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DeAndre Collins Sources

Greer, Jane, and Margery D. Rosen. How could you do this to me?: learning to trust after betrayal. New York: Doubleday, 1997. Print.

Dr. Greer along with the other authors of this book made great points, more than that, they established their points in a way that wasnt biased towards men or women. Reading a couple chapters along with the Ten Commandments of Trust, was absolutely appealing to me. Not because, I agreed on some of the points that was made, but because it clarified a lot of questions my peers asked me to clarify in my research paper. This particular source is closely related to my inquiry research paper because not only is it unbiased towards a particular gender. The author(s) expresses the issue of how trust is developed, conveyed, and broken over the lifespan of a relationship. Indirectly being a great support system while I attempt to explain How infidelity impacts long term relationships. This is a published book that has been a top seller between the years of 2001-2006. For most people that all that is required to be able to say its a credible source. However, I chose to do a bit of research on the author(s) of this book, How could you do this to me? and they all have a superb writing history.

Harvey, Steve, and Denene Millner. Act like a lady, think like a man: what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment. New York: Amistad, 2009. Print.

Steve Harvey, who is a famous comedian and radio station host. This book was so interesting that it was scary. I read this book about a year ago. Since then I have never doubted a womens knowledge on a mans motives. He not only explains situations where men lie and try to get away with it. He explains how a woman has a way of reacting to men in a specific fashion that causes us men to KNOW how to get out of the dog house. During this explanation, Harvey explains the who, what, when, where, why and how a male thinks while engaged in a relationship. Ultimately giving a woman who reads this book knowledge on how to use reverse psychology while dealing with men. I feel this source is relevant to my work, because it also explains how men think they can get away with lying or what Americans refer to as Playing Games. For him to have the ability to create a story line to explain a mans motives, along with an answer to why men treat women the way they do and feel it is ok. In a way where women can grasp what changes they should make to adapt to this issue they have with men, is great. This would be a source that would be a counter argument that supports a womens view on infidelity. Even though the message is communicated by a male. In other words it is just another contributing viewpoint to how it affects long term relationships. Steve Harvey is a multi-million dollar celebrity that has wrote a couple of books, has his on radio station, a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., a registered psychologist, and is a males mentor for young males in college looking to creating a new statistic for themselves. So not only would he jeopardize his reputation by making a unreliable document. He has reached high sales for this extraordinary book.

Pittman, Frank S.. <i>Private lies: infidelity and the betrayal of intimacy</i>. New York: Norton, 1989. Print.

This is my primary source of information, in this book I have used multiple of ideas of Frank Pittman. He not only explains what infidelity is, but he explains the how and why people are affected by the act of cheating. Moreover, how the act of infidelity affects a relationship long term. He does this by not only using his opinion of certain situations but by using other scholars findings to support the unknown facts of how infidelity in fact does more damage than breaking anothers trust. Pittman gets creative and in-depth examines the turning point of the relationships/marriages from the inside looking out; along with the inside looking within. After finding this book and reading a couple of chapters such as: What Is Infidelity Turning points of Marriage and Guilty secrets. Two things occurred! Not only was I able to see where my previous relationship failed, I was able to understand from another perspective on how I could have handled the situation I was in. Indirectly it was absolutely perfect for my topic. I can explain how infidelity impacts long-term relationship by using a lot of his quotes and examples to explain my situation better. My situation is important in this paper because I am supposed to relate a previous experience to this paper and it only helps when I can use another source to support my views on my previously tarnished relationship. I feel this is a credible source because the fact the book is not only in our school library, but because it clearly relates to this intensive paper I am slowly but surely drafting. Unlike websites, this is a physical article that resulted in the author winning multiple awards for. I am not the brightest star, but I know if somebody can publish a book and win awards. I can take his word as being credible.

Solomon, Robert C., and Fernando Flores. <i>Building trust in business, politics, relationships, and life</i>. New York: Oxford University Press, 2001. Print.

I chose to use this source for two reasons, as a supporting factor to explain how trust in a relationship is built. More than less, how it is gradually separated over time, resulting in consequences such as individualism or a person being single. It all starts with trust and loyalty, so including this source is just a support system on why females and males act the way they do after a person cheats or lies to tarnish the trust previously built. I felt by me including this source into my paper, it would give me lead way to encourage the reader to not only agree with how the trust is built, but to improve their knowledge on how the act of infidelity hurts more than the victims heart. It is more that is impacted after the fact, and that wouldnt be recognized if Building Trust didnt clarify some of the points I was making. `` This is a credible source because it clearly recognizes some other famous individuals to back up

points Solomon was making throughout his reading. The book wasnt highly recognized, but the easyread novel was interesting and detailed enough to use and be confident in the facts the book reveals.