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Lesson Plan For: Injury/ Safety

Name: Christa Koep

Content area: Early Childhood Education (CFS) Grade level: Kindergarten Unit: Activities to do at Ho e Integrated health topic: Fire Safety

Lesson Plan Name: !hat to do if there is a fire o Resource: Resource: A"# $% &cto'er( )%$*# +evie, -lans# Help Keep Kids Safe# +etrieved fro . o Lesson Background: /hey are in the iddle of the unit# So far students have covered ,hat activities are safe to do in the house and ,hat are not( including outdoors and indoors# /hey have learned the i portance of calling 0$$ and ,hen it is appropriate# After this lesson the 1ids ,ill learn ne2t a'out electricity and ,hat activities they can do using electricity (i#e# ,atching a ovie( 'a1ing 'ro,nies) and ho, to 'e safe ,hen using it#

Learning O !ectives o Content: !hen as1ed specific 3uestions a'out 'eing safe in the ho e relating to the 'oo14 students ,ill 'e a'le to identify safe 'ehaviors in the ho e to prevent a fire fro happening( ,ith four out of five response correctness as recorded 'y the teacher# o "ealth: !hen told to go through the o'stacle course( students ,ill perfor the large otor ove ents correctly# /he correct ove ents ,ill 'e 'ased off ho, the teacher de onstrated the # At least five of the si2 ove ents ,ill 'e correct# /he ove ents ,ill 'e o'served 'y the teacher# o "ealth #tandard$s%: 5#)#* 6e onstrate ,ays to respond in an un,anted( threatening( or dangerous situation# Procedure o Introduction: 7As1 children to descri'e the ter fire and ,hat they thin1 it eans# 7Co plete a 'rief overvie, of fire safety# 7As1 children to identify a s o1e detector( a fire fighter( and fire e2tinguisher (,ith pictures) o #teps: 7 +ead the 'oo1 Fire 'y. 6avid 8ennett 6iscuss the 'oo1 and have the identify the safe actions Students ,ill 'rain stor ideas of ho, to 'e safe in the ho e relating to fire ha9ards Explain to children the affects that smoke can have on them and the proper procedure to follow if their house is on fire. Co plete o'stacle course activity to si ulate ho, to get out of a 'urning 'uilding 6iscuss the activity and ho, they thin1 it relates to the house activities they have learned (i#e# 'uilding forts( 'uilding o'stacle courses) and fire safety#

o Closure:

7Have children ,rite/dra, in their journals of the activities they have done today# 7As1 so e students to volunteer to share ,hat they have put into their journals# 7Add students ideas to the learning chart on the isle# 7E2plain to students that to orro, they ,ill 'e discussing activities that ta1e electricity and as1 the to 'rainstor ideas ,ith their fa ilies#

o &ssessment: /hroughout the lesson as1 children co prehension 3uestions that re3uire ore than a :yes/no; ans,er# Have the children 'rainstor infor ation they have learned today and add it to the learning chart that they have started for this unit# <oo1 through all of the students journals to a1e sure they have grasped the idea of fire safety#

Interactive &ctivit'(Concept:

Fire &'stacle Course o Resource: A"# $% &cto'er( )%$*# +evie, -lans# Help Keep Kids Safe# +etrieved fro .

Concept: /his activity relates to the health portion of the lesson plan 'y having children practice ho, to get out of a fire/s o1ing house# /he children ,ill understand the concept of staying lo, and ho, to find their ,ay out ,ith i paired vision# )aterials Needed: 7 popup tunnel 7ta'le 7 chairs 7 one thin 'lindfold per student Procedure: 7set up o'stacle course that children have to cra,l through 7de onstrate to students ho, to stay lo, ,hen cra,ling and the steps to get there 7 have students practice lo, cra,ling around the roo 7 have children ta1e turns going through the o'stacle course 'lind folded( 1eeping an eye on each student that goes through to a1e sure they do not hurt the selves or others 7 discuss ,ith students the i portance of staying lo, if there is a fire 7 have a discussion on ho, the o'stacle course ,ould relate to a real fire in a house and as1 children the steps they should ta1e to get out of a 'urning house# Instructional #trateg' Categor': E2peri ental <earning o #peci*ic +eaching #trateg': Active <earning