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To Mr. V.S. Sampath, Chief Election Commissioner, ECI.

Respected Sir,

I humbly submit to you the following points 1) Your action against the following people is harsh to say the least Mr. Amit Shah who said Take revenge, but by voting for us. I dont know how that calls for an FIR & subsequent ban on his campaign as he wasnt inciting people to turn violent & neither was he referring to a particular community. Mr. Narendra Modi has 2 FIRs against him & action is being taken against the media as well. He showed the Kamal symbol when he addressed the media. He had not arranged a public meeting. Every top leader is interviewed by the media after he/she votes & public gathers around the person to support him/her. Has action been taken against all such politicians? Are we again entering into a phase where the media is not likely to be independent? (Please take a good look at the picture below)

2) Now, even if for once I concede that the punishment against Mr. Shah & Mr. Modi is justified, why do your actions reek of prejudice? If they were punished why not the following Politician 1) Mulayam Singh Yadav (SP) Statement Rape is a mistake. Boys are boys & they tend to do such things but hanging is not a justified punishment. He threatened teachers working in public schools to vote for SP otherwise they would lose their jobs. If India becomes communal on Modi coming to power, secular Kashmir will not be a part of India. Modi supporters can jump into the sea. Muslims bohot secular hai, apko communal hona padega. Congress ne apke liye kya kiya? Kejriwal apke apne hai. Modi aaya to aag lag jayegi. Modi opponents ko marwa deta hai. Modi ko yahin Bhagalpur me zinda gaad denge. Modi is the butcher of Gujarat. Modi se to ek kasai ko bhi sharam aa jaye. Modi ek jallad hai. Modi ko Pakistan bhejdo. Riots will take place if Modi becomes the PM. Modi ne 18 saal ki umar me murder kiya tha aur ghar se bhag gaya tha. In rape cases, even the woman if guilty & should be punished.

2) Farooq Abdullah


3) Shazia Ilmi


4) Yogendra Yadav (AAP) 5) Arvind Kejriwal (AAP) 6) Shakuni Chadhary (JDU) 7) Derek O Brien (TMC) 8) Lalu Prasad Yadav (RJD)

9) Amarinder Singh 10) Beni Prasad 11) Abu Azmi



3) Why hasnt any action been taken against these people? Just because they are non-BJP? Or maybe you have been extra severe on BJP because you dont want people & other parties to get the impression that you are working under pressure of BJP (which Im sure your not). 4) I want to know, in an election that is going to decide the fate of our country, what action have you taken towards the lakhs of names going missing from voting lists in Maharashtra which even included people of the stature of Mr. Deepak Parikh & Mr. Ram Jethmalani. Is it just a coincidence that these two gentlemen are Modi supporters & a lot of names missing from the voting list claim to be BJP supporters? Lastly I would just like to say one thing PUNISH NONE, OR PUNISH ALL Yours Truly, Vinayak Jain