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East Jamaica Conference

Communication Department

74 Constant Spring Road P.O. Box 181 Kingston 10 Jamaica W.I. Tel:(876) 924-1061-3, Fax (876) 924-0263. E-Mail: website:

May 3, 2014 To: All Pastors, Elders, Leaders and Church Members Sincere Christian greetings! Please see important dates and events of the East Jamaica Conference of Seventh-day Adventists below.

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MM 14 Evangelistic series


Notices from the Health Ministries Department Notices from the Education Department Funeral Notices Notices from the Children's Ministries Department Notices from the Women's Ministries Department Notices from the Youth Department Notices from the Sabbath School / Personal Ministries / Comm. Services Department Notices from the Public Affairs, Publishing & Religious Liberty Dpt. Notice from the Family Life Department Notice from Elders Association Special Notices Notices from the Communication Department Schedule of Upcoming Conference Dates and Events

(1) The MM14 "Drama of the Ages Countdown"

The final MM14 Evangelistic campaign, "The Drama of the Ages Countdown" which is being held on the grounds of the Pembroke Hall Community Centre with Evangelist Pastor Kevin White will come to an end this weekend. Over 40 persons have been baptized so far. Live Streaming with the Evangelist will continue and can be viewed from the website by clicking on the "Live Streaming" web banner on the front page. Click here to see website.
(2) Notices from the Health Ministries & Stewardship Department

1. A Stewardship Convention is to be held May 3, 2014 at the Hagley Park SDA church. Main Speaker Pastor Javier Mejia Mejia Stewardship Director for the IAD. Theme: My All in response to God.

2. Stewardship Directors, Treasurers and Auditors: A meeting is to be held at the EJC office May 4, 2014 at 9a.m. 3. All Pastors & Stewardship Directors are invited to a seminar which is to be conducted by the Jamaica Union Conferences Stewardship Department and the Inter-American Division in association with the East Jamaica Conference of SDA. The seminar is to be held Monday May 5, 2014 in the EJC Boardroom with Guest Speaker Pastor Javier Mejia Mejia Stewardship Director for the IAD. 4. The Medical Missionary Training for Pastors which was scheduled to begin May 1 has been postponed until September. 5. Massage Therapy Training sessions started on April 22, 2014 at the V.H. Percy Centre at 5:00pm - 7:00 pm and will run for six weeks. 6. 5K Run/Walk and Childrens Fun Day June 1, 2014.

(3) Notices from the Education Department

1. Education Week is to be held May 5-10 and Education Day on May 10, 2014. Education Directors and church leaders, Please click here for Education Day Sermon 2. Kindly note contact information for the East Jamaica Conference Preparatory Schools and Kingsway High School along with the tuition cost per term.
School: Address: Principal: Tel.: Email:

Kingsway High
10-12 Osbourne Road, Kgn. 5 Mr. Jaron Whitely (926-2379 school) ( ( - personal)

School: Address: Principal: Tel.: Email:

$36,500.00 Per Term Miramar Kinder-Prep.

2 Miramar Drive, Morant Bay Mr. F. E. Bingahm (410-5176) personal (

School: Kingsway Prep. Address: 10-12 Osbourne Road, Kgn. 5 Vice Principal: Mrs. Kaydene Pusey-Bernard Tel.: (926-2379) school (845-1026/527-4830) personal Email ( school ( personal

School: Address: Principal: Tel.: Email:

$36,450.00 Per Term New Hope Prep.

56 James Street, Kingston Mr. Lambert Forrest (922-6507) school (833-1797/756-9430) ( school ( personal

School: Address: Principal: Tel.: Email:

$13,000.00 Per Term Tuition:

Woodford Prep. Woodford P.O., St. Andrew Mr. Dave McNeish (323-9512) personal ( School: Address: Principal: Telephone: personal Email: Tuition :

$26,000.00 Per Term

Hagley Park Prep. 171Hagley Park Road, Kingston 11 Mrs. Elyn Spence 923-9507 school, 527-4824/9819805 ( school ( personal $21, 000 Per Term


$10,000.00 Per Term

3. A football extravaganza will be held on the grounds of the Kingsway High School May 25 involving all the SDA Preparatory Schools in the corporate area. Please see flyer below for details.
By their wisdom and justice, by the purity and benevolence of their daily life, by their devotion to the interests of the people,-and they idolaters,-Joseph and Daniel proved themselves true to the principles of their early training Education pg 56

(4) Funeral Notices

1. The funeral service for Celeste Johnson will be held May 4 at the Glendevon SDA church in St. James at 11:00 a.m. Sis. Johnson is the mother of Pastor Paul Bailey who is the Pastor of the Kings and Johnson Town SDA Churches. 2. The funeral service for Ralph Jackson, Father of Pastor Cornel Jackson, will be held on Sunday May 11 at the Dover SDA church start at 10 a.m.
(5) Notices from the Childrens Ministries Department

1. Childrens choir rehearsal will take place on May 4 beginning at 3:30 p.m. sharp. The choir directors are Sis. Kareen Murray (Andrews SDA) and Dr. Julie Ann Grant (North Street SDA). 2. Childrens Convention will take place in June. The shift is due to the involvement of the CM team members in the MM14 Crusades and the preparation of the churches for childrens day activities. 3. The Childrens Ministries department invites all CMDs to participate in the fund raising Lap-a-thon that will be held on Friday, May 23, 2014. Proceeds will be in aid of ASI/IAD Belize Mission 2000 & Beyond, Walkers Childrens Home & Child Month activities. All Childrens Ministries team members, kindly collect the lap-a-thon sheets from the office, Winsome Martin or your zone presidents. 4. Missionaries to Belize who have not yet booked your tickets kindly call the office. 5. Childrens Forum: Kindly send us the name and profile of one child to be a member of the Childrens forum to be held in May. Basic criteria children who will talk on issues. There will be a briefing session before the event. Thumbs up to Sis. Jean Johnson of Seaview for her quick response. 6. Our fund raising fish fry takes place on Thursday, June 5, 2014. Proceeds will be in aid of ASI/IAD Belize Mission and Walkers Childrens Home. We need your support. Contact the office of the Childrens Department or the zone coordinator, Sis. Winsome Martin for tickets. 7. Do not hesitate; order now, from the office, your VBS materials and certificates.

(6) Womens Ministries Department

1. It is with regret that we inform you of the death of our prayer ministries coordinator and one of our most valuable team members, Elder Venice Johnson. As we look forward to attending the thanksgiving service lets remember to pray for the family and to don Venices favorite color. See picture of Sis Johnson by clicking here. 2. Our GEMS anniversary & Mother Daughter Affair was held on Sabbath and Sunday, April 26 & 27, 2014. The presentations delivered by Dr. Grace Kelly, Miss Adiese Jonas, Shepherdesses - Lana Brown, Belinda McAnuff & AnnMarie Williams as well as Mrs.Vivette Grant & Daughter, Mrs. Millicent Phipps & Daughter were interactive and impacting. Hats off to Mrs. Cynthia Thompson (Mother Daughter Coordinator), Fitzgerald Gayle Jr., emcee and our GEMS who led out. Click here for pictures of both events. 3. The General Conference Womens Ministries Emphasis Day material for June is available. See the EJC website or call the office to arrange for your hard copy. Kindly click here for package. 4. Come join the EJC GEMS in their fund raising Lap-a-thon on Friday, May 23, 2014. 5. Here is one of the many reactions from one of the attendees
April 28 at 3:34 PM. Cynthia Pitter to Sis Genas: Thank you for the opportunity...Mother Daughter Affair My Daughter (Gabrielle) and I were truly blessed. I just sat and listened to her telling daddy from A-Z. We can only go forward in Jesus Christ. May the Lord continue to bless and keep your ministry. Just one recommendation: Nutrition could be included in the next session. As a people we are eating ourselves to death. The food and ambiance was excellent. Speakers were excellent. You could see team work. I left knowing that I have aunts and grandmas that care. I am sure this is not unique to me. The budding MC who is a student in my Faculty did well. Once again CONGRATULATIONS to you and the team.

(7) Youth Ministries Department

1. DATA FORM: Please submit form with relevant information requested immediately! 2. EJC HONOURS COMMITTEE: Sunday May 4, 2014 is the submission date for the grades of all honours booklets which are to be marked by the resource person/s who taught the honours as identified by each club in consultation with the Honours Committee.

On Sunday May 18, the Honours Committee will communicate to each church the three (3) sample booklets it would like to review for each honour. Exams will be on Sunday May 25, and club directors should send the requested sample booklets only on that date. The Early Bird Honours submission has been rescheduled. The new date for submission of all Early Bird Honour grades is Sunday May 4, 2014. Exams for these honours will be held on Sunday May 25, 2014. Folders MUST be submitted on the same date. Sign Language Honour requirements:

1. Know the Sign Language alphabets 2. Know the Pathfinder Song and be able to sign the song Draw Me Close to You. 3. Complete a one page written report on a school that specializes in deaf education Note: a practical examination will be given for this honour. 3. BIBLE BOOM 2014: Its almost time for the play-offs to begin and Bible Boom promises to be more inspiring, interesting and fun. The Books to be studied are Hosea-Micah. Every AYS must be on board as we want our youth to become men and women of the WORD!!! 4. 13th YOUTH & CHILDRENS MISSION TRIP TO BELIZE- July 24 August 18, 2014. Interested youth please contact the Children or Youth Ministries Department at East Jamaica Conference. Registration closing SOON!!! (8) Notice from the Sabbath School, Personal Ministries & Comm. Services Dpt.

1. EJC Ambassador Search 2014-2015 ( Junior, Teens, Youth & Seniors) Registration deadline has been extended to May 16, 2014. Application & prerequisite forms are available online as well as at the EJC office. Registration fee - two hundred dollars ($200). Click here for Registration Forms 2. Prison Ministry Take-out Luncheon - May 22, 2014 Tickets, $700.00 & $800.00 3. EJC School of Evangelism, Year 4 & IAD Year of Non-formal Education Sabbath School Teacher Training begins on May 25, 2014 in the EJC boardroom starting at 9 a.m. All Sabbath School teachers must attend these sessions to be certified in October 2014. Application Forms are available online. Click here to access Year 4 Application and Course of Study 4. June 14, 2014 MM 14 Cluster C New Believers Convention & June 21 for all other Clusters. 5. EJC Family Fun Day and Ambassador Bring & Buy Sale: August 6, Zone 4 & August 10, 2014, Zones 1, 2 & 3. We need all your recyclable bottles for our bottle drive. 6. Reminding all Sabbath School Superintendents & Personal Ministries Leaders to: i) submit your end of Quarter Report. ii) ensure the conduct of the Parent Care Group (PCG) & Operation Reclamation and to register the relevant names to the MM14 Initiative. 7. Birthday greetings to our seniors, born in the month of April; wishing you good health and a blessed and peaceful 2014.

(9) Notices from the Public Affairs, Publishing & Religious Liberty Dpt.

1. Once again we will celebrate our annual Day of Seventh-day Adventist Books. on Sabbath May 3, 2014, this significant day is celebrated all over the Inter American Division (IAD) as a day to give away a SDA book to a friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor etc. I urge every church, every member to get involved in this initiative to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through the printed page. This years books of the year are Beyond Imagination, by Baldwin et al, and Education by E.G. White.
(10) Notice from the Family Life Department

1. To: Pastors, First Elders, Family Ministries Directors and Church Clerks The North Jamaica Conference in collaboration with the Jamaica Union Conference have extended a special invitation to East Jamaica Conference to share with them in their grand National Singles Convention to be held August 23-24, 2014 at Duncans, Trelawny. We are therefore inviting all singles to plan and be prepared for this unforgettable event. (Please click here for registration form) We are recommending that we attend the Sabbath Activities only. A fee of $1500 for transportation will be charged and we ask that you provide your own meals. However there may be persons who wish to attend the full programme. Accommodation at the campsite is free but limited. (Please see flyer below for details). We invite those who are interested in attending to register through the EJC Family Ministries Department. Kindly note that in the light of these activities the East Jamaica Conference will not be having a Singles Convention for 2014. However, November 29, 2014 will be celebrated as Singles day within each church. Plan for it. Yours in Christ, Glenville Carr
Family Ministries Director (11)Notice from the Elders Association

1. The Elder's Association continues it's Certification Training program on May 18, 2014 between the hours of 9:00am and 11:00am at the EJC Board Room. The session which focuses on Stewardship & Finance in Leadership will be done by Elder Oran Hall of the Hope SDA Church. Due to the funeral service of one of our Elders who has been a sterling member of the Association, the Executive decided to curtail the remainder of the days program to facilitate full support to the family, some of whom are also members of the Association.
(12) Special Events Notice Andrews Memorial SDA Church presents An Evening of Excellence

Andrews Memorial Church presents and evening of excellence under the theme " Hope in God" on Mother's Day, Sunday, May11, 2014 at the University Chapel U.W.I. Mona at 5:00 pm under the patronage of Pastor Adrian Cotterell, President of the East Jamaica Conference of SDA. MC will be Godfrey Taylor. Tickets cost $1,500 for Adults while children under 12 years of age will pay $750. See poster under "Upcoming Events " on Click Here For Poster

(13) Communications Department

1. Communication Scorecard. All communication leaders are reminded to complete and forward the Communication Scorecard for the month of April. The scorecard should be turned in by the latest May 7, 2014 via email to The updated scorecard will be sent out to the communication team as feedback on May 10, 2014.

(14) Schedule of Upcoming Conference Dates and Events

May 3 May 4 May 5 May 3 May 3 May 5 May 5-10 May 10 May 18 May 25 Jun 1 Jun 14 Jun 21 Jul Aug 6 Aug 10

Stewardship Convention Stewardship, Treasurers & Auditors Meeting @9:00 am Stewardship Seminar with all Pastors & Stewardship Directors Day of SDA Books Stewardship Convention Stewardship Training for Pastors Education Week Education Day (Emphasis on Adventist Christian Education ) Elder's Association Certification Program 9:00 am Sabbath School Teacher Training Begins 9:00 am 5k Run/Walk and Childrens Fun Day MM14 Cluster C New Believer's Convention MM14 Clusters A - F New Believer's Convention (Xcept Cluster C) EJC Family Fun Day & Bring & Buy Sale - Zone 4 EJC Family Fun Day & Bring & Buy Sale - Zone 1 - 3

Hagley Park SDA Church EJC Board Room EJC Board Room All Church Hagley Park SDA JAMU, IAD All SDA schools In All Church EJC Board Room EJC Board Room Starts at the Kencot SDA TBD TBD

Phillip E. L. Castell Communication Director