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World Currencies Symbols... 31 Countries on list use $ 12 Use 3 Characters... ie.


Bitcoin Logo Was Released

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)ome *o( B*C +e"elo(ers ,re *rying *o Change -t *o$ www.Bitcoin)'website'ad"ocate'bitcoins'unicode'symbol

, Real Battle .as Begun ,mong *hose Who Want *o /ee( *he riginal ,nd *hose 0ushing *he !1W Unicode B... *he Latter )eems *o .a"e 2ore Control "er *he utcome... 3 +ays ,go$ Signs 5-Year eal !o "anage #Bi!$'in&o'ac4uires'bitcoin'com'domain'name

,nd -s Using *he !1W Unicode B5 Which By *he Way... - Cannot )eem *o *y(e n 2y i2ac $6 it's a latin capital B with stroke that has the hex Alt +0243 !ot )ure -& -t7s 2ac Related or 2y 8ingers 9ust ,ren7t )mart 1nough *o 8igure -t ut... ,&ter 1: 2inutes ,ttem(ting *o ;oogle .ow... - ;a"e U( n *y(ing !ew B5 %he WH&'( )eason For )esearching %he *bo+e Was %o Find * Symbol %ha! Bi!coin ,r. Could -se *s .!/s &0n -ni1ue /Currency/ 2ey S!roke.

.n &ur Search We Found... *hat Currency )ymbols Used By 7*he /ingdom o& 0russia7... 8or 21< =ears 61<#1 > 1?1@AB Was 0redecessor *o , ;erman Letter Which rginated 8rom...
the long s ( ) and the normal 's' which when handwritten, over time, were oined! "he '#harp #' is the only $erman letter that is not part o% the &asic 'atin alpha&et!

)o ,&ter Re"iewing ,ll o& *he 0ossble ChoicesB -n Unicode C *he Com(uter /ey BoardB 8or , Bitcoin 9r. 7Currency7 )ymbol...
3erman Shar4 /S/ Has Been Chosen Which .n &4!ima Fon! %y4e .s

. Feel )ela!i+ely Secure .n %his Choice For


5. *he /ingdom o& 0russia ,nd Use o& ,s , Currency )ymbol... 1nded -n 1?1@5 6. D*he rules &or ;erman orthogra(hy changed in 5778... )o many common words that used
to be written with are now written with ss. 8or exam(le (l) 6ri"erA is now s(elled (l)ss.E

In Switzerland has been gradually abolished since the 1930s.

3. *y(ing *he )ymbol


n , /eyboard or *ouch 0ad -s 1,)=555


&4!ion9s on U)B U)'1xtendedB and U/ %eyboards C!rl9s or 6i& not used otherwiseA CtrlG,ltGsB n some %eyboards such as U)'-nternational ,lt;rGs




o0n /s/ 2ey %ill .s %y4ed 6or ,ltGsA

:. *he Bitcoin Community -s 8ighting



%he *c!ual

itcoin 9r. Currency Symbol "ay Ha+e %o Be 3 Charac!ers...

<<< *ny .deas;

-nstead o& 9ust 2ay .a"e *o Use 9r or 9R or ;;; ...1xce(t B9R +oesn7t )ound ,s ;ood ,s B*C +oes $6

9r 9R itcoin 9r.

'' )ome 1xchanges ,re Using *he 7Uno&&icial7 FB* 8or B*C. !ot )ure -& ,ny Bitcoin 9r. F Hersions Would Wor%I FB9 6+on7t Li%e B9A or F9R or III '' <<< *ny .deas;

*m *lso Working &n Bes! Fon! Choice For < = 'e!!ers .n %he >ame.

Currenlty Using 72yriad ,((le7 ,t

-n ,ddition *o *he B1)* 8ont *y(e 8or Letters ther *han *he (tima ... Hida ,nd - ,re Wor%ing n *he B1)* C L R Combinations 8or *he Logo5 '' +one )o *hat - Can... File %he -S %rademark *44lica!ion Soon *s ?ossible@
*hen Will )tart ;etting *he L ; 8or