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Dear Sally, I am tired all the time, and this is driving me crazy! Sometimes I can fall asleep, but usually I lie in my bed for a really long time totally scared. What can I do to get some sleep and stop worrying about every single noise I hear? Everyone says I look so sleepy. Dear Sally, From, A girl from school apNeeds Some Rest proached me one day at the lunch table. She acted really nicely, like Dear Needs Some Rest, she wanted to sit with me and You could try listening to very soft music that will make you have lunch. We talked for a little bit and then she asked me if I sleepy. It will also block out any other sounds you may be hearing. liked a certain boy. I said, Yeah, he's nice. He's my friend. She Try thinking about things that went back to her group of friends make you happy when you go to and spread rumors that I had a bed. If you want to look less tired crush on this boy. She totally try these things and go to sleep tricked me into making me think earlier. Hopefully this will allow she liked me and wanted to be you to fall asleep and look refriends. What should I say to her? freshed. From, From, Tricked Sally Dear Sally, I have a friend in class that has been copying everything I do. She buys the same sneakers and clothes that I have. Everything I say I want to do, she wants to do the same thing. She is copycatting everything down to the last detail. I got a new marker and then she got the same identical one. Im tired of it. How do I stop her from being such a copycat? From, Annoyed
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Dear Annoyed, You can try wearing something new from a place youve never shopped before. If the girl asks where you got it from just tell her you forgot. Dont tell her everything you want to do. If you are not comfortable with those techniques, just tell her nicely that you dont like that shes copying you. It bothers you and that you would really like it if she would stop. From, Sally

Intermed iate Scho ol 51 New sp ap er Written b y th e stud ents Mrs. Ingra val lo Ed it or Ms. Pa vl ick C o- ed itor

Intermediate School 51 Newspaper

Written by the students
Mrs. Ingravallo Editor
Ms. Pavlick Co-editor

Volume 5, Issue 7 May 7, 2014

The National Arista Society

Dear Tricked, Let her know that you really dont like how she spread rumors about you. Explain that you know she tricked you into thinking you were friends. Tell her she hurt you by spreading rumors. You would really appreciate it if she would stop spreading the rumors and tell the truth to everyone. It is her reputation that will be ruined when people realize that it was just rumors that she was spreading. From, Sally

By Sheereen Kongo and Lizbeth Lopez The Edwin Markham National Junior Honor Arista Installation Ceremony took place on Thursday, April 10, 2014. Thirty-eight eighth graders, forty-nine seventh graders, and fifty-two sixth graders were awarded for their academic excellence. The administration, teachers, and parents were so proud of this high-achieving group of students. It truly is an honor to be a part of this society. The name of this society, Arista, originated from its actual meaning aristocracy, which means the best. What an honor to be thought of as the best in a school! Following is a list of the special awards granted:

8th grade: Scholarship Jonathan Codipilly Citizenship Miqueisha Gillett and Eva Treacy Service Meagan Gorman 7th Grade: Scholarship Janna Mui Citizenship Mark Osgood Service Nicholas Arfanis 6th Grade: Scholarship Citizenship Service Madison DeGrezia Javier Jbara Kristen Touhy

Important Dates
May 22 PTA Meeting 7pm May 26 Memorial Day no school

Hard Work Does Not Go Unnoticed

In Academics
By Lizbeth Lopez Ms. Richardson, a sixth grade math teacher, wants to celebrate the following students of class 613: Genisis Crespo Paola Fuentes Jexon Gomez Salma Ortega Why? They have shown excellent effort in math class. They have consistently focused and completed work, as well as maintained a positive attitude. It is great being a teacher to motivated students like this. Hard work does not go unnoticed.

Writing With a Purpose

By Sheereen Kongo and Cindy Kagya Mrs. Calo Patterson and her self-contained classes, 616 and 617, have participated in a pen-pal activity. The third graders from PS 13 in East New York are participating in this activity. Mrs. Calo-Patterson has reached out to ICT teachers in order to inspire and engage her students to write, plan, and construct letters and drawings with an opportunity to connect, socialize, and eventually actually meet their pen-pals. The pen-pals will have a culminating activity meeting at a local park in Staten Island this upcoming May. It will be fun and interesting to finally meet the students they have been interacting with through writing and drawing.


In Physical Education IS 51s Top Students on the Wall of Fame Top Male
Dorian Rodriguez and Brandon Lajara, The Fitness Gram measures physical abilities. The Fitness Hall of Fame records the highest scoring students here at IS 51. The Fitness Gram consists of the following activities: The Pacer measures cardiovascular endurance or how strong someones heart muscle is Curl-ups measures abdominal strength Push-ups measure upper body strength. IS 51s overall school winner was Jacob Sullivan, a sixth grader. After speaking with Jacob, we realized why he excels in sports. Jacob said that hockey is his favorite sport. During the season he typically practices six times a week. Jacob also runs with his mom on Sundays. His dad plays football, basketball, and baseball. All of Jacobs siblings participate in sporting activities. You can see why he is in such good shape.

In Physical Education IS 51s Top Students on the Wall of Fame Top Female
By Kelly Henry, Selina Diaz, Cindy Kagya and Lizbeth Lopez Essence English was the top scorer in the Fitness Gram for the girls. She is in class 821. Essence plays travel softball with the Saints in the A division. If you know anything about travel softball you know she must be a great ball player. In the winter her team practices three times weekdays and plays two-tothree games on Saturdays and three-tofour games on Sundays. Last year her team had won the Pony Qualifiers, so they participated in the Nationals during the summer. This sport has become a year-round activity for Essence and her team.