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Idea Identification & Viability

Name: Dragon Conquest Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy Type: RPG turn based combat Art Style: My games art style will be retro/pixel art. Here you can see a game with art style which I think would look the best for my game. The game is called Penny Arcade's On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4.

Target Audience: The age rating will be 12 meaning that there will be violence of a slightly more graphic nature towards fantasy character and/or non-graphic violence towards human-looking characters or recognisable animals, as well as nudity of a slightly more graphic. Also meaning bad language must be mild and fall short of sexual expletives. Target Platform: My game will be targeted for PC which will be sold through Steam this is because is one of the most used and popular game distributer. Here is an example of a similar game to what I want my game too look like.

Idea Content & Development

Story line: Your mountain castle was attacked by the most fearsome dragon in all the lands, known as Salanth Bringer of Death. He came back for revenge after being beaten many years ago by the previous Dwarf King. After destroying your castle, killing your family and all your loyal subjects, he once again returns to where he came from (the location is unknown).

Now you and your companions, driven by rage and hate travel around the world, in hope of finding and slaying the dragon to restore peace in once vast and powerful kingdom. Game play: You will be playing as the king of dwarfs, in the lead of party of four mighty dwarfs (including yourself). Your Goal is to level up and explore the world, so that eventually you will be able to defeat the Salanth Bringer of Death (Main Boss). While looking for the dragon you may find Npcs with exclamation mark, meaning that they have a quest for you. If an Npc has a question mark above his head, it means that you have completed the quest for him and you are ready to receive your reward. You can chose to be one of the four different classes (mage, warrior, ranger and thief) whichever one you chose to be, the rest will be in your team as well. To level up you need experience points which you get by completing quests and defeating monsters. As you level up, the amount of experience required for the next level increases by 1100. Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 1100 2200 3300 4400

For each class there will be three of skills trees which will provide the character with better statistics and unlock new abilities/spells. But after reaching lvl 15 in given category you can unlock 1 extra sub class. Warrior= Guardian (Tank), Berserk (Attack Speed) and Gladiator (Burst Damage) (Available after reaching lvl15 in the arena) Mage= Water Mage (Healer), Fire Mage (Burst Damage) and Shaman (Buffer) (Available after reaching lvl15 in the Mage guild) Thief= Assassin (Finisher-more damage to targets with less health), Ninja (Damage over time) and Slayer (Burst Damage, Blood Thirsty-Life Steal) (Available after reaching lvl15 in the Dark Brotherhood) Ranger= Sniper (Super Aim-armour penetration and low chance of attacks being blocked/dodged), Scout (Fast Movement speed-high dodge chance) and Hunter (Extra Damage in Forest) (Available after reaching lvl15 in the Hunting Society).






Fire Mage




Water Mage



Depending on the class you play there are going to be different areas and side-quests you will be able to explore. If you play as warrior you can do side quests that will allow you to join the arena. By joining the arena and getting to level 15 you unlock new sub-class called Gladiator. Inside the arena you will be able to fight battles which will earn you experience points, gold and fame. You will also be able to purchase certain items for your class that you wouldnt be able to buy anywhere else. Every time you win you earn fame which later on you can trade for new skills for example dual wielding allowing you to use 2 one-handed weapons. If you play as mage you will be able to do side quests that will later on allow you to join the mage guild. By joining the mage guild and getting to level 15 you unlock new sub-class called Shaman. Inside of the guild you will be able to purchase special items for your class only and also you will be able to rest there to restore health. If you finish doing all the guild quests you will be able to become the guild master a recruit more people into your party. If you play as Thief you will be able to do side quests that will later on allow you to join the dark brotherhood. By joining the dark brotherhood and getting to level 15 you unlock new sub-class called Slayer. Inside the guild you will be able to purchase special items for your class only and also you will be able to rest there to restore your health. When you finish doing all the guild quests you will unlock new skill allowing you to steal money from people around the world. If you play as Ranger you will be able to do side quests that will later on allow you to join hunting society. By joining the Hunting Society and getting to level 15 you unlock new sub-class called Hunter. Inside the guild building you will be able to purchase a special item called Obsidian Knife it allows the user to collect skins and fur of fallen enemies, the fur can be used to alter ones appearance and when used with leather it can be crafter into special armour that can only be used by Hunter. In the game there are going to be 56 different regions. To enter other region you will have to face one of the many Bosses blocking the regions from unwanted intruders. Level Design Every region consists of 3 environments; Forests, Mountains and Oceans. When crossing the border of an environment, a loading screen will appear which will take player to a different area. Depending on which environment you are in right now, the music will adapt. For example when in forest at day you will hear cheerful melody and during the night it will be a tension building scary melody/sounds. Depending on the area you are in, there are going to be different types of monsters you will encounter for example when you are in the environment of the ocean you can find different types of creatures such as sharks, different types of aggressive fish and even blood thirsty monsters.

Each mission that the player is doing will have an icon on the mini map indicating where you have to go in order to complete a mission/quest. There will also be and arrow pointing the player to where he has to go, but of course the player is free to roam around to kill enemies to loot and farm. The alpha path walkthrough; the player follows the arrow indicating to where he has to go to complete his mission objective such as defeating certain amount of enemies, picking up a certain item, activate an object for example touching a statue and sometimes they just involve talking to a character in the game without walking around looking for him. HUD

Team members H=Hit Points The Enemy M=Mana


Idea Justification I think this game idea should become a game because there are thousands of people who play and enjoy RPG games. Looking at how much copies Pokmon games sold it is obvious that RPG games are very popular so I think that my games would make a hit because of it originality and creativeness put into it. I used forest environment because in the game called Pokmon Leaf Green it seemed to attract a lot of audience towards the games, I also used an ocean environment because I have seen and played all the Pokmon games which helped me realize that they havent put a lot of effort into developing water areas, so I think that being able to travel and explore ocean makes the player have great adventure. There are few things that make my game idea creative and original, these are the different alternative story lines every class has, meaning that depending on which character you play as you can either do the main storyline or do the side storyline which will unlock a new class to play as. I did secondary research indicating that most of the games with dwarfs which are free to play, are not even close to what my game is like and most of them arent even RPGs.