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21.Your Fault Baker: It's because of you there's a giant in our midst, and my wife is dead !

ack: But it isn't my fault, I was gi"en those beans You #ersuaded me to trade away my cow for beans $nd without those beans, there'd ha"e been no stalk %o get u# to the giant in the first #lace Baker: &ait a minute, magic beans for a cow so old %hat you had to tell a lie to sell it, which you told &ere they worthless beans' &ere they o"ersold' (h, and tell us who #ersuaded you to steal that gold )**+: ,to !ack- .ee, it's your fault. !ack: /o Baker: .o it's your fault.. !ack: /o )**+: Yes, it is !ack: It's not Baker: It's true. !ack: &ait a minute, though00 I only stole the gold to get my cow back From you )**+: ,to Baker- .o it's your fault !ack: Yes Baker: /o, it isn't I'd ha"e ke#t those beans, but our house was cursed. .he made us get a cow to get the curse re"ersed &itch: It's his father's fault that the curse got #laced, $nd the #lace got cursed in the first #lace )**+: (h. %hen it's his fault &itch: .o. 1inderella: It was his fault.. !ack: /o. Baker: Yes, it is, it's his. 1inderella: I guess.. !ack: &ait a minute, though00 I cho##ed down the beanstalk, right' %hat's clear. But without any beanstalk, then what's 2ueer Is how did the second giant get down here In the first #lace' ..second #lace.. 1inderella: Yes )**+: +ow' Baker: +mm.. !ack: &ell, who had the other bean' Baker: %he other bean' 1inderella: %he other bean' !ack: ,to Baker- You #ocketed the other bean. Baker: I didn't Yes, I did. )**+: .o it's your f00

Baker: /o, it isn't, 'cause I ga"e it to my wife )**+: .o it's her f00 Baker: /(, I% I./'% 1inderella: %hen whose is it' Baker: &ait a minute ,to 1inderella.he e3changed that bean to obtain your shoe, .o the one who knows what ha##ened to the bean is you 1inderella: You mean that old bean00 that your wife00' (h, dear00 ,as they all look at herBut I ne"er knew, and so I threw00 &ell, don't look here )**+: .o it's your fault 1inderella: But00 !ack: .ee, it's her fault00 1inderella: But00 !ack: $nd it isn't mine at all Baker: ,to 1inderella- But what' 1inderella: ,to !ack- &ell, if you hadn't gone back u# again00 !ack: &e were needy00 1inderella: You were greedy 4id you need that hen' !ack: But I got it for my mother00 )**+: .o it's her fault then 1inderella: Yes, and what about the har# in the third #lace' Baker: %he har#00yes !ack: ,referring to )**+- .he went and dared me to )**+: I dared you to' !ack: You dared me to ,to the others- .he said that I was scared00 )**+: 56' !ack: 00to. .he dared me )**+: /o, I didn't Baker, 1inderella, !ack: .o it's your fault )**+: &ait a minute00 1inderella: If you hadn't dared him to00 Baker: ,to !ack- $nd you had left the har# alone, &e wouldn't be in trouble in the first #lace )**+: ,to 1inderella- &ell, if you hadn't thrown away the bean In the first #lace00 It was your fault 1inderella: ,referring to &itch&ell, if she hadn't raised them in the first #lace00 !ack: ,to &itch- Yes, if you hadn't raised them in the first #lace00 )**+, Baker: ,to &itch*ight It's you who raised them in the first #lace00 1inderella ,simultaneously-: You raised the beans in the first #lace !ack: It's Y(7* fault 1inderella, !ack, )**+, Baker: You're res#onsible You're the one to blame It's your fault

&itch: .hhhhhhhhhhh ,segue directly into ne3t song-

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