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Bailey A. Rose March 20, 2014 Emily Jarema English 111

Procrastination I Think Not!!!

Ill do my homework before class. I will do it tomorrow, I promise. These are common phrases that many students use when it comes to homework or other tasks that need to be completed in a timely manner. Procrastination is a huge problem when it comes to dealing with students whether they attend high school or whether they attend a college. Many students wait until the last minute to get things done as well as that may work for people who work well under pressure that is not the case for everybody. Some wait until it is too late and miss out on some big opportunities that could be a result of completing the task in a timely manner. College is where the majority of procrastination problems exist. You have so many more freedoms and opportunities in college than you ever had in high school such as parties, bonfires, vacations, etc. It has to be your will and want to study if a student chooses not to then that student also chooses to fail. The life of a typical college student is characterized by time spent studying, attending class, and socializing with peers.Procrastination finds its way into the lives of many college students there are many reasons students procrastinate, I feel that all the new experiences that are available to college students help lead them to procrastination. Teachers can also be known to cause students to procrastinate.Paulo Freire a Brazilian educator, philosopher, and professor at UCLA states many of the reasons why teachers lead students to procrastinate in his article titled The Banking Concept of Education. There are many concepts that students and teachers think of when they think of school such as, The teacher teaches and the students

Rose 2 are taught.(240) Many teachers learn new things everyday and the way that they learn them are through the students that they teach. Freire does agree that the students are taught but so are the teachers and vice versa. The teacher talks and the students listen.(240) The teacher is not the only one who talks and all students do not listen. Some students refuse to learn because they feel as if they will never use it in the real world so why learn it now? Finally The teacher chooses and enforces his choice and the students comply. (240). This is not always the best option for disciplinary actions. Some school policies need to seriously be looked over. They are potentially violating some rights as a students. Yes, student rights still do exist. When students are thought of as robots or knowing nothing, it causes them to procrastinate more because the teachers are just there to teach they dont care if they learn it or not as long as they get a paycheck. Teachers may lead students to procrastinate, but students also feel as they need to be treated better to motivate them to do their work. Many students dread going to class because they are treated so poorly in those classes not necessarily by the teacher but maybe by the school district in general. Freire goes on to to describe education as an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor (241). This puts the thought into students minds stating that teachers throw stuff at them and they are just to accept it whether or not they soak it up with their brain is their choice. They are just required to learn it for the short little time that the information is needed in order to pass the class. Students going through the educational system with this mentality are less likely to pass and tend to be distracted more during the journey of education. Freires article relates to W.J. Reeves, professor in English at Brooklyn College, article titled College Isnt For Everyone. College students choose their own fate. They make their own choices. Professors dont hold their hands through college like many of their high school teachers did. If you miss a deadline, you miss a deadline. There is no make-up work in college. Some people just choose not to go to college or they decide to put college on the back burner and wait a year or two before going back. The majority of people who decide to do this do not return to college. Freire and Reeves agree that teachers help students procrastinate. Reeves states in his article Approximately 15,000,000 Americans are

Rose 3 enrolled in college although about half of them probably shouldnt be. (341). Reeves is trying to explain that many people are forced by their parents to attend college and their parents pay for it. Many students priorities are not straight while they are in college. After four years, the bad habits of not being on time and attending sporadically have become second nature. Such habits are unlikely to make for a very productive worker.(342) If you are forced your entire way through school you will be unable to focus or maintain good grades in college leading to failure and a severe loss in money. In Mary Sherrys article titled, In Praise Of The F Word she tells the story of a teacher who threatens high school students with failure and that causes students not to procrastinate but in college you dont get that you are just there. If you fail, you fail. Students procrastinate alot and tend to rush to get things done in the knick of time. In Jennifer Lees article titled I Think Therefore IM she tells this story: Ms. Harding, an eighth-grade English teacher at Viking Middle School in Gurnee, Ill scribbles the words that have plagued generations of school children across her whiteboard. There, Their, Theyre Your, Youre To, Too, Two Its, Its This September, she has added a new list: u, r, ur, b4, wuz, cuz, 2. When she asked her students how many of them used shortcuts like them in their writing, Ms. Harding said she was not surprised when most of them raised their hands. (394) Many students have grown up with the lazy way of writing throughout school and have never been corrected or told not too. Students use it so much in technology nowadays that it has formed into a new language. A student Eve Brecker, 15, at Montclair High School in New Jersey once handed in a midterm exam riddled with instant-messaging short-hand. I had an hour to write an essay on Romeo and Juliet, she said, I just wanted to finish before my time was up. I was writing fast and carelessly. I spelled you u. She got a C. As Trisha Fogerty, a sixth-grade teacher at Houlton Southside School in Houlton, Maine, puts it, todays students are Generation Text (395) Students are never corrected when they use the wrong text, they do not believe that it is wrong. To them it is wrong, said Ms. Harding, who is 28. Its acceptable because its in

Rose 4 their culture. Its hard enough to teach them the art of formal writing, now weve got to overcome this new instant-messaging language. Students take the lazy way out and then end up failing. Teachers should not have to adapt to the ways of the students. The students should adapt to the teachers. Carr also thinks technology is an issue as Lee does. Technology is a factor that plays a major distraction role adding to procrastination affecting education. Technology does not only affect education but driving as well. Nicholas Carr, an American writer, as well as the author of Is Google Making Us Stupid? gives a good explanation of how technology has affected his brain, Over the past few years Ive had an uncomfortable sense that someone or something has been tinkering with my brain [...] (370) People do not see things the same way since technology has come into play in todays society. It is clear that users are not reading online in the traditional sense; indeed there are signs that new forms of reading are emerging as users power browse horizontally through titles, contents pages and abstracts going for quick wins. It almost seems that they go online to avoid reading in the traditional sense. (372) Carr suggests that people have become very lazy and have adapted to the new way of reading, power browsing. The words power browse are very important in explaining why college students have become better and better at procrastination. There have been many times where students have read something that was boring and not worth the time to read. Due to the fact that people have so much access to technology, they dont take the time to read something that they should.They just skim or power browse so they can get done faster and move onto something that is more interesting and more appealing to us. This kind of thinking has become the new normal thing to do. Students are just given so many chances to take the easy way out. The majority of students that procrastinate think that they can get it done last minute and instead of the teacher saying, No, it is due today, they extend deadlines on papers. Then the kids who do get it done on time maybe ahead of the game already but it stinks because they may have spent hours on the computer trying to get it done and make sure that it is done right and on time and now those hours are wasted because the teacher extended the deadline.

Rose 5 There are also many teachers out there, as stated before, that could care less whether or not you pass their class. They are just there to teach you what the school is paying them for. Whether you soak up and absorb the information or not is your choice. Several things can be done to help solve and prevent the issue of procrastination. For example, if students were required to learn time management skills and put them into practice this may help some. Some just dont know how to use their time wisely. Others are just pure lazy, I feel if teachers did not extend their deadline and made things do when they said they were going to be due then students would not procrastinate as much because they know that the teacher is being serious and not joking around.