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Is America Still a Democracy?

Gary G. Kohls MD for

Or Have Americas Unelected Ruling Elites and Their Multinational Corporations Changed it into a Sociopathic, Quasi !ascist "olice State# $%U&UTH, M'( ) *as one o+ man, progressive Americans *ho *ere rudel, and -elatedl, a*a.ened to realit, during the era o+ Ronald /ilson Reagan $old 000 himsel+( and his henchmen *ho +orced through, *ith glee+ul help +rom devious 'eoConservative Repu-licans and compliant 'eo&i-eral %emocrats, the massive -orro*ing and spending programs $that put Americas econom, into a 12 trillion de+icit, a de+icit that -ene+ited the militar, industrial comple3, the nuclear *eapons industr,, and Reagans cron, capitalists4 "rior to that era ) had -een the victim o+ a cunning and *ide spread deception and misdirection, ) had -een e++ectivel, -rain deesillustrations *ashed at the hands o+ m, elected and un elected rulers and thought leaders that run Americas governing -odies, court s,stems, transnational corporations, and militar,4 !inall,, during the 5678s ) also -ecame a*are that ) had -een deceived -, the ne+arious entities that decide *hat gets pu-lished in Americas ne*spapers, maga9ines and -oo.s and also *hat is allo*ed to -e -roadcast in Americas corporate controlled and increasingl, monopoli9ed radio, television, and movie industries4 )m ashamed to sa, that it too. me so long to *a.e up and -ecome a*are o+ the hidden, highl, politici9ed -ureaucracies that decide *hat is allo*ed to -e taught in our pu-lic schools $especiall, a-out histor,(, a realit, that *as pushed -, Reagans cronies *hen the, instituted the gradual destruction o+ the US %epartment o+ Education : not to mention the +amil, +armers and man, third *orld nations that had -een seduced into out predator, loans +rom assorted -an.sters4 All those perpetrators *ere later identi+ied and named -, the Occup, Movement decades later as the One "ercenters *ho have so ruthlessl, used their po*er and *ealth to dominate us ;useless eaters< in the lo*er 66=4 Utili9ing the +amous -oiling +rog metaphor $chec. out, ) am onl, one o+ man, *histle -lo*ers *ho have -een tr,ing, seemingl, in vain, to alert others a-out our increasingl, d,stopic *orld -e+ore its too late +or our children and grandchildren to have a sustaina-le planet to live on4 )t is o-vious to an,-od, *ho is pa,ing attention that the

environment that *e are all immersed in is getting dangerousl, close to the lethal end point4 M, hope is that it is not too late4 That hope is m, motivation in *riting m, %ut, to /arn column4

The Biggest Big Lie: Capitalism


One o+ the pro-lems that has .ept me and man, others so com+orta-l, num- and una*are *as the o+t used American pro *ar campaign slogan to ;ma.e the *orld sa+e +or democrac,<4 That seductive slogan *as /oodro* /ilsons *ell intentioned phrasing in his speech -e+ore Congress on 2 > 5?4 /ilson *as proposing to get the US to enter /orld /ar ) against @erman,4 Un+ortunatel,, as *ith most good ideas, that popular phrase has since -een co opted -, *ar mongers and greed, industrialists in their e++orts to e3pand their commercial mar.ets, and the +reAuent repetition o+ the phrase got me to -elieve that democrac, *as someho* eAuivalent to capitalism4 )n actualit,, o+ course, the American militar,Bindustrial comple3 *as the *orld open to American militarism and sa+e +or American capitalism $and all at the ta3pa,ers e3pense(4 Another conseAuence o+ /ilsons mis applied, Cingoistic phrase, is the +act that in the process, man, innocent, una*are, and eAuall, -rain *ashed patriotic soldiers *ere sacri+iced -ecause o+ their naDve -elie+ in that particular Eig &ie4 $)n an essa, a-out democrac, at, an Australian correspondent o+ mine, Ton, R,an, help+ull, de+ines -elie+ as <the adoption of an attitude or position in spite of the evidence.) )t has ta.en me +ar too long to overcome m, trust in the capitalism F democrac, Eig &ie, -ut ) have +inall, stum-led through the su-ter+uge and have seen the enormous di++erencesG H 5, democrac, is a political s,stem that is supposed to -e, as &incoln pro+essed, o+ the people, -, the people, and +or the people and H >, capitalism is an economic s,stem that generates e3cess *ealth +or the greed, +e* at the e3pense o+ the man,4

Lesso!s "rom #a$i %erma!y&s 'ilitarist(Capitalist System

A+ter reading selected portions o+ /illiam Shirers +ormida-le 5I88 page -oo., The Rise and !all o+ the Third ReichG A Histor, o+ 'a9i @erman,, ) came to reali9e that America met most, i+ not all, o+ the characteristics o+ @erman +ascism $see more at the end o+ this esssa,(4 And it *as then that ) +inall, came to the reali9ation that @erman,s traditional militar, and economic s,stems $ie, ruthless "russian militarism and ruthless cron, capitalism( ver, easil, spa*ned and then nurtured Hitlers agenda, +inding enormous pro+its to -e made in the -uild up to *ar, the the+t o+ resources +rom the occupied territories and the +ree slave la-or in the concentration camps that greatl, -oosted Auarterl, pro+its and share prices4 Hitler, his 'a9i "art, elites and his conservative political and +inancial supporters all hated socialism, la-or unions and communism as viciousl, as did Americas conservative captains o+ industr, $*ho plotted a +ascist coup dtat against !%R and his 'e* %eal in 56J2 K+or more details see](4 'ot surprisingl,, American histor, -oo.s have never included the stor, o+ the ;"lot Against !%R<4 "ope "ius L)) $Custi+ia-l, .no*n as ;Hitlers "ope<( and his cronies in the Matican also hated communism, *hich made Hitlers +ascist agenda much easier to achieve4 )nterestingl,, most o+ Americas capitalists and militarists *ould have rather made *ar against the communist Stalin rather than the +ascistBcapitalist dictator Hitler, -ut Russia *as a temporar, all, o+ the /estern

capitalist nations during //))4 Reading Richard Ru-ensteins The Cunning o+ Histor,G The Holocaust and the American !uture, led me to understand that the -ureaucratic ;chain o+ command< that is so indispensa-le in ever, +orm o+ government $*hether monarchic, +ascist, communist, socialist or democratic(, is also essential in the *or.ings o+ all maCor corporations, all militaries, all militias, all police institutions and all maCor religious -odies4 The po*er+ul in+luence o+ -ureaucratic structures democracies ver, vulnera-le to overthro* -, dictatorships, militar, Cuntas, po*er+ul corporations andBor other +orms o+ potentiall, t,rannical ruling -odies4 @erman,s -ureaucracies, +or e3ample, hardl, changed their allegiance o+ e++iciencies *hen s*itching +rom Naiser /ilhelms monarch, to the /eimar democratic repu-lic to Hitlers dictatorship4

Tryi!g to De-'ysti"y America! )Democracy*

So ) thought it *ould -e help+ul to tr, to de m,sti+, some things a-out America that have con+used me most o+ m, li+e4 Hope+ull, the random lists -elo* *ill -e help+ul to others -e+ore the rolling coup detat that is -eing orchestrated -, the ruling elite and their lapdog, -ought and paid +or millionaire politicians and Supreme Court Custices is complete4 ) o+ten *rite a-out !riendl, American !ascism, Corporatism, Sociopathic and "redator, Corporations4 ) have tried to *arn readers ho* eas, it is to deceive ourselves -, o+ America as a trul, democratic nation, rather than as a nation that is rapidl, -eing morphed, -e+ore our ver, e,es, into a +ascist state led -, sociopathic corporate predators4 Read the de+initions -elo* -e+ore ,ou decide to agree or disagree *ith that notion4

Comm+!ism, Capitalism, -ascism a!. Democracy

Comm+!ism: )n communist s,stems unelected governments run the nations corporations, and the, are -ac.ed up -, the militar, and police *ho do the governments -idding4 Unelected privileged elites o+ten -ene+it +rom the economics at the e3pense o+ the citi9enr,4 Capitalism: )n capitalist s,stems unelected corporations and their unelected *ealth, ruling elites $;plutocrats<( run the nations government, and the, are -ac.ed up -, the militar, and the police *ho invaria-l, do the -idding o+ the corporations and the ruling elite $the ;5=<(4 The privileged elites -ene+it +rom the economics : at the e3pense o+ the citi9enr,4 -ascism: )n +ascist s,stems, unelected militar, o++icers and unelected police +orces run the government, o+ten heavil, in+luenced -, the $capitalist( ruling elite $the ;5=<( and their unelected corporations4 $Recall that capitalism is a mortal enem, o+ communism and socialism, s,stems *here the * classes are +airl, paid and the *ealth, classes are +airl, ta3ed, thus o++ering less opportunit, +or elites to acAuire e3cess lu3ur, *ealth4( Democracy a!. Socialism: True democratic and socialist s,stems are -ased on +reedom, eAualit,, the consent o+ the governed, and +air and un-iased elections that are not in+luenced -, corporate mone,4 )n democratic socialism, governments do *hat is -est +or the *ell -eing o+ the citi9enr, and 'OT *hat is -est +or the *ell -eing o+ the over privileged *ealth, elites, the corporations, the militar, or the police4 )n such trul, democratic or socialist states, mone, that is spent on those o+ten *aste+ul entities can -e made availa-le to +und programs o+ social upli+t $a++orda-le education, trul, a++orda-le health care, scienti+ic research, +ull emplo,ment, elimination o+ povert,, +reedom +rom *ant, +reedom +rom +ear, +reedom o+ speech, +reedom o+ *orship, +reedom +rom racismBdiscrimination, etc( *hich inevita-l, and naturall, decreases domestic violence and other crimes and greatl, decreases the need +or militaries, prisons, la* en+orcement, la*,ers, and other punitive entities4

Eelo* is an e3pansion o+ the de+inition o+ the human condition called sociopathic or antisocial personalit, disorder $ANA ps,chopath,(4 Sociopathic individuals are essentiall, incura-le and the, and the corporations that meet the de+inition need to -e separated +rom societ,, -o,cotted $in the case o+ corporations(, and de+initel, not nurtured4 !urther -elo*, ) e3pand on the term +ascism4 !ascists are usuall, overtl, violent predator, sociopaths that Custi+, serial l,ing, e3ploitation, cruelt,, rape, murder, and torture4 Eoth sociopaths and +ascists can -e attractive, charming, cunning and charismatic, and neither one can -e trusted4

Sociopathy: It Applies to /re.atory Corporatio!s Too

Here is *hat /i.ipedia sa,s a-out sociopaths Sociopath,Bps,chopath, is a personalit, disorder *hose hallmar. is a lac. o+ empath,4 Researcher Ro-ert Hare, *hose Hare "s,chopath, Chec.list is *idel, used, descri-es ps,chopaths as Ointra species predators< *ho use charisma, manipulation, intimidation, se3ual intercourse and violence to control others and to satis+, their o*n needs4 & in conscience and empath,, the, ta.e *hat the, *ant and do as the, please, violating social norms and e3pectations *ithout guilt or remorseO4 O/hat is missing, in other *ords, are the ver, Aualities that allo* a human -eing to live in social harmon,4O "s,chopaths are gli- and super+iciall, charming, and man, ps,chopaths are e3cellent mimics o+ normal human emotionP some ps,chopaths can -lend in, undetected, in a variet, o+ surroundings, including corporate environments4 There is neither a cure nor an, e++ective treatment +or ps,chopath,P there are no medications or other techniAues *hich can instill empath,, and ps,chopaths *ho undergo traditional tal. therap, onl, -ecome more adept at manipulating others4

A!tisocial /erso!ality DS' Co.e 001123

Eelo* are seven criteria +or diagnosing sociopath,Bps,chopath,Bantisocial personalit, disorder $the terms are essentiall, s,non,mous( +rom the ps,chiatrists diagnostic and -illing -i-le, the American "s,chiatric Associations -est selling %SM )M $the 2th edition o+ the %iagnostic and Statistical Manual(4 $'ote that onl, three o+ the seven items -elo* are needed +or a positive diagnosis(G 54 Callous disregard +or the +eelings o+ other people >4 The incapacit, to maintain human relationships J4 Rec.less disregard +or the sa+et, o+ others 24 Aggressiveness I4 %eceit+ulness $repeated l,ing and conning others +or pro+it( 04 )ncapacit, to e3perience guilt and ?4 The +ailure to con+orm to social norms and respect +or the la*4 Other common traits mani+ested -, sociopaths $humans or corporations( includeG 54 &ac. o+ conscience >4 &ac. o+ remorse +or evils done to others J4 )ndi++erence to the su++ering o+ its victims 24 Rationali9es $ e3cuses +or( having hurt, mistreated or stolen +rom others

I4 /illingness to e3ploit, seduce or manipulate others 04 'o sign o+ delusional or irrational ?4 Cunning, clever 74 Usuall, a-ove average intelligence 64 Al*a,s +or *a,s to ma.e mone, or achieve +ame or notoriet, 584 /illing to cause or contri-ute to the +inancial ruin o+ others 554 Untrust*orth, 5>4 Cannot -e trusted to adhere to conventional standards o+ moralit,4

Here is *hat t*o di++erent authors have to sa, a-out +ascism4 Eoth o+ them have studied the histor, o+ +ascism4 )n 'aomi /ol+es list, note that almost all o+ the steps listed are designed to +righten, threaten, or imprison dissenters4 !ascism *or.s -est in the presence o+ a police state realit,4

10 4asy Steps to -ascism "rom )4!. o" America* 5#aomi 6ol"e, a+thor3
54 )nvo.e terri+,ing internal and e3ternal enemies >4 Create a gulag J4 %evelop a thug caste 24 Set up an internal surveillance s,stem I4 Harass citi9ensQ groups 04 Engage in ar-itrar, detention and release ?4 Target .e, individuals 74 Control the press 64 "unish dissent as treason 584 Suspend the rule o+ la* The 52 Characteristics o+ !ascism $&a*rence Eritt, "h%( 54 "o*er+ul 'ationalismB"atriotism >4 RacismBHuman Rights Miolations J4 Uni+ication -, Scapegoating "erceived Enemies or Outsiders 24 "o*er+ul Militarism I4 Se3ism 04 "ress CensorshipBControl ?4 Strong 'ational Securit, State 74 ;Merger< o+ Church and State 64 Corporatism 584 Suppression o+ Trade Unions 554 Anti )ntellectualismBAnti Science 5>4 O-session *ith &a* and Order

5J4 Corrupt Cron, Capitalism 524 !raudulent Elections %r Nohls is a retired ph,sician *ho practiced holistic, non drug mental health care +or the last decade o+ his career4 He is involved in peace, nonviolence and Custice issues and there+ore *rites a-out mental ill health, +ascism, corporatism, militarism, racism, imperialism, totalitarianism, economic oppression, anti environmentalism and other violent, unsustaina-le, anti democratic movements4