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STUDENT A ADE!I INTE"#IT$ %DE &LED"E STATE!ENT I do hereby renew my commitment to observe, practice, and pursue the highest degree of intellectual honesty and integrity in academic conduct by not choosing to cheat, lie, or plagiarize in accomplishing any academic work. So help me God. ____________________________________ Student’s Signature over rinted !ame General Directions: Read all the questions carefully then write all your answers on the answer sheet.

THE CHOKING DOG “Come on, come on, move it, idiot! oanne beat im!atiently on the steerin" wheel of her #ercedes s!orts car. $ow stu!id to "et cau"ht u! in the rush hour! She had !lanned to leave wor% early this afternoon, at three o’cloc%, to "ive herself a chance to rela& and have a bath before "oin" out to a meetin" of her local tennis club. 'ut (ust a ten to three a client had arrived, and it was two hours before she had finished dealin" with the man. )hen she came out of her office, all the other staff in the $i"hli"ht *dvertisin" *"ency had already left. +ow she was stuc% in a traffic (am in central 'irmin"ham at ,:-., and at /:-. she was e&!ected to be chairin" a meetin" of the tennis club. 0here would be no time for any hot bath. *head of her, the traffic was movin" at last, and she swun" quic%ly out into the centre lane to turn ri"ht, and raced the last half1mile throu"h the quiet suburban streets to her house. 2ullin" u! on the driveway, she lea!t out of the car and ran for the house. *s she o!ened the door, she nearly tri!!ed over Sheba, who was standin" behind it. “$ey, Sheba, hello,3 she said, bendin" down to sto%e the lar"e *lsatian do"’s head, 4’ve "ot no time for you now, but 4’ll ta%e you out as soon as 4 "et bac% from the tennis club.3 4t was then that she noticed somethin" worryin" about the do". Sheba seemed to be cou"hin" and cho%in", her stomach !um!in" re!eatedly as if she was tryin" to vomit somethin" u!. She was obviously in real discomfort and could hardly breathe5 her sad eyes "a6ed u! at oanne hel!lessly. “7h damn, this all 4 need now, “said oanne to herself, dro!!in" her briefcase and bendin" down to ta%e a closer loo%, “a sic% do", today of all days!3 7n closer e&amination, Sheba did loo% very sic%, and oanne reali6ed she would have to ta%e her down to the vet immediately. 8uc%ily, the vet’s sur"ery was only a few streets away, and oanne quic%ly loaded the do", still cou"hin" and cho%in", into her car for the short drive. )hen she "ot there, the sur"ery was (ust about to close for the day. 8uc%ily, 9r. Sterne had not left yet, and when he saw the state of Sheba, he brou"ht her quic%ly into his office. “4t loo%s li%e somethin" is stuc% in her throat, said 9r. Sterne. 4t shouldn’t ta%e more too lon" to "et it out3in a cou!le of minutes. *s she was once more enterin" the hallway, the !hone on the table by the door be"an to rin". She !ic%ed it u!, annoyed by his additional interru!tion to her !lans. “0his is 9r. Sterne,3 said an an&ious voice. “4s that you, oanne:3 “7f course it’s me,3 said oanne, sur!rised at the sound of his voice, “no1one else lives here.3 “4 want you to "et ri"ht out of that house immediately,3 said the doctor’s voice. “Ri"ht now. 4’m comin" round ri"ht away, and the !olice will be there any time now. )ait outside for us.3 0he !hone went dead. oanne stared at it. She was confused, but she was also a little fri"htened by the obvious fear in the voice of the doctor. She re!laced the receiver, then quic%ly bac%ed out of the door and ran into the street. .


“)here’s Sheba: 4s she 7E: Shouted oanne, runnin" over to his car. “She’s fine, oanne. 4 e&tracted the thin" which was cho%in" her, and she’s 7E now.3 “)ell what’s this all about: )hy are the !olice in my house:3 ust then, the two !olicemen rea!!eared from the house, half1carryin" a white1faced fi"ure, a man in a dar% "rey sweater and (eans, who, it seemed, could hardly wal%. 0here was blood all over him “#y @od,3 said oanne, “how did he "et in there: *nd how did you %now he was there:3 “4 thin% he must be a bur"lar,3 said the doctor, “4 %new he was there because when 4 finally removed what was stuc% in Sheba’s throat, it turned out to be three human fin"ers. 4 don’t thin% he’s a very ha!!y bur"lar.3

1. )here did oanne wor%: *. an advertisin" a"ency '. a vet’s sur"ery ;. )hy was she an"ry at the be"innin" of the story: *. She was lost '. She had lost a client at wor% -. )hy did she ta%e the do" to 9r. Sterne’s sur"ery: *. 4t was time for Sheba’s chec%u!. '. 0he do" couldn’t breathe !ro!erly.

C. a #ercedes dealer’s office 9. a te&tile factory C. She was stuc% in a traffic (am 9. $er do" was sic% C. She wanted to "et her out of the house. 9. 0he doctor had as%ed to see her.

<. )hy did she leave the do" at the sur"ery and drive home a"ain: *. She wanted to catch a bur"lar. C. 0he doctor wanted to %ee! her. '. 0he do" was too sic% 9. oanne wanted to chan"e her clothes ,. $ow lon" did it ta%e oanne to drive home from the sur"ery: *. two minutes C. an hour '. ten minutes 9. the te&t doesn’t s!ecify how many minutes /. )hat ha!!ened as she arrived home for the second time: *. 0he !olice arrived C. 0he do" died '. 0he !hone ran" 9. * bur"lar was (ust esca!in" =. )hy did the doctor tell her to "et out of the house: *. 0here was a dan"erous do" in there. '. 4t was on fire >. )hy did the bur"lar loo% very sic%: *. 0he !olice had cau"ht him and he to steal would !robably have to "o to !rison '. $e cau"ht a disease from the do" C. $e %new there was a bur"lar inside 9. 0he do" had bitten of his fin"ers C. $e hadn’t found any valuable thin" 9. 0he do" had bitten of his fin"ers

?. 0he story says that the do" “ "a6ed u! at oanne hel!lessly3. @a6ed means *. stared C. bar%ed '. cried 9. a !olice station 1.. * vet’s sur"ery is !robably *. a serious o!eration '. a minor o!eration C. an animal doctor’s office 9. a !olice station

Aor numbers 111;., characteri6e or describe the followin" characters in the story. B-. wordsC: 9r. Sterne: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD



For numbers 21-30, c oose amon! t e omon"ms t e correct ans#er t at #ill to t e sentences$ Encircle "our ans#er$ ;1. 0he trouble in the #iddle Fast has had a serious Baffect, effectC on the !rice of oil all over the world. ;;. 0he Bbra%es, brea%sC on my car don’t wor% !ro!erly. ;-. 0he B!rinci!al, !rinci!leC of our hi"h school "ave an interestin" lecture on the B!rinci!al, !rinci!leC causes of failure and another on the B!rinci!als, !rinci!lesC of science. ;<. B0here, theirC are several (obs available in the !ublic schools of 'ulloch County because several teachers have lost Bthere, theirC (obs. ;,. 0he committee cast Bits, it’sC vote in favor of the new law. ;/. 2resident 'ush’s threats have had little Baffect, effectC on $ussein. ;=. *s 4 was drivin" to school today, 4 reali6ed that 4 was Bto, tooC tired to see clearly. ;>. 4f you "o to the movies, 4 want to "o Bto, tooC. ;?. Some youn" !eo!le even Bsale, sellC their mothers’ (ewelry to buy dru"s. -.. B8oosin", 8osin"C !atience, #ary screamed obscenities at the other driver. For numbers 31-%0, &ill in t e blan's b" c oosin! t e (erbs insi)e t e bo* an) #rite it in eit er in in&initi(e or !erun) &orm as nee)e) in t e sentence$ relieve !ut learn "o smo%e as% wor% inform s!end borrow

-1. Aor, now 4’ve chosen DDDDDDDDDD a routine for fle&ibility -;. *t that !oint, it is !robably better DDDDDDDDDD with yo"a instructor. --. DDDDDDDDDDD is bad for your health! -<. #ost !eo!le !refer DDDDDDDDDDDD their money than savin" it. -,. $e decided DDDDDDDDDDDDDD his (ac%et on the han"er. -/. 4 used DDDDDDDDDDDDD to the cinema with my sister. -=. Gou don’t need DDDDDDDDD him every time you want to "et out. ->. #rs. oanna, 4 re"ret DDDDDDDDDDDDD you that your credit limit has been e&ceeded. -?. She a!olo"i6ed for DDDDDDDDDDDD the boo% without your !ermission. <.. 0he "oal of yo"a is DDDDDDDDD stress and tension. For numbers %1-+0, c oose t e correct #or) an) #rite on t e blan' ,ro(i)e) to com,lete t e &ollo#in! sentences$ 1. 9o you %now how DDDDDDD "irls are comin" on the tri!: BmuchHmanyC ;. )hy donIt you eat DDDDDDD oatmeal for brea%fast: Ba fewHa littleC -. Ea6u ate how DDDDDDD cheesebur"ers:! BmuchHmanyC <. 4 need DDDDDD more coura"e before 4 "o s%ydivin". BmuchHmanyC ,. 0here are only DDDDDD coo%ies left. Ba fewHa littleC /. 4 want to watch DDDD movie this wee%end. BaHanC =. 4’m sorry, we only have DDDDDDDD seats left for you to sit on. >. 4t’s very hard to brin" these DDDDDDDDD of flour in your house. Bsac%HtubeC ?. 2e(a Sto(a%ovic shoots DDDDDDDDDD threes this quarter! 4ncredible dis!lay of talent! BmuchHmanyC 1.. 7ur family can consume DDDDDDDDDDDD of water a day. B"allonHbunchC


For numbers +1--0, I)enti&" # et er t e un)erline) #or).s are correct or not$ /rite C i& t e un)erline) #or).s is.are correct$ I& not, c an!e t e un)erline) #or) an) re#rite t e # ole sentence to ma'e it correct on t e s,ace ,ro(i)e)$ ,1. 4 believe it’s very difficult to find a chea! accommodation in 8ondon. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ.. ,;. )e are loo%in" for a !lace to rent. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ... ,-. )e are late because they are re1surfacin" the motorway and the tra&&ics are terrible. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ............ ,<. $e was as%ed to leave the colle"e because of a bad behaviour at the end of term !arty. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ ,,. Gui "ot a slice o& ,ie from me. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ ,/. 4 thin% it’s a !ity Rebecca had her airs cut short because she loo%ed much more attractive before. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ ,=. 4t’s not a bad room, but the &urnitures ta%e u! too much s!ace. JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ ,>. *s an old friend, may 4 "ive you an advice: JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ ,?. 4f we don’t have u!1to1date information, how can we ma%e a sensible decisions: JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ /.. #y mother had to man" headaches because of my little brother. ...................................................................................................................................................................... For numbers -1--+, I)enti&" an) encircle t e tone o& t e &ollo#in! situations$ /1. 'urstin" throu"h the door, the flustered mother screamed uncontrollably at the innocent teacher who "ave her child an A. *. o!timistic C. an"ry '. Sarcastic 9. de!ressed /;. She huddled in the corner, clutchin" her tattered blan%et and sha%in" convulsively, as she feverishly searched the room for the un%nown dan"ers that awaited her. *. serious C. scary '. an"ry 9. "loomy /- “0he "irl remembered little from the raid at 7%eadean in which she had been ca!tured. She %new her !arents had been %illed. *. ironic C. serious '.. amused. 9. !layful

/<. 'ouncin" into the room, she lit u! the vicinity with (oyous face as she told about her fiancK and their weddin" !lans. *. amused C. (oyous '. 4nformal 9. "loomy /,. 9ania than% you for loo%in" after my little sister. Gou are such a bi" hel!! *. "rateful C. e&cited '. boredom 9. ener"etic For numbers ---0+, &ill in t e blan's$ 1e#rite t e &ollo#in! (erbs into its 2resent 2er&ect Tense &orm usin! FO1 or 3INCE$ <

//. 4 DDDDDDDDDDDDDDB!honeC home DDDDDDDDDD Christmas. /=. )e DDDDDDDDDDDDDD BbeC here DDDDDDDDDDDD nine o’cloc%. />. 4 DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Bwor%C for 4nternational $ouse DDDDDDDDDDD more than ei"ht years. /?. Fvan DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BnotHvisitC my home town DDDDDDDDDDDD 4 left school. =.. She DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BstudyC non1sto! DDDDDDDDDDD ?:1, in the mornin". =1. She DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDBnotHhasC day off DDDDDDDDDDD ;..?. =;. $anamichi DDDDDDDDDDDDDD BbeC my best friend DDDDDDDDDDD we are nine. =-. ohan DDDDDDDDDDDDDDBhasC a drivin" licence DDDDDDDDDDDD 4 was ei"hteen. =<. 4 DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD BnotHseeC ulia DDDDDDDDDDDD three years. =,. 0he chairman DDDDDDDDDDDDDBwaitC for his officials DDDDDDDDDDDD for three hours already! For 0--40, ma'e "our o#n ,re)ictions on t e &ollo#in! situations usin! t e 2re)iction C art$ 5+,ts eac 6 7$ an stood by the front door. She was waitin" for her friend #arla. )hile an waited, she loo%ed at the coat rac%. She had two different coats han"in" there. 7ne was a soft blue (eans (ac%et. 0he other was a slic% red raincoat with a hood. )hich coat should an wear today: 0he doorbell ran". )hen an o!ened the door, #arla shoo% her head and said, “)ow!3 4t’s really wet out here.3 7utside, an saw !uddles on the sidewal%. She saw raindro!s s!lashin" in the !uddles. “ ust a minute,3 said an. “4’ll "et my coat. / at Coat #ill 8an #ear9

Clues in t e 3tor"

'hat Do I (no)*

!a+ing &rediction


:. Luic%,3 Eatie said. “Fverybody hide. *unt Carmen is on the way u! the wal%. Melma and 0ony duc%ed behind the couch. 'erto (um!ed behind the bi" chair. #aria squee6ed behind the door. Eatie stood in front of the ca%e with candles.“7%ay, now we wait,3 whis!ered Eatie. “She should o!en the door any minute. 'hat is the surprise ,or Aunt armen*

Clues in t e stor"

'hat Do I (no)*

!a+ing &rediction


- osh wo%e u! early on Saturday mornin" and loo%ed outside the window. 0he sun was out and it was hot. $is dad called to osh and said, “4t is a !erfect day, don’t for"et to brin" a towel!3 osh "rabbed a towel and they left the house. 'here did .osh and his dad going*

Clues in t e stor"

'hat Do I (no)*

!a+ing &rediction

&repared /0 1 "r. #ohn $abadan ESL Teacher

hec+ed /01 "s. Sheryll eralta ESL oordinator


Approved /01 "s. Gem alo HS2Deput0 &rincipal "s. "arivic Suarez &rincipal


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