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Where: Harbel (5807 Harford Road) Speaker: Stan Janczak on Code Enforcement Get Involved Join WIA today! With membership your vote is counted and your voice heard in the community. Receive your monthly WIA newsletter to stay on top of what is happening in your neighborhood. Please complete the form below and send with your payment to: Waltherson Improvement Association P.O. Box 3622 Baltimore, MD 21214 Recycling every Tuesday! Trash every Thursday! Bulk Trash (Call 311 to schedule) Street Sweeping 3rd Wednesday Even Sides 4th Wednesday Odd Sides May 2014

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The Walthersonian
Next Community Meeting: May 6th @ 7:30 PM

May 2014

Stan Janczak will be discussing housing code enforcement at our May meeting.

Presidents Letter
So, is it spring or still winter? One day I had my air condition on & the next we put the heat back on! Come on springtime! Soon, we will be outside cutting the grass, sitting in lounge chairs, & planning summer vacations. I must shed the winter bulge, so I walk when I can & cook fish on the grill instead of hamburgers. Im looking forward to the Tuesday Market to open so our neighborhood group can walk up together again. I love the longer evenings & energy I get from that. Ok, so who knows the representatives on the ballot? We are working to partner with another group who is having a seminar with many of our current & perspective politicians so that we may get a better understanding of their outlook. June is the Primary Election, so we will keep you posted. We are meeting in May (remember: the 1st TUES, so, May 6th at 7:30 at Harbel) for our QUARTERLY meeting. Our guest speaker is a City rep from Zoning (property & code enforcement), so please bring your questions. This would be concerns like vacant or nuisance properties, etc. We hope to see you then. There are many things going on in the area, so please see below for upcoming events & announcements. Enjoy the upcoming warmer temps & Happy SPRING! Take good care, Helene

Upcoming Neighborhood Events:

May 2nd First Friday Art Crawl o Hamilton Gallery, 5502 Harford; 5-9pm Explorations On Aspergers Planet: works by Kristine Willett in Gallery I Surroundings: Lynn Poshepny & Maxine Taylor on exhibit in Gallery II o Hamilton Bakery, 5414 Harford; 5-9 (free cupcakes!) o The Gift Cellar, 4337b Harford; 6-9. o Charmed Life Gallery, 4505 Harford; 6-9 o Additional details th 6 Waltherson Community Meeting; 7:30pm @ Harbel 5807 Harford Road 10th Harbel Flea Market 9am-2pm 5807 Harford Road 17th Spring Fling at Garrett Heights 11-4pm @ GHEM 2800 Ailsa Ave June 5th - 45th District Candidate Forum; 6:30-8:30pm @ Mt Pleasant Church 6000 Radecke

The Walthersonian
Upcoming Traffic/Roadwork Projects

May 2014

Spring 2014 We have requested new trees be planted in the empty slot s in front of Rucks Funeral Home and the old Eko Food Mart; Forestry tells us this is on the list for Spring. Summer 2014 Reconfiguration of Frankford intersections at Hamilton Ave & Corse Ave. Corse & Frankford drawing is below; weve requested a drawing for Hamilton & Frankford.

Winter 2014 Harford Road Herring Run Bridge Reconstruction begins o Harford Road will be closed at Herring Run for two years during reconstruction SC909 & SC911: Improvements to Sanitary Sewers of the Herring Run Sewershed o Rehabilitation work on sanitary gravity sewers ranging from 8-inches to 27inches in diameter and manhole replacements throughout neighborhood o Affected properties can be found on PDFs at this link:

The Walthersonian

May 2014

Mechanical Street Sweeping Meeting

On Tuesday, 2/25/14 a meeting will be held at League for People With Disabilities (1111 E Cold Spring La) at 7:30 pm to discuss the new mechanical street sweeping. Starting in April, the Northeast area of our City will be swept: odds sides of the streets will be on the 3rd Wednesday of each month & even sides will be the 4th Wednesday. So, if your house number ends in an odd number, you are on the 3rd Wednesday, & so forth. The City will not ticket you for NOT removing your car from the street but they do ask that if you have an alternative place to park on that day that you do so. For info on this go to or call 410-396-8966.

Councilman Currans website and Newsletter

Councilman Curran has a new website and has started sending out an electronic newsletter. You can find the site and sign up for the newsletter at the link below:

New businesses coming to the area:

Belair Road o Planet Fitness has signed a lease and will open its first Baltimore City location at 5201 Belair Road in the old Goodwill building just south of Frankford Ave and should be opening shortly.

The Walthersonian
Block Captains

May 2014

Weve mentioned this in past newsletters & will continue to de velop this concept. Since we are a small group, we need your help. If we utilize block captains as resources, we build a stronger team in all segments of the area. People would go directly to the block captains for their concerns. These would be filtered out, utilizing the resources & contact we have. Each block captain would have a list of contacts & then report back to the entire group & to the executive board. If everyone pitches in, we can all do our part. Please, find something that is your passion. Maybe gardening is your thing, maybe vacant houses really annoys you, maybe you want to help a neighbor whose house needs some repairs. Whatever be the case, if we all do our part, we can help each other.

Styrofoam / Polystyrene Recycling

If you want to recycle Styrofoam but cannot make it to the sanitation yard, Waltherson member Louise Harmony has offered to drop it off. Please get in touch with Robert Walshe at a meeting or by e-mailing us at if you are interested. You can also leave a message for us on Facebook or tweet us @WalthersonAssoc. Note: CHECK THE BOTTOM OF THE CONTAINER FOR A NUMBER 6. Only number 6 items are accepted. No peanuts or packing material.

NECOP Northeast Citizens on Patrol

In Northeast Baltimore we have a district wide Citizens on Patrol program called NECOP. The reasoning behind the COP program is that regular neighborhood patrols can make criminals feel uncomfortable and drive them out of our neighborhood. Participants meet at the Northeast Police station at 1900 Argonne Drive near Morgan State and get a walkie talkie to keep them in contact with the Police and then proceed to patrol their neighborhoods in their cars. Patrols normally go out each Thursday and Friday from about 7:30 - 10:30. For anyone interested in the Citizens on Patrol program, please contact Rob at

Hamilton-Lauraville (HL) Sprouts

Theres a new family group in town. HL Sprouts is a parent partnership designed to allow parents of kids aged 0-12 to meet up, arrange play dates, and get to know other parents in the area. They are a chapter of the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance. Check them out, there are several kid-friendly meet ups going on each week in the area.

The Walthersonian

May 2014

The Walthersonian
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May 2014

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Parliamentarian Lisa Hom

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At-Large Member Ronisha Moore

Standing Committees and Representatives:

Housing Robert Walshe, Sue Kessel, Helene Quinn, Frank Williams Block Party Paul McCartney Traffic Terrye Muratore Schools & Child Advocacy Rob Walshe, Paul McCartney Block Captains Paul McCartney

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Garden Sign & Projects Ron Derr

Digital Outreach & Communications Robert Walshe

Police Liason / NECOP Chairman Rob Walshe