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Brewing Coffee in an AeroPress

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By: Ted Papaioannou

There are many unique tools to brew coffee, such as the French Press, Chemex, and Siphon, that both professional baristas and every day coffee drinkers choose to use. The AeroPress brewing method is not just another way to brew coffee it extracts coffee through full emersion and high pressure, unlike any other method. The beverage the AeroPress produces is more of a cross between coffee and espresso. Because it is so unique, this unique tool has its own separate competition in the professional coffee brewing circuit. This method is both as quick and simple as most other brewing methods. It takes approximately 10 minutes from start to finish. This method is a great way to brew a high quality coffee to achieve the best flavor in the least amount of time.

Equipment and Supplies

AeroPress Fresh coffee whole beans Kettle

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Figure 5

Figure 9

Wooden Stirrer

Glass cylinder or cup

Hot plate or stove

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Figure 6

Figure 10

3.5 Paper filters

Spring Water (about 16 oz.)


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Step 1
Boil a kettle full of water.

Figure 12

Step 2
Tare the scale and weigh out the whole coffee beans.

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Figure 11

NOTE: For an ideal Aeropress brew, weigh out 16 grams of fresh coffee beans.

Step 3
Put the filter in the AeroPresss detachable plastic cap.

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Step 4
Grab the two numbered pieces of the AeroPress. Match the blue number 1 on the piece with the rubber stopper to the blue number 4 of the other piece. Insert the first piece inside the other, approximately 1/4" inches in.

Figure 16

Step 5
Remove the lid from the grinder and place the coffee beans inside. Replace the lid and connect the crank. Turn the crank until all of the coffee beans have been ground. Ground coffee should be about as fine as table salt.

Figure 13

Figure 17
Figure 13

NOTE: Coffee begins to oxidize 7 minutes after being ground, causing negative flavor compounds to develop. It is recommended to grind your coffee immediately prior to brewing.

Step 6
Slowly dump the freshly ground coffee into the Aeropress, on top of the rubber stopper.

Figure 18
Figure 13

Step 7
Place the Aeropress on the scale and tare it.

Figure 19
Figure 13

Step 8
Pour the water, in a steady stream, as slowly as possible until the scale reads 200g

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Figure 13

Step 9
Stir the mixture of water and coffee grounds vigorously for 30 seconds without spilling any water.

Figure 21
Figure 13

Step 10
Preheat the filter and plastic cap by carefully pouring the boiling water on them, over a cup or sink. The filter should be nearly completely transparent, and the black plastic grates will be clearly visible.

Figure 22
Figure 13

CAUTION: Take care when pouring the boiling water to avoid skin burns.

Step 11
Tightly screw the plastic cap onto the AeroPress.

Figure 23
Figure 13

Step 12
Place the glass on the Aeropress, turn upside down, and push slowly until you cant anymore. From start to finish, this process should take approximately 30-60 seconds.

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Figure 13

Figure 25
Figure 13

WARNING: Attempting to flip the AeroPress over without a cup or glass covering the top may cause hot coffee to drip out, potentially causing burns.

Step 13
To dispose of the brewed coffee grounds, unscrew and remove the plastic cap and push the remainder of the way over a trash receptacle. Your brewed coffee grounds will look like a puck.

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Figure 13

Step 14
Pour the coffee into a cup and enjoy.

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Figure 13

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