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Chicks dig it

leeway flustered veracity proponent levelled valet breath one word to show her in resort in possesion of the facts deplorable occurence tenacity door ajar panned hag indiscretion Juggler Experienced my fair share Agnostic Punitive Eponymous Muppet Tenacious Rustic aesthetic ordid !atacombs pill the beans "uss #eave Twoc$ing Puerility Relapse %verwhelming sensation !hrysalis tunning moment of clarity &efoliant Patina et the notion aside Retraction ober Janitor Trying to gather my thoughts and ma'e it more precise (ncarcerate trings attached "ilibuster and !loture #alf)ba'ed truth Tangible evidence Twea'ed #is unapologetic stance has accentuated matters Transparent attempt to dodge the throw Rhetoric

*ith no partisan strings attached atire+ spoof+ parody and humour portal !onsternation and glee bte noire protg potshots getting the hang of it an indelible stigma Scathing Attrition Expunged Append Bygones Holistic Nepotism Idyllic The battle of perceptions of who is doing more to aid stranded Seminal Snippets Ostraci ed !reen Buc" the trend Imbued #rumpy Subtle !ouring out her grief Tearing down the streets $istraught Balling Speculation is rife Brace yourself for that %nobbing &ou're rendered mute( Is it incongruous) *uthless and brutal exploitation +orged a consensus !rerogati,e -o,ed to staunch a growing tide of hostility towards him Boosts .ibidinous !latitude $on't throw those dewy cub eyes at me( It's nauseating /himper Subpoena 0uid pro 1uo $iscretion +orfeit 2ollusi,e 2ould you fill me in here) Trail of crumbs 2omplicit Speculati,e dri,el -alfeasance !ermeates Harbinger !antheon

Howling citi ens Stop ha,ing "ittens !honey A born stooge Shone out li"e a beacon 2hildish prattle Simpleton Nugget

Traction Saunters Bemused /ilting under her ga e baiters say that this yet another instance of his propensity for polari ation deception and insidious pre,arication festering Spur of the moment 2hampion of lost causes !lumb wore out .esser lights in the literary hori on of our country Exacerbated rec"less generosity and heedless profusion bear true faith and allegiance mental reser,ation or purpose of e,asion a 2hristmas tiger Stymied .eery S1ueamish Tow $ig up a preacher Smithereens Nic"els and dimes Shenanigan 2onduct themsel,es as such Scruff Effrontery +ilibuster Buc"ling 3 bleary eyes $ebauchery Negati,e spill o,ers could re,erberate *atified Infest your li,es 2lair,oyant Ordained -ale,olent 2oming through 2onduit

*ancid Archaic -eticulously crafted but also ponderous and predictable anamorphic suppuration un"empt hair clouded 4udgement prim dapper dote staggering gamble that paid off dulcet concerted ,ine and ,ale days turned sour the pines crea"ed and crac"ed in the hot dry wind firedra"e horns bellowing wanton "eep your stic"y paws off beg your pardon that'll be the door I "now you in the slightest Being blunt *iddled with mould Stint Some clot head's idea of a 4o"e I must say its in ,ery poor taste Tad -ay I tempt you with a cup of Ale Belch 2onfusticate !illaged Thought as much !ortent *unes +end .acerate Embellish True courage is "nowing not when to ta"e a life but "nowing when to spare one Bolted !relude 2ondone +ratricide Animosity 2amaraderie *emar"s ruffled many a feathers Sirens wailing horns blaring bells chiming In the same boat /eird is sexy Empathy /hat a low lying sac" of shit Act chill and lay low Implode Sophomore

$rooling charm !leasure to ma"e your ac1uaintance !redilection 5oice of reason in the town of buttermil" minds !robation Indignation $on't roll your eyes at me Intercession Inundation Spurious -atter is comfortably laid to rest /aning Thic" as thie,es Temerity How am I gonna sur,i,e a lifetime of you surprising me .et's roll !antomime *igmarole Trite Ta"ing it in the shins !laintiff Need a second to let the classiness waft o,er me !er4ure $id I ade1uately answer your condescending 1uestion) In4unction !uniti,e relief $iorama Scathing !arable 2retins %noc" it off .et's gut the effing nerd Tarmac .ittle rusty from the extended furlough The fumes hung in air li"e poison !estilence .ucent +rugal Necromancer #uile Blinded by grief $aunt !utrid !agan +ury rains down on you +all foul of its sighs In the shadow of his grief he found a hate Exacerbated
glib predictions and slic" diagnosis3 a craft that is not 1uite science3 not 1uite art coinciding with a secular bull run nugget soothed many a frayed ner,e nonchalant !urgatory

.aconic In4unction Tin"le Surmised 2reeping cancer of falsehoods Embodiment 2ipher The leads didn't pan out3 story's smo"e .apses in the decorum 2arnal Stung by repugnance !latitude /ince S1ualor Hang my cape $ebilitate !ony #lib $awdling Bordello -ight we press you for an anecdote

+lypaper *ubble !ro,enance *igged Impugn $or" Barter -audlin Bariatric -ade to eat a humble pie !ertinent 2rib 2onundrum +rowned upon *aucous Shudder Burning daylight Augment Twain *etching #ig Explicit Behemoth $i,ulge Tenacity Tedious Swig Hell of a day Insatiable #affe

!ac"ed to the brim Nemesis $erisi,e Hollered .edge %erfuffle #atecrashing +eral #regarious Stagger /obbly dentures A little wrench on my agenda .et me see what I can do il get bac" to u Astute +ling Bowler Traded barbs
hog such limelight rac" Bawling The happy idiot with a million laughs %ill the lights %noc" it off Snugs,ille +in" $andy 6inxed flun" 2lobber !resumptuous &ou dig) !ayola +eeling of the crisp wind rushing in the face $rew a blan" *eprimand Anarchy !rone to fantasies Beleaguered and exasperated cursing the hea,ens in futility 0uaint !awnshop On the same page *un me o,er Heirloom #ood by me Split ends at the crossroads /hac"o I thin" I 4ust might ha,e to ta"e you up on that -idget !rude Tune e,erybody out li,e the moment I get pitched this shit all the time #rim !redicament 5ibe Than"s for "eeping an eye out Barge in a whim

Attica Haberdasher 2ordwainer *egister a more pri,ate debt to !ro,enance Surmount Emulate Elucidate .i"e to steer his own course *enegade

State your business or prepared to get winged 2aterwauling .ine of en1uiry Aficionado 0uandary -alar"ey 2ue $isconcert 5alet Tin"er #arboon *egalia Acolytes +ortuitous *ambunctious 2harade Bat an eye *eimburse Nag $ecrepit A tonic for tired eyes Blaring examples at corroboration Botched -uch obliged +lair for the dramatic !anache !er se $apper -ay I propose a toast) /hat sort of melodrama could be brewing bac" there) I will be along momentarily !hrenology Ser,ile &onder !rice is steep His appro,al would be a dubious proposition at best Spare the blushes Hoodwin" 2rumb Boils down to one simple fact !ensi,e .oud and clear Stage an inter,ention

!ier !retty sic" Baloney 2hain of e,ents that were set in motion 2ut it out I'll send for you -asseuse Inclined to reser,e all 4udgements Exempt -orbid Hysteria .ured the young and the ambitious *iotous amusement that bec"oned Sissy .ibel +ifth guest's shrill metallic urgency Sanatorium #rotes1ue A willingness of the heart that suddenly seem to burst upon us all The "aleidoscopic carni,al spilled through his door #et roaring drun" 5ouch for my good character It's a pleasure to ma"e your ac1uaintance

Minted Camaraderie Sink a few pints Felicity Daft Annihilated Partake of a liquid repast Tankard Refurbish D !" #u Rob small$ charmin% pubs of any discernible character Teetotal &la'e the trail Ta% alon%(

Drew a blank Crumb )erdant *uell the dissidence Scarlet billows +ow,s you holdin% out( -rudite The depths humanity can sink to -.pun%ed Presentment Pre/empted -%re%ious *uashed Assua%e 0ester Rote 1nklin% Preen myself with phony humility Shred of e#idence 1mplausible Morbid fi.ation Speculation in our society has a way of becomin% fact Ferret Flyin% on borrowed win%s Soul searchin% fortitude displayed in your statement 2n tenterhooks awaitin% with bated breath Strained him to %et this mena%erie to%ether A penniless man with only a %rand #ision of himself

Scamper +ot whips of panic lament for a lost lo#e into a satisfied declaration of independence row spree swindler sincerest apolo%ies no strin%s attached bootle% %olden shimmerin% mira%e concealed an incorruptible dream impeccable$ irresistible ima%ination or%astic future recedes borne back ceaselessly into the past snoop puniti#e bawdy innuendo indelible rattled by the !ibe e%% on the face
biggest adrenaline rush from the strong3 pulsating chemistry

composed of such a riot of colours that the hues often bleed into each other3 lea,ing behind blobs and blurs( A somewhat disorienting sensory assault mounted by a filmma"er who belie,es that excess ma"es excellent sense(

trouble from the word 7go' welch disa,ow re,erbate entourage s"ittled for a paltry gauging the emotional atmosphere innocuous 1uintessential

throes delin1uent ingratiate

Into this hamster wheel world of 8fairly9 instant gratification and unac"nowledged yet intense loneliness Hourglass figure and sun "issed bodies 0uarry Salacious Stellar
even the finest flings don't compare to the transcendent bliss

snaps into denial but the dreadful realisation of his future creeps inexorably
smir" at misanthrope enunciate tenacity it got a nice ring to it didn't e,en blin" I feel ,iolated $issonance Anecdote Sublime !ining

Trans%ression 3umbered Massi#ely screwed That belief has been held in error 1 was hopin% to spare you this onus a little lon%er 4rapple Subtle Puissant Suit yourself

Squat Stultifyin% Conflate

Truculent -.uberant chronicle of crime

decadence and sleaze stodgy

leap of iota$ ensuin% i%nominy

the meat of the plot3 the crux of the conflict separate d factsfrm d fancy doodle I thin" its hard to put it in words

Refute Flimsy Stay in there and pitch Abstain Slob &ad%er and bully 5hodunit 3ousy bunch of bleedin% hearts 5ind chimes !in%lin% -#ery protuberance with arid 'eal Slather Shi#erin% bree'es wea#e throu%h a morbid tapestry of festerin% disease Tur%id is my torment Mundane Rune 3imbo 2#erstayed my welcome &umped into 5ry little smirks *ueer

Tawdry 3urid Character assassination 1ntrepid Stowaway Feelin% a little under the weather The shape of . comin% throu%h Diri%ible )eritable +ey 1 don,t bite &limp Awfully crafty Perhaps it is a blip but more likely the ra#a%es of time ha#e taken their toll 0aded
!redictions are a mug:s game

1ntransi%ent Sanctimonious

That,s enou%h to be %oin% on with$ don,t you think( Amusin% Disappear from their normal li#es 6e#er sustain the fiction of bein% sin%le o#er time 1%nominy Patina &urnished 4rab a pew 5e,re all sorted here thanks Tamper7contaminate m8 Mundane

1nhabits our e#ery wakin% moment An arro%ant sod Peckish 4et off Pint Squi%%les +ad it comin% Stop inflictin% your opiniions on the world Can 1 %et throu%h( 1ntransi%ent Sni%%er Spite My patience is wearin% thin Did such a fleetin% impression Pryin% 1 don,t wana rush it +alitosis 1 wldn,t hold out too much hope Cater to the whims of the pathetic Atrocious Sni#el 1 wld h# u r9 hea n ds desk until u h# be%%ed fr mercy twice Conundrum Promise of lo#e$ the pain of loss$ the !oy of redemption Damsel in distress Duress +earse Prodi%ious

2l:d scores$ resentments -ntertain the possibility Sham Ff u pop Amiss 5adin% in Milieu

Four Lions tells the story of a group of British jihadists who push their abstract dreams of glory to the breaking point. As the wheels fly off and their competing ideologies clash what emerges is an emotionally engaging !and entirely plausible" farce. #n a storm of razor$sharp verbal jousting and large$scale set pieces Four Lions is a comic tour de force% it shows that$while terrorism is about ideology$it can also be about idiots.

Furtive Barely contain myself &awkish Baffled

Dir%es -.pur%ated Anecdotes 4arrotter Fibbin%

:I am the last and highest court of appeal in detection(: ;Sherloc" Holmes <Our highest assurance of the goodness of !ro,idence seems to me to rest in the flowers( All other things3 our powers3 our desires3 our food3 are all really necessary for our existence in the first instance( But this rose is an extra( Its smell and its color are an embellishment of life3 not a condition of it( It is only goodness which gi,es extras3 and so I say again that we ha,e much to hope from the flowers(< = Arthur 2onan $oyle3 The Na,al Treaty <-y dear /atson3< said he3 <I cannot agree with those who ran" modesty among the ,irtues( To the logician all things should be seen exactly as they are3 and to underestimate one:s self is as much a departure from truth as to exaggerate one:s own powers(< ;Sherloc" Holmes

$ocent -alicious and ,indicti,e +alling upon the hard times

4uffaw 4ettin% a han% of it 1nte%rity compromised Cartel Free lo#e nest Mayfly &arely scratched surface Recluse 1nterlude Monomaniac Dismissi#e of the #irtuous$ uncomprehendin% in the face of the happy Redeemed by the warmth Tedious Archaic 1 won,t be a minute 1rate
hurling choicest of expleti,es bloopers instrument of re,enge rant crowd in stitches surreal chug fair and s1uare

ga,el expound collude apathy palatable giddy pre,arication fad indisposition reciprocate feelings Tedium Impertinent Indiscrete Explicit Intercede *use 2ross with you Balance of probability >bi1uity !e4orati,e -ar1uee 0uaint Taciturn Eulogy +orged in the crucible of lo,e A fairy tale ending of two star crossed lo,ers Breathe it all in Accrued !rosaic

!latitude Tough act to follow Beacon of hope +loggings 2ontraband !reened O,erwhelmed Twirl 6abber 4ay
smac"ed of lampooning the natural phenomenon paunch

I "id you not /ee Stigmatise 2opper $ocile Bolloc"s /ee lassies Stoat the baw Sordid Shod Spastics Brownie point $epredate >p the sta"es /og Banter 2ondescending *epressed

bipolar bigoted 'ondescript #(m just the ultimate tease Apocryphal <the games< ? his euphemism for the myriad foul plots he hatches directed at wor"mates

Swaying hips3 praying lips and flying tips Aficionado *un of mill /ager on it Erstwhile Eschew A.. THIN#S -O$E*N +lagrant disobedience resulting in termination $illy dally I wldn miss it fr d wrld Top of d e,ng to u !romenade Inimitable 2anter I wld die enraptured to hear u play 2a,orting /hist Touch@ In4unction -illennial .o,ely and wonderful !rodigy +ortuitous Aberration

Hit a cur,eball #ate;crashing Bail Twat +rigging Autodidact .e,ity 6ust messing wd u 5entrilo1uist Hit d road Truce >* $ BOTTO- + $ S.I-E *ES2IN$ 2haperone *ecuse Subterfuge *use #obsmac"ed *atify what he deems fit Archetypal and stirring Has not pro,ed himself as a paragon of ,irtue so far 2ircumstances were aligned against usA circumstance is 4ust an excuse for the wea" to rationalise their failures Sub,ersion *eeling from shoc" Surmise Entire being was wrac"ed with worry Stymied !erfidy *e,erberate

Tethered *ecipe for disaster Sod /al"ed into the eye of the storm $idn help on dat score either !er"y Sturdy $itch the loser +ringe is the best bit >nfurled Twerp .ong catalogue of wasted time Atrocious miscarriage of 4ustice 2ouldnot ha,e put it better muself Snuggle I'll be bac" in tic" /al" me to the car Any thoughts for the answer -elodramatic Smelled rawbone to me3 edgy .i,idity .igature *edacted !araphilia Bend the narrati,e to support it Accretion .ac" of a better word -a"ing hay Occult I appreciate a little hustle up on that

Scratch -ind your manners 2onnotation Impunity Scoff -ural Altercation Oncological 2oncerned S1uatter .ac"adaisical !ugnacious his glo,ewor" wasn:t for the purists relin1uished
inad,ertently3 he:d caused a rowA a big3 stin"ing cowpat of a rowTo call it a force;ten gale of a storm in a teacup would be to mis4udge the mood of the times in no way intended his instincti,e action to be contrary to the spirit of the game bla ed a trail faux pas 2hortle &ou ha,e to sell yourself dearly

Trepidation bereft of confidence


eye-popping bursts that have dotted

chagrin dream was drowning in a series of awful clich@s tripping muses got off the wrong foot

canned pun"ed dramatic representation what ha,e u been up B man) Apothecary Embellish Sna y *ad Entendres 2aricature Nerd -ellow !ercussi,e Hac" writer %noc" you'self out Inept Subtle Indemnify Stub $enigrate Arch nemesis -ind bending 2ho"ed by pettiness and lassitude Sludge The nature of promises is that they remain immune to the nature of circumstances 5etted *use /e're in free fall How could you not see this coming) Hubris

Throw a tantrum How long ha,e you been up) No longer bound by allegiances *etribution Buffer !latter Brutal3 inescapable truth All I e,er amounted to was chitins .epers %eep me posted $id you smell the Smugness ) The false deference 0ueer That's a cheap ploy &ou certainly ha,e my undi,ided attention Sloppiness indiscretion Oligarchy Endorsement Stac" .et me get this fro you Traction $ismantle +ormidable Incendiary 1uote Subtle 2ondescend Shadow of doubt In line with your thin"ingA ludicrous *ancid 2on4ugal %in"y

I didn't author that editorial E,aluati,e standards Smear !each Butt of all 4o"es .i,id $eposition Subpoena /e are spinning our wheels 2ut me a little slac" here .ittle under the weather Integrity /ith what sort of o,ersight /eep a ri,er of snot #et along 4ust fine .et's not get bogged down in abstractionsA lets deal with specifics /al" us through it -ore pressing than me) Soul crushing loss /antonness Scratched the surface of life Eulogy /hat is faith if it doesn't endure when we are tested) +end .ean on our own understanding Hump 5aledictorian !eddling $redging 5indicti,e

Swing by my house *e,ised the parameters of my promise Shri,el See what I'm saying $entures 2ollude +ruition $isseminate #ot cold feet Badger Swer,e +elicity Entitled !lay along 2lea,e you from the herd and watch you die in wilderness Tipsy Slugline !i1ues #ra,itas Turn your bac" on us !ander +ads +eel free to blow my mind !redicament !ic"et /ither or thri,e Asinine +aCade Bare minimum Sweep under the rug

/ould you !itch in )

Endowment $elicate 1uestions 0uestioned your legitimacy Bridge falling through /e're fine Ascribe Sei e upon the faintest whiff of trepidation !ugilist Blan"ed $on't sweat it Brash 2onni,ing Show myself out Trying to create chaos in the ran"s) #auche $o me the honor of being my guest Blind spots $isseminate I thin" we're good !ass up &ou'll be missed A place to crash Hauling 5omit inducing .et him "now that you'll be reaching out Bypass her !assi,ely condoning something illegal >phold my end of the bargain

+lac" Henchmen .ibellous It'll lose steam leeway epoch per4ury s"ittish and maniac humongous e,iscerate time to paint the tape +acilitate your doubts .udicrous Exonerate .et him wither on the ,ine a little longer Exercises his right to plead the fifth amendment *uthless pragmatism Incoherent Egregious .ying through his teeth Hubris is gi,ing you delusions of grandeur Scruples I'll sing for my supper( I don't expect it for free *elin1uish *etribution *escinded Stupendous S"ul" 2anting



Eat a humble pie Breech I'll be home before midnight 2oerced $iaspora +oot the bill $aft Spin doctor 0uid pro 1uo -y stomach has wo"en up yet3 its too early +rowned upon Alec" !ortmanteau -ortification 2arnal incontinence I dint see that coming not in a million years
send her life into a terrifying spiral out of control