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Shmuel Alef Perek 13: Shaul was X years old when he became king and was king for

2 years. He chose 3,00 men, he took 2,00 to michmas and sent 1,00 with Yonatan to givat Binyamin, and Yonatan killed the plishtim in geva and shaul publicized it. The rest of the plishtim heard about it too and came with a huge army and scared the jews into hiding in caves and pits. Shaul waited 7 days like Shmuel had told him, but Shmuel never showed up at gilgal and people were running away from him, so shaul brought the korban shlamim, and right when he finished Shmuel shows up and asks what shaul was doing. Shaul said the people were getting scared and you didnt come on time, and I hadnt asked hashem for help in fighting all the plishtim camped across from us. Shmuel said he had been stupid and because shaul hadnt followed instructions, his line wont continue to be kings, otherwise his family would have been royal forever, but hashem wanted someone who would follow him. Shmuel left to givat Binyamin, and there were only 600 people left with shaul, and none of them had any weapons, because the jews were not smiths, they went to the plishtim for all their metalworking.

Perek 14: Jonathan and his servant went to the philistine camp without telling anyone, while shaul waited in givah with 600 men including ahiyah, brother of ichavod and grandson of Eli hakohen. Yonatans servant said he would follow wherever, and Yonatan said theyd go in to the camp and make themselves known. If they say, wait we will come to you, well wait, but if they say come up to us, it will be a sign from hashem that he will help us defeat them. So Yonatan and his servant went up and the plishtim called for them to come closer and Yonatan and his servant killed the 20 men that were there and then hashem brought an earthquake and the plishtim were running and fighting each other. The jews saw this, and started fighting the plishtim and after shaul went to check who was hurt, he found that yonatan and his servant were missing. So he told ahiyah to bring the aron, but the jews were still worried, so shaul put a curse on anyone who would eat before the day is over and they had defeated their enemies. So they saw a lot of honey in the forest, but nobody ate it because of the curse, but yonatan wasnt with them and hadnt heard the curse, so he ate some, and the jews fought the plishtim and won and took lots of spoil and ate meat with blood. When shaul heard he made everyone bring the meat and eat it in front of him, so they wouldnt sin and eat the blood and then shaul built his first mizbeach to hashem. Then shaul suggested going and killing the rest of the plishtim, the Kohen suggested asking hashem, but He wouldnt answer shaul. Shaul called everyone together and drew lots to see who would die for the sin. The lots landed on yonatan, who told him that he ate the honey, and will die for it. But the people argued and saved yonatans life. Shaul defeated all his enemies, lists his family members.

Perek 15: Shmuel told shaul that he should fight amalek for what they did to the jews coming out of Egypt. Utterly destroy everything and everyone: all livestock, men, women and children even. So shaul got 210,000 fighters evacuated the kenim from amalek land, and destroyed amalek, but took agag the king alive and the best of the livestock. Hashem told Shmuel that he regrets making shaul king, because he is not following Hashems commandments and Shmuel was sad and cried to hashem all night. Then went to

go find shaul who greeted him saying that he had done what hashem wanted. Shmuel asked where the sheep and oxen came from and shaul said they were from amalek, taken to be korbanot to hashem. Shaul kept insisting that he had done what hashem had asked of him, he said the people started taking the animals for korbanot, and he killed everyone except agag. Shmuel replied that hashem wants obedience more than korbanot, and because shaul rejected hashems commands, hashem rejects him as king. This makes shaul realize what he had done and he immediately admits that he sinned because he was afraid of the people and got pressured by them. He begs forgiveness, but Shmuel and hashem dont forgive him. As Shmuel was leaving shaul grabbed his robe and it tore. Shmuel said just like the robe ripped, your kingship is ripped from you. Shal asked that at least Shmuel let him worship hashem, and Shmuel did. Then Shmuel killed agag and cut him in pieces and left and never saw shaul again, because Shmuel mourned for shaul and hashem regretted making shaul king.