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D. Erasmus Policy S a !m!" #EPS$

a) Please describe briefly your institution's strategy, objectives and priorities for its Erasmus activities (mobility, multilateral projects, etc.) and any other actions in the context of the Lifelong Learning Programme ( !!" # !$%). b) Please also provide information on the follo&ing points' (hat specific actions are planned to give visibility to Erasmus activities and &hat type of publicity &ill be given to the Erasmus )niversity *harter and the EP+, (hat -ind of arrangements, if any, does the .nstitution ensure to comply &ith non#discrimination objectives (e.g. actions related to gender e/uality, integration of disabled students and staff, enhancement of social and economic cohesion and combating of xenophobia and racism),

Signer of Magna Charta Universitatum tefan cel Mare University of Suceava adopted and implemented the principles stipulated in The Declaration of Bologna, concerning the uropean !rogrammes" #ear after year, an active dynamics of the speciali$ations in concordance %ith the la&or mar'et(s re)uirements at national and uropean level %as promoted, facts that determined a su&stantial raise in the num&er of students" *iven that +,,is the year of .omania(s adhesion to the uropean Union, one of the priorities of the rasmus !olicy of tefan cel Mare University of Suceava is that mentioned in the *eneral Call of !roposals/ promotion of intercultural dialogue" Bet%een +,,-0+,12, the University has in prospect, among other o&3ectives, to harmoni$e the educational system %ith the uropean trends as %ell as to ad3ust the educational offer to the demands of the la&our mar'et, to promote the performing scientific and society oriented research, to guarantee ma4imum )uality and to support performance in every field of activity" tefan cel Mare University ac'no%ledges the changing landscape of uropean higher education and the rasmus !olicy Statement has &een developed to coincide %ith the aims of University(s involving international strategy" Conse)uently, the institutional rasmus policy %ill have in vie% those partnerships that are compati&le %ith the o&3ectives of the University, the promotion of a certain group of activities, their e4pansion to the ne% dimension of the 5onglife 5earning !rogramme, as %ell as certain placement mo&ilities" 6e %ill ta'e into consideration the promotion of &ilateral agreements in fields %hich haven(t &een included until no% in the Socrates !rogramme" 6e %ill encourage active partnership in other 55! pro3ects %hich increase University(s visi&ility in urope" The University already underta'es specific steps to enhance its attractiveness as a host institution and increase the num&er of uropean students" 6e also organi$e every year, The 7nternational Summer School %here the participants are familiari$ed %ith the .omanian history, culture and traditions"

&8 7n order to o&serve the first condition of the ne% uropean !rogramme, namely transparency, %e %ill initiate the follo%ing actions/ the dissemination of information &y means of periodic information sessions, media and e0 mail9 the organi$ation of a round ta&le entitled 1, years of participation in the Socrates !rogramme, as foundation for the ne% 55!9 the organi$ation of interactive meetings %ith the interested pu&lic meant for a detailed presentation of the technical aspects of different 55! actions9 the use of advertisements and university(s %e&site for current information9 the print of informative materials9 linguistic training for the incoming rasmus students, during the entire mo&ility" 6e %ill 'eep promoting all means of fighting against discrimination, 4enopho&ia and racism providing e)ual chances to all interested in participating in 55!"

0uality of academic mobility activities'

(hat -ind of specific measures are implemented in the institution to ensure high /uality in academic mobility activities, 1etails should be provided on' recognition and credit systems, the provision of information on curricula, information and counselling o outgoing students, tutoring and integration of incoming students, provision of student services (in particular accommodation), preparatory and refresher language courses, support and ac-no&ledgement of staff mobility .

The ne% uropean programme e4plicitly introduced the dimension of )uality in all its activities" 7n order to ensure and increase the )uality of rasmus mo&ility, the follo%ing measures must &e ta'en/ the presentation and apprehension of the 55! rules9 the support for &ilateral agreements for the 77nd and the 777rd cycles as %ell as for the development of the participation in the other actions of 5onglife 5earning !rogramme9 the 3udicious organi$ation of the selection of the participants in the mo&ility programme :mi4ed selection comities, o&servation of the selection and eligi&ility rules, the support of a greater num&er of applicants that %ould provide the necessary %aiting list89 students counseling in the process of choosing the study disciplines %ith the purpose to facilitate the academic recognition9 counseling and supporting outgoing and incoming students in preparing the mo&ilities, during their development and after they are finished9 students monitoring during all stages of mo&ility9 the assurance of respecting the procedures concerning the academic recognition9 the stimulation of the evolution of the num&er of incoming students through full housing in the university campus and through services at uropean level, linguistic training, availa&ility for solving pro&lems of ad3ustment of the students in our university9 the involving of the e40outgoing rasmus students in supporting the integration of the incoming rasmus students in our university9 pu&lishing a &oo'let on the &asis of the activity reports made &y the outgoing rasmus students, %hich

is to contain the main pro&lems faced in the hosting countries and the modalities to solve them9 the organi$ation, &y the 7nternational .elations Department, of a training &efore &eginning the mo&ility, %ith the purpose of informing outgoing students a&out %hat they have to do &efore, during and after the mo&ility and providing information to help them to adapt to living in a ne% environment and culture"

0uality of student placement activities' (hat -ind of specific measures are implemented to ensure high /uality in student placements, 2ive details on ho& the &or-# programme and the placement agreements are prepared and implemented. Please describe the practical arrangements agreed bet&een the parties. Please specify also the monitoring and evaluation of the placement(s) period as &ell as its recognition in the curriculum.

7n 5onglife 5earning !rogramme, tefan cel Mare University %ill pay a special attention, relaying on prior e4perience gained in the 5eonardo da ;inci !rogramme, to provide the &est conditions for the development of the placement mo&ilities" The follo%ing steps %ill &e ta'en/ <the interface of the relationship &et%een tefan cel Mare University, the economic agents and the partner universities %ill &e provided9 <complete information concerning the host place, cost of living, stage advantages, possi&le ris's %ill &e provided9 <those interested %ill find all these information in the many materials availa&le at the 7nternational .elations and Community !rogrammes =ffice9 <ne% mo&ilities %ill &e organi$ed in universities and schools in order to give the students of 5etters and Communication Sciences, >istory0*eography, ducation Sciences, Sport and !hysical ducation the opportunity to ta'e part in this 'ind of activities9 <full monitoring of these mo&ilities %ill &e provided9 <assistance in finding the &est possi&ilities of accommodation9 <contri&utions to the development of the Training ?greements@Ao& Descriptions through colla&oration %ith the pro3ection departments of economic partner enterprises 9 <%e %ill have in vie% the %ay in %hich the placement mo&ility %ill &e part of the curricula as %ell as its recognition on the same principles as the study mo&ility"