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Lewis Jones Ms.

Ingram English 1102 1 May 2014 Portfolio Essay This is my portfolio essay for English 1102. Here I will reflect on all of my past work and show you how I have grown over the course of the semester. I will take a look at all of the pieces that we have done this semester and at the end prove that I am deserving of a high grade. Organization For my e-Portfolio I tried to make it as funny and as visually pleasing as possible, whether that be through the goofy pictures that I have taken throughout my time in college. I have separated each of my papers onto their own individual pages to minimize clutter and provide a simple and smooth transitions between papers for my readers. In each of my sections I have given a brief description of what has been embedded on the page. Also I have included three brainstorming pieces from each essay I have written. Since this is my final essay for this class I want this piece to be the main focus of my entire essay. The Pieces While I found working on the big papers for this class was how most of my time was spent I really enjoyed being able to reflect on all of the smaller pieces that I had forgotten about like the blogs and reader response letters. First Im going to break down all of our big assignments in order of assignment.

Exploratory Essay: Writing my exploratory essay was by far my favorite my favorite paper to write. Not only was I able to experiment with a new style of writing but I also got to share my hate for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Even my brainstorm for this essay is funny. All I have on the paper is some kind of messed up flow chart that goes Passion-> Football->Hate-> Tom Brady. I have no idea how my brain was even able to make that jump.While this was my favorite paper to write that doesnt mean that it was easy. My first draft of essay was horrendous it was full of spelling errors and grammatical errors like
And I also belive everytime tom gets sacked and angel gets it wing .

I didnt even bother to capitalize the name Tom. Not only is that sentence bad it was my last sentence I left my other group members puzzled when my paper came to such an abrupt end. Along with the random grammar challenged sentences like the one above it was only around 300 words. But after working through two more draft I was able to change my last sentence to
So as you can see the Patriots as a whole are a corrupt organization and I hope you can see where some of my hate comes from.

My opening in my first draft was

There are so many ways to start this essay so ill just go in order from one to ten.

Now my final opening is

Hate: feel intense or passionate dislike for someone or something. In todays time hate is thrown around to describe everything, like I hate those shoes or I hate that shirt. Hate wasnt a lways the playful thing that is today. Hate use to be associated with racism or two opposing sides in a war. Many great leaders have spoken out against hate and strive to eradicate it from the world, but some people just cant change. I think I may be one of those people; but my hate isnt bigoted my hatred is only devoted to two things. I dont throw around the word hate lightly. I b elive that you should only use it when you seriously do loath something. There are only two thing in this world that I can actually say I hate and mean it, and they are the New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

This was where I can really see the most growth out of any other thing Ive written all year.The whole essay from draft one to now is something that I am very proud of.

Midterm: My midterm exam I felt like it was very formal which is very different from the rest of my pieces. I dont really have much personality or flair in it. I tweaked it a little bit right after we got our feedback from you. I saw how well I did mix in my comedy in my exploratory essay. I felt very unconfident in my first draft of my exploratory essay and I could see that when I looked back at my midterm. I said
Im not sure how it was received by but I think I did a good job of balancing both the information and the comedy

after I reread all of my feedback I changed it to

I used a list and I took a kind of comedic approach to the paper. I did a good job of balancing both the information and the comedy according to my feedback.

So really since the midterm I have become a lot more confident in my writing and learning to belive the critics and feedback I have gotten Multi Genre Project with Annotated Bibliography: I was glad I decided to explore the less talked about side of football. I learned so much about the inner workings of the NFL doctors and health committees. The two thing I decided to do would address the two sides that are most involved in the progression and advancement of footballs future parents and the NFLPA. I created and advertisement for the NFLPA and I did a childs story for the parents. I got really good feedback from Kylie and Andrew on my first draft of my childs story. I also learned a lot about using the Photoshop tool on my computer thanks to Andrew also. In my advertisement I am relying heavily on pathos to draw emotion and raise concern about the issue of concussions. My childs story is for the parents to become more comfortable with their children playing football. I wanted to make it as simple and as straight forward as possible. My annotated bibliography was very easy to cite and annotate. Going to the library was a very big

part in me being able to find all of my sources because out of the two books I got the League of Denial helped me find all of my other sources. RRLs: I used three RRLs in m process works the first one I used was about group writing. This was where I really started to notice my problem with comma splices. Ms. Ingram also noted of it at the bottom of the RRL. I choose this one because it really helped me focus on my grammar. Second was when we first got our books and we got to see how different it was going to be to look at learning through a graphic novel. I really enjoyed this book and I hope that you continue to use it with students in the future. And the final RRL I used was the passage about finding your writing style. This was when I first started to get comfortable with writing with personality. Even though the RRLs were small and quick I can reflect from these papers the most. Feedback and brainstorms: The feedback that I received on my drafts were helpful beyond belief. The most helpful was Ms. Ingrams feedback she gave me on my multi genre project. All of the details and suggestions she gave were very helpful. Another piece of feedback that was instrumental to my growth as a writer was from Javon. He read my second draft of my exploratory essay and said he enjoyed and was also not a fan of Tom Brady. He also gave me the suggestion to open up my paper with the definition of hate. Kylie also gave me really good advice on my exploratory essay coming from someone that doesnt know about football. The brainstorm that I used was from my exploratory essay as I mentioned earlier with the flow chart. Blog: From the blogs that I did do I really liked what I did with the 5 mods of communication blog. This blog actually helped me understand not only the 5 mods but also Aristotles appeals.

Wild Card: My wildcards that I have chosen are from my History of Sex in America. The class is exactly what it says and the things that I learned in class were both funny and disturbing. I chose a test that we had to write in an essay format. I chose to use this one as my wild card because I dont think anyone else has any other classes that involve writing like that class dose. The test is very straight forward and not that disturbing. My next piece however I wrote for the blog we have to do for this class. I wrote this blog specifically on twerking. This was one of my better writing from any class thought my time in college. Key Concepts: I connected strongly with the key concepts of the writing and revision process, and risk taking. Before this class I felt that I had somewhat of a generic writing style but near the end I saw myself becoming more confident in my writing. Instead of using I feel or I think I just say my opinion and I noticed my writing starting to sound more and more like myself. I was never use to using huge quotes in papers and making them tie in to my paper now it is like second nature. Also I started to list things using numbers like in my literacy narrative this was something I had never done before but through risk taking I learned that changing up your writing style can not only keep your readers interested in what youre saying but also it keeps you interested because you want to get feedback on your new wrinkle you put in your writing. In the past I wouldnt think about the class until the next time I was in the class but during this semester I would find and use other classes and other events in my social life to influence and aid my writings in English whether in my blog or in my papers. In the workshops I really took all of the feedback I got on my papers to form and create a better final project. Revision was something I never did in high school because I was sure that my first draft was the best thing I was going to write but now I know that I need at least three drafts to make a really good draft and the difference between the first draft and final product is astonishing.

Grade: Through all of my work I have put into this class I deserve a B. After looking at most of my classmates and your previous students portfolios and portfolio essays I just dont really stand close to theirs.