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- Renowned food architects create the Heinz Beanz Flavour Experience

Have you ever wondered why fish and chips never taste as good as the time you ate them by the seaside out of paper? The reason for this is that our taste buds are intrinsically linked to our other senses its not just about what we taste, but also what we see and touch. Our surroundings, shape, texture and even sound, can all affect our experience and enjoyment of food. With this in mind, the nations favourite beans brand, Heinz, has teamed up with renowned food architects Bompas & Parr. Celebrating the launch of new Heinz Flavoured Beanz, the gastronomic duo have designed the ultimate flavour experience.

The Heinz Beanz Flavour Experience Combining contemporary design with the brain power of top boffins, the Heinz Beanz Flavour Experience includes a handcrafted bowl and a mind-blowing magical, musical spoon, displayed in an exclusive case. Created to tap into all five senses the Flavour Experiences marry sound, taste, touch, sight and smell, to provide the ideal sensory environment in which each dish should be eaten.

By examining the key flavours in each of the five varieties of Heinz Flavoured Beanz, Bompas & Parr have created five unique Flavour Experiences, each inspired by the look, feel and taste of the different beans. Ensuring we can experience beans like never before, these include:

Heinz Beanz Curry Flavour Experience Heinz Beanz Fiery Chilli Flavour Experience Heinz Beanz Barbecue Flavour Experience Heinz Beanz Cheddar Cheese Flavour Experience Heinz Beanz Garlic & Herbs Flavour Experience

Bringing magic to mealtimes Unlike normal spoons MP3 players have been fitted inside the spoons that play soundtracks specially composed to enhance the key flavours of each of the Heinz Flavoured Beanz varieties even further. Inaudible

until placed in the mouth, these unique themes can be heard when gently biting on the spoon. To enhance the Heinz Beanz Curry Flavour Experience, sounds of typical Punjabi Bhangra have been composed. Those enjoying the taste of Heinz Beanz Fiery Chilli will have their dining experience enriched with the sounds of uptempo Latin samba, whilst the Heinz Beanz Barbecue Flavour Experience draws a cultural reference to the Deep South, playing gentle blues accompanied by soft sizzling sounds.

The textures and colours of the bowls have been designed and handcrafted to further signify flavour associations. The Heinz Beanz Cheddar Cheese Flavour Experience includes a circular bowl made of cast yellow wax, based on the form, texture and colour of a traditional round of cheese, whilst the Heinz Beanz Garlic & Herbs Flavour Experience bowl draws on the organic shape of a garlic bulb, made from 96 layers of 750 micron thick card, giving it a soft, natural appearance.

Honouring the store that first stocked Heinz Beanz in 1886, the five Heinz Beanz Flavour Experiences are available exclusively from iconic London retailer, Fortnum & Mason. A limited number have been produced to trial amongst consumers and will be available from 25 March for 57 RRP.

Creating a new way of enjoying food Sam Bompas, of Bompas & Parr, comments, "Harry Parr has synesthesia and is using this alongside his architectural training to project himself (intellectually if not physically) into the Heinz Beanz Flavour Experience. The bowls and spoons give the diner a total sensory experience fully exploring the taste, haptic and sonic aspects of Heinz Beanz. The project is geared to get people to look again at what is on the end of their spoons. As they eat their Beanz they can wonder at the world of flavours that contributes to everyday culinary sensation. Ultimately the project is designed to showcase the various flavours of Heinz Flavoured Beanz and touch people's most sensitive organs..their bellies. Katherine Broadley, Heinz, comments: Quick, convenient and delicious, Heinz Beanz has long been a popular speedy serve for shoppers across the country. However with the nations tastes evolving and becoming more sophisticated, Heinz Flavoured Beanz have been introduced to offer a new taste experience, whilst remaining true to the flavours of the beans we know and love. Through our latest work with food architects Bompas & Parr, we hope to continue to elevate Heinz Beanz s iconic status, offering beans lovers a new and exciting way in which to experience their favourite flavours. Harnessing the power of new technological developments we have created the Heinz Beanz Flavour Experience to challenge perceptions of how we eat and change the way in which we consume food. The Nations Flavourite Beanz

A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color

Of or relating to the sensation of touch

The Heinz Flavoured Beanz range includes Heinz Beanz Cheddar Cheese, Heinz Beanz Curry, Heinz Beanz Fiery Chilli, Heinz Beanz Garlic & Herbs and Heinz Beanz Barbecue. All varieties are naturally high in fibre, a natural source of protein and naturally low in fat. And with a portion of each variety delivering one of your five-aday, beans lovers can be sure to receive a daily portion of goodness as well as a hit of flavour that packs a punch.

Heinz Flavoured Beanz are available now in 390g cans from leading supermarkets, RRP 84p.

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Notes to Editors: The Heinz Flavour Experience includes:

Heinz Beanz Curry Flavour Experience: o Made from a three part mould the bowl takes inspiration from the forms of piles of spice and sand dunes. Using sandstone and resin the bowls have a granular, sandy finish, that references the texture and colour of curry powder and sand dunes o The musical spoon includes the sounds of typical Punjabi Bhangra, but without a traditional instrument in sight. Each groove component is made from a Heinz Beanz can filled with dried spices including chilli peppers, cardamom pods and cumin seeds. The resulting track sounds dry and crisp. It is warm and conjures the vibrant atmosphere of a busy spice market.

Heinz Beanz Fiery Chilli Flavour Experience: o When taste receptors sense heat, the brain responds with increased heart rate, releasing endorphins and increasing perspiration. This has been translated into the processes used to make the chilli bowl, and to a lesser extent, the experience of actually handling the bowl, which is sharp and spiky o o The bowl is formed under extreme heat and pressure; the stainless steel is formed using a jet of water cutting thought the steel, and the timber is cut with the heat of a laser The music used has been created from the following samples: sorting through and selecting chillies from a large bowl throwing a handful of chillies on to a chopping surface chopping various chillies scraping the seeds out from a chilli

o The resulting track has spiralling off high frequency elements which demonstrate the hot, zing of a fiery chilli pepper

Heinz Beanz Garlic & Herbs Flavour Experience o Based loosely on the organic shape of a garlic bulb, the bowl also references the papery layers found on the exterior o The bowls are hand assembled, using 96 layers of 750 micron thick card, giving it a delicate and soft natural appearance o Taking inspiration from the Mediterranean, where garlic and herbs are a staple, the musical track has been composed using the rustling of garlic skin and the simulated sound of Heinz cans jostling around on a hot, dry truck in the searing sun

Heinz Beanz Barbecue Flavour Experience o The bowls are made from limewood, and are turned on a traditional lathe. These are then heated over a flame until a layer of charcoal forms on the outer surface, evoking the idea of outdoor barbecues. As well as having the appearance and texture of charcoal, the bowls also have a traditional smoky, barbecue smell o Drawing a cultural reference to the Deep South the music is inspired by gentle blues accompanied by harmonic phrases and sizzling barbecue sounds

Heinz Beanz Cheddar Cheese Flavour Experience o o Made from approx 1.2kg of yellow wax, which has been cast, the beautiful circular bowl is based on the form, texture and colour of a traditional round of cheese The soundtrack has been constructed from a cheese wire playing the melody and percussion from tambourines and baked bean tins, creating a very English sounding string reminiscent of Elgar or Holst

Research Research has shown that the flavour and liking of a dish can be perceived differently depending on the setting in which it is consumed. In an environment in which the atmosphere is congruent to what one would expect it to be, the liking and often flavour perceived is greater.

When we think of taste perception, we immediately think of sensations on the tongue. However, taste is not physiologically comprised of sensations from taste buds only, but also relies heavily on input from the other senses.

Edwards, J.S.A., Meiselman, H.L., Edwards, A., Lesher, L. (2003) The influence of eating location on the acceptability of identically prepared foods. Food Quality and Preference 14: pp. 647-652

Professor Ryan Smith Elder (2011) Cognition and Sensory Perception: The Effects of Advertising and Mental Simulation on the Perceptual Consumption Experience

About Bompas & Parr Bompas & Parr designs spectacular experiences often working on an architectural scale with cutting edge technology. Projects explore how the taste of food is altered by synesthesia, performance and setting. From just Sam Bompas and Harry Parr in 2007 when Bompas & Parr was founded, the studio has slowly grown to its current structure in response to the possibility of generating a wide range of projects. The studio now consists of a team of cooks, specialised technicians, architects, graphic designers, and administrators. They work with Sam and Harry to experiment, develop, produce and install projects, artworks, jellies and exhibitions, as well as archiving, communicating and contextualising the work. Additional to the projects realised in-house, Bompas & Parr contract structural engineers and other specialists, and collaborate with curators, cultural practitioners, and scientists. Recent projects have included flooding the roof of Selfridges to create a boating lake and pop-up bar, designing and installing a cake-themed crazy golf course, and creating a mirror maze navigable by nose with scented aphrodisiac leading the way to the heart of the labyrinth.

About Fortnum & Mason and Heinz 1886 saw Mr Heinz arrive at Fortnum & Mason, with five cases of tinned goods. Fortnum & Mason took them all introducing Heinz Baked Beans to Britain for the first time. To celebrate the Tercentenary of Fortnum & Mason, Heinz produced a limited edition of 3,000 tins with a Fortnums eau de nil label and to mark the Queens Diamond Jubilee, Heinz launched limited edition vintage 1952 label beans cans at the Piccadilly retailer.