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Executive Position Description

Chief Financial Officer

On behalf of our client, Jack Links Beef Jerky, KeyStone Search is conducting a retained search for a Chief Financial Officer.

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Jack Links Beef Jerky is a family owned business that was founded by Jack Link in 1985. Corporate headquarters is based in Minong, Wisconsin with the Corporate office located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Production and distribution facilities are located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraska. Jack Links has international offices in Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Korea and Europe. Over the years, as consumer demand for convenient, high-quality snack foods have increased, so have the company's product offerings and distribution network. Today Jack Link's is the fastest-growing meat snack manufacturer in the world, and sells more than 100 different meat snack products in more than 40 countries. More than a century has passed, but the Link family principles and traditions remain the same: hard work, integrity and a commitment to earn consumer respect by delivering the best-tasting meat snacks in the world. The story of Jack Link's Beef Jerky is a story of family traditions. It began with treasured family recipes that were passed from generation to generation, ultimately transforming a small North Woods business into one of the fastest-growing meat snack manufacturers in the world. The foundation was laid in the 1880s, when Jack Link's great-grandfather, Chris, came to America and settled in the wilderness of northern Wisconsin. Tucked away in his belongings were some of his most prized possessions - his sausage recipes. From the first day Chris staked his claim in Minong, Wis., a new American tradition was born. Chris Link's sausages and smoked meats became legendary among the lumberjacks and pioneer farmers of Wisconsin's great North Woods. Years later, Chris' son Earl opened Minong's very first general store and butcher shop. He sold everything from horseshoes and nails to pickles and sausages. Earl continued the family's tradition of making the best jerky and sausages folks had ever tasted. Earl's son - Wilfred "Wolf" Link - was born in 1916. Wolf accompanied his father everywhere and practically grew up in the general store. He learned early on what it took to be the best in the meat business. Wolf grew up and followed in the family's footsteps, making a name for himself in the cattle business. Years later, Wolf married and before too long, had a son named Jack. As a young boy, Jack followed Wolf everywhere, learning all about cattle, the meat business and how to make the best meat products possible. Over time, Jack married Mary Jo and they had two sons. Jack honored his heritage and carved out a healthy business, for his own family, by supplying top-quality beef to stores and restaurants throughout the Northland.

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It was while hunting with his boys that Jack had the idea to begin making jerky using his family's Old World recipes. Working with his sons, Jack perfected his greatgrandfather's recipes. The jerky was so good that the Links' friends and neighbors were continually clamoring for more. The Links began making large batches of jerky, which they sold to small stores across northern Wisconsin. Their first product - Jack Link's Beef Steaks - became a staple snack for folks in the area and spurred dramatic growth for the company. The Links' reputation for quality grew throughout the region and a business was born. Vision Statement Jack Links is the number one brand of shelf stable meat snack products throughout the world. Mission Statement Link Snacks will be the premier global marketer of branded meat snacks. We have a superior understanding of our consumers and we provide them with great tasting, safe and healthy snacks or meal alternatives. Our products deliver great value to our customers through high turnover and superior profits. We manufacture the highest quality meat snack products in efficiently operated facilities that are strategically located around the globe. Our competitive and profitable leadership position is enhanced with secondary and private label meat snack products. Critical Success Factors Brand Leadership Lead the industry in marketing innovation and support to ensure that the Jack Links brand is recognized by both consumers and customers as the leader in meat snacks. New Product Development Combine a continuous flow of consumer insight and needs with our product and production knowledge to be the leading innovator in value-added meat snack products. Quality and the Gold Standard Jack Links will be the category leader in product quality and safety. Supply Chain Excellence Operate the most efficient raw-material to consumer supply chain in the meat snack business Be recognized by our customers for best practices in our customer service activities. People Be recognized by our teammates as the preferred employer within the employment markets served. Our people will have the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to make our vision a reality.

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Values Be Real Ordinary People Accomplishing Extraordinary Things Be Humble. Be Authentic. Create a culture people want to be a part of Have fun, everyday dont take yourself too seriously Say It As You See ItThe Truth Rocks! Speed Matters Move Fast, but Smart Empower your Team Have a High Sense of Urgency Prioritize Properly Break Out From the Norm Stewardship Leave it in better condition than you found it. Focus on Sustainability Think Long Term Build and Protect the Brand Act Like an Owner Think About Your Legacy Relationship Driven Its How We Built the Business and Its How We Will Continue to Grow It People Matter Even with Technology Build Relationships Internal and External Show Respect for Others Be Gracious with Your Time Small Stuff Matters Self Discipline Do Whats Right Every Time Do Your Best All the Time Be Disciplined Hold Yourself Accountable Safety/Gold Standard Show Awesome Character Behavior is as Important as Results Be Optimistic, Energetic and Enthusiastic Display a High Level of Integrity Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated Celebrate the Wins

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The role of the CFO for Jack Links Beef Jerky Company will h ave responsibilities including providing strong organization leadership, strategic planning process management, building a results oriented and data/metrics driven organization and playing a key role in decision making and running the business day-to-day. In addition to leading and integrating the finance function, this role will lead insurance, contracting, risk management, and participate in M&A planning, diligence, and integration teams and planning processes.

The CFO will have responsibility for the financial function at Jack Links Beef Jerky Company including: o Corporate Accounting, Tax and Treasury, Cost Accounting, Sales Accounting and Financial Reporting including annual audit along. The CFO will effectively communicate with the owners and executive team to ensure transparent budgeting and reporting. The CFO will maintain strong banking relationships and understand sophisticated financial reporting.

The CFO reports to the President & CEO and will be a member of the Companys Executive Committee (CEC).

The CFO should have an undergraduate degree and preferably an MBA and/or CPA. The CFO will be a seasoned business leader who brings passion and excitement to a process focused on improving the financial health of the entire operation. The CFO will analyze all functions of the business to identify and pursue all potential cost savings. He/She will have experience in an operations role where they have created value by improving margins. The CFO will have a deep Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) or manufacturing background, preferably food related. The CFO will have had a successful track record of performing due diligence, executing and integrating acquisition candidates. The CFO will have a background as a stand-alone CFO in a successful CPG or manufacturing company. The CFO should have experience with developing systems and procedures and working closely with key operational stakeholders. The CFO must know how to create effective tools for key functions of the company that are effective in the planning, reporting and managing of the companys operational and financial performance. He/She will create clarity and insight in the results and personally work in each department to highlight the drivers.

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The CFO will be an operational leader, able to earn trust and drive efficiencies throughout the entire business. The CFO will have experience scaling a business and increasing the Enterprise Value. He/She will have experience molding a structure and team to create synergies, eliminate waste and fuel growth. The CFO will have experience dealing with complex financial models and will understand Capital Investment analysis, bank covenants and the nuances of privately held companies.

The successful CFO should bring a special combination of skills. These include: Financial Leadership: The CFO will bring integrity to all of accounting, business reporting, budgetary controls for both current and long term operations and initiate and drive cost cutting measures. He/She will have a proven track record of driving value in an organization. General Management: The CFO will bring strong operational expertise and have experience with a P&L. He/She will be a leader who builds credibility through performance and execution. CPG or Manufacturing: He/She will have deep experience with Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) or manufacturing businesses.


The CFO will earn a leadership role at Jack Links Beef Jerky Company by designing and driving improvements in all facets of the business. He/She wont believe in ego or entitlement but rather performance and execution. The CFO will take the initiative to learn every detail about all facilities and provide financial leadership throughout the organization. The CFO will be a self-starter who needs little direction. He/She will have a professional presence with strong, re-assuring demeanor; portrays calm and control even under stress and pressure. The CFO will be an effective communicator with good presentation skills who can interface with all levels. The CFO will have superior interpersonal and communication skills and can effectively articulate and defend a point of view, will listen to alternative points of view and forge solutions when there is disagreement. The CFO must have a business demeanor that is framed by intelligence, intellectual curiosity, process management and integrity. A hands-on, sleeves-up, team player with the ability to work as an equal in an environment of long tenured professionals while balancing the need to offer mentorship to others. He/She must be an individual with a strong work ethic who is self-motivated and self-reliant. Leadership Delivers results Sets targets and executes Passionate about the employees and the customers Strategic thinker Inspires and builds trust

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Teamwork Personally accountable Builds strong team Hands-on, engaged, but able to delegate appropriately. Collaborative by nature, but decisive Personal Listens well Solicits ideas from everyone in the organization Assertive Great communicator Creative Analytical Plays offenseKnows how to initiate action

The compensation package for this position is competitive and attractive. It includes a base salary and incentive bonus. Incentive bonus will be based on a portion of company financial performance and individual performance.

Confidential contacts or nominations may be made to: Bob Schoenbaum Principal 612-375-8898 or Marcia Ballinger, PhD Principal 612-375-8895

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