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Taviawk Homeowners Association

February 19, 2014
Call to Order and Welcome The 2014 Annual Meeting of the members of the Taviawk Homeowners Association was held Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. at the Santa Clara Library in St. George, Utah. MikL Behunin, property manager from F1 Property Management welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order on behalf of President Don Miller. Don asked MikL to run the meeting. Introductions and Roll Call The Board members were introduced, as well as the Associations property manager, MikL Behunin of F1 Property Management. It was determined that there was a quorum present as there were 139 of the 237 votes represented in person or by proxy. Approval of Minutes It was moved, seconded, and approved to waive the reading of the minutes of last years annual meeting, which were mailed to all owners and available on the website. The minutes were then approved as presented. Financial Report MikL Behunin, property manager, presented the 2013 Financial Report and 2014 proposed budget. MikL and the Board answered questions on the budget. Board member over Infrastructure Jim Keeley answered several questions on the roads and drainage budget items and reserve accounts. After discussion the financial report, including the proposed budget, was approved with one correction. Board of Directors Reports Presidents Report President Don Miller had nothing to report. Infrastructure Report Infrastructure Committee Chair Jim Keeley reported on 2013 accomplishments including collaborations between the HOA, City, and developer on drainage and cleanup as well as crack seal on all roads. The Infrastructure Report will be posted to the website. Neighborhood Watch Report Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair Jack Mladek reported that no incidents were reported in the last six months. He encouraged owners to lock their doors and watch for anything suspicious. Committee Reports Architectural Control Committee Dee Osborn, chairperson of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), presented the ACC report. The owners reviewed a summary of 2013 ACC items. Dee noted that they had anticipated about 13 plan approvals for 2013 and there had actually been 27 with 19 of those in Taviawk. This year the ACC will have alternates from each area. This will be Dees last year as the ACC chair and Taviawk owner Wendy Bradley will be taking over for her. Dee was thanked by all present for her many years of service.

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Social Committee Social Committee Chair Linda Davis reported that they completed 21 new neighbor visits in 2013 as well as one ladies luncheon and two couples parties. Linda tracks all directory changes and asked owners to keep her updated with new information. There is $234 in the social fund from party donations. Linda thanked her committee members Rita Hartman and John and Jane Curry. Election Two Board positions were open for election as Jack Mladek and Linda Davis positions expired. Nominations had previously been made by a nominating committee and nominations were open to be made from the floor. After vote by secret ballot, Linda Davis and Jeff Hartman were elected for three year terms to expire in 2017. They join existing directors Jim Keeley (2015), Don Miller (2016), and Lance Anderson (2016). Report of the Developer Terry Marten and Matt Marten reported for the developer by answering questions from the floor regarding phase 14, curbing on the trail by Bur-Sage, and storm drainage. Questions and Comments from the Floor An owner asked about a crosswalk at Agave Lane and Taviawk Drive where the bike path crosses. Jim Keeley noted that he has asked the City about the white buttons that have popped off there and they said they would take care of reinstalling them. This was some time ago so Jim encouraged owners to solicit the City. Linda Davis noted that Ivins City has said they will re-pave 400 West from Highway 91 to Center Street. Discussion was held on water runoff from the dam behind phases 6, 7, and 10. It was noted the maintenance committee was abolished due to lack of need and interest. The Taviawk median was discussed in that concerns about cost and line of site issues were resolved in 2013. Ivins City hauled off debris at no charge after the HOA trimmed it, which cut costs. The developer also shared in the cost of maintenance and as such, the budget for landscape maintenance was reduced for 2014. One owner expressed his thoughts that the median does not look good at all. It was noted that the stucco base on many street signs needs maintenance. An owner suggested that Board meeting agendas be posted before the meetings and that the minutes be posted to the website. The Board will consider the suggestion at their next meeting. President Don Miller noted that all owners can attend meetings or obtain the minutes by contacting F1. Owner Fletcher Shives noted that he has a concern about speeding on Paiute and has previously requested a speed limit sign be posted about 150 feet below Taviawk Drive on the downhill side of Paiute. It was moved, seconded, and approved by all present to install a speed limit and private street sign as Mr. Shives noted, so the Board will reconsider this issue and the sign at their next meeting. Adjournment With no further business, the Board was thanked for their service and the meeting was adjourned at 6:22 p.m.

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