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KIN 4123: Psychosocial Aspects of Exercise and Sport Exam #1 Kelley !

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Short Ans%er &'estions: 2(pts each

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1. Think of the career you would like to pursue. Describe how the knowledge and the practice of sport psychology can affect you in that career.

I plan on becoming a basketball coach. Sports psychology definitely has an effect on this career. Sport and exercise psychology is the study of people and their behaviors in sport and exercise contexts and the practical application of that knowledge. By studying the behaviors of the athletes that you are coaching you can better understand the needs of different players. !or example you can understand that some players respond better to positive reinforcement more than to criticism.


Do individual # and team$sport athletes have different personality profiles% &hy or why not%

Individual sport athletes and team sport athletes do have different personality traits. Individuals who are involved in a team sport demonstrate less abstract reasoning more extroversion more dependency and less ego strength. 'thletes who participate in individual sports display higher levels of ob(ectivity less anxiety less dependent and more imaginative than team sport athletes. 'lso individual sport athletes respond better to re(ection threatened motive types in competitive situations. In team sports the approval oriented motives produces the best performance in competitive situations. There is definitely a difference in personality profiles between the individual and team sports.


Discuss how a teacher*s or coach*s attributional feedback influences participant achievement.

'ttributional feedback focuses on the success and failures of the athlete or client. &hen a player fails to obtain a desired goal the coach can use attributional feedback. 'n effective way to do this is to emphasi+e that the player needs to try harder or exert more effort must be within

the players capabilities. &hen a player or client succeeds the coach can attribute success to ability of effort. This type of feedback can influence achievement because they affect the expectation of future success or failure in a person.


-ow might you tailor coaching strategies to individuals who are trying to deal with stress and anxiety% .ive an example.

' ma(or source of stress in sports is uncertainty which may affect the practice environment. ' coach must be able to recogni+e and with which players that arousal and state anxiety need to be enhanced reduced or maintained. &hen individuals are experiencing stress and anxiety the coach should assist them in developing their confidence and preparations of control. /ne way to develop confidence in practice is to simulate game pressure situations for the player. By doing so the player will begin to develop confidence in ability to perform in these situations. Individuals who are confident in their performance ability and in their ability to cope with stress experience less state anxiety.