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Minchinhampton Church of England Primary School

Admissions Policy

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Version: 2.0 Updated: ! "ct 20 2

Minchinhampton C of E School Admissions Policy This policy has been adopted by the Governin !ody on 20 th "ovember 2012 to all o#r admission $rom 1 %eptember 2013. All admissions prior to 1 %eptember 2013 &ill be overned by o#r previo#s policy. 't s#persedes all previo#s policies. Minchinhampton ( o$ ) %chool is a Fo#ndation %chool and the Governin !ody is the Admissions A#thority $or the %chool. The 'ndicated Admission "#mber is *+. This policy and criteria sho#ld be read in con,#nction &ith the G#ide $or -arents and (arers sent to yo# by the (o#nty (o#ncil &ith the (ommon Application Form. '$ yo# have not received a pac. containin this G#ide and Form/ by the end o$ 0ctober be$ore the intended admission yo# sho#ld contact the Admissions Team/ %hire 1all/ Glo#cester/ G21 2T- and arran e $or one to be sent to yo#. (hildren are normally admitted into the 3eception 4ear at the start o$ a ne& academic year in the %eptember a$ter their *th !irthday and be$ore their +th !irthday. 5hen the n#mber o$ re6#ests $or places e7ceeds the n#mber available/ the Governin !ody has decided to o$$er pleases to children 89applicants:; as $ollo&s: #irst Priority: (hildren in -#blic (are 82oo.ed A$ter (hildren; 8or children &ho &ere previo#sly loo.ed a$ter b#t ceased to be so beca#se they &ere adopted 82;/ or became s#b,ect to a residence order 83; or special #ardianship order 8*;;. Second Priority: $hird Priority : #ourth Priority: #ifth Priority: (hildren &ho &ill have siblin s attendin the school at the time &hen the yo#n est child is admitted. (hildren &ho had an a#thenticated medical reason $or attendin Minchinhampton %chool. (hildren $or &hom Minchinhampton %chool is the nearest primary school by road. (hildren $or &hom Minchinhampton %chool is not the nearest primary school by road.

'$ there is ins#$$icient space $or all children in any one o$ the above priorities then places &ill be allocated to those &ith the stron est eo raphical claim/ #sin the AA ro#te planner. -arents and #ardians have the ri ht o$ appeal to an independent appeals panel a ainst any decision made by the overnors/ concernin the child<s admission to school.

'n e7ceptional circ#mstances the overnors may e7ceed the indicated admission n#mber. )7ceptional circ#mstances are li.ely to incl#de late applications $rom children &ho have the hi hest priority needs/ or &here the school=s overall n#mbers have red#ced more places than anticipated can be accommodated. -arents and #ardians have the ri ht o$ appeal to

Medical circumstances will be considered in accordance with the LAs description in the Admission to Primary School booklet.

Filename:Minch Admission_policy 2012 131[1][1].doc Version 2.0

an independent appeals panel a ainst any decision made by the overnors/ concernin the child<s admission to school. The Admissions Appeal -rocess Form and the Minchinhampton (>) %chool<s "otice o$ Appeal $orm can be obtained $rom the %chool 0$$ice

"ther important information: All letters o$$erin places are sent o#t by Glo#cestershire 2A on a pre?determined date 8yo# sho#ld chec. &ith the school o$$ice $or this date;. Applicants must be made by completing and returning a School Admissions Application Form by 15th January on the year the applicant is due to start school. You must also complete and return a Gloucestershire Country Council Preference Form and return it to them by 15th January on the year the applicant is due to start school.

Any decision to consider late applications made a$ter the 1+th @an#ary &ill be made by the )7ec#tive Airector/ )d#cation or nominated o$$icer as stated in the BG#ide $or parents and carers -rimary Admission< p#blished by Glo#cestershire (o#nty (o#ncil. (hildren &ith statements namin the school shall not $orm part o$ the overs#bscription criteria and &ill be allocated places o#tside the #s#al arran ements in this policy. The de$inition o$ 9siblin : &ill be: a brother or sister/ hal$ brother or sister/ adopted brother or sister/ step brother or sister/ or the child o$ the parent>carer<s partner/ as &ell as children &ho are bro# ht to ether by a same se7 civil partnership. 'n every case/ the child m#st be livin in the same $amily #nit at the same address. 5here a child spends e6#al amo#nts o$ time at more than one address/ the address at &hich the child is re istered $or p#rposes o$ child bene$it &ill be ta.en as the place &here the child resides. The de$inition o$ 9-rimary %chool: is any 9state maintained school that provides ed#cation $or children in Cey %ta e 1 and >or Cey %ta e 2 a e ro#ps:. Aistance criteria: 'n the #nli.ely event that t&o or more applicants are the same distance $rom school &hen ins#$$icient places are available/ the tie brea. &ill be by random allocation. This &ill be carried o#t by an independent person. An opport#nity &ill be iven to parents concerned or their representative to be present at the process. 0$$ers &ill only be made in &ritin . 2etters o$ re$#sal &ill to ether &ith in$ormation on a parent<s ri ht to appeal. ive reasons $or the decision

The %chool &ill also apply the AF)% (ode o$ -ractice on %chool Admissions. #or purposes of this policy% the School&s 'ursery does not count as part of Minchinhampton School. 5here applications $or places are made o#t o$ the normal admission times this policy &ill be applied i$ there are more applicants than places.

Filename:Minch Admission_policy 2012 131[1][1].doc Version 2.0

The address yo# ive #s tellin #s &here yo#r child resides m#st be the permanent home address/ not a b#siness address/ nor the address o$ a $riend/ relative or child minder/ nor a temporary address nor an address to &hich yo# hope to move. 4o# m#st let #s .no& i$ this permanent address chan es a$ter yo# have completed and s#bmitted the application $orm to the %chool. '$ yo# are considerin a move into the Minchinhampton area/ &hether $rom abroad or $rom else&here &ithin the DC/ the Governors &ill re6#ire $rom yo# $irm evidence that yo# are intendin to move be$ore o$$erin yo#r child a place. This may be proo$ o$ e7chan e o$ contracts/ or a si ned rental a reement and deposit receipt. '$ parents are movin bac. $rom a $orei n postin to a previo#s permanent address in the Minchinhampton area and &ish to apply $or a place at Minchinhampton %chool they sho#ld send their relevant details to the %chool and the Governors &ill e7ercise their discretion as to ho& their application sho#ld be considered. 9The Governin !ody reserves the ri ht to re6#est evidence o$ the child<s residency/ at the date o$ application/ in the year in &hich yo#r child &o#ld enter school:. Fra#d#lent applications &ill be treated as s#ch and o$$ers o$ places in these instances may be &ithdra&n.

Filename:Minch Admission_policy 2012 131[1][1].doc Version 2.0

Filename:Minch Admission_policy 2012 131[1][1].doc Version 2.0

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