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Flower essence for Person who are doormats ========================================== Centaury And Can t-Say-No They re everywhere the doormats who end up doing so much for everyone else not rea lly because they want to but because they just can t say No. Inside, they might hate w hat they get into because they can t stand up for themselves and usually find it easier to acqu iesce to the stronger willed ones than to argue. The problem is, someone who needs Centaury o ften puts his own work and interests aside and run around at the bidding of others. Helpin g others is a virtue but in a person like this, it can be carried to extremes and is more of a weakness. Physical There s an anxious look about them and they are always looking around to see if th ere s something they should be doing. However, theirs is a more passive waiting around and they usually do things only when they are told to. They also looked tired and pale mo st of the time because most dominating people take advantage of their good nature and exploit t hem. Very often, the weaker personality adopts the phrases the stronger personality uses, maybe even the gestures. With Centaury, there is a slow growing of confidence inside and yo u ll find that they start saying No gently at first, then more firmly. Mental This is a mind like a child s and they go all out to help without questioning. The re is a lack of maturity and they take things at face value, rarely questioning the baser motive s of those who

take advantage of them. They are weak willed and Centaury gives them the mental strength to stop obeying others like slaves and to start thinking about themselves. It inspi res them to becoming more individualistic and not echo the opinions of others. While they wi ll still say Yes when someone asks them for help, they will also start saying No when what is expected from them is more than they can give. They will learn to ask whether what they a re asked to do is do-able or not and will answer accordingly. Emotional These people are very easily hurt and are extremely sensitive. Maybe that is why they help hoping to always please others. They are always submissive and this makes certai n people exercise an emotional control over them. They hate emotionally violent scenes an d will do anything to preserve the peace. In relationships like marriage, they usually end up with a partner who is bossy and a bully. They are rarely happy inside because nothing t hey do seems to be enough. Spiritual People who need Centaury are often swayed by religious people and could end up j oining cults or following gurus who might exploit their good nature. They can easily be persuaded to follow a cause blindly. Centaury gives them a more objective view of things as t hey are and they can then be a part of a croup without losing their identity.