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Jordan Romero-Sims Introduction to Criminology Assignment 1 (1a) Mechanical societies are primitive societies and the individuals within

it all have similar roles. The division of labor is simple, everyone has similar jobs. All the people in these societies tend to have common values and norms. Strong solidarity is created in mechanical societies because all the members tend to act and even think the same. In this type of society the law is used to enforce conformity. (168169) (1b) Organic societies are more modern than mechanical societies. In organic societies the division of labor is more specific and complex. The economy is based more on industries, whereas mechanical societies are based on agriculture. The law is used to regulate interactions among the individuals because the solidarity is weak in organic societies. Collective conscience is also weaker than in mechanical societies. (168-169) (1c)An example of a mechanical society in popular culture would be the TV show Alaska: The Last Frontier. In this show the people within the society have a simple division of labor, either a hunter or gatherer. There is a common goal amongst all the people within the society, which is to collect enough food during Summer, and Fall seasons to last the whole Winter. The only law enforcement there is in this show is used to enforce hunting laws. 168-169 (1d) An example of an organic society in popular culture would be the TV show modern family. In this show everyone has a different job and role in the society. The moral values of the characters are all different, and so are the social norms. This show is based in an urban area and the economy is industrial based. The solidarity is weak because everyone acts and thinks differently than others within the society. 168-169 (2a) The positive values goals in this scenario are getting done studying and getting a good night of rest before the final exam before the end of the semester. Also being able to relax and spend time with family friends without the stress of school is another positive valued goal in this scenario. 172-173 (2b) The noxious stimuli presented in this scenario are the intoxicated group of people that are being loud and distracting. The positive valued stimuli that is being removed in this situation is the loss of focus on studying for the final exam. 181-182 (2c) If I was put in this situation, to minimize strain I would ask the group of intoxicated people to either keep the noise to a reasonable level or leave. There