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APS Continuous Harvesting Photo Bioreactor System

Technical Specifications Summary

This summary is designed to provide information regarding system costs and productivity data.


• Minimum Yield-These figures reflect public domain, verified values for base PBR technology
• Average Yield-These figures are based on Continuous Harvesting PBR Technology
• Optimized Yield-These figures are a blend of R & D research from a var luding Dr. Isaac
Berzin’s work while at MIT. It does include mechanical engineering design advances for the Continuous
Harvesting PBR system, natural selection improvements in lipid creation by algae(Dr. Berzin’s area of
study), and location specific evaluation advances. It UDES Gene Engineered species of algae.

• Land Development costs-These are the responsibility of the customer to prepare the land for installation of
the PBR.
• Installation of Pylons or Stanchions-This is part of the land development costs borne by the customer.

One of the main advantages of the APS Continuous Harvesting P imination of the requirement for vast areas of
concrete needed by other PBR installations. With conventional PBR designs acres and acres of land must be covered with flat
concrete pads in order to provide a structural base for the system. Any slight shifts in this structural base can cause PBR stress
cracking or even complete system failure. The APS Continuous Harvesting PBR system has done away with this requirement,
substituting a system of Pylons or Stanchions. This innovation not only provides a structural base that is rock solid, but also by setting
the Pylon height at 9 feet or more it leaves the land beneath the APS system open to cultivation, grazing, wildlife refuge, or simply
open green space
Production Low Yield Average Yield Optimized Yield

Gallons of Algae Oil per acre per year 20,000 40,000 80,000

Pounds of Biomass per acre per year 800,000 910,000 1,200,000

Metric Tonnes of CO2 Absorption per acre per

year 325 800 1,200

Metric Tonnes of O2 produced per Pending

acre per year
* Other emissions can be neutralized depending upon algae species selected and system configuration

System Requirements

Average sustained Kilowatts per 5kw

acre requirement during growing

Gallons of Water used to Charge System per acre 140,000

Gallons of Water used to Maintain System per

day per acre 110

Continuous Harvesting Photo Bioreactor Prices

One Acre PBR System Complete with De Watering and Oil Presses Pilot Unit Subject to Federal and
State Grant Participation

Ten to Fifty Acres PBR System Complete with De Watering and Oil Presses $960,000.00 per acre

Fifty Acres or more PBR System Complete with De Watering and Oil Presses Price is subject to inquiry

Price including computer, systems software, sensors, e watering, and oil presses