8a$e) e*$ li!e to hear .

>ublisher) %&'( . Or ha+e a #ri+ate au$ience ith the 4in" o.#lorations) Dear Rea$er) to your ar8 chair an$ your intellectuality) an$ ith the latter) es#ecially) you ill see 8ore unbelie+able an$ re ar$in" si"hts than you coul$ in a hun$re$ actual e. P Or scoot alon" +ast ?8an?8a$e tunnels in .aile$ or that you si8#ly "ot lostP 3on.lashli"ht .otic e.#e$itionsP No shut your eyes) as your chair s#ins an$ e tra+el throu"h ti8e an$ s#ace to ?3acibu"iaua? an$ ?A8aiura)? in a certain o. the Hollo EarthP Gray Bar!er .roc! sli$e 8i"ht co+er you u#) the hole you sli$ throu"h DOWNWARD coul$ be i8#ossible to rene"otiate U>WARD) that your .antastic scooters. the Worl$P Entertain ?I a8 the 6an? on a 8i$ni"ht +isitH consort ith Eti$orh#a) the bac! ar$ Benus (A#hro$ite-eti$orh#A2H tra+el ith A$8iral Byr$ to that 8a"ical lan$ beyon$ the 7un) the 8ain #ortal o.ine your e.

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