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Best of South Africa

Welcome to Volume Five of ‘Best of South Africa’
We all look forward to 2010 as the world focuses their attention on South Africa. We will be there well in time with copies of “Best of South Africa” vol. 5 in the leading hotels and our online portal showcasing all the success stories in this edition to an audience of 200 000 unique readers from 140 countries as per our latest online readership results. What we do “Best of South Africa” is a celebration of the crème that our country has to offer, a tangible reminder and visual celebration of what makes South Africa great, a country people truly fall in love with locals and international visitors alike. Thanks Our sincere thanks must go to the wonderful participants showcased in our fifth edition; representing the “Best of” in their respective fields. We profile these individuals, companies and organizations with much pride and celebrate their success which in turn helps us all to promote and showcase South Africa to our dedicated partners and clients across the world and at home. Our Belief The continued growth and sustainability of South Africa is largely thanks to the patriotic nature in all our blood, which enjoys an unbreakable optimism ensuring this nation succeeds against any odds. We are extremely proud to play a part in promoting our country and will continue to do so. Celebrating Success! “Climb high; climb far, Your goal – the sky, Your aim – the stars”
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Best of South Africa


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Best of South Africa 5

Best of South Africa

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Best of South Africa


South Africa at a glance
Nowhere else in the world can you combine business with pleasure as you can in South Africa. A magnificent climate, a passion for nature and the great outdoors, a menagerie of wildlife, world class sporting facilities – including superb golf courses – where a rich social, cultural and political history combine to create a unique experience for the world traveler and a country us South Africans are proud to call home.


Best of South Africa

Capitals Cape Town (Legislative), Pretoria (Administrative), Bloemfontein (Judicial) Total Land Area 1 219 912 square kilometers, (471 011 square miles) Head of State President Jacob Zuma Population 49 052 489 (July 2009, est.) Time Zone GMT + 2hrs Currency Rand. R1= 100 Cents Coins come in denominations of 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, R1, R2 and R5 and notes in denominations of R10, R20, R50, R100 and R200. International Dialing Code + 27 Official Languages Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sesotho sa Leboa, Sesotho, Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda and Xitsonga. Religion Almost 80% of South Africa’s population is Christian. Other religious groups include Hindus, Muslims and Jews. A minority of South Africa’s population regard themselves as traditionalists or of no specific religious affiliation.

Health Top-quality healthcare is available throughout the country, although basic in rural areas. Inoculations are only required for those travelling from yellow-fever areas. Malaria precautions are necessary in some areas. A comprehensive medical service including 24 hour medical treatment and disaster management will be provided by the department of health in every host city for 2010. An improved infrastructure that will continue to benefit all the residents of South Africa beyond 2010. Banks & Foreign Exchange South Africa’s financial institutions are worldclass, with no shortage of banks, bureau de change and automatic tellers. The banks generally open from 9am to 3.30pm Mondays through Fridays and 8.30 to 11am on Saturdays. Banks at the airports adjust their hours to accommodate international flights. Credit Cards and Cash All major credit cards can be used in SA. Embassies Most countries are represented in South Africa by embassies. Please refer to the telephone directory or Yellow pages for up to date details. Climate South Africa is famous for its sunshine. Although SA’s climate varies considerably across its various regions and environments, temperatures remain comfortable throughout the year. Climate can be described as mostly semi-arid, subtropical along the east coast, with sunny days and cool nights. City of Durban

Best of South Africa


South African Overview

The National Anthem The national anthem is a combined version of Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika (God Bless Africa) and Die Stem (The Call of South Africa) National Flag South Africa’s national flag was launched and used for the first time on Freedom Day, 27 April 1994. The design and colours are a synopsis of the principal elements of the country’s flag history. It is a powerful symbol of unity and progress. National Symbols National animal: Springbok National bird: Blue Crane National fish: Galjoen National flower: King Protea National tree: Real Yellowwood South Africa has 12 public holidays New Year’s Day – 1 January Human Rights Day – 21 March Good Friday – Friday before Easter Sunday Family Day – Monday after Easter Sunday Freedom Day – 27 April Workers’ Day – 1 May Youth Day – 16 June National Women’s Day – 9 August Heritage Day – 24 September Day of Reconciliation – 16 December Christmas Day – 25 December Day of Goodwill – 26 December If any of these days fall on a Sunday, then the following Monday becomes a public holiday. Join football enthusiasts from around the world when they descend on South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and you will be making history. For the first time ever this legendary tournament will be hosted in Africa – a land that has spawned many celebrated football stars. Soak up the glitz, glamour and raw excitement of the World Cup and


Best of South Africa Government Communications & Information Systems Chris Kirchhoff Chris Kirchhoff

then take time out to explore the untouched African bush, something no other FIFA World Cup could offer. Infrastructure As your hosts South Africans have been sweating it out under the African sun to build and refurbish stadiums designed to impress even the toughest guests. By June 2010 these 10 stadiums will be ready to seat over half a million fans. By 2008, the build up to 2010 FIFA World Cup had already created 80 000 job opportunities in the local hospitality sector. It is estimated that by 2010 this sector will employ an additional 116 000 people. While formal employment in the construction industry has grown to 100 000, providing valuable skills to the economy beyond 2010. In addition low income households earned over R2 billion in income as a direct result of the stadium construction. Infrastructure projects will help to keep the economy buoyant in times that are clearly challenging. Government and State owned enterprises will spend a whopping R787 billion over the next three years on diverse developments. The funds have been allocated to projects that will significantly advance industrial operations and public service delivery. They include improving rail and road infrastructure, an innovative bus rapid transit system, as well as the building of clinics, school and housing for the poor. Transport Work is in progress to upgrade South African airports to cope with the deluge of visitors for 2010. The R5.2 Billion project will see all international airports offer facilities, comforts and security on a par with the best in the world. South Africa’s newest airport, King Shaka International situated north of Durban at La

Mercy, will be ready in time for the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The project has provided jobs for around 12 000 people and once finished, 8 000 people will take up permanent employment at the airport. This is 3 000 more than the current staff complement of Durban International to date. In addition the year 2010 has been the inspiration to accelerate South Africa’s use of intelligent transport systems in order to manage congestion, incident response and travel demand. In the main cities money is being spent to improve road infrastructure, build a rapid transport system and the Gautrain (South Africa’s first rapid transport train service). Wherever you are visiting from you will find a trip on the Gautrain a truly world class experience. On completion the Rail Link will transport 100 000 commuters a day, offering seamless integration with both Gautrain, Bus Link services and the new Bus Rapid Transport system. All offering security and modern comforts. This ambitious project is running to schedule and has also exceeded a number of social economic objectives, including job creation, skills training and SME development. Telecommunications With extensive landline phone networks and four mobile phone service providers with far reaching coverage. Public telephones are either coin operated or card operated. The once underserviced telecommunications industry continues to develop at cyber speed. Neotel, South Africa’s second fixed line operator made deals worth one billion rand in its first year of operation. With even bigger numbers in the offering. Neotel and mobile service provider MTN have joined forces to roll out an optic fibre network

that will connect all of South Africa’s major centres. This network, will provide almost infinite bandwidth capacity to carry more information (voice and data) at higher speeds over greater distances. Vodacom and Telkom are also investing heavily in infrastructure in order to satisfy ever increasing demand for quality voice and data services. “This (optic fibre) project once completed will redefine the telecommunications landscape in South Africa and the rest of Africa” says A Jay Pandey , CEO and MD of Neotel. Securemail Securemail provides a swift and safe delivery method for high-security items such as shares and credit cards. It handles more than 2,5 million credit cards a year, has significantly reduced credit-card theft and has won an award from the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators for its performance. South African Post Office The first post office in South Africa was opened in the Castle in Cape Town in 1792. Today, the South African Post Office (Sapo) delivers almost six million letters per day to

Best of South Africa


According to the Bill of Rights, as contained in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes: • freedom of the press and other media • freedom to receive or impart information or ideas • freedom of artistic creativity • academic freedom and freedom of scientific research. Several laws, policies and organisations act to protect and promote press freedom in South Africa. In 2008, South Africa was ranked as the 36th most free country in terms of press freedom in the world. Broadcasting South Africa has an extremely diverse broadcast media sector catering for the unique demands of the local market. Television South Africa has by far the largest television audience in Africa, with more than four million licensed television households. The SABC’ national television network comprises three full-spectrum free-to-air channels and one satellite pay-TV channel aimed at audiences in Africa. Combined, the free-toair sound-broadcasting stations reach a daily adult audience of almost 20 million people via the terrestrial signal distribution network and a satellite signal. Between 50% and 60% of all programmes transmitted are produced in South Africa. Locally produced television

10 million addresses in South Africa. It has more than 2 660 outlets covering the length and breadth of the country. The principal function of Sapo is to provide postal services inside and outside South Africa. Business Centres Sapo has established 25 business centres that provide a dedicated, specially designed one-stop shop inside existing post offices in most rural areas.

The business centres provide a bureau service with facilities such as photocopying, faxing and Internet access. South Africans who live in rural areas can now make new technology part of their everyday lives. Media diversity Media diversity in any country is regarded as a measure of the depth of its democracy. Every citizen should have access to a diverse range of media.


Best of South Africa Government Jeffrey Barbee

Health and Beauty

programmes are augmented by programmes purchased abroad, and by co-productions undertaken with other television programming organisations. The SABC’s terrestrial television channels devote between 18% and 20% of their airtime during prime time to news and news-related programmes. M-Net the first private subscription television service in SA, broadcasts its array of general entertainment and niche channels to more than 50 countries across Africa and the adjacent Indian Ocean islands. Development of the local film and TV industries is a priority for M-Net and is supported by various projects such as EDiT, which gives final-year film and television students the opportunity to produce programmes for broadcast on M-Net. MultiChoice Africa (MCA) was formed to manage the subscriber services of its sister company, M-Net. It became the first African company on the continent to offer digital satellite broadcasting. Operations include subscriber-management services and digital satellite television platforms broadcasting more than 50 television and 40 audio channels, 24 hours a day. The country’s first privately owned freeto-air television channel is e-tv. Independent TV audience surveys confirm that is the second-largest channel in the country.’s terrestrial signal reaches 80,5% of the South African population. It appeals to all races, all ages and income groups and is the most viewed English language channel in the country. was the first channel in South Africa to secure the rights to the Union of European Football Association’s Champions League Football. Radio Radio, which plays a large role in the media industry is flourishing. The SABC’s national radio network comprising of 15 public broadcast-service radio stations, and three commercial radio stations, broadcasting in 11 languages, as well as an external radio service in four languages that reaches an average daily adult audience of 19 million. Copy supplied to radio news amounts to almost a million words a day, and is compiled around the clock into a weekly total of 300 bulletins and 27 current affairs programmes. Programmes are produced weekly in 11 languages on the SABC’s radio services. There is a public broadcasting-service radio station for each language group. Channel Africa broadcasts live on three platforms: shortwave, satellite and the Internet. The shortwave broadcast covers south, east, central and west Africa. The satellite broadcast covers the sub-Saharan region, although it can be picked up as far as London. The Internet broadcast is accessible from anywhere in the world. As well as a number of private radio stations that have also been granted licences, these stations cater for a wide variety of languages, cultures and niche markets. Anglogold Ashanti

Print Technical handling of the print media in South Africa rates among the best in the world. This is one reason why newspapers and magazines have held their own in a volatile information era, characterised by the vast development of various new forms of media-delivery platforms via the Internet through modern ICT. This must be viewed against the general trend in the rest of the developed world that saw dropping circulations and the cutting back on costs or closing down of newspapers. The country’s vibrant economy, the introduction of regional tabloid newspapers and the glut of new magazine titles have helped to feed the popularity of newspapers and magazines in Africa’s largest economy. High consumer spending has coincided with strong circulation in specific newspaper genres, particularly tabloids and free-sheets. Globally competitive IT systems, especially among the large media houses, have helped to improve the overall technical quality of print media, and have also positively affected distribution and circulation reach. There is a range of general and specialised news websites which, in terms of the speed and breadth of their coverage, are on a par with the best in the world.

Advertising The Loerie Awards are the best-known South African awards recognising excellence in advertising. The Association of Marketers established these awards in 1978 to coincide with the advent of commercial television in South Africa. The Loerie Awards ceremony sees excess monies being ploughed back into the industry in the form of bursaries for underprivileged advertising and marketing students via the Loerie Education Trust Fund, and as a donation to the Advertising Benevolent Fund. The main objective of the Loerie Awards is to encourage creative advertising. Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) The ASA is the protector of the ethical standards of advertising in South Africa, and protects consumers against manipulative advertising and unfair claims. The ASA is an independent body established and funded by the marketingcommunication industry to regulate advertising in the public interest by means of self-regulation. The ASA cooperates with government, statutory bodies, consumer organisations and industry to ensure that advertising content complies with the Code of Advertising Practice.

Best of South Africa


and businesspeople. Many lucrative possibilities, arising from South Africa’s wealth of natural resources, and almost unlimited export and import opportunities, exist in the country. Costs of doing Business The cost of doing business in South Africa compares favourably to other emerging world markets. According to an annual World Bank study, titled the Ease of Doing Business, South Africa ranks 32nd out of 181 of the economies surveyed in 2009 for ease of doing business. The country boasts the lowest electricity prices in the world and despite looming challenges in this sector, doubling its electricity price will still place the country as the cheapest provider. South Africa’s labour costs are significantly lower than those of other key emerging markets. It also has a favourable corporate tax rate compared to other emerging markets. The costs for labour, land, rental, human resources, transportation and general living expenses do, however, vary from province to province. Skills South Africa possesses a large resource base of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled labour. The South African government has introduced wide-ranging legislation to promote training and skills development and fast-track the building of world-class skills and competences. A strong network of universities and other tertiary education institutions is home to a host of leading international academics and researchers, with the majority of research and development in South Africa, undertaken at the country’s universities. Financial Infrastructure South Africa is one of the world’s favourite emerging markets, offering investors sophisticated financial infrastructures and exceptional investment opportunities. The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) oversees the banking services industry in South Africa. The non-banking financial services industry is governed by the Financial Service Board (FSB).

Why Invest in South Africa? The South Africa of today is one of the most sophisticated and promising emerging markets globally. The unique combination of a highly developed firstworld economic infrastructure and a huge emergent market economy has given rise to a strong entrepreneurial and dynamic investment environment. South Africa is the economic powerhouse of the African continent, with a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of R1,9 trillion (US$283bn) - four times that of its Southern African neighbours, and comprising 30% of the entire GDP of Africa. The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2008/09 of the World Economic Forum, ranked South Africa 45th out of 134 global nations. South Africa’s GDP grew at a healthy 5,2 % in 2007 and a lower 3,1% in 2008, due to the impact of the global economic crisis. South Africa is one of the most sophisticated and promising emerging markets, offering a unique combination of highly-developed first world economic infrastructure, with a vibrant emerging market economy. South Africa is also

one of the highest ranking developing economies and surpasses countries such as Hungary, Italy, Brazil and Thailand. The country leads the continent in industrial output (40% of Africa’s total output) and mineral production (45% of total mineral production) and generates most of Africa’s electricity (over 50%). Macro Economic Stability South Africa has achieved a level of macro-economic stability not seen in the country for many years. Such advances create opportunities for real increases in expenditure on social services, and reduce the costs and risks for all investors, laying the foundation for increased investment and growth. By 2009, the economy was stronger than at any time over the past 20 years. Market Opportunity One of the chief reasons for South Africa becoming one of the most popular trade and investment destinations in the world is due to the country ensuring that it can meet specific trade and investment requirements of prospective investors


Best of South Africa

Transport and Logistics Infrastructure South Africa boasts one of the most modern and extensive transport infrastructures in Africa. This infrastructure plays a crucial role in the country’s economy and is depended on by many neighbouring states. The government recently announced large-scale upgrading of the country’s infrastructure, as well as investment in new infrastructure. Transnet, a state-owned enterprise, is South Africa’s main transport operator and the holding company for Spoornet (rail transport), Autonet (road transport), Petronet (liquid petroleum), Portnet (port authority) and Fast Forwards (container shipments). The national airline carrier, South African Airways (SAA), is an incorporated public company owned by the South African government. The airline serves more than 700 destinations globally and carries more than 7 million passengers a year. Natural Resources South Africa produces 14% of the world’s gold, and has 41% of the world’s known reserves. It is estimated that 21 000 tonnes of undeveloped resources - about one fifth of the world’s un-mined gold - still remains. These ores are increasingly difficult to exploit due to the great depths at which they are situated and their fairly low-grade quality produce. Over the past few years, South African mining houses have transformed into large, focused mining companies that include Anglo Platinum, Anglogold, De Beers, Implats and Iscor. South Africa is the world’s largest producer of gold (after China) and platinum. The country is one of the leading producers of base metals and coal, accounting for a significant proportion of both world production and reserves. The country’s diamond industry is the third largest by value, and the sixth largest by volume in the world, with Russia and Botswana leading in both categories. The agricultural sector is well developed, and secondary manufacturing in the agroprocessing industries is pervasive, evidenced by many locally-produced food items found in food retail outlets. Today, South Africa is not only selfsufficient in virtually all major agricultural products, but in a normal year, it is also a

net food exporter. Major import products include wheat, rice and vegetable oils. Despite the farming industry’s declining share of GDP, it remains vital to the economy, and development and stability of the Southern African region. Over the past five years, agricultural exports have contributed on average about 8% of total South African exports. Taxation The South African tax system has changed from a source-based to a residence-based system with effect from the 1 January 2001, in keeping with international trends. This means that South African residents will be taxed on their world-wide income. Non-South African residents will still be taxed on income from South African sources, subject to the double taxation agreements with the different countries. The principle taxes imposed in South Africa are direct and indirect taxes, as follows: • Direct Taxes include income tax, secondary tax on companies (STC), capital gains tax (CGT) and donations tax. • Indirect Taxes include value-added tax (VAT), estate, stamp and transfer duties, the latter on real estate, customs & excise duties, marketable security taxes, skills development levies, municipal taxes on owners of real estate, airport taxes and fuel levies. Living and Working in SA since 1994, South Africa has emerged as a sophisticated and promising investment destination. The unique combination of a highly developed firstworld economic infrastructure and a huge emergent market has given rise to a strong entrepreneurial and dynamic investment environment, with many global competitive advantages and opportunities. Thus, living and working in South Africa presents exciting opportunities and challenges for the entrepreneurial and energetic business community. Quality of Life South Africa offers diverse and abundant natural splendour and a year-round temperate climate.

Foreign visitors and residents are able to purchase fully serviced properties at a significantly lower cost compared to similar properties in the western world. The low cost of living, the availability of first-world health care, education, sporting and recreation facilities and other modern conveniences and luxuries, make the South African lifestyle one of the most attractive in the world. Investor Issues regarding the Quality of Life in South Africa are: • Sophisticated cosmopolitan cities, e.g. Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban • Excellent living standards and medical services • English is commonly spoken • International schools • World class living conditions • Superb recreational and cultural possibilities • Attractive international tourism destination Education The South African education system is seen as pivotal to contributing quality of life and to building a democratic nation. The aim is to provide equal access to life-long education. Education is enshrined in the Constitution as a basic human right. The South African education system comprises over 12,3 million learners, including 300 000 university students and 190 000 technikon students.


Best of South Africa


Gautrain – Africa’s beauty for people on the move
A new energy is buzzing in the streets of Gauteng. The people in the province of gold cannot wait for Gautrain. Stations and tracks are taking shape near favourite hot spots and soon Gautrain will take the first commuters to new places, new dreams, new opportunities and a new legacy in public transport.


Best of South Africa

In schools and offices, in hotels and shopping malls, people are talking about a new way of life that this Golden Train will bring. Ambitious and upwardly mobile, the people on the move will soon enjoy the freedom of arriving on time for a lunch appointment in Rosebank, a quick movie in Hatfield, binge shopping in Jozi, sundowners in Sandton and at home in Centurion a few minutes later. The people of Gauteng will sit back and relax in the comfort of a worldclass train that will get them there safely, conveniently and on time every time. All-day traffic jams and stressors such as parking shortages, escalating vehicle insurance premiums, regular maintenance and rising fuel prices belong the past. Instead, Gautrain will become the daily mode of choice for commuters pressed for time and convenience. What is more, there is also a fleet of Gautrain feeder buses to use if walking to and from a Gautrain station is a little too far away. Gauteng is the place to be. Gautrain is the way to get you around province of gold. An economic powerhouse of the continent, Gauteng will boast a population of around 14,6 million people by 2015. Having the vision to provide economic mobility for its people, the Gauteng Provincial Government is at the forefront of infrastructure development that will transform Gauteng into a truly competitive global city region. Furthermore, is expected that an additional two million job opportunities can be created in Gauteng during the period 2005 to 2025 should the economy of the province grow at an average annual rate of between 4,5% and 5%. By attracting new investments and changing the lifestyle and landscape of the province of gold, Gautrain will contribute significantly towards the provincial government’s economic growth forecasts. Already, Gautrain has exceeded initial targets set for job creation, local skills development and capacity building with an estimated total of 92 900 direct, indirect and induced jobs created to date. It is estimated that Gautrain will create and/ or retain about 93 000 direct, indirect and induced jobs during the design, construction and commissioning of the project and more than 2 700 jobs per annum during the operation and maintenance of the project. Furthermore, it is estimated that an additional 40 000 jobs will be created due to developments in the vicinity of the stations.

Best of South Africa


Key Features • Trains every 12 minutes during peak periods during the first three years; thereafter, at ten minute intervals during these peak periods • Only 15 minutes between OR Tambo International Airport Station and Sandton Station • Only 42 minutes between Johannesburg Park Station and Hatfield in Tshwane • A maximum speed of 160 kilometres per hour • 24 separate four-car trains • Tight security on trains and stations through access control, electronic surveillance (over 650 CCTV cameras) and visible policing • Bus feeder and distributor services for passengers up to ten kilometres from stations. • The bus and train schedules will be synchronised.


Best of South Africa

• Smart card electronic ticketing needing only one ticket for the train, bus and parking • Ten stations on an 80 kilometre route, between five and eight kilometres apart • The two forward rail cars on the airport service will comprise special airport cars with fewer but wider and more luxurious seats and special areas for baggage storage near the doors. • Quick 30 to 45 second stops at stations • Passengers can transfer easily between Gautrain and other forms of transport, such as the new Bus Rapid Transport services, planes, taxis, Metrorail trains and cars • Park-and-ride facilities with more than 10 000 parking bays at stations • To increase capacity after the initial period, an increasing number of train sets will be operated as eight-car train sets, comprising two four-car units coupled together.

Project timeline Construction started at the end of September 2006. Gautrain will be completed in two phases: The first phase will be completed in June 2010. It includes the route between the OR Tambo International Airport and Sandton. It also includes the train and bus depot and operations control centre located south of Allandale Road in Midrand. The second phase is scheduled for completion by the end of March 2011. That includes the remainder of the route and stations such as Hatfield, Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Rosebank and Johannesburg Park Station.

22 Milky Way Ave, Linbro Business Park Marlboro Call centre: +27 11 891 7108

Best of South Africa


Nelson Mandela
President, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and statesman, Nelson Mandela, the world’s icon of reconciliation, compassion and goodwill, turned 91 on Saturday 18 July 2009. Those 91 years have been remarkable.

© Courtesy of Nelson Mandela Foundation. Photographer Matthew Willman.

After spending 27 years in apartheid’s prisons, Mandela became South Africa’s first democratically elected president in 1994. He united a fraught and fearful country, bringing together blacks and whites when South Africa was living through violent and troubled times. His legacy is enormous, and most tangible in the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the Mandela Rhodes Foundation and the

Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and Rural Development. These organisations embody the spirit of reconciliation, ubuntu and social justice, working through strategic networks and partnerships to capture the vision and values of Mandela’s life; they develop programmes and partnerships to protect and improve the lives of children and youth and nurture African leaders through scholarship programmes. The 46664 initiative, which

started as an HIV awareness campaign is now an international fund-raising vehicle for the Mandela charities. This year, his birthday was commemorated as Mandela Day, celebrated worldwide. It is hoped that the day will become an international movement for good in which ordinary citizens contribute their time to assisting less advantaged people to always remember the sacrifices Mandela made for peace and reconciliation.


Best of South Africa

Friendships Known affectionately by his clan name of Madiba, Mandela has friends across the world – Bill Clinton, Bono of U2, Naomi Campbell among others. But his closest friendships were with his political comrades such as Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo and Ahmed Kathrada. Kathrada and Madiba are the only two surviving accused from all three of South Africa’s main political trials: the 1952 Defiance Campaign Trial, the 1956 Treason Trial and the 1963 Rivonia Trial. In his autobiography Memoirs, Kathrada recounts that he and Mandela affectionately called one another madala, isiZulu for old man. “Charming and charismatic, he has both a magnetic personality and a commanding presence,” writes Kathrada. “An uncommon amalgam of peasant and aristocrat, he is a living paradox: a democrat par excellence, with just a touch of the autocrat; at once proud but simple; soft yet tenacious; obstinate and flexible; vain one moment and humble the next; infinitely tolerant but also impatient.” Kathrada and Mandela spent 18 years together on Robben Island and a further seven in Pollsmoor Prison, along with Sisulu. Madiba was separated from them in December 1988 when he was moved to Victor Verster Prison from which he was released on 11 February 1990.

“For all the public exposure and media attention Madiba remains an enigma to all but his most intimate circle,” concludes Kathrada. In his honour Nelson Mandela has the freedom of 45 cities around the world, and honorary citizenship of 11 cities. In Johannesburg, Madiba’s image is cast in a 6m high bronze statue and stands preserved in his famous jive in Nelson Mandela Square. Speaking at the statue’s unveiling in April 2004, Ndileka Mandela, Madiba’s eldest granddaughter, said: “This is a very happy statue. The dancing stance pays tribute to the spirit of joy and celebration inherent in the people of South Africa.” The countless tributes to him around the world are without precedent. He has 23 schools, universities and institutions named after him; 25 halls, buildings, monuments and housing developments; 13 stadiums, squares, plazas, parks and gardens; 91 streets, roads, boulevards and parks; 32 bursaries and scholarships, foundations and lectures. Thirteen statues, sculptures and artworks carry his name. Madiba had collected dozens of accolades from around the world: 18 sports-related honours and awards, and 115 other awards. He has a range of strange items named after him: a landfill site, a spider, a seaslug, a protea, a tea, an orchid, a rescue dog, and a racehorse.

Best of South Africa


South African Icons
South Africa is a nation of heroes who have overcome hardships in so many spheres, be it on the sports field, in business or the political arena. But true icons stand head and shoulders above the rest. They stand out because they have done something remarkable and with great significance.

President Jacob Zuma Recently, a South African Icon, Miriam Makeba – known as the greatest songstress of our time – died while performing in Italy. She was nicknamed “Mama Africa” because for many years her songs represented this continent to the world. In the 1950s and 60s, when few in Europe or the US considered South African talent, Makeba was an international celebrity singing to packed audiences. She even sang alongside Marilyn Monroe on former US President John F Kennedy’s birthday. She used her fame to fight for human rights and became the one distinguished voice of the African people, speaking on their behalf at the United Nations. In 1986, the United Nations awarded her the Dag Hammarskjöld Peace Prize and she later won the Gold Otto Hahn Peace Medal. When Nelson Mandela brought her home after 30 years in exile, she became South Africa’s Goodwill Ambassador to the UN. But this country is not short of living legends. Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius , known as “Bladerunner” and “the fastest man on no legs”, has let nothing get in the way of breaking 26 world records. He is determined to race against able-bodied runners at the next Olympics. “You can’t say that you can’t do something,” he says. “If you want to do something and you put your mind to it, then you’ll get it done.” Pistorius was named one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People of 2008. When he was selected, it was said that he has challenged the perception that living with a disability is a disadvantage. In the same list of most influential was Jacob Zuma who has triumphed against adversity to become South Africa’s president. Born in KwaZulu Natal, Zuma’s father died when he was five and he could not afford any formal education. He joined the ANC at 17 and was later convicted of conspiring to overthrow the government and spent 10


Best of South Africa

Oscar Pistorius

Helen Zille years on Robben Island alongside his mentors Nelson Mandela and Govan Mbeki. He worked his way up in the ANC and was elected Deputy President in 1999 and held that position until he was fired in 2005. In December 2007, he won a landslide victory and was elected president of the ANC and in April 2009 he became the fourth democratically elected president of South Africa. His opposition, Helen Zille – the leader of the Democratic Alliance (the opposition party) and Premier of the Western Cape – was chosen as World Mayor 2008 by the City Mayors, an international urban thinktank. She was chosen for being a “national role model for making a real difference and giving people hope” as the then Cape Town Mayor. Zille is known to pull no punches and fight to the end for whatever she believes. In 1977 Zille, then a political journalist, exposed the truth behind black consciousness leader Steve Biko’s death in police custody. She joined the political fray in 1990, was MEC for Education in the Western Cape before being elected as mayor and leader of her party in 2007. Following the 2009 national elections, she became Premier of the Western Cape. In the 2009 Time Magazine’s Most Influencial list, South African artist

Miriam Makeba William Kentridge was also honoured. Veteran international rock icon Lou Reed wrote that Kentridge has the “ability to express that for which there may be no words” and that he has “an expression for the most inexpressible”. Kentridge is South Africa’s best known artist whose work is in demand all over the world. He works mainly in charcoal drawings with touches of pastel colour. He is also a theatre director and documentary film producer. He has won much acclaim for his multi-media theatre productions using hand puppets and is best known for his charcoaldrawn animated films.

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SA Icon

Mark Shuttleworth
When Mark Shuttleworth became South Africa’s first internet billionaire at 26, he gave each of his 16 employees R1-million rand for their loyalty. When he became the first African in Space in 2002, he used his journey to benefit the world by doing invaluable science experiments while in outer space.

This business icon lives his life making sure that whatever he does helps many other people. He is the consummate unconventional IT (information technology) geek who is generous with his substantial wealth and determined to make a difference in this world.

He also makes it look so easy. “Every time I go for a jog I end up huffing and puffing and thinking ‘hell, if I was a bit fitter, this would be easier’,” he says. “But the reality is that if I were fitter, I would just want to run further or faster, and end up huffing and puffing anyway.”

He was 23 when he started his internet consultancy in his parents’ garage in Cape Town that he would sell four years later for R3.58-billion ($575-million). With some of that money, he spent training for two years in Russia to become the world’s second space tourist. “A big part of willpower is


Best of South Africa

having something to aspire to, something to live for,” he says. In April 2002, he fulfilled his dream of flying in space, as a cosmonaut crew member of the Soyuz mission to the International Space Station. Although he has lived in London since 2001, he is proud of being a South African entrepreneur and is determined to helping previously disadvantaged South Africans. His investment company Here Be Dragons (HBD) Venture Capital invests only in South African companies that have potential to serve a global market. His non-profit Shuttleworth Foundation funds projects that improve the quality and reach of maths and science education in Africa. In 2004, Shuttleworth made headlines when he founded the Ubuntu Project to produce free operating desktop software. Ubuntu – meaning “humanity to others” - is the fastest growing and most celebrated version of the Linux operating system, with more than 10 million people running it. Shuttleworth has become a guru in internet technology, not least of all for taking on Microsoft’s Windows with Ubuntu. He claims, though, his only interest is spreading the use of free technology. He says: “A computer is not a device anymore. It is an extension of your mind and your gateway to other people.”

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South Africa - A Hosting Nation
After a sensational Rugby World Cup final in Johannesburg in 1995, Nelson Mandela famously donned the Springbok’s green-and-gold jersey before handing the winning trophy to their captain, Francois Pienaar. The Rainbow Nation went wild and tasted the future where South Africa would be the outstanding host to non-stop giant sporting events.
A year later, Nelson Mandela was on hand again to present the winning trophy to the jubilant South African soccer team, Bafana Bafana, who triumphed at the continent’s premier football event, the African Cup of Nations. World-class facilities and impeccable management has seen successive tournaments that are electric, vibrant and well-supported, and has shown that South Africa is not only capable of hosting big sporting events, but able to make really big successes of them. Over the years, cricket-lovers have been spoilt with unbridled action – cricket’s showcase tournament, the ICC Cricket World Cup was first, and more recently, the uber-exciting Twenty20 World Championships. Wildly successful, the event is indelibly imprinted on the international psyche as the most exciting cricket event, ever. When the world’s biggest Twenty20 tournament, the Indian Premier League (IPL), needed a new arena, it was the perfect opportunity for South Africa to proudly show the world how well it can host a major event – with just 20 days to prepare – and shine it did, with cricket fever infecting local and international fans alike. Always a rugby-hungry nation, the country has welcomed numerous bonegrinding rugby tours, the most recent being the British Lions tour where the Springboks came up trumps. Truly set up to facilitate the very biggest global sporting events, South Africa has made a bid to host either the 2015 or 2019 Rugby World Cup again. A sell-out crowd of close to 105 000 fans lined the especially built street circuit in Durban for all the thrills and spills of the esteemed A1 Grand Prix, making it the one of the biggest sporting events in Durban’s history. Called South Africa’s “coastal playground”, the scenic beachfront circuit was voted the best round of the season in the World Cup of Motorsport by the competing nations. The event has now moved to the Kyalami circuit in Johannesburg which also facilitates the adrenalin-pumping World Superbike Championship. An uncharacteristically rainy Johannesburg has played host to the World Cup of Athletics and Durban has welcomed the Paralympic Swimming World Championships, and is a regular stop-off on the Fina Swimming World Cup short-course


Best of South Africa

Media Club - Photographer Chris Kirchhoff

Media Club - Photographer Chris Kirchhoff

circuit, drawing some of the world’s best swimmers and letting local stars like Ryk Neethling and Natalie du Toit excel. Golf supporters have been wowed with the World Cup of Golf, President’s Cup (rated one of the best-organised and most exciting golfing events ever), and the Women’s World Cup of Golf which South Africa has hosted for several years running.

Besides the growing list of international competitions, a number of homegrown sporting events have become international events in their own right. From “Africa’s Major”, the annual Nedbank Golf Challenge, to the world’s greatest ultra-marathon, the Comrades, many consistently attract a world-class field and thoroughly impress with their professionalism and comraderie.

The country recently showcased the Fifa Confederations Cup which exploded on an international audience with colour and energy. Orchestra’s of vuvuzelas pulsated to packed stadiums – a fantastic dress rehearsal for the upcoming mother of all football events, the FIFA 2010 World Cup. The Rainbow Nation is ticking off the days to this highly prestigious, most watched of international sporting events. Believing that this World Cup does not belong to South Africa alone, but to all of Africa, the nation is waiting to show the rest of the world that Africa is no longer the “dark continent” but a fascinating, vibrant, intoxicating land, alive with a fusion of cultures.

Media Club - Photographer Khanyi Magubane

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Tribute to SA sport
After South Africa’s first democratic elections in 1994, the Rainbow Nation burst into the international sporting arena with enthusiasm and confidence and has churned out a long list of superstars and incredible winning teams that have made the country very proud.

The electric 1995 Rugby World Cup heralded the birth of this new era where a capacity home crowd watched Joel Stransky kick the drop goal of a lifetime and win the final for the Springboks against New Zealand 15-12. The iconic moment where Nelson Mandela presented the Webb Ellis Cup to South African captain Francois Pienaar will be forever etched onto the global memory. Percy Montgomery was the leading point scorer in the 2007 Rugby World Cup held in France, playing a key role in the Boks’ successful march for the second time to the Webb Ellis Cup. Montgomery’s 893 Test points gives him well over twice as many points as the player in second place on the all-time Springboks points list, Naas Botha, who played in only 28 Tests compared to Montgomery’s 102, as most of Botha’s prime years were in South Africa’s era of isolation from world rugby.

Victor Matfield is known for his exceptional skill at disrupting opposition line-outs and was a cornerstone of South Africa’s 2007 World Cup success where he was crowned International Rugby Board (IRB) player of the tournament. Bryan Habana was another superstar, scoring eight tries in the championship and consequently being named the 2007 IRB Player of the Year. The Boks, under the steady captainship of John Smit – one of South Africa’s most successful captains ever and the most-capped captain in international rugby history – powered through the field to beat England 15-6 in the final. The Springboks were named 2008 Team of the Year at the prestigious “Sport Oscars” – the Laureus World Sports Awards – and are currently ranked number one in the IRB World Rankings. Many of South Africa’s rugby heroes have been inducted into the International


Best of South Africa

Rugby Hall of Fame including one of the most influential South African rugby players ever, Danie Craven; legendary “The Boot” Naas Botha; Morné du Plessis; Francois Pienaar and Joost van der Westhuizen. Recent South African rugby triumphs include thumping Australia in Johannesburg by 45 points, winning in New Zealand for the first time in 33 years, inflicting the worst ever defeat on England at Twickenham, and coming up trumps in the much celebrated 2009 British Lions tour. South Africa is also a well deserved winner in the 2009 Tri Nations Series against the southern hemisphere rugby powerhouses, Australia and New Zealand. The Boks won an epic victory over New Zealand to clinch the title and have now won the Series three times. South Africa won the IRB Sevens World Series for the 2008/09 season led by Mzwandile Stick and thanks to the winning combination of players like Vuyo Zangqa and Gio Aplon. This means South Africa now hold the “World Champions” title in both 15-a-side and Sevens rugby – the first time the two cups have been united in a single trophy cabinet. South African cricket icons like Alan Donald, Shaun Pollock and Hansie Cronje have become household names and no one will ever forget the flying Jonty Rhodes who shot to fame in a game against Pakistan during the 1992 Cricket World Cup when he dived full length, ball in hand, to break the stumps and effect a run out. Pakistan’s innings faltered from then on and South Africa won by twenty runs. The current Proteas team is under the stewardship of captain Graeme Smith and the team has gone from strength to strength beating New Zealand, the West Indies, Pakistan and Bangladesh in test matches, as well as drawing a series in India and winning their first test series in England since 1965. Pace bowling sensation Dale Steyn currently holds the second best bowling strike rate in Tests and was awarded the prestigious ICC 2008 Test Cricketer of the Year Award. The world’s biggest Twenty20 tournament, the Indian Premier League (IPL), came to South Africa’s shores in 2009 with much fanfare and allowing top South African players like AB de Villiers to shine for all to see at the ‘Challenge of Champions’. Legendary Gary Player is one of the icons of golfing worldwide. With his nine major championship victories, he is generally regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of golf and is one of only five players to win golf’s “career Grand Slam”. In 2000, Player was voted “Sportsman of the Century” in South Africa. Player is succeeded by Ernie Els and Retief Goosen, both top professional players who have won major championships including several U.S. Open titles. Els won the World Match Play Championship a record seven times, held the number one spot in the Official

Best of South Africa


World Golf Rankings and has been ranked in the top ten for a record 750 weeks. Goosen started the 2009 season well with two wins on two major tours. South African swimming showed that it is a force to be reckoned with, when the dream team won the prestigious men’s 4x100 metre freestyle relay at the 2004 Summer Olympics. The incredible four consisted of Roland Schoeman, Lyndon Ferns, Darian Townsend and Ryk Neethling. Neethling currently holds several South African and world records, and Schoeman is the former World Record Holder in the 50 m Freestyle. A hero of exceptional courage and ambition is Natalie du Toit who qualified as the first female amputee swimmer ever to qualify for the Olympics, where she placed 16th in a field of 24 at the 2008 Summer Olympics in the 10,000 metre swim. She is best known for the gold medals she won at the 2004 Paralympic Games as well as the Commonwealth Games.


Best of South Africa

The 2009 International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships in Berlin saw two South African stars shine – Mbulaeni Mulaudzi powered through to win the men’s 800 metres gold medal and Godfrey Khotso Mokoena jumped to a silver medal in the hotly contested men’s Long Jump. Soccer is the sport of the masses in South Africa and has churned out icons like Doctor Khumalo, Lucas Radebe, Jomo Sono and Gary Bailey. The current superheroes, Benni McCarthy, Shaun Bartlett, Quinton Fortune and Steven Pienaar, have all been snapped up by the illustrious European football clubs. The continent’s premier footballing event, the African Cup of Nations, took place on home soil in 1995 and saw a jubilant Bafana Bafana and captain Neil Tovey being presented the winning trophy by mighty Madiba. More recently, the boys did the nation proud as they powered through some tough opposition to reach the semi-finals

of the FIFA Confederations Cup where they narrowly lost 1-0 to Brazil. South Africans rallied behind football in a unified show filled with wonderfully noisy vuvuzelas and pimped-up construction hats called makarapas – the event was celebrated as an excellent dress rehearsal for the upcoming FIFA 2010 World Cup. As the first football World Cup to be held on African soil, the government has invested billions of Rand to ensure that the FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa will be the best one ever. Five spectacular uniquely-African stadiums have been built – the unforgettable Soccer City Stadium has been built to look like a vast cooking pot simmering above a ring of fire – and other venues and infrastructure are being massively upgraded. As all eyes turn to South Africa, the Rainbow Nation will be hoping the home crowd advantage will power Bafana Bafana to victory and continue to make South African sporting history.

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Homecoming Revolution
President Jacob Zuma told the World Economic Forum 2009 how the international financial crisis has provided an opportunity to reverse the ‘braindrain’.

“Many economic emigrants have now discovered that the grass is not necessarily greener on the other side, and will hopefully come home soon to assist with planning for our recovery,” he said. But South Africans overseas were already coming home in their droves. For most of them, it was a matter of searching

for a better life than they had in South Africa and then returning home when they realised what they had was what they really wanted. Each returning emigrant has their own story. Some left home with big career dreams after university and others sought refuge from crime and a weakening rand.

But all who return will tell you just how much they missed their strong family networks, old friends, familiarity and the weather, says Martine Shaffer, managing director of Homecoming Revolution, an organisation aimed at reversing the South African skills shortage. There has been a definite increase in folks returning,


Best of South Africa

according to Brad Barker, joint CEO of Elliott International. “From January to May 2009, 41% of our import shipments were returning South Africans,” he says. “I believe it has a great deal to do with the deteriorating economic climate.” Shaffer says, “The crisis has made people reassess their lives and where they

would most like to spend their lives. When your income is under threat, you look at where you will feel the most secure and generally that is in the place you know, with the people you love.” The expatriates are returning with international experience and skills that are so desperately needed in South Africa, according to Shaffer. “Mostly, despite the economic climate, they don’t have problems finding work” she says. Paton Personnel – who specialise in topend job placement in the financial sector – has noticed the influx of expatriates. “There has been a spike in interest in finding work here,” says Paton’s chief operating officer Allison Gillson. “Some people were affected when working in the big global banks but others just want to come home because there is a sense that we will be more cushioned from the crisis here.” A few come home with jobs lined up, but most just arrive. “We were asked to quote on 20 families living in Western Australia who were retrenched by one company,” says Barker. “They will find work. They may

have to readjust their expectations and take smaller packages.” First National Bank sponsors the Homecoming Revolution and helps expatriates set up bank accounts, secure loans and start businesses. “We would like to see South Africans returning from abroad, rolling up their sleeves and finding new and relevant ways to make this country even greater,” says FNB CEO Michael Jordaan. And the returnees are clearly keen to do just that.

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South African Arts & Culture
The arts have exploded in the past decade and audiences both locally and internationally continue to be thrilled by the unmistakable flavour of the country that emerges out of such a rich cultural kaleidoscope.


Best of South Africa

In 2008, South African music made a big impact internationally: dub-rockers BLK JKS, electronica band Goldfish, Flat Stanley, and the countries biggest selling rock group, Just Jinger, all signed major international record deals. The much celebrated Ladysmith Black Mambazo scooped their third Grammy in 2009 in the Best Traditional World Music Album category. The group has earned 13 Grammy nominations – the most for any South African band. The renowned Soweto Gospel Choir were also nominated for a Grammy in 2009. The South African film industry has enjoyed unparalleled growth with topquality productions present at all the

Opera Africa copyright - Chorister - Princess Magogo

international festivals and markets. One of the latest offerings is ‘Jerusalema’, written and directed by Ralph Ziman and produced by Tendeka Matatu, the film has been submitted for consideration in the category of best foreign language film at the 2009 Oscars. ‘Jerusalema’ joins a growing list of South African productions at the Oscars.

Best of South Africa


‘Yesterday’, by Darrell Roodt, was nominated for an Oscar for best foreign language film in 2005. Gavin Hood’s ‘Tsotsi’ won the Oscar in this category in 2006. Shot in Johannesburg, sci-fi film ‘District 9’, which is directed by South African-born computer-graphics whiz, Neill Blomkamp, has taken the US box office by storm, earning the number-one spot and raking in US$37-million (R302-million) during its opening weekend in August 2009. The influential 2009 Cannes Film Festival has selected South African filmmaker, John Barker, as one of the world’s top young directors for his latest script, ‘The Umbrella Men’. Barker’s 2006 urban-comedy ‘Bunny Chow’ was received positively worldwide, and selected to participate in various International Film Festivals. The South African theatre production – ‘the Magic Flute / Impempe Yomlingo’ – won the 2008 Best Musical Revival at the prestigious Laurence Olivier Awards and has been sold-out from Cape Town to London to New York. The production features Pauline Malefane, star of ‘U-Carmen eKhayelitsha’ which won the coveted Berlin Film Festival’s Golden Bear. The internationally acclaimed Zulu opera, ‘Princess Magogo’, has also toured the world and is recognised as one of the most

Frances Kendall 36

Best of South Africa

exciting and innovative musical events ever. South African art has been fetching fabulous prices worldwide. In 2007, Bonhams of London established their firstever auction solely devoted to South African art and each year artworks fetch record sales. The top seller at the 2009 auction was Maggie Laubser and two record bids were also achieved for Walter Battiss and Anton van Wouw. In 2005, South African Marlene Dumas became the world’s most expensive living female artist for selling a painting for $3.34-million, a status she maintained for one year. South Africa has a rich history of literary output – two of the most notable being Nadine Gordimer and JM Coetzee - both receiving the Nobel Laureate in Literature. Other well known South African authors include Alan Paton (Cry, the Beloved Country); Credo Mutwa; André Brink (A Dry White Season); and Athol Fugard (My Children! My Africa!).

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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

January Dusi Take to the waters with the legendary Hansa Powerade “Dusi” canoe marathon that runs from Camps Drift near Pietermaritzburg through two river systems, the Umsindusi and the Umgeni, to finish three days later near Durban. / J&B Met The stage is set for a record day in every respect when the gates open at Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town, for one of South Africa’s biggest summer racing, fashion and entertainment occasions, and Africa’s hottest horseracing event - the R2-million, Grade 1 J&B Met. Spec-Savers Ironman 70.3 South Africa Triathlon Popular with athletes and great training events for the full distance events, the Spec-Savers Ironman is held in Buffalo City.

It includes a 1.9 km sea swim, a 90 km cycle and a 21.1 km run. Audi Joburg Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010 Collections will grace the catwalk as the annual Audi Joburg Fashion Week returns for the fourth year at Johannesburg’s Sandton Convention Centre. The four day fashion showcase features the nation’s best designers unveiling their creative forecast of the season’s trends, to a global audience of media, fashion buyers, and fashion consumers. February MTN Sabie Classic Mountain Bike Race The venue for this breathtakingly beautiful event is the rolling hills of Mpumalanga, where the splendor of the scenery contrasts with the tough and unforgiving nature of the course.

Midmar Mile The Midmar Mile is in it’s 37th year and has attracted over 17000 annual entries over the last few years. Now officially the largest open water swimming event in the world and recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest open water swimming event. Up The Creek Festival This Music Festival is a get-together of musicians, fans, friends, party-animals, upcoming talent, golden oldies, rockers, revelers and generally all other electrifying things that you can pack into the intimate festival spot next to the Breede River in Swellendam. March The Cape Argus Pick ‘n Pay Cycle Tour This Cycle Tour, is one of the world’s largest individually timed cycle races - and the first event outside Europe to be included in the


Best of South Africa

International Cycling Union’s Golden Bike Series - sees over 35 000 cyclists tackling a 109km route around Cape Town that is as spectacular as it is grueling. Cape Town Festival As per tradition the Cape Town Festival is back again, celebrating the diversity of the Mother City. By inviting popular artists from throughout the continent Cape Town is showcased as a proudly African city. The Cape Town Festival, born out of the ”One City, Many Cultures” campaign, will be reaching out to the continent in line with our countries hosting of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Time of the Writer Festival This 12th international writers festival, hosted by the Centre for Creative Arts, will bring together South African, African and international writers in a week-long programme of stimulating literary events. April Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon This event has earned a reputation as the world’s most beautiful marathon. The event attracts close to 26 000 participants across the ultra, half marathon and the fun runs and provides them with a mixture of breathtaking scenery, a gruelling test of fitness for both the elite and recreational runner, and an unrivalled race organization and atmosphere.

Spec Savers Ironman South Africa The punishing Ironman Triathlon, held in the beautiful surrounds of Nelson Mandela Bay, includes a 3.8 km swim, a 180 km cycle and a 42.2 km run that tests the endurance of athletes to their limits. The Swazi Xtreme Adventure Race This race has a proud tradition of challenging competitors with race routes that incorporate awesome natural features, friendly rural people and an atmosphere of risk and reward. The event has also been consistently innovative in its mission to keep the adventure in adventure racing and to avoid this becoming an elitist ultra distance athletic sport. Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience This 11th dance experience promises dynamic days of contemporary dance, featuring top South African, African and International dance groups. Workshops, master classes, fringe and youth fringe performances, and many more activities will be presented. My Coke Zero Fest Coca-Cola Zero™ brings an unprecedented international and local line-up of the hottest rock bands, with 12 hours of rocking music and unbelievable experiences, making it the most adrenalin-fuelled festival in South Africa.

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Health and Beauty

ABSA Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees Kick up some dust and celebrate Afrikaans Culture in Oudtshoorn. The fun-filled Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees is a merry event that stages new Afrikaans talent as well as old favourites and has grown to a gathering that attracts around 18 000 festival buffs. The event started as an Afrikaans arts and culture festival, but has evolved into an inclusive multi-cultural and multi-lingual arts festival, celebrating the diversity of South Africa. The Cape Town International Jazz Festival This festival, known as Africa’s Grandest Gathering, has grown into a hugely successful international event. The festival will be in its 11th year when it takes place in 2010 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. May Comrades Marathon With over 80 years of history, the Comrades Marathon is one of the Worlds most famous ultra-marathons, run over an 89.3 km route through rolling countryside between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Bell’s Fort Nottingham Highland & Traditional Games The 4th Bell’s Fort Nottingham Highland and Traditional Games takes place on Saturday, May 15 at the Fort Nottingham Fields near Nottingham Road in KwaZulu Natal’s midlands. This highly popular celebration of Scottish and Celtic traditions has become a firm favourite for the midlands and promises to be a wonderful, spirited community event once again, attracting 6000 people on one day! South African Music Awards This Awards event is South Africa’s premiere music awards ceremony, recognizing accomplishment in the South African recording industry by celebrating those groups and individuals who have excelled across the many genres and various facets of the industry.


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June FIFA World Cup South Africa regularly hosts major international sporting events, and since 1994 has successfully managed some of the biggest - but the Football World Cup, the world’s biggest sporting event after the Olympic games - in terms of television audience, bigger than the Olympics - is in a class of its own. For four weeks in 2010 (11/06 – 11/07), South Africa will be the centre of the world. The eyes of billions of television viewers, an estimated three million international visitors and the cream of the world’s sporting media will be focused on the southern tip of Africa. Grahamstown National Arts Festival This Arts Festival is annually held in the university town of Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. The event is Africa’s largest and most colourful cultural event that offers a choice of the very best of both indigenous and imported talent. ARISE Cape Town Fashion Week AFI has worked alongside the Cape Town Fashion Council as they have tirelessly executed a sophisticated curatorship programme designed to ensure that fresh fashion talent is given an opportunity to shine. Cape Town is also home to many of Africa’s most established couturiers and a significant tranche of its fashion media and models. As such, we draw on what the city has to offer us that is unique and innovative to be presented in this fashion week. ARISE Africa Fashion Week Africa has long been a muse for the arts throughout the world, most recently in fashion, with the world’s top designers choosing to look towards African techniques, designs and materials to ensure that their collections appeal to a wider global audience. The world-class platform that AFI is providing the designers from the north, east, west and south of our continent presents an opportunity to stimulate the continent’s creative economy and showcase the rich, deep cultures that inform and infuse our existence here. Fashion transcends culture and ethnicity. July Vodacom Durban July This is Africa’s greatest horseracing event. It is held at the Greyville racecourse in Kwazulu-Natal on the first Saturday in July each year. The annual outbreak of “July Fever” makes its regular appearance in mid-April and grows in intensity as the days pass, becoming a national epidemic. Durban International Film Festival The festival will present over 200 screenings of films from around the world, with a special focus on films from South African and Africa. Screenings will take place throughout Durban including township areas where cinemas are non-existent. The festival will also offer an extensive seminar and workshop programme featuring local and international filmmakers. Stellenbosch Wine Festival One of the biggest and oldest food and wine festivals in the Cape. Join this year’s festival goers as they enjoy a special selection of over 500 wines and gourmet delights from 170 top exhibitors all under one roof. August BMW International Polo Series This Polo Series, played against a touring international team, is the highlight of the South African Polo calendar. The first Test (always on a Sunday) is played at Shongweni, near Durban and the second Test, played a week later, is held at the Inanda Club in Sandton.

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September Darling Wild Flowers Show The beautiful town of Darling in the Cape has hosted a wildflower show almost every year since 1917. The Wildflower Society, organisers of the show, aim to promote the conservation of flowers in the region and display this natural wealth for visitors to enjoy. Hermanus Whale Festival This Festival, is the only enviro-Arts festival in South Africa, it is held annually to celebrate the return of the Southern Right Whales to the waters of Walker Bay, our magnificent environment and the arrival of spring! Soweto Festival This festival is the principal event in Soweto that draws together business, SMMEs, youth, community organisations, consumers and all the people of Soweto on an annual basis to celebrate Soweto’s richness and diversity. The Festival provides a vehicle for businesses in Soweto, South Africa’s largest township, to reclaim their rightful share of this spending by placing local enterprises and SMMEs side by side with some of the country’s leading brands. October The Avis South African Derby The most anticipated event on the equestrian and social calendar. Besides the thrilling Show jumping Derby, there is also Dressage,


Best of South Africa

Equitation, Driving, and Showing, held at the Kyalami Equestrian Park. Joburg Day Music Festival 94.7 Highveld Stereo and Santam invite all Joburgers to get together for a day of celebration and quality South African music. It’s about bringing the city together in the biggest musical festival of the year! Poetry Africa International Festival The week long program features more than twenty poets, predominantly from South Africa and elsewhere on the African continent, and includes performances, readings, music and book-launches weekly at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre (University of KwaZuluNatal) with a festival finale at BAT Centre. Day activities include seminars, workshops, open mic opportunities, and school visits. As well as a schools poetry competition taking place. November 94.7 Highveld Cycle Race Sponsored by 94.7 Highveld Stereo and Pick ‘n Pay, Gauteng’s premier cycle challenge is now in its 12th year getting Joburg residents onto their bikes. Over 30 000 cyclists take part in “Joburg’s safest race”, which is 94.7 kilometers in length. December Nedbank Golf Challenge The Nedbank Golf Challenge is where the world’s best golfers battle it out at Sun City’s Gary Player Country Club. With a total prize pool of more than $4 million up for grabs. Women’s World Cup of Golf According to the WWCG website, “Officials from the Women’s World Cup of Golf, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and the Ladies European Tour (LET) have made a joint decision to pursue moving the date of the 2010 event to the end of the season instead of opening the season with it in January, as has been tradition for the past three years. The event organizers will look to host the event towards the end of the season to create the best possible chance of attracting the world’s top players to South Africa.” Lipizzaners Carols By Candlelight Join our South African Lipizzaners in a Christmas Performance with Carols By Candlelight performances. The magnificent white Lipizzaner stallions will be performing with singers from the Welsh Male Voice Choir incorporating Christmas Carols to ring in the Festive Season.

Best of South Africa


Travel & Tourism


Best of South Africa

Best of South Africa


Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism
South Africa is a place of remarkable contrasts, offering lush subtropical forests, vast and arid desert plains, high-energy cities, hopelessly hippie beaches, abundant wildlife, a rich and fascinating history, friendly people and, pretty much everywhere you go, spectacular natural beauty of all kinds.


Best of South Africa

Legacy projects Monuments, museums, plaques, outdoor art, heritage trails and other symbolic representations create visible reminders of, and commemorate, the many aspects of South Africa’s past. Government has initiated several national legacy projects to establish commemorative symbols of South Africa’s history and to celebrate its heritage. The legacy projects include the: • Women’s Monument: On 9 August 2000, former President Thabo Mbeki unveiled a monument at the Union Buildings in Pretoria to commemorate the contribution of the women of South Africa in the struggle for freedom. • Chief Albert Luthuli’s house in KwaDukuza, KwaZulu-Natal: This house has been restored by the Department of Arts and Culture as a museum with a visitors’ interpretative centre. • Battle of Blood River/Ncome Project: Following the unveiling of the Ncome Monument and Wall of Remembrance on 16 December 1998, the Ncome Museum was opened in 1999. The structures honour the role played by the Zulu nation in the battle. • Samora Machel Project: The Samora Machel Monument in Mbuzini, Mpumalanga, was unveiled on 19 October 1998. The second phase was completed in 2005. • Nelson Mandela Museum: This museum in the Eastern Cape was opened 1n 2000. It is being developed as a single component comprising three elements, namely a museum in Mthatha, a youth centre at Qunu, and a visitors’ centre in Mvezo, where former President Mandela was born.

• Constitution Hill Project: The Old Fort Prison in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, was developed into a multidimensional and multipurpose precinct that houses the Constitutional Court and accommodates various constitutional commissions. The Constitution Hill Project involved the development of the Constitutional Hill precinct to accommodate the CC, the Constitution Museum, the Women’s Jail, the Old Fort and a commercial precinct. • The Sarah Baartman National Heritage Site in Hankey in the Eastern Cape and the Sarah Baartman Human Rights Memorial in the Western Cape.

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• Freedom Park Project: Construction of the Freedom Park Project, a memorial to the anti-apartheid struggle at Salvokop in Pretoria, began in 2002. The first phase of the R560-million memorial site was handed over to government in 2004. This phase, costing R45 million, involved the design and construction of the Garden of Remembrance in honour of the country’s departed freedom fighters. • The Khoisan Heritage and Culture Institution in Hankey, Kouga Municipality, as part of the Khoisan Legacy Project. An estimated R5 million was allocated for the first phase. Other projects underway are the 1981 Matola Raid Memorial in Maputo, Mozambique; the rehabilitation and development of the Lock Street women’s prison in East London into a museum; development of the former apartheid state security Vlakplaas farm into a heritage memorial site; and the OR Tambo Memorial Project in Bizana in the Eastern Cape.


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Cultural villages Most tourists visiting South Africa are eager to explore the country’s cultural diversity. At the same time, an increasing number of local tourists want to learn more about the people they were separated from under apartheid. Various projects around the country offer insight into South Africa’s cultural wealth, ranging from traditional dances and rituals in rural areas, to excursions into the urban and township milieux that give South Africa its defining features. These include: • Khaya Lendaba near Port Elizabeth • the Basotho Cultural Village situated in the QwaQwa Nature Reserve near Harrismith, Free State • the Makhosini Cultural Village and Tourism Initiative in the Valley of Kings at Umgungundlovu in KwaZulu-Natal • the Lesedi Cultural Village near Johannesburg • Tlholego in Magaliesburg • the KoMjekejeke Cultural Village, north of Pretoria

• the Mapoch Ndebele Village in Winterveld, north-west of Pretoria • the Gaabo Motho Cultural Village in Mabopane • the Rainbow Cultural Village, west of the Hartbeespoort Dam, North West • Botshabelo in Middelburg, Mpumalanga • Shangana in Hazyview, Mpumalanga. Provinces South Africa is divided into nine provinces. The provinces, with their own distinctive landscapes, vegetation and climate each rich in history, culture and diversity that makes South Africa the rewarding destination for the tourist and business traveller alike. It is a land of opportunity and promise! Today, different cultures and races live in harmony, weaving a colourful tapestry in the busy urban streets and the quite rural landscapes. Eastern Cape The Eastern Cape is a study in contrasts: the political womb of the country, the birthplace of the country’s first two democratic presidents, Nelson Mandela and Thabo

Mbeki, and a place of both extreme poverty, and extreme beauty. Like the rest of South Africa, the Eastern Cape has wildlife-rich national parks and other conservation areas - but with a unique advantage. In the Eastern Cape, there is no risk, as there is in other natural areas, of malaria. The province’s attractions include the Addo Elephant Park, which contains five of South Africa’s seven major vegetation zones, and a unique combination of the Big Seven elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, leopard, whales and great white sharks, plus a rich heritage of archaeological and historical sites. The reserve also has the largest coastal dune field in the southern hemisphere. Jeffrey’s Bay is said to be one of the top three surfing spots in the world. The town’s other attractions are scuba diving, rock fishing, dolphin and whale spotting, and the dazzling Gamtoos River valley, noted for its bird life. Grahamstown, originally a military outpost, with its Georgian and Victorian buildings, is where the 1820 British settlers came ashore as part of the British colonial government’s efforts to populate the interior with white people from England. These days is it best

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Health and Beauty

known for the annual National Arts Festival, the largest of its kind in Africa. Grahamstown is also a vibrant university town, home to Rhodes University. In the interior of the province is Cradock, a Karoo town known for resistance politics. It is also the place where Olive Schreiner lived, best known for her novel The Story of an African Farm. She is buried in the hills outside the town. Also near the town is the Mountain Zebra National Park, a conservation success story, saving the mountain zebra species from extinction. The historic town of Graaff-Reinet, with a town centre preserved largely intact from 1786, was the birthplace of Robert Sobukwe, founder of the Pan Africanist Congress. Graaff-Reinet is in the centre of the 14 500ha Camdeboo National Park, in the Great Karoo. Nieu Bethesda is a little dorp north of Graaff-Reinet, a place that may have disappeared from the map if it weren’t for Helen Martins, a reclusive and obsessive artist generally disliked in the village during her lifetime. For many decades of the early 20th century, Martins worked tirelessly on cramming her small home, today known as the Owl House, with visionary sculpture made from the prosaic materials of cement and parts of glass bottles. King William’s Town marks a significant element of Xhosa history. A mass grave in the cemetery is where hundreds of Xhosa

are buried, the result of the disastrous 1857 Nongqawuse prophesy to slaughter their entire stock of cattle and destroy their crops, and in return the ancestors would ensure that white settlers would be blown into the sea. Some 25 000 Xhosas subsequently died of starvation. Some 60km west of King William’s Town is Fort Hare, originally a multiracial college set up by missionaries, and the place where Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Nelson Mandela were educated. On the northern edge of the Eastern Cape is Rhodes. San rock paintings can be explored in the vicinity of the town, while winter skiers make their way through Rhodes to Tiffindell, the country’s only ski resort, set up against the southern Drakensberg mountains bordering Lesotho. The remote and undeveloped Wild Coast, stretching from East London to the beautiful Mkambati Nature Reserve, consists of unspoilt beaches, lush forest, green, undulating hills, complimented by hospitality from the local Xhosa community. The town of Mthatha (previously Umtata) is in the middle of the Wild Coast region, and is home to the Nelson Mandela Museum. The museum offers guided tours to the nearby village of Qunu, where Mandela grew up. The remains of his primary school, the rock he used to play on and the graveyard where family members are buried are highlights.


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Free State Bloemfontein, the capital of the province, is the home of the Supreme Court of Appeal, but also the birthplace of JR Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings. The city is on the route between Johannesburg and Cape Town, and has a number of interesting museums and art galleries, including the Oliewenhuis Art Gallery, the National Afrikaans Literary Museum, and the National Women’s Monument and War Museum. Two interesting personalities have associations with the province. Emily Hobhouse, who campaigned on behalf of Boer concentration camp internees during the 1899-1902 Anglo-Boer (South African) War, is buried at the foot of the National Women’s Monument. Laurens van der Post, explorer, writer and soldier, grew up in Philippolis, a town 160km south of Bloemfontein. Seventy-five of the town’s houses have been declared national heritage sites, consisting of a mix of flat-roofed Karoo and Cape Dutch gabled houses, and Victorian broekie-lace gems. The Highlands Route, a road along the Lesotho border for some 280 kilometres, runs around the northern tip of Lesotho, from Phuthadijhaba (Witsieshoek) to Wepener, taking in impressive rock formations. The route passes through Clarens and the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, with

its stunning mountain views and gorgeous ravines. Black wildebeest, eland, blesbok, oribi, springbok and Burchell’s zebra can be seen in the park, as well as the rare bearded vulture (lammergeier) and the bald ibis. Clarens is well known as an arts and crafts mecca, popular for its cafes and galleries. The Witsieshoek Mountain Resort gives access into the high Drakensberg escarpment, with a hike to the top of the grand Amphitheatre and the Mont aux Sources, at 3 278m, the source of the Tugela. The Basotho Cultural Village is nearby, showcasing Basotho traditions. The Free State also has a World Heritage Site - the Vredefort Dome, the result of the two billion-year-old meteorite of 10km in diameter that hit the earth about 100km southwest of Johannesburg, creating an enormous impact crater. The world has about 130 crater indentations of possible impact origin. The Vredefort Dome is among the top three, and is the oldest and largest clearly visible meteorite impact site in the world. Gauteng Although South Africa’s smallest province, Gauteng is the most industrialised and densely populated. The name of the province means “place of gold”, and the metal accounts for its concentration of wealth and its 40% contribution to the country’s GDP.

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Gold is the reason for Johannesburg’s establishment, and the city is defined by its exploitation - although fast disappearing, the southern section of the city is littered with large mine dumps and scattered headgear. An earlier mine, shaft 14, now incorporated into the theme park, Gold Reef City, offers trips 226m below ground. On the same site is the Apartheid Museum, a powerful place commemorating and recording the country’s appalling history of racial discrimination. Further south is the iconic township Soweto. Here the unravelling of apartheid began in 1976, with schoolchildren rebelling against apartheid education, and losing their lives along the way. June 16, 1976 has been memorialised in the Hector Pieterson Museum and Memorial, remembering the death of Hector Pieterson, who was the first child to die on the day, becoming the symbol of repression and police brutality. The township was home to Nelson and Winnie Mandela; their home is now a museum. Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu has a home in the same street. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela still lives in the township. Tours of the township take in the Kliptown Square, where the Freedom Charter was ratified in 1955, shebeens and indigenous restaurants, and the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, the biggest in southern Africa. The Constitutional Court has found a home in the city, on the site of a set of jails, the place of incarceration of two of the 20th century’s icons, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, and many thousands of apartheid petty offenders. Johannesburg is a cosmopolitan city, attracting immigrants from the day gold

was discovered in 1886. It still attracts immigrants, and the result is a lively mix of cultures, languages and cuisines. It can be a dangerous city, but has an energetic, vibrant pace that soon becomes addictive. The city is home to the country’s super rich, and the desperately poor. Upmarket shopping malls abound, together with 70% of South Africa’s corporate headquarters, the stock exchange, a significant Art Deco collection, casinos, theatres, museums, art galleries, flea markets, splashes of water and some 10 million trees. Residents jive to the sounds of a host of musicians, from Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse, Hugh Masekela and Johnny Clegg to Sibongile Khumalo and Yvonne Chaka Chaka. Several orchestras, numerous kwaito, rap, jazz, maskanda and mbaqanga artists keep Joburgers’ feet tapping. The city has several major dance companies, from ballet to Afro-fusion. Several annual music and dance festivals - the joy of jazz, arts alive, dance umbrella - keep residents on their toes. Internationally recognised artists living in the city include William Kentridge, Sam Nthemhetha, Edoardo Villa, Penny Siopis, David Koloane, Cecil Skotnes, Robert Hodgins, Willem Boshoff, and Pat Matlua. Joburg has several large soccer stadiums, and is to host the opening and final matches of the 2010 Fifa Football World Cup. To the north-west of the city is the Cradle of Humankind, consisting of the Sterkfontein caves and Maropeng, the former the source of some of the world’s most significant hominid fossils, the latter visitors’ centre and museum set in a huge structure signifying the historical importance of the area in the beginnings of humankind.


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The Sterkfontein Caves are where Mrs Ples, dating back 2.5-million years, and Little Foot, an almost complete ape-man skeleton just over 4 million years old, have been found. The 47 000-hectare Sterkfontein valley consists of around 40 different fossil sites, 13 of which have been excavated. Just beyond the Cradle is the Magaliesberg mountain range, with the Crocodile River running towards this moderately high range on its way to the Hartebeespoort Dam , to become the Limpopo River. Gauteng’s other major city is Pretoria, founded around a Boer farming community in 1855, and the country’s administrative capital since 1910. The home of president Paul Kruger, its reputation as the bastion of apartheid was exploded when President Nelson Mandela was inaugurated in 1994 at the iconic Union Buildings. The city’s Church Square consists of elegant, colonial-style buildings, a meeting place for Afrikaners for over 100 years. The Palace of Justice and the Raadsaal are the oldest buildings on the square, built in grand, neo-classical style with Joburg’s early gold revenues. South of the city is the University of South Africa, the country’s largest correspondence university. Further south is the Voortrekker Monument, perhaps the most symbolic statement of Afrikaner nationalism in the country. North of the city is the Tswaing Crater, one of best-preserved meteorite craters in the world. Some 220 000 years ago a meteorite hit the earth, creating a crater of just over one kilometre in diameter. It is one of around 170 impact craters in the world and one of four known impact craters in South Africa.

KwaZulu-Natal This province has a bit of everything: beaches washed by the warm Indian Ocean, plentiful wildlife in well-organised game parks, significant battlefields, and two World Heritage Sites: the (Greater St Lucia) Wetland Park and the iSimangaliso uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park. Durban, the country’s largest harbour, offers the visitor a mix of cultures: Zulu, Indian and English, with temples, Victorian architecture and Zulu crafts, particularly clay pots and beautiful woven baskets, abundant in the city. The weather is subtropical and can be very humid but its beaches offer swimming all year round. Not to be missed is the uShaka Marine World, a new entertainment park near the Durban harbour. It offers a spectacular aquarium, thrilling water rides, tubing on a canal that winds through the park and under the shark tank, and dolphin and seal shows, where the animals display their remarkable intelligence. There are also a number of restaurants, bars and shops. KwaZulu-Natal’s Tugela, Umgeni and Umkomaas are three of the country’s great rivers. Some 80km north of Durban is Pietermaritzburg, a well-preserved Victorian city, with a lively multicultural community. This city is the one where

Mahatma Gandhi was thrown out of a first-class train, on his way to Johannesburg. Another personality linked to the city is Alan Paton, author of the acclaimed novel Cry the Beloved Country. Paton was born in the city in 1903, and his study, documents and personal memorabilia are preserved in the Alan Paton Centre on the University of KwaZulu-Natal campus. The city’s best museum is the Tatham Art Gallery, with works by Pablo Picasso, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse alongside works by South Africans. Heading north from Pietermaritzburg is the Midlands Meander, a route that takes in a number of crafts stalls, tea shops, pubs, trout-fishing farms, country hotels and B&Bs.

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The N3 road through the midlands roughly traces the last journey of Nelson Mandela before he was arrested in 1962, and sentenced to jail for 27 years in the Rivonia Trial. Most visitors head inland, up the north coast to Zululand and Maputaland, home of the great Zulu kings Shaka and Dingaan. There are several of the country’s great game parks in the area - Ithala, Mkuze and Hluhluwe-Umfolozi - well stocked with rhino, as well as the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, a 2 700km patchwork of five distinct ecosystems. This World Heritage Site protects a lake, dunes, a marine zone, papyrus and reeds, and dry savannah and thornveld. The famous Zululand battlefields provide a graphic reminder of the battles between Boers and Zulus, British and Zulus, and Boers and British, either as do-it-yourself or organised tours. Places such as Rorke’s Drift, Isandlwana, Gingindlovu, Blood River and Spioenkop are where many men’s blood flowed, and where the history of the province was written. Alternatively, the uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park, 243 000 hectares in size, stretching 150 kilometres down the western spine of the province, offers great hiking, camping, horse-riding, San rock art, luxury hotels, and majestic views. Its remarkable geology and unmatched wealth of San rock art, makes it a mixed cultural and natural World Heritage Site. For more than 4 000 years the San lived in these spectacular mountains and created a vast body of rock art - the largest and most concentrated collection in Africa. There are some 600 sites and 35 000 individual images. Limpopo Limpopo province abuts South Africa’s northern border with Botswana and Zimbabwe, and was the entry point of the original Bantu people into the country around 300AD. The province consists of thornbushscattered lowveld, lush mountain areas, clusters of baobabs, wetlands and a lake district, and a profusion of game farms. The Limpopo river divides South Africa from its neighbours; its origins can be traced to a spring in Johannesburg. The Drakensberg mountain range rises in Limpopo, and sweeps down through Letaba, an area of lush forests, lakes and waterfalls, into Mpumalanga and KwaZuluNatal. But there are two mini mountain ranges in Limpopo - the Waterberg and the Soutpansberg. The Waterberg mountains, in the west of the province, are a Unescoproclaimed savannah biosphere with malaria-free big five game viewing, while the Soutpansberg mountains in the north are sub-tropical, and home of the legendary Rain Queen.


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The northern section of the province has significant history - the Mapungubwe site is now a World Heritage Site. The recently formed Mapungubwe National Park is rich in biodiversity, great scenic beauty and the cultural importance of the archaeological treasures of Mapungubwe. The park is the site where an African civilisation prospered between 1000 and 1290 AD. The area was already inhabited by a growing Iron Age community from 900 AD and became rich through trade with Egypt, India and China. This is the place where archaeologists excavated the famous golden rhino and other evidence of a wealthy African kingdom. Sandstone formations, mopane woodlands and unique riverine forest and baobab trees can be seen in the park, while impressive Khoi/San rock art shelters have also been uncovered. The province has several other game parks and nature reserves offering good game viewing opportunities. Bela-Bela in the south offers tourists a chance to relax in hot springs, pumping 20 000 litres at 50°C every hour. Wetlands can be found at Nylsvlei, a 160km² nature reserve which attracts some 150 bird species, among them some of the country rarest indigenous water birds. Although now deceased, the Rain Queen Modjadji, the hereditary female monarch of the Lobedu people with the power to make rain, lived in the misty mountains of the Modjadji Cycad Reserve. The province is scattered with baobab trees, one of which contains a pub, close to this reserve.

The Soutpansberg mountains, named by the Voortrekker pioneers, previously salt pans but now enjoying a sub-tropical climate, produces exotic crops like macadamia nuts, avocados, mangoes and bananas. Other parts of the range offer unspoilt mountain retreats with around 250 different tree species. The Waterberg, once an area of lakes and swamps, now hosts a diversity of vegetation, supporting cattle farming, hunting, and various conservation projects. It is now a Unesco Savannah Biosphere Reserve and is malaria-free. The Marakele National Park lies within the Waterberg mountains, and contains an impressive variety of wildlife, yellowwood and cedar trees, five-metre high cycads and tree ferns. Probably the largest colony of endangered Cape vultures (more than 800 breeding pairs) in the world, can be found here. The Lapalala Wilderness Area has the world’s only rhino museum. Lapalala also has rhino orphans, in particular Bwana, who lives in the owners’ back garden. The VhaVenda people, a culturally and linguistically distinct African group, are known for their mystical legends and their arts and crafts. They have traditionally lived in the abundant north-eastern corner of the province, a place of lakes, lush forests and waterfalls. Not surprisingly their legends are linked to water and water creatures. Venda chiefs are buried near Lake Fundudzi and the Sacred Forest, an area of dense indigenous forest north of the Soutpansberg mountains. The nearby

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Dzata ruins contain the remains of the royal kraal of the kings of VhaVenda, dating from 1400. Venda arts and crafts are well known, particularly clay pots with distinctive angular designs in graphite silver and ochre. Woodcarver Jackson Thugwane is famous for his wood sculptures while Noria Mabasa does clay and wood sculptures. The north-eastern corner of the province offers entry to the Kruger National Park, which borders Limpopo for 70 kilometres. Punda Maria and Pafuri are the most northernly gates to the famous park. Mpumalanga Mpumalanga, on the far eastern edge of the country, is the home of the southern section of the Kruger National Park, arguably the best game park in South Africa. Kruger covers over 20 000 square

kilometres, over 400km from north to south, with up to 150 species of mammals and over 500 bird species, and 14 wellrun rest camps from which to observe this wildlife. A number of private parks abutting the western border of Kruger provide a more exclusive game-watching experience. Summer temperatures (between December and February) can hover around 30ºC to 40ºC, with winter temperatures at a more tolerable mid-20ºC. In winter there are virtually no mosquitoes, and the vegetation is thinner, making game easier to spot. The park is divided into three sections: the southern, with the greatest concentration of game, the central section offers good game viewing, while the northern section offers less game but more of a sense of wilderness. Mpumalanga has spectacular scenery around the escarpment, a section of

the Drakensberg that falls down into the lowveld, a tropical fruit growing area. Along the tip of the escarpment are three famous viewpoints - God’s Window, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and Three Rondavels. Nearby is the Blyde River Canyon, with stunning views and great hiking and river rafting. A five-day hiking trail through the Blyderivierspoort Nature Reserve starts at God’s Window, and takes in the views and the flora and fauna of the reserve. Further north is Pilgrim’s Rest, a restored gold-mining town. The town is the site of South Africa’s first gold rush, in 1873, and although on a small scale, it lasted for around 100 years. Gold is still mined in the hills south west of the town. Further south is Barberton, another gold-mining town. In the 1880s gold was discovered and is still mined in the town, where mining tours, including trying some gold panning, can be taken.


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Northern Cape The vast Northern Cape is the largest province of South Africa, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to Kimberley in the east. Covering one third of the country, it is dominated by heat, aridity, large empty spaces and long travelling distances. The long Orange River separates the Kalahari and the Great Karoo, two semidesert regions that make up the interior of the province. It was this landscape that led in the 1870s to the discovery of diamonds in Kimberley, and each year, to the blooming of the Namaqualand flowers in the western section of the province. The province’s capital, Kimberley, dates back to the early 1870s when diamonds were discovered between the Vaal and Orange rivers. Dug in the rush frenzy, the 500m wide Big Hole is now the biggest attraction of the otherwise ordinary town.

Walter Boermeester

By 1914 when the mine closed, over 14,5 million carats of diamonds had been removed from the earth, from the hole which descends into the earth 800 metres. The Kimberley Mine Museum consists of the old diamond-rush town, with shops, bars, banks and churches. Diamonds are still mined from two mines on the outskirts of the city, and tours underground are available. Kimberley is the site of the country’s first township, Galeshewe, a tour of which takes in the grave of Sol Plaatje, the country’s first black writer and a founder member of the ANC, as well as the house where Robert Sobukwe, founder of the Pan African Congress, lived after his release from Robben Island. Upington is in the central northern section of the province, on the banks of the Orange River, which flows over the spectacular 56m Augrabies Falls, a

huge granite gorge in the landscape. The Augrabies Falls National Park consists of 55 383ha of semi-desert terrain bordering the Orange River. Another attraction of the Northern Cape is the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, a combination of two parks: South Africa’s Kalahari-Gemsbok National Park, and Botswana’s Gemsbok National Park. It’s a vast desert sanctuary abundant in game, set against a landscape of red dunes and hardy vegetation, and stretching for some 38 00 square kilometres, nearly twice the size of the Kruger National Park. On the north-eastern border of the Northern Cape and North West is Kuruman, famous because of Robert and Mary Moffat. This intrepid couple built a mission station, and although not successful missionaries, Robert Moffat translated the bible into Tswana in the 50 years that they lived in these harsh conditions. Their eldest

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daughter, Mary, married explorer David Livingstone. The land of the Nama people, Khoikhoi herders, who gave their name to Namaqualand, is the place of an annual display of multi-coloured daisies in August and September. Some 4 000 species come to life after the winter rains and only in temperatures higher than 16ºC, in spectacular displays. The Namaqua National Park is home to 3 500 plant species, 1 000 of which are found nowhere else in the world. The park is home to the world’s only arid biodiversity hotspot. Port Nolloth on the Atlantic Coast, at the mouth of the Orange River, is a diamond town. Rich bird life and a lichen forest are attractions of the town. North of Port Nolloth is the Richtersveld National Park, an area of 1 600 square kilometres, a fierce and rugged landscape, the country’s only mountain desert, and now, South Africa’s latest World Heritage Site. The Richtersveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape covers 160 000 hectares of dramatic mountainous desert. A unique feature of the site - both in South African and international terms - is that it is owned and managed by a community that until recently had very little to call its own. Characterised by extreme temperatures, the landscape affords a semi-nomadic pastoral livelihood for the Nama people, descendants of the Khoi-Khoi people who once occupied lands across southern

Namibia and most of the present-day Western and Northern Cape provinces. North West Most well known for the Sun City gambling and casino resort and its neighbouring big-five Pilanesberg Game Reserve, North West’s first inhabitants were huntergatherers. They were displaced by Iron Age peoples from the north around 1 000 years ago, who settled in the far northern corner of the province. The province is mostly flat terrain broken by the rocky kloofs and streams of the Magaliesberg mountain range, dotted with holiday resorts and hiking trails. Sun City consists of four hotels, a golf course, a water park, and assorted entertainment venues. Built in the 1970s apartheid era, it offered white South Africans a place to gamble legally in Bophutatswana, a spurious independent “homeland”. In 1994 gambling was legalised and the resort’s fortunes dwindled but these days it offers visitors a decadent oddity in a vast, natural landscape that contrasts sharply with its glitzy attractions. The 55 000ha adjoining Pilanesberg Game Reserve offers excellent game viewing, with the big five visible along with hippo, giraffe and cheetah, and a large range of bird life. The tiny but quaint dorp of Groot Marico is on the way to the capital of the province,


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Mafikeng. Groot Marico is now a landmark after well-known writer Herman Charles Bosman based his delightful short stories on his short experience as a teacher in the town. An annual literary weekend in his name is attended by his fans. The capital Mafikeng, with a smattering of graceful buildings, was made famous during the South African War of 18991902. The Siege of Mafikeng happened in 1900, when Colonel Robert Baden-Powell (of Boy Scouts fame) defended the town against the Boers for 217 days, along with hundreds of local Barolong. The cruel tragedy of the siege was that British regiments were given armfuls of medals while those Barolong who survived despite meagre rations, were never recognised for their role in the battle. One of the country’s first black writers and a founder member of the ANC, Sol Plaatje, recorded his poignant observations of the siege in a diary. Western Cape Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Its striking Table Mountain overlooks the city and one of the country’s World Heritage Sites, Robben Island, lies about 12 kilometres off the mainland.

Used for centuries as a place to house unwanted people - prisoners of war, criminals, leprosy sufferers, mentally ill patients, a military base, apartheid prisoners, among them Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu - for many the island’s associations are of isolation and inhumane treatment. Paradoxically, it’s also a place of sanctuary for around 132 bird species, some of which are endangered. The African penguin, once close to extinction, breeds prolifically on the island. Around 23 species of mammals, including many types of buck, ostrich, lizards, geckos, snakes and tortoises, also live on the island. Cape Town itself has much to offer: 150km of beaches, hikes and walks, windsurfing, paragliding, cycling, great restaurants, unique flora, and the winelands. Settled by the Dutch in 1652, the city is a reflection of the different cultures that established themselves below the mountain: European, Dutch and Malay. An active slave trade, with some 63 000 slaves imported from East Africa, Madagascar, India and Indonesia, has resulted in Cape Town having a unique flavour. The Western Cape was originally occupied by San hunter-gatherers, then the pastoral Khoikhoi, before Europeans made it their home.

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Cape Town has many significant old buildings: the Castle of Good Hope, the country’s oldest building, as well as the Old Town House, Palm Tree Mosque, Long Street Baths, the South African Mission Meeting House Museum, St George’s Cathedral, the South African Museum, Koopmans-De Wet House, De Tuynhuys, the South African National Gallery, the Great Synagogue, and the Houses of Parliament. The suburb of Bo-Kaap houses the Muslim community, in brightly coloured 19th century Dutch and Georgian terraces. It’s a distinctive community, with its own Afrikaans dialect. The District Six Museum tells of the lively coloured community that lived in the suburb, dismantled in the name of apartheid in the 1970s. Other places of interest are the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, the Gold of Africa Museum, and the Two Oceans Aquarium. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens in Newlands is the oldest and largest botanical garden in South Africa with over 22 000 indigenous plants. It attracts botanists and researchers from around the world. The dramatic Table Mountain has been a beacon to ships for centuries. The Table Mountain National Park stretches from Signal Hill to Cape Point and includes the seas and coastline of the peninsula. There are 1 400 species of flora on the mountain, and fauna includes baboons, dassies or hyraxes, Himalayan tahrs and porcupines. The mountain is crisscrossed with hiking trails. It is one of the country’s natural World Heritage Sites. Constantia was Cape Town’s oldest wine farm, started by Simon van der Stel in 1685. These days it consists of four wine estates: Groot Constantia, Klein Constantia, Steenberg and Buitenverwachting. Muizenberg, St James, Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek and Simon’s Town are quaint villages dotted along False Bay, south of the city. Chapman’s Peak Drive hugs the spectacular coastline until Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, around 60km from the city centre. Some 2 256 species of fynbos are to be found in the reserve. Cape Point is not the most southerly point of Africa - Cape Agulhas, some 300km south of Cape Town, is where the Indian and the Atlantic oceans meet. One of the Western Cape’s biggest attractions is the winelands, with over a dozen wine routes, and hundreds of estates, extending to the Karoo and into the Northern Cape. The wine regions closest to Cape Town are those surrounding Stellenbosch, Paarl, Franschhoek and Somerset West. Sweeping mountains, Cape Dutch architecture and green valleys characterise the towns and their surrounds. Other great Western Cape attractions include the hot springs in Montagu, the ostriches in Oudtshoorn, the nearby Cango


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Caves, Prince Albert and the Swartberg Pass, the extremely isolated valley of The Hell, the Karoo National Park, whale watching at Hermanus, the fishing village of Arniston, and the many charming towns of the Little Karoo. The Garden Route, billed as “South Africa’s paradise”, stretches 200km from Mossel Bay to the Storms River Mouth. The area was once a vast African forest, the remnants of which can be found around Knysna and in the Tsitsikamma National Park at the Storms River Mouth. It was at Mossel Bay in 1488 that the first Portuguese sailors, captained by Bartolomeu Dias, first set foot on South African soil. The ancient Post Office Tree, where for centuries mariners left messages for passing ships, can still be seen in the town. Knysna has a unique beauty. Although the coastal town lacks beaches it is a beautiful place, with a vast lagoon gated to the ocean by steep promontories known as the Heads, a surrounding natural forest and local game reserve. It’s a charming and trendy town, offering coffee shops, craft galleries, street traders and oyster restaurants - and host to a spectacularly indulgent annual oyster festival. The town’s forest, formerly a magnificent woodland and home to Khoi clans and herds of elephants, is still lovely, with tall indigenous trees and set among streams flowing to the sea.

On the eastern edge of the Garden Route is the Tsitsikamma National Park, a place of forest, fynbos, rivers and the Storms River Mouth, a five-kilometre estuary stretching into spectacularly wild ocean. The park conserves inter-tidal life, reef and deep-sea fish, including dolphins and porpoises, and a red data species of bird, the African black oystercatcher. The Storm’s River Mouth is also the starting point for South Africa’s most popular hiking route, the Otter Trail. For adrenalin freaks, a highlight of the region is the Bloukrans River bridge, which offers the highest professionally supervised bungee jump in the world - a long and fast 216-metre drop. The west coast of the Cape contains the West Coast National Park, just inland from the secluded harbour of Saldanha Bay. Thousands of seabirds roost on sheltered islands, pristine beaches stretch endlessly and salt marshes are home to vast concentrations of migrant waders. Up to 4 000 wild flowers can be seen in the park and surrounding areas. Other small harbour towns are Langebaan, Lambert’s Bay, Paternoster and St Helena Bay. Vasco da Gama first set foot on South African soil at St Helena Bay.


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The Blue Train
The Blue Train has been synonymous with luxury hospitality, tourism and leisure since 1946. It offers a unique way of experiencing some of Southern Africa’s magnificent landscapes and landmarks.

On board the train, guests indulge with fine cuisine accompanied by some of the best wines South Africa has to offer. Around-the-clock personal Butlers see to the guests’ every need for the duration of their experience; be it in the comfort of their private suites or at any one of our exquisite lounges. On Board Amenities On The Blue Train luxury assumes a new dimension, becoming the working

definition of everything your heart desires. You’ll feel it from the moment you step into your suite, transformed from an elegant, spacious lounge by day, into a sanctuary of comfort and slumber by night. The De Luxe suite offers you a choice between twin beds (with shower) or double beds (with bath). Luxury suites are more spacious and offer twin or double beds with bath facilities.

All suites on board The Blue Train come equipped with a writing desk, ideally positioned next to the window, where you can note the view in style. Each suite is a world on its own, with an individually controlled air-conditioning system and a private entertainment centre with a choice of movie channels and radio stations. The Luxury Suite takes the choice even further, with an inviting selection of compact disks and movies on video and DVD. You can also tune into the driver’s eye view camera,


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and watch the world ahead as you swiftly glide along. The Blue Train is synonymous with the luxury of personal service that comes as standard with a dedicated Butler at your beck and call to ensure the ultimate definition of luxury in motion. Description of routes and off-the train excursions Pretoria – Cape Town – Pretoria The route between Pretoria and Cape Town is a 27-hour journey through some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery the sub-continent has to offer. Southbound, off-the train excursions include the diamond town of Kimberley where one can explore the Big Hole and the Diamond Museum. Northbound, visit the historical town of Matjiesfontein where the Victoria buildings and original nineteenth century London lampposts impart to the traveller, the uncanny sense of entering a colonial time warp – an oasis suspended in a different age. Tailor-made charters Why not charter The Blue Train for strategic meetings, product launches, VIP breakfasts, lunches, dinner and cocktail parties, weddings and more. You can also book a charter with a difference such as a Golfing or Safari charter through the unique beauty of the “Valley of the Olifants” along the Kruger National Park, or to other attractions of the Mpumalanga or Kwazulu-Natal Provinces. Charters are not limited to the charter options or the routes mentioned above. Charters are dependant on rail network’s compatibility with The Blue Train’s technology. So take a journey into a timeless world of grace, elegance and romance, where spectacular scenery stirs your imagination and luxurious comfort soothes your body and soul.

The Blue Train, A Window To The Soul Of South Africa.
For more info, visit us on: Internet: E-mail: Pretoria: Tel: + 27 12 334 8459 Fax: + 27 12 334 8464 Cape Town: Tel: + 27 21 449 2672 Fax: + 27 21 449 3338

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Travel & Tourism

ExecExpress – Love getting there!
ExecExpress was founded in 2004 and has grown from strength to strength in a very competitive market.

We attribute this to our unwavering passion to provide excellent service, with a focus on exclusivity and personalisation. This is key to our business and is something we monitor very closely through client surveys, to ensure that we consistently offer our clients the service they have come to expect. ExecExpress offers a range of services with tailor-made packages to suit everyone’s needs. Irrespective of the package chosen, you can be assured that every journey will be comfortable and memorable. Our tours are very popular – we offer a range of packages to popular destinations, but we’re always up to the challenge of new destinations if you have something else in mind. Whether you are an adventurous tourist, or a local


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that would simply like to experience more of our beautiful country, put us up to the challenge of creating the perfect, memorable tour for you. Our guides are pleasant, well presented individuals with experience in a number of parts in our country. They take each tour seriously and will make it their personal undertaking to make each experience interactive and insightful. The most popular tours range from guided game drives in the beautiful Kruger National Park or the Lion and Rhino Park, through to the rich cultural experience of Soweto or the Lesedi Cultural Village. For the individual that prefers the dazzle of lights, we offer tours to the capital city Pretoria and adventurous tours to Sun City. Don’t forget the allure of the sparkle of

diamonds – our tours to the Cullinan Diamond Mine are very popular. Our range of tours is certainly not limited to the above. As mentioned, we are always keen for a challenge if you had something more unique in mind. As part of our commitment to personal service, we offer a 24 hour call centre service which allows clients to book that last minute transfer, when needed. We also pride ourselves in a state of the art booking system that allows appropriate, timeous communication between ExecExpress and the client. Make ExecExpress your preferred transfer’s operator and enjoy peace of mind knowing you and your family are in good hands. Love getting there!

Tel: +27 11 791 4097 Fax: +27 11 792 4305 A/H assistance: 083 445 0459 Email: Web:

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Visit the Elephant Sanctuary …
Just an hour from Johannesburg and Pretoria, wrinkly grey giants walk the earth.

The Sanctuary offers guests exhilarating elephant driven programmes, with the focus of their operations on happy elephants and satisfied guests. As the Elephant Sanctuary’s focus is on education through interaction, guests will not only learn a lot about elephants, but also get to touch, brush and walk trunk-in-hand with these magnificent pachyderms. The Sanctuary is open seven days a week and offers several programmes during the day. Guests can also book an intimate overnight stay in one of the two lodges.

Booking is essential. Tel: +27 12 258 0423 or +27 12 258 0332


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Protea Hotel The Ranch
Walk with the Lions!


Walking with lions is an experience that will be treasured by all those who want to fully understand the world of the African lion. The Lion Kingdom is part of the 1 000 ha conservancy that surrounds Protea Hotel The Ranch in Limpopo Province, a hotel that has been under the personal management of the Shearer family for fifty years. By special arrangement, this one and a half hour walk across the savannah with expert guides, will allow each guest the unique opportunity to personally experience a special bond with the proud and magnificent King of Africa.

For further information and reservations Protea Hotel The Ranch POLOKWANE ~ Limpopo Province South Africa Tel: +27 15 290 5000 Fax: +27 15 290 5050 E-mail:

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Hotels, Lodges & Resorts


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Emperors Palace Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort
Conveniently situated alongside OR. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, Emperors Palace combines timeless classical elegance and sheer excitement.

With luxurious accommodation in four unique hotels, a glorious health and beauty spa, a magnificent casino with unparalleled gaming enjoyment, the finest in dining options, spectacular entertainment choices including state-of-the-art cinemas, worldclass conference facilities, and impeccable service, Emperors Palace has it all. The Peermont D’oreale Grande, a magnificent 5-star hotel of elegance features 196 beautifully designed and impeccably appointed guest rooms and suites, all fitted with state-of-the-art facilities and surround you with the utmost sophistication and regal comfort. This hotel’s comfort is not only in its furnishings, but also in the impeccable levels of service which anticipate individual needs and wishes.

Emperors Palace has a further three hotels, the deluxe 4-star Peermont Mondior that sets an exciting new standard in worldclass business, conference and leisure accommodation, the newly refurbished Peermont Metcourt Suites and the new 3-star chic and affordable Peermont Metcourt. This gem caters specifically to the demand for large groups and creates a new standard of modern, contemporary convenience and functionality. With every flip of the card and roll of the dice, the Emperors Palace casino deals a winning combination of luxury and invigoration. We have the widest range of denominations on slots and a variety of popular tables games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and Midi Punto Banco. Emperors Palace offers you the

convenience of smart cashless gaming - no queues, no fuss, just sheer gaming enjoyment. Bets are placed and adrenalin soars in the Fortuna Poker Room, South Africa’s finest poker experience. Be one of the privileged to get in on the highstakes excitement inside our signature Palace Court Privé offering tables and slots and the combination of seclusion and amenities discerning gaming enthusiasts seek. The superbly appointed Theatre of Marcellus hosts world class dance extravaganzas, musicals and shows. The Odeon Showbar offers a glittering cabaret revue as the main highlight, while comedy, jazz and screened major sporting events are also regular features. Meet in the stylish Marc Antony’s Cigar Lounge where


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you can savour some of the world’s finest cigars, cognacs and premium whiskies. Emperors Palace is also the home of South African boxing, hosting many world title fights and quality tournaments featuring local and international boxers. Emperors Palace also caters for families with a fun-filled children’s entertainment facility and special entertainment events and shows are scheduled for school holidays. Emperors Palace boasts the largest cinemas on the African continent. The Pantheon seats over 500 people along with a permanent 3D cinema and more. When it comes to wining and dining, Emperors Palace offers a global experience with a variety of international flavours.

Octavia’s Sensorium is a haven where the physical, the mental and the spiritual are equally cared for. For conference and exhibition planners, there is only one place to meet. Whether it’s an executive boardroom meeting, a trade show or a banquet, our venues, facilities and attention to personal detail sets us apart. Recent Awards: • World Travel Awards 2009: Africa’s Leading Casino Resort • World Quality Gold Crown Award 2008: Peermont D’oreale Grande • PMR Diamond Award 2008: Best Executive Hotel – Peermont D’oreale Grande • PMR Diamond Award 2008: Best Casino – Emperors Palace

Peermont Central Resevrations: Tel: 0860 777 900 (SA only) +27 (0) 11 557 0777 Fax: +27 (0) 11 557 0888 Email: Emperors Palace Tel: +27 (0) 11 928 1000 Fax: +27 (0) 11 928 1001 Email:

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Mondazur Resort Hotel at San Lameer
The ultimate beach and golf destination!

The modern 4-star Peermont Mondazur Resort Hotel is situated on a lagoon within the most sought-after and secure beach and golf coastal reserve estate in South Africa, namely San Lameer. Located on the beautiful South Coast of the KwaZuluNatal Province, Mondazur is just off the N2 highway, 140km or 90 minutes south from Durban International Airport. The art of harmonious living With decorations greatly influenced by subtropical flowers, colours and silky materials, each room envelopes you in an Indian Ocean dream. The fresh minimalist style of décor provides a harmonious and relaxing ambiance. The emphasis has been firmly placed on providing maximum in-room comfort and space. The hotel offers eight elegantly appointed Classic Rooms, 26

Deluxe Rooms, two Superior Rooms, two Executive Rooms and two Suites. Be enveloped by effortless beauty, luxury and tranquillity Mondazur also manages the rental of more than 20 selected private villas cocooned in luxurious vegetation. These villas were designed in a simple, rustic, Mediterranean style. Care and effort was taken in the layout of the area, ensuring perfect blending with the surrounding natural environment, as well as quick and easy access to all available facilities. Manicured greens, rolling fairways and winding waterways The centrepiece of the Estate’s magnificent domain is the 18-hole Championship Golf Course. The layout winds through pristine


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coastal flora and the tastefully constructed villas. Besides the impenetrable bush, there is an abundance of water on the course, but conservative bail-outs are always available. It has often been said that no finer collection of par threes exists anywhere, and the fourth hole, interestingly, is almost a carbon copy of Augusta National’s famous twelfth. Cuisine that reflects the sun At Mondazur, each meal is an inspired celebration, presented by attentive waiters. The Lagoon Grill is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and serves the freshest and the most exquisite local product seafood and á la carte cuisine. The pool deck or the Lagoon Bar are perfect places to spend a lazy afternoon, whilst enjoying a delicious lunch on the promenade, an ice

cold exotic cocktail and the magnificent view of the lagoon. Immerse yourself in tropical tranquillity A sanctuary for the senses – set on 16 hectares, the estate has something for everyone. For the sporty: tennis and squash courts, open air action cricket and volley ball, a bowling green, mashie golf, canoes and paddle boats. For the nature lover, San Lameer, including the one kilometre Blue Flag beach, adjacent tidal pool and sand dunes, is a proclaimed nature reserve, so wildlife is abundant, a maze of nature trails, indigenous flora, and with more than 195 bird species it is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with a pair of breeding crowned eagles nesting high in the palms. The Indian Ocean’s warm Mozambique current also guarantees year round pleasant sea bathing conditions.

Peermont Central Resevrations: Tel: 0860 777 900 (SA only) +27 (0) 11 557 0777 Fax: +27 (0) 11 557 0888 Email: Mondazur Tel: +27 (0) 39 313 0011 Fax: +27 (0) 39 313 0157 Email:

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Graceland Hotel Casino Country Club
Discover Graceland and experience the charm of grand old southern style.

Graceland, an astonishing mansion built in tribute style to the grand old age of Colonial southern America, is located in Secunda, Mpumalanga, approximately 1 ½ hours from Johannesburg and Pretoria. Graceland presents absolute entertainment for the whole family, conferencing, superb relaxation and recreation experiences. The graceful 4-star Peermont Walmont hotel offers 98 rooms and suites, all featuring panoramic views over the golf course or pool terrace. The Graceland Country Club features a Gary Player designed, 18-hole championship inland links-style golf course. Wine and dine at the elegant Blue Bayou serving a la carte meals while American Café serves a choice of light meals. Entertainment includes the spectacular Graceland Casino and the delightful Buffalo Bill’s Showbar. Graceland also features a convention centre with state-of-the-art

facilities perfect for banquets, product launches, conferences, seminars, weddings, teambuilding and other special events.

Peermont Central Resevrations: Tel: 0860 777 900 (SA only) +27 (0) 11 557 0777 Fax: +27 (0) 11 557 0888 Email: Graceland Tel: +27 (0) 17 620 1000 Fax: +27 (0) 17 620 1567 Email:


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Mmabatho Palms Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort
Rising out of Mafikeng, the capital of the North West Province, is Peermont’s Mmabatho Palms Hotel Casino Convention Resort, fresh from a R20-million revamp that represents everything you’d expect from a luxury resort.

With sky high palm trees, lush green grass and an azure blue swimming pool, all public ares of the resort have been completely upgraded, offering business and leisure travelers a haven of entertainment, relaxation and business facilities. The upgrade has transformed the Mmabatho Palms into an oasis of entertainment. The 4-star Peermont Walmont hotel, with its welcoming and warm ambiance, boasts 150 rooms that combine modern contemporary design with superior style, quality and comfort. Mmabatho Palms offers non-gaming entertainment alternatives suitable for the whole family. A pianist entertains guests in the resort lobby with soothing contemporary music three days a week, while the new Motswedi Terrace Restaurant and Bar offers

exquisite meals from the buffet spread or a la carte menu. The tennis court, full-sized soccer field and two sparkling pools are bound to keep any family entertained. Parents can relax as children have fun under the watchful eye of trained caregivers at the Jolly Giraffe kiddies corner. The gaming experience at Mmabatho Palms is second to none in the North West Province with a variety of slot machines and table games including Roulette, Blackjack and Poker. Visitors to the casino can take advantage of the resort’s convenient card system which eliminates the need to carry cash. Food festivals, sidesplitting shows by leading South African comedians and other entertainment highlights are on the cards, placing Mmabatho Palms firmly on the “must-do” list for locals, business and leisure travelers.

Peermont Central Reservations: Tel: 0860 777 900 (SA only) +27 (0) 11 557 0777 Fax: +27 (0) 11 557 0888 Email: Mmabatho Palms Tel: +27 (0) 18 389 1111 Fax: +27 (0) 18 389 1661 Email:

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Moloko Strathavon Hotel

The Moloko Strathavon is Johannesburg’s latest upmarket boutique hotel, catering for the discerning business and leisure traveller. In a class of its own, this 5-star hotel combines international elegance and sophistication with South African hospitality to offer guests a unique and memorable experience. The hotel is part of the Moloko Investment Group’s portfolio of hotels and resorts. Says Group Chairman Advocate Richard Moloko “Our vision is to provide an unprecedented level of comfort and service that goes beyond the conventional 5-star offering. All our guests can expect red carpet treatment 24 hours a day. For those seeking comfort and luxury, the hotel offers a stress-free business trip or an extraordinary holiday experience.” This exclusive luxury hotel, situated in a secluded residential area, is also within close proximity of the Sandton business district – the economic hub of South Africa, the Sandton Convention Centre, and

conveniently just minutes away from two of Southern Africa’s most elite shopping malls, Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square. Easy freeway access allows guests to travel to OR Tambo International, Johannesburg or Pretoria city centres within 30 minutes. The nearest Gautrain station, South Africa’s first rail subway servicing the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas and scheduled to open mid-2010, is only minutes away from the hotel. The hotel is divided into smaller structures connected by a single storey walkway which winds its way through the garden. Natural landscaping using indigenous plants, water features and ponds provide the tranquillity of a country retreat. Large trees give restful views and allow natural light into buildings, providing a sanctuary for the senses. The 24 standard bedrooms, 20 standard suites, six executive suites and three presidential suites provide a home away from home. Each suite is equipped to meet every

need of the modern traveller, with high-speed internet access, telephones, fax machines, coffee machines and mini bars. Each superbly appointed bedroom has its own private terrace, overlooking the stream or the internal pond. Standard suites also have a lounge area and a small screened-off kitchenette. Executive and presidential suites are located separately, allowing for additional privacy and private access. Décor and furnishings are warm and inviting and of the highest quality. Materials flow seamlessly from interior to exterior, thoughtfully designed to reflect the colours of the indigenous garden. “Green building” principles have been applied throughout the building process. The hotel’s business centre, restaurant and lounge bar, where highly trained staff provide attentive service around the clock, are separated by a landscaped courtyard. At the restaurant guests can enjoy the ultimate gourmet experience with à la carte meals


Best of South Africa

inspired by international cuisine, sumptuous buffets at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and delicious snacks and light meals throughout the day. A swimming pool and terrace are on the same level as the spa, which nestles below a high stone wall with a waterfall flowing from the restaurant terrace into the pool. The award winning Camelot spa provides an exceptional selection of treatments with steam rooms and saunas that overlook water features and have external timber decks for relaxation surrounded by a Zen garden. The hotel’s unique concierge service not only coordinates airport transfers and excursions, but can arrange virtually anything a guest might desire. The Moloko Strathavon is opening early 2010.

Reservations: +27 861 MOLOKO (66 56 56)

The latest addition to Moloko Hotels & Resorts portfolio, AtholPlace which is within a very close proximity to Sandton Central. World class shopping and restaurants are plentiful with something on offer to suit everyone’s needs. Sandton City, Nelson Mandela Square and Village Walk are all within minutes from the hotel. The soon to be completed Sandton station of the Gautrain Metro is less than a kilometre from the hotel, with a direct link to and from OR Tambo International Airport. Airport transfers are also available directly from AtholPlace. Decorated in shades of warm greys and cool whites, the overall style of the hotel is understatedly elegant. With only ten spacious suites (no room is smaller than 50 square metres in size) the setting is personal and private whilst warm and comfortable. Each suite has been individually designed with contemporary and antique furnishings and hand-selected artefacts.

The large suites offer a choice of extralength king-size or twin beds with crisp white percale Frette bed linen imported from Italy and duck-down duvets; all have en-suite bathrooms with bath, shower, double vanity and under-floor heating; large doors opening out onto a private balcony overlooking the tranquil gardens and pool; air conditioning; 42-inch LCD flat-screen television set with DSTV; complimentary wireless ADSL internet, telephone and docking station; electronic safe that can house a laptop; writing desk, lounge chairs and sofa; minibar fridge; luxurious linen bathrobes and slippers; and 24-hour security. The hotel has a comfortably furnished and well-stocked library with built-in fireplace, open plan lounge and dining room and large pool set in beautifully landscaped gardens; guests can also choose to dine outside under the trees. Reservations: +27 861 MOLOKO (66 56 56)

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One&Only Cape Town
Set to become Africa’s most Luxurious Resort

One&Only Cape Town is a destination unto itself — an urban chic waterfront resort providing an unprecedented level of luxury in South Africa. In the heart of the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront with captivating views of Table Mountain, this contemporary resort features the largest accommodation in all of Cape Town, with a stylish island design and African flair accentuating the 131 spacious guest rooms and suites. Forty of the resort’s spacious suites are set on an adjacent lush green landscaped island in the marina itself, giving these rooms a distinctive resort feel and convenient access to Spa Island. The resort’s rooms and suites, the largest in Cape Town with a minimum size of 63 square metres, all have a private terrace or balcony. The rooms at the 91-key Marina Rise have panoramic views of Table Mountain.


Best of South Africa

The exclusive Spa Island features the most comprehensive and expansive spa in Cape Town. An oasis of serenity and privacy surrounded by water and dense vegetation, the 1,200-square metre One&Only Spa offers 12 treatment suites of which two have private wet areas for couples treatments. Two vitality pools complement the relaxation spaces, sauna and steam rooms, and a hair salon and the celebrated Bastien Gonzalez pedicure and manicure studios provide additional facilities. One&Only Cape Town also has a specially-designed KidsOnly Club for younger guests of 11 and under, which offers daily complimentary supervised activities including full and half-day programmes. For guests with business in mind, there is an extensive meeting and banqueting room measuring 260 square metres, able to host up to 200 people for cocktails and 112 guests for a sit down dinner. The space can also be divided into two separate rooms for a more intimate setting. An adjacent boardroom seats 20 and in the business centre there is a second boardroom seating 12 people. On the dining front, innovative chef Nobu Matsuhisa brings one of the most celebrated global restaurant brands featuring his signature Japanese-inspired menu, with a few South African twists, to Cape Town – the first Nobu in Africa.

One&Only Cape Town also offers a second restaurant by Gordon Ramsay called maze, showcasing the best in local seafood, game and produce with flavours inspired by the many cultural influences in Cape Town. A spectacular tri-level wall of glass and steel commands the entrance of maze’s impressive Wine Loft. Here, guests can discover a magnificent collection of 5,000 bottles. Fine vintages of Cape Pinotage or Shiraz are on offer alongside undiscovered South African gems, with particular emphasis given to both acclaimed and undiscovered South African vintages. In the mezzanine tasting room, 80 wines are available by the glass, served with suggested food pairings to create a truly new culinary experience with each tasting. A third restaurant, Isola Pool Restaurant, located outdoors on Villa Island is available for more casual dining. Vista, the lobby bar, has a magnificent three-storey clear glass wall highlighting the scenic Table Mountain views. One&Only Cape Town displays the hallmarks of excellence found in all One&Only resorts around the world. It offers an unparalleled commitment to the finest experiences, luxurious accommodation, lively entertainment, a wealth of activities, warm service, a stateof-the art spa and unforgettable cuisine.

Reservations: +27 21 431 5800 maze: + 27 21 431 5222 Nobu: + 27 21 431 5111 One&Only Spa: + 27 21 431 5810

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A unique portfolio
The Orion Group consists of four divisions - Orion Real Estate Ltd listed on the JSE, Orion Business Solutions, Orion Hotels and Resorts and Orion Facilities Management.
Over the years, the hotel group has developed into an innovative and highly respected collection of quality properties. The group’s medium to long-term strategy is to grow its footprint in Africa and internationally. Gmeiner places great emphasis on each hotel being able to offer high standards of service combined with a style that reflects the individuality of the hotel and its location. All the hotels in the group offer flexible but professional conference and function facilities in peaceful and unique surroundings, which are organized by dedicated and experienced conference co-ordinators. The facilities are relaxed, comfortable, well managed and well equipped with an emphasis on value, quality and service. Standard or custom made conference packages, and theme evenings and teambuilding activities are available on request at all the venues. Orion Mont-Aux-Sources Hotel, Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal Just a 3 hours drive from Johannesburg & Durban, lies the romantic Mont-AuxSources Hotel, nestling in the warm foothills of the majestic Ampitheatre of the Northern Drakensberg. Perfectly positioned with every aspect facing the dramatic Amphitheatre with its cascading waterfalls, panoramic green hills and bordering the Royal Natal National Park. Most hotel rooms offer unsurpassed views of the Drakensberg. Self catering chalets that sleep six are ideal for family getaways. You can be sure of a superb meal and friendly service in the dining room or on the Terrace overlooking the mountains. Orion Hotel Devonshire, Braamfontein, Johannesburg Sited on the Braamfontein ridge, this elegant Johannesburg landmark dates back to the 1930’s when it was a wellknown watering hole for beer lovers. Whilst the Hotel Devonshire has been totally rebuilt on the original site, it still retains its original character and charm. It is close to public transport, the University of Johannesburg and Wits, the Constitutional Court, Newtown, the Market and Alexander theatres, shopping centres and is only 20 minutes from the Oliver Tambo International airport. The hotel offers six fully airconditioned conference or function venues.

Orion Devonshire Hotel

Orion Safari Lodge

Orion Safari Lodge


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Orion Mont-Aux-Sources Hotel

Orion Mont-Aux-Sources Hotel

Orion Piggs Peak Hotel & Casino, Swaziland Set in a beautiful pine forest atop the lofty peaks of Swaziland, the Orion Piggs Peak Hotel & Casino is the ideal place from which to visit the many scenic sites, explore ancient rock formations, cascading waterfalls and discover a rich diversity of fauna and flora. Every room and suite has a balcony with spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valley. Lounge at the poolside or engage in one of our exciting activities like swimming, tennis, bowls, squash, mini golf, mountain biking and volleyball. After an active day, relax over a sundowner before challenging lady lack at the Casino. Orion Piggs Peak Hotel has a range of conference facilities to choose from. Orion Hotel Promenade, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga The Hotel Promenade, with its stately clock tower overlooking the business centre of the region’s capital city Nelspruit, offers guests a warm, country welcome and hospitality in the heart of the Lowveld. Part of the Promenade Shopping Centre, the hotel is ideally located to take advantage of the city’s amenities, or as a base from which to explore the spectacular surrounding attractions like the Kruger Park, Gods Window, Pilgrims Rest and many other attractions. Orion Safari Lodge, Rustenburg, NorthWest Province Located in the foothills of the picturesque Rustenburg Kloof in the Magaliesberg Mountains, the Orion Safari Lodge is less than two hours away from Johannesburg and Pretoria. The hotel is an ideal base from which to explore the Magaliesberg region with its 2,5 billion year old mountains - one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. The newly refurbished modern look of the Safari Kagiso Conference Centre and Entrance Lobby has given the hotel Lodge a whole new atmosphere. Versatile and well positioned, the Orion Safari Lodge is not only an ideal venue for conferences, weddings and other functions

- the friendly and inviting atmosphere and subtropical climate make it the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. Orion Mohale lodge, Lesotho Lesotho, also known as the “Kingdom in the Sky” is the highest country in the world. Excellent roads leading to Orion Mohale Lodge make it perfectly positioned for guests wanting to enjoy the beauty of the magnificent landscapes and skyscapes of the surrounding Maluti Mountains and Mohale Dam. This friendly lodge with three conference rooms is an ideal destination for those wanting to escape the stresses of city life. For the more adventurous, Orion Mohale Lodge is the perfect base from which to explore Lesotho’s mountains, valleys, dams, rivers and rich cultural heritage. Whether by road, water or horse / pony trail, sites of staggering natural splendour await guests at Orion Mohale Lodge. Orion Katse Lodge, Lesotho The Lesotho experience embraces the cultures and customs of this mountainous kingdom and nowhere is this more evident than at Orion Katse Lodge. The comfortable accommodation at Orion Katse Lodge, 216 km from Maseru, serves as the gateway to a pristine, unspoiled area just waiting to be discovered. Activities include fishing, walking, riding, hiking, pony trekking, swimming and a not to be missed informative and spectacular tour of the award-winning 185m high dam wall. Conference facilities include two venues and multiple breakaway rooms. Orion Hotel Wartburg Wartburg, KwaZulu Natal Midlands Orion Hotel Wartburg is situated in the village of Wartburg in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands, a peaceful area surrounded by green rolling hills and plantations of sugar cane, maize and timber. The village of Wartburg was established in 1881 by German missionaries and threequarters of the community still speak German. Beautiful park-like gardens and window boxes filled with flowers create an exceptionally inviting atmosphere. The ‘Lofty Lounge’ with

Orion Hotel Wartburg

Orion Piggs Peak Hotel and Casino

its huge fireplace and warmth in winter and its high ceilings and cool breezes in summer, promises a relaxing environment for tourists, holidaymakers or conference delegates. The unique alpine, chalet-style Orion Hotel Wartburg with its Bavarian style and ambience is well known for its hospitality. The hotel provides the perfect setting for an intimate conference, family getaway or as a base from which to explore the surrounding area.

For further information contact: Jayne Govender Tel: +27 11 718 6410 Email:

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Springbok Lodge
The Springbok Lodge; as featured on “Top Billing” – Springbok icons, John Smit and Percy Montgomery present to you their Private Big Five Game Lodge... The Springbok Lodge.

Escape to the pristine wilderness, wake to the roar of the wild. Picture perfect moments under the glorious African sky. All of this nestled within the heart of KZN’s historical Battlefields. The Springbok Lodge epitomizes the perfect safari getaway experience, with luxury tented suites, beautifully appointed for indulgence and comfort. Service excellence and superb cuisine keep our guests returning time and again. Springbok Lodge is perfectly positioned, just 3 1/2 hours by road from Jhb, 3 hours from the coast of Durban and a mere hour from the breath taking mountains of the Drakensberg.

The Springbok Lodge is situated on Nambiti, a Private Game Reserve comprising of 20 000 acres of untouched, Malaria Free bushveld. The Big Five, along with Cheetah and thirty species of game roam freely on a reserve of incredible biodiversity. Extensive grasslands mirror the plains of Central Africa. Thornveld and majestic Acacia trees enhance the carrying capacity of the reserve. The abundant natural water system, with perennial rivers and the beautiful waterfalls on the Sundays River make for a unique sanctuary, attracting several

rare bird species and an enviable array of raptors and vultures. The Springbok Lodge is the first choice of Springbok supporters and team players.


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Elephant Rock Private Safari Lodge
‘Charming, luxury boutique lodge, nestled in the pristine wilderness of the Nambiti - Big 5 - Private Game Reserve’. Elephant Rock - is the romance of the wild’.

Superbly sited overlooking a waterhole, Elephant Rock is a charming boutique lodge offering luxury accommodation for up to 10 people. Experience the home from home true bush lodge experience for the entire family including extraordinary game viewing, exquisite cuisine and high standards of service all at exceptional value for money. Elephant Rock Private Safari Lodge boasts five well appointed luxurious twosleeper thatched chalets, including one family unit. All chalets are well spaced for total privacy, and include a bathroom,

veranda, outdoor shower and all have great views of the waterhole or the bushveld. Enjoy the magnificent viewing deck to relax whilst viewing the many species of game and birdlife or just cool off in the pool. Delicious meals are prepared by the in-house chef and can be enjoyed in the open boma, under the stars on the viewing deck or in the comfort of the main lodge. Big Game is plentiful and roams freely over the Nambiti Private Game Reserve on which Elephant Rock is situated. Nambiti is a 10000 hectare Reserve of diverse habitat and includes the Big 5 – lion, buffalo,

rhino, elephant and leopard, as well as cheetah, hyena and many other species. Bird life abounds with over 250 recorded species. Nambiti is ideally situated 2 1/2 hours from Durban and 3 1/2 hours from Johannesburg, in the heart of battlefield country, including Rorkes Drift, Isandlwana and Ladysmith.

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The Grand Palm Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort
Botswana’s premier business and entertainment address

Hailed as the gem of the African continent, Botswana is a fascinating country of extraordinary natural beauty. Just a few minutes from the city centre of Gaborone and 12 kilometres from the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport lies The Grand Palm Hotel, Casino and Convention Centre, which, in the grand tradition of Botswana hospitality, offers luxury accommodation, dazzling entertainment and world-class conference facilities in the form of the Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC). Guests can enjoy the exhilaration of the newly refurbished casino with its modern, glitzy interiors and 150 ultra modern slot machines in various denominations. The restaurants offer an unmatched experience to the connoisseurs of fine food and include the Beef Baron and Rib Room specialising in prime Botswana


Best of South Africa

Beef cuts and Mokolwane Bistro, a modern, African chic restaurant serving a delectable international buffet. The Fig Tree is an open thatched pool bar and the Kalahari Bar is the favoured rendezvous for guests to unwind and catch up on the day’s activities. The 4-star Peermont Walmont is a hotel of elegance, offering Botswana’s highest standards of hospitality. The distinctive character and charm of the rooms and suites have been achieved by attention to the smallest detail. The Peermont Walmont is choicely designed and thoughtfully decorated for both business and leisure guests. The rooms are equipped with all the facilities and modern conveniences that discerning travellers have come to expect. The newly refurbished Executive 5th floor, with the exclusive Executive Club Lounge, offers the

travelling executive unsurpassed business services. The Grand Palm Resort also features the Peermont Metcourt Inn, a modern, chic and affordable 3-star hotel offering guests cosy, and comfortable accommodation and delightful service. The grandiose Gaborone International Convention Centre covers 5 200 sq meters and is one of the premier conference destinations in Africa. The Grand Palm’s wide range of other recreational and sporting facilities include a health club with full gym, squash court and saunas, 2 floodlit tennis courts, a volleyball court, a sparkling swimming pool, children’s playground, birding, nature walks and a picturesque lake surrounded by manicured lawns and the beautiful African bushveld.

Peermont Central Resevrations: Tel: 0860 777 900 (SA only) +27 (0) 11 557 0777 Fax: +27 (0) 11 557 0888 Email: The Grand Palm Tel: +267 363 7777 Fax: +267 391 2989 Email:

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Best of South Africa

Best of South Africa


Luxury Lifestyles


Best of South Africa

Best of South Africa


Land Rover South Africa
Land Rover introduces three new products that are sure to extend the boundries of the premium vehicles it produces.

Discovery 4 The outgoing Discovery 3 has well over 100 international awards to its name. Improvements in virtually every aspect of the vehicle’s design and engineering have been made – some subtle, some major. The new design signals comprehensive engineering change under the skin, which now gives us the Discovery 4. The new interior has a much more premium look and feel, while gaining improvement to its functionality. The new console design, switchgear and controls positioning, and new LED Interior Mood Lighting makes the cabin more pleasant userfriendly. The interior environment is more premium too, with smoother surfaces, softer materials and close attention to critical details such, as stitching. The changes and upgrades for Discovery 4 transform many aspects of the previous generation, at the same time as enhancing the flexibility and versatility for which


Best of South Africa

Discovery is famous. It can carry huge loads in its spacious interior, climb mountains, cruise across continents, haul trailers of up to 3.5 tonnes, or transport seven family and friends in comfort. Is there a more versatile vehicle anywhere? Range Rover Sport The Range Rover Sport’s performance, ride and handling have been transformed with the introduction of a new engine, transmission and chassis systems. Combine these enhancements with the contemporary style and luxury of the revised interior, and it’s clear that the Range Rover Sport remains the only choice as the quintessential SUV sports tourer. The interior of the Range Rover Sport has been comprehensively redesigned and features significantly improved standards of quality and craftsmanship. The cabin retains its popular, snug, cockpit feel but incorporates higher quality

materials, sumptuous soft-touch finishes and superb detailing throughout. Leather is used extensively on major surfaces, in a wider choice of colours. To create a more sporting feel, rich dark shades ‘sandwich’ narrow sections in lighter tones and the effect is completed by a generous selection of stylish wood finishes. To enhance the clean look of the interior, the facia now has fewer switches; the switches themselves are all chrome-plated. There are new seats front and rear, featuring a deeper, more sculpted shape. New ambient lighting adds to the premium qualities of the cabin, with the introduction of white LEDs to cast subtle halos around the interior door handles and pockets, as well as on the facia and centre console area. Range Rover The new Range Rover is a peerless vehicle, one that continues to break many paradigms. A vehicle that embodies truly unique

combinations of performance with poise, complete command with opulent luxury, unrivalled capability and masterful design. The 2010 Range Rover is a considerable step forward for what is already regarded as the one of the world’s most complete luxury vehicles. Powerful engines, efficiency and customary Range Rover refinement, coupled with new technologies - such as the dual view screen, deliver a world first. Like its legendary predecessors, the 2010 Range Rover is setting the pace once more.

For more information go to:

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Luxury Lifestyles

ExecExpress – Love getting there!
Founded in 2004, ExecExpress provides superior, personalised service for all our clients seeking exclusivity.

From the very first day the company has shown a steady growth, year on year. We attribute this to our unwavering passion to provide excellent service - something we monitor very closely to ensure that we consistently offer our clients the service they have come to expect. This is key to how we operate – our ethos is built on service, but with the notion that we provide our clients with a range of packages to suit each individual’s

needs. We don’t view transfers simply as a mode of transport – we firmly believe that each journey should be comfortable and memorable. With our range of executive transport and informative tours, together with our commitment to service excellence, we are sure to live up to all expectations. The ExecExpress team takes great pride in our drivers that are always punctual, courteous and well presented. Our fleet of vehicles caters to every need of our clients

and range from standard sedans to our fleet of luxury sedans, mini coaches and coaches. Our services are in no way limited to executive transfers – our informative tours are also very popular. Whether you are an adventurous tourist, or a local that would simply like to experience more of our beautiful country, put us up to the challenge of creating the perfect, memorable tour for you. Our guides are


Best of South Africa

experienced in a number of parts in our country. They take each tour seriously and will make it their personal undertaking to make each experience interactive and insightful. We have standard guided tour packages that include popular destinations, but our service is certainly not limited to this. As our focus is on providing personalised service, we are always up for a challenge if you had something more unique in mind.

An ExecExpress consultant is always available to take your call – our clients are our top priority. We offer a 24 hour call centre service which allows clients to book that last minute transfer, when needed. We also pride ourselves in a state of the art booking system that allows appropriate, timeous communication between ExecExpress and the client. Make ExecExpress your preferred transfer’s operator and enjoy peace of

mind knowing you and your family are in good hands. Love getting there!

Tel: +27 11 791 4097 Fax: +27 11 792 4305 A/H assistance: 083 445 0459 Email: Web:

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Luxury Lifestyles

Helios Executive Helicopter Charter
Change your journey from the mundane to the exotic and arrive in style


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Helios Executive Helicopter Charter, centrally located at Grand Central Airport in Midrand Johannesburg, is conveniently placed mid way between the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. In association with T-Jet Helicopters we offer helicopter charter services seven days a week throughout the year. Specializing in executive helicopter charter, inter-airport transfers, trips to business meetings and visits to game parks or resorts, we also offer aerial photography for the movie industry, advertising shoots, aerial videography for geophysical surveys and environmental management, as well as flights of fancy for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. All flights are tailored to meet your individual needs, from being met at the door of your arriving international flight, escorted through the formalities of customs and immigration, to being taken to your awaiting helicopter right outside Johannesburg International Airport. Then, soaring above the traffic, you will enjoy a bird’s eye view of Johannesburg, arriving on-time and refreshed at your destination. Other destinations include The Palace at Sun City and the Pilanesberg National Park, the famous Kruger National Park, the beautiful Marakele National Park and the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. Through Helios Executive Helicopter Charter you have access to a range of helicopters, all of which are jet turbine powered including Bell 407, Eurocopter 350B3 and Agusta 109 and 119 types. These helicopters are designed to strike an ideal balance between safety, reliability and performance. Equipped with state of the art navigation equipment, seating is for five passengers in luxury or six in comfort. Ground transport of luggage can be arranged if necessary. You will be safely and professionally flown to your destination by highly trained and competent pilots. Experience the beauty of the South African landscape, whether your trip is business or pleasure. For more information: + 27 82 651 4766 Email: Web:

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Dining & Nightlife


Best of South Africa

Best of South Africa


Signature Restaurant – World class dining With a difference

With 10 000 customers flocking through its doors in the first two months of opening, Signature Restaurant is one of the most exciting and gorgeous new fashionable restaurants to hit the scene in South Africa. Exclusive and world class, Signature is a taste of perfection: superior culinary delights; flawless attention to detail; exceptional service; and classy entertainment – a winning formula that sets the restaurant apart from its peers. The brainchild of restaurateur extraordinaire Desmond Mabuza and his partner, entrepreneur Richard Moloko, Signature has been designed to offer an unforgettable dining experience. Personifying elegance, the décor is sophisticated and gorgeous, with floor


Best of South Africa

to ceiling windows framing a 20 metre panoramic view of Sandton and setting the scene for enjoying magnificent sunsets and of course, delicious Signature cocktails. Referred to as the new mecca for fine dining, Signature certainly has the ‘wow’ effect. The cuisine is nothing less than sumptuous with a mouth watering menu that pushes the envelope with its variety and exquisite taste. With local and international wines for even the most

discerning palate, the restaurant is a onestop shop that aspires to the four pillars of hospitality: fantastic food; perfect ambiance, impeccable service and stylish entertainment. As the best blues and jazz live music playing in the background, Signature Restaurant officially completes a unique dining experience that romantically celebrates life. Situated in Morningside Shopping Centre, Rivonia Road Sandton, Signature

is more than just a great restaurant – it is an experience that reminds you why some restaurants deserve to be revered. After three months of opening, Signature Restaurant has been honoured the ‘Best of Johannesburg’s Readers Choice Award’.

Tel: +27 87 940 3880

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The Grillhouse – South Africa’s premium steakhouse

The Grillhouse, established in 1995, is one of South Africa’s premium steakhouses, offering discerning diners a combination of choice meals, a bustling club-like ambience, attentive service and a unique selection of fine wines and malts. In 2008 the much loved Rosebank restaurant acquired a sibling, an equally upmarket establishment in Sandton – and today both are regular mealtime destinations for local and international businessmen as well as being family favourites. With their art deco furnishings and subtle lighting, reminiscent of the classic New York grillhouse, the two restaurants would hold their own in any city in the world. The décor cleverly combines raw face brick, green leather seating and a generous portion of fine timber to create a warm earthy feel. The Metropolitan Experience Accompanying the fine décor, the warm atmosphere and some of the finest service on offer, is a unique selection of wines and malts, adding to what we like to call ‘The Grillhouse experience’. Spend a little time in our wine cellar to explore the treats on offer, or relax at our hand-crafted bar and cast your eyes over our extensive malt selection. Although we are famous for our steaks and ribs our menu caters for all tastes and includes a sumptuous selection of the freshest fish and poultry and a choice of vegetarian dishes.


Best of South Africa

Tel: +27 11 880 3945

Best of South Africa


Katzy’s – South Africa’s finest live music club

Katzy’s is South Africa’s finest live music venue. Nestled in the Firs shopping centre in cosmopolitan Rosebank it is the best place in town to hear live music, drink sophisticated whiskey and smoke the finest cigars. With resident bands performing five nights a week, an unbeatable wine list, a range of cocktails and various premium brands, including whiskeys, cognacs and bourbons to choose from, Katzy’s offers a nightlife experience that defines class and entertainment.

The VIP experience The new enlarged Katzy’s, which has a wraparound patio and outdoor area, now caters for lunch as well as dinner. Purpose built as a sophisticated music venue, Katzy’s is equipped with the latest stage, sound and audiovisual equipment. The programme includes an exciting line-up of the best local and international artists. There are also facilities for conferences, launches, and viewing major sporting events. Katzy’s has launched a VIP (by invitation only) loyalty programme offering, among other advantages, preferential bookings, tasting evenings, discounts on fine alcohol, better rates on cover charges when we showcase top bands, and invitations to private evenings.


Best of South Africa

Tel: +27 11 880 3945

Best of South Africa


Café Sofia – The ultimate informal dining experience

Beautiful, innovative and undeniably sexy – Café Sofia pushes all the boundaries in pursuit of creating a unique cuisine experience. A novelty restaurant concept, Café Sofia is bathed in a true and unique Mediterranean flavour with a tang of Eastern European offerings, and grounded in the inventive spirit and energy of the modern South Africa. Luscious and vibrant, the restaurants energetically combine early morning café, trendy day bistro, and chic night spot. The creation of Roumen Angelo and Richard Moloko, the first boutique bistro opened its doors in Cape Town in 2006. Since then, Café Sofia has grown into five shops in Cape Town – Gardens, Rondebosch, Kloof, Sea Point, and the sensual Oyster Bar in Camps Bay –


Best of South Africa

with the sixth café in trendy Greenside in Johannesburg. The intimate décor is sheer bliss for the senses – warm oranges, dark woods, beautiful fabrics – eclectic and deliciously decadent. The cuisine is a fusion of the rich and healthy eating cultures of Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Meze, tapas, antipasto – small in size, high on taste – all shared in a ritual that brings people together from all walks of life. The heart of all the cafés is the bar, from chai latte to creative cocktails, the dedicated staff use only the highest quality ingredients to create scrumptious offerings to complement any desire.

Café Sofia offers the ultimate in informal dining – an experience you will want to repeat over and over again. Just add beautiful people and voila! Enjoy the unforgettable magic that is Café Sofia ‘The Art of Sharing’.

Tel: + 27 21 438 3660

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Mall Destinations


Best of South Africa

Best of South Africa



Best of South Africa

Best of South Africa


Liberty Shopping Centres
With seven of South Africa’s leading shopping centres spread across the country, Liberty Properties knows a thing or two about shopping. A mall is so much more than just a mall - it’s an experience; a retail destination.

It’s about exciting concepts, desirable brands and leading retailers. It’s knowing what is going to attract the right kind of consumer attention. It’s understanding that centres profit when tenants profit. It’s about developing and redeveloping, negotiating relevant contracts and maintaining the right environment. You’ve either got it or you haven’t; and Liberty Properties shopping centres have it in trolley loads! Owning the Sandton skyline Take Sandton City - the flagship in this prestigious property portfolio. Its position as a world class shopping and rendezvous destination for millions of local and international visitors is unrivalled. It’s the über centre that

Sandton City


Best of South Africa

Sandton City Interior


Nelson Mandela Square

others aspire to emulate – the original, the benchmark, the icon. Together with the adjoining Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton City is the biggest shopping centre in Africa. Last year visitors to the mega-mall equalled close to South Africa’s total population (47 million)! This sophisticated hub showcases the very best that global retail has to offer with 400 leading retailers contributing to a shopping experience that sizzles. Whether it’s designer brands or café society you’re after, you can find everything from one-of-a-kind South African artworks, the latest shoes from Milan to a 6m bronze tourist attraction as well. This is international shopping with South African style – urban, glamorous, Afro-Cosmpolitan.

And now with a multi-billion Rand rejuvenation project underway, it’s leading the future of shopping. The first phase of the Sandton City project will introduce a whole new dimension to South Africa’s favourite place to shop. The 30,000m² extension is transforming the complex into 131,000m² area of gross lettable space, with the office component taking the complex to a massive 205,000m². The mall refurbishment component will include the introduction of energy efficient lighting, new floor and wall tiling, recladding of the demising columns, areas of new ceiling and the upgrade of certain lifts within the existing shopping mall. We’re talking bigger, brighter, better.

Shopping alfresco in Eastgate This premier destination in Joburg’s eastern suburbs has been a landmark in the area for thirty years. Entrenched in the community, the fashionable Eastgate mall is an integral part of the Bedfordview area - frequented by over 80,000 shoppers on Saturdays and over 2 million loyal shoppers a month. The recent completion of a R610 million refurbishment will ensure the centre remains the lifestyle experience of choice for visitors on this side of town. The addition of an exciting open-air rooftop piazza is creating a whole new buzz, accentuating Liberty’s retail philosophy of ‘meet, eat, play’. With a dramatic glass façade that brings the outside in and a new food court, Eastgate is attracting a whole lot of interested customers.

Best of South Africa


Midlands Mall

The heart of Mitchell’s Plain Liberty Promenade has established itself as the heart of a vibrant and fast-growing community. The current R340 million extension and refurbishment project is set to reconfirm the centre’s position as the shopping destination of choice in the Mitchell’s Plain and Khayelitsha areas. The 24,000m2 expansion includes a new family entertainment wing and additional public facilities. Liberty is proud to be bringing growth, development and quality to the local community. Ruling retail in the Natal Midlands When plans to build a multi-million rand shopping centre in the city were first proposed, nobody could have guessed five short years later, that Liberty Midlands Mall would have become the commanding presence in Pietermaritzburg that is today. The centre is the undisputed authority in entertainment and retail activity in the city with a high caliber tenant mix drawing visitors from the broader KZN interior intent on a quality shopping experience. It is also recognised for its social responsibility efforts in the area and a real concern with its customers’ wellbeing. Liberty Midlands Mall has received accolades for its Disabled Awareness Campaign. The construction of the adjacent StayEasy hotel on the property is creating a mixed use development that will increase the success and vitality for all parties involved. The hotel is expected to open in April 2010. The shopping mecca in the Eastern Cape Greenacres Shopping Centre’s slogan is Live the Good Life and it couldn’t be more apt. Liberty’s real estate asset in Port Elizabeth is all about providing its customers with a feel-good experience and visitors to this retail hub couldn’t agree more. It is a magnet for over a million shoppers each month. Greenacres’ unique appeal is enhanced by shops that include reputable, national retailers sideby-side with family businesses that have served the community for generations. The shopping giant recently won a Diamond Arrow Award for the best shopping centre in the Eastern Cape, proof that a trendy atmosphere, good tenant mix and a strong customer service ethic is a big attraction.




Best of South Africa

Alberton City

Alberton City This popular family destination has faithfully satisfied the shopping needs of the South-East quadrant of Johannesburg for some 22 years. Alberton City is a real community centre, providing a place to meet, eat, browse and experience a superior shopping environment. The R200 million expansion investment completed last year has created an aspirational atmosphere in this major growth area of the country. A tenant mix including big national retailers together with popular chain stores provides a rewarding shopping experience. Liberty’s secret to success in the retail industry lies in the mix – a lucrative environment for quality tenants and a pleasing retreat for receptive customers. It’s why demand for space across the spectrum of it prestigious shopping centres remains constantly high. ‘Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to shop’

Liberty Promenade

5th floor West, Libridge, 25 Ameshoff Street Braamfontein Johannesburg 2001 PO Box 31287 Braamfontein 2017 Tel : +27 11 408 5111 Fax : +27 11 408 5112

Best of South Africa


Maponya Mall
The 65 000m² deluxe Sowetan shopping Mecca, Maponya Mall, officially opened on the 27th of September 2007.

Maponya Mall has secured strong commitment from local business people, as well as further dedication from top retailers who continue to show support by rolling out flagship stores, and providing retail ‘firsts’ for Soweto. Since inception, the Malls design was such that it guaranteed retail space not only for well known retailers but for local Sowetan businesses as well. In this way, Maponya Mall will help stem the flow of the estimated R4.3 billion per annum in potential consumers spend that is currently being spent outside of Soweto and boost the local economy. Maponya Mall is the heartbeat of Soweto. It is the hub where fashion and style meets choice and function. Where South Africa’s vibrant and trendy Sowetan


Best of South Africa

community gather to shop, socialise, eat, and to see and be seen. What makes Maponya Mall unique is the careful selection of food, entertainment, banking and shopping available. It blends the world-class choice and convenience of stores like Edgars, Pick ‘n Pay and Woolworths, with the local flavour of some of Soweto’s boutique businesses that offer professional services, such as optometry, with bespoke fashion stores and beauty salons. This is complimented by some of South Africa’s favourite dining options such as News Café, Primi Piatti, and the Mugg & Bean. Visionary Richard Maponya bought the land in the 1980’s and waited until the dawning of the African Renaissance and new dispensation to give his dream wings. His dream was to create the first, bespoke, mega-shopping centre for the people of Soweto - and in September of 2007 - his dream became a reality. Today, this elegant, contemporary building with its enormous 65 000m² of retail delights attracts an average of 900 000 people per month. It boast world class design aesthetics and exciting features not previously seen in regional shopping centres’ in South Africa. Maponya Mall is also home to the Hector Pieterson statue, a gift from the people of Sweden and South Africa to the people of Soweto, to commemorate the historic Soweto riots - and attracts people from every corner of the globe who appreciate the fusion of African culture and international sophistication. Maponya Mall is on the Chris Hani Road in Soweto - the main arterial route through this bustling township in the suburb of Kliptown. It is easily accessible via the Klipspruit River Road, the Roodepoort Road, and the Southern

Road to Kliptown, and is within close proximity to the station and the Klipspruit Valley Road and is close to Soweto’s primary taxi rank at Baragwanath. Catering to people across the economic spectrum, provide convenience for shoppers who previously travelled to surrounding areas and the Johannesburg CBD for goods and services and will also provide much needed jobs, particularly for the youth. Gender split • 60% female • 40% male Age Average age of shopper is 28 years with 48% of shoppers younger than 35 years. Language 88% shoppers are able to speak, read and write English. The ethnic language groups are divided into: • SeSotho • SeTswana • TshiVenda • Isizulu • IsiXhosa • Xitsonga • IsiNdebele • Afrikaans • IsiSwati RACE SPLIT • 70% black • 10% Indian • 15% Coloured • 2.5% white • 2.5% foreign Segmentation 11% international & national tourists 75% from immediate catchment regions 89% of shoppers live in greater Soweto.

2127 Chris Hani Road Klipspruit Ext 5 Soweto 1809 Tel: +27 11 938 4448 Fax: 086 665 0412 Email:

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Oriental Plaza Indulge and enjoy

With 360 stores, the Oriental Plaza, a shopping centre that is the very expression of uniqueness and tradition has been rooted in the very heart of Johannesburg City since the 1970’s. The Oriental Plaza has always prided itself in adding value to this great metropolitan and never fails to add to the richness, beauty and wealth of its’ rainbow nation. With its uniquely individually owned stores, the Oriental Plaza will, as always, deliver to it customers originality in their shopping experience.

Staying in line with tradition, shoppers will get to indulge themselves in a variety of stores, something for every individual, no matter what the desire; the Oriental Plaza will deliver. The Oriental Plaza’s reputation of being the Jewel pricing Mecca of South Africa will continue to offer their customers the opportunity to experience High Quality, Low Prices and Great Variety. We are also surrounded by places of interest such as the Market Theatre, Mary Fitzgerald Square, the Gandhi

Square, and the new ultra modern Nelson Mandela Bridge which graces the city’s skyline. The Oriental plaza with over a million visitors a month offers everything your heart desires. The vibrant colors of the East invites you to add color to your wardrobe with its rich fabrics, bringing freshness to your home with its range of linen and homeware. The wide range of western stores, stocked with international and local brands of clothing and shoes welcomes shoppers with affordable prices to


Best of South Africa

fit out their wardrobes. On entering shoppers can experience the brilliance of the Plazas design, the experience as though they have entered a city all on its own, surrounded by spicy flavors that fill the air, rich colors that draws the heart and warm friendly and welcoming smiles, shoppers can relax and indulge themselves. The Oriental Plaza has facilities to ensure the safety of customer’s vehicles and security to ensure you that you can definitely relax while you shop.

The Oriental Plaza prides itself in offering shoppers such unique variety as well as excellence in service as promised in the past and to continue in the future. The reputation of the Oriental Plaza for being, an experience to remember, revisit and definitely indulge in, will not fail its part in adding value to South Africa as a whole. You cannot visit South Africa without visiting the Oriental Plaza. It will be an occassion to remember for all times.

Fordsburg Johannesburg Tel: +27 11 838 6752

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A unique shopping experience


Best of South Africa

Brooklyn Mall is situated in the heart of Pretoria’s cosmopolitan Embassy suburbs. It combines all the right components to create a vibrant hub of activity for the Capital’s most prestigious neighbourhood. Owned by South Africa’s largest listed property company Growthpoint Properties Limited, Brooklyn Mall is the jewel in the crown of its portfolio of prime retail centres located throughout the country. Brooklyn Mall offers convenience of one-stop-shopping catering to the requirements of the most discerning shopper. A full complement of national flagship stores such as Woolworths, Edgars, Foschini, Stuttafords, Truworths, Queenspark, Clicks, CNA, Mr Price Home, Mr Price Weekend Material, Game and Checkers provide a comprehensive and sound matrix of choice.

Additionally, there are 150 specialist retail stores including stylish international trendsetting shops, designer boutiques catering for the needs of globetrotters in search of fashion for all seasons, shoe boutiques, children’s wear and toys, exclusive jewellers, luggage marts, furnishing and décor specialists as well as delectable deli’s and much more. The watchwords are understated style, elegance, quality and comfort. We believe shopping should be a relaxing adventure of discovery to be enjoyed at one’s own pace. Brooklyn Mall has a smorgasbord of gastronomic delights and there is a large assortment of restaurants and coffee bars catering for the most astute palette. Brooklyn Mall has nine Ster Kinekor Classic cinemas which present the latest big screen blockbusters and five Cinema

Nouveau movie houses featuring a range of international film festivals and theatrically brilliant art films. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the lush gardens and a game of Adventure Golf. Brooklyn Mall is known for its cultural pursuits which range from symphonic concerts, to world class fashion extravaganzas, prestigious wine festivals and stylish decor exhibitions. Whether it’s designer clothing, objets d’art, fine cuisine, funky décor, Persian carpets or Egyptian linen, Brooklyn Mall has it all. BROOKLYN MALL Tel: +27 12 346 1063/4 Fax: +27 12 346 1579 Email:

Best of South Africa


Fashion & Jewellery


Best of South Africa

Best of South Africa


Fashion & Jewellery

South African Fashion is so much more than Ostrich Feathers, Beads and Safari Chic
Local designers are pushing the boundaries at home and abroad.


Designer Black Coffee. Photo: Chris Saunders. Model: Cloe from ICE.

Best of South Africa

Designer: Suzaan Heyns. Photo: Simon Denier

Think of Africa and fashion and your mind instinctively wanders towards safari chic. You picture the seminal khaki jacket, big wooden bangles, gladiator sandals - a look that’s been around since, well, Yves Saint Laurent put it on the catwalk all the way back in 1966. Or perhaps you think something a little more modern: Matthew Williamson’s Ethiopian-inspired prints from his tenth anniversary collection? Or maybe it’s a fusion of combat and street? Something you saw in Blood Diamond? Or how about a big old seventies style cat print? But African, and in particular South African fashion is no longer a mine for European inspiration or a comical costume cliché. Over the past ten years it has moved centre stage, finding a voice that is immediately reflective of our unique diverse cultural heritage. Designers have tapped

into our brilliant craft tradition to create garments that are at once unmistakably African, yet importantly, sit effortlessly on the global fashion stage. Labels like Black Coffee, Lunar and Stoned Cherrie have showed or held exhibitions at international fashion weeks. Black Coffee, designed by Jacques van der Watt and Danica Lepen, won the Mercedes Benz Art Award early in 2009 and was awarded a show at Berlin Fashion Week. Their collection of sophisticated silks accented with local bead-work immediately caught the attention of international press and buyers. Stoned Cherrie’s distinct Sophiatown silhouette was seen on the New York catwalk as part of the Arise Africa Fashion Collective show at New York Fashion Week. And Lunar’s sophisticated simplicity and uncompromising dedication to the fine organic, sustainable fabrics and

Designer: Suzaan Heyns. Photo: Simon Denier

Designer: Suzaan Heyns. Photo: Simon Denier

Best of South Africa



Designer: Stoned Cherrie Photo: Dan Lecca

printing techniques have been showcased repeatedly at London Fashion Week’s Esthetica exhibition - a satellite dedicated at all things fashionably ‘green’. Other noteworthy designers include Stiaan Louw, Suzaan Heyns, Mantsho and newcomers, Bongiwe Walaza as well as Loin Cloth and Ashes. Stiaan is the first and last word for fashion-forward menswear. The Cape Town-based designer consistently produces collections that are on trend, be it skinny-legged jeans, high-waisted linen trousers or sparkly cardigans.

Suzaan Heyns produces Victorianainspired form fitting pieces; Mantsho bright, voluminous street-edged garments: and Loin Cloth and Ashes’ feel is distinctly Bauhaus meets Africa. Anisa Mpungwe of Loin Cloth & Ashes may have completed her studies in London, but she is one of a new generation of designers, often graduating from our local fashion schools – LISOF (The London International School of Fashion) and CPUT (Cape Town University of Technology), who are challenging the established fashion elite that have held guard with bias cut

dresses and a plethora of bling. These kids, that have the future of our fashion industry under their scissors, will only be successful if they truly embrace their personal history in order to nurture a distinct voice. A voice that will resonate locally and internationally. Like any business, fashion is cut-throat, and our local consumers are only now waking up to the possibility of interesting, good local fashion. They’re thinking beyond beaded bias-numbers or cheap, badly-cut, high street knock-offs. Also, fashion reaches beyond the shop floor and the impact of initiatives such as


Best of South Africa

Designer: Stoned Cherrie. Photo Dan Lecca

Designer: David Tlale. Photo Dan Lecca

Designer Malcolm Kluk. Photo Simon Denier

Designer: Stoned Cherrie. Photo: Dan Lecca

Designer David Tlale. Photo: Dan Lecca

the Department of Arts and Culture Fashion Fusion project can not be underestimated. Fashion Fusion actively promotes collaboration between rural crafters and designers, and has established a national network of collaborative groups in all nine South African provinces, empowering no less than nine hundred crafters. A number of Fashion Weeks take place throughout the country at different times during the year. Cape Town Fashion Week, SA Fashion Week and most recently the Arise Africa Fashion Week, all provide showcases for designers to show their collections.

Admittedly there are problems; fabric sourcing is difficult, and production can sometimes be tricky due to labour and skills shortages. But where South African design truly excels is creating an inimitable product by using our local resources cut and designed to a modern aesthetic. More so, the industry is full of extremely passionate people that dedicate their lives to creating a fashion-forward world-class industry. A few designers have stumbled a bit on the way, but those that have arrived, and those that have led the way for decades – the doyenne of South African fashion, Marianne

Fassler and the conceptualist Clive Rundle - have created a design aesthetic that is particularly resonant for international buyers in the current global climate. People are looking away from mass-produced ‘luxury’. They’re inquisitive and enthusiastic about charm and innocence, but still want quality – quality of thought, design and production and it is here South Africa is excelling not as a bead-box to be plundered, but as a grown-up industry in its own right. South African fashion is far from undone. Article by Emma Jordan

Best of South Africa


Jan Malan
Headed by internationally acclaimed show director Jan Malan, Umzingeli Productions is one of Africa’s best known and most respected show production companies.

Working on a wide range of fashion and entertainment related events across the continent and throughout the rest of the world,Jan Malan staged productions in more then 17 countries. Jan began working on shows in 1985, and established Umzingeli Productions, following the conceptualization and orchestration of the original ‘Face of Africa Model Search’ for MNET in 1997. This show was broadcast in over 40 countries, including the United States. The event continues to be a success and Malan is currently working on the 2009 competition. Further work throughout Africa included the launch of ‘Africa Designs’ for MNET and AngloGold, which gave African designers their first opportunity to showcase their talents at New York Fashion Week, followed by ‘Afridesia’ for AngloGold featuring Clive Rundle, Malcolm Klûk and Julian, which also culminated at New York Fashion Week. Continuing his ongoing dedication to Africa, Malan produced the inaugural on-schedule THISDAY ARISE African Fashion Collective at New York Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2009. The show, presenting four of Africa’s top fashion designers included a guest appearance by Grace Jones and featured designers Xuly Bet, Stoned Cherrie, Tiffany Amber and Momo. Umzingeli returned to New York to produce a second season entitled the ARISE Promise of Africa Collective Spring Summer 2010 in September this year featuring David Tlale, Tiffany Amber, Erica Raisina and Jewel by Lisa. Previous noteworthy productions include the launch of the ‘African Renaissance Blue Train’ on the mighty Zambezi; the finals of the Ford Supermodel of the World in the Dominican


Best of South Africa

© Merwelene van der Merwe

© Dan Lecca

© Peter Morey

© Peter Morey

Republic and in Miami; POS+TIVE ROCKS for Sun International featuring John Legend and Kelly Rowland, the “models walking on water” fashion show for Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model; the Entertainment Direction for the Elton John Cape Town Ball; the annual fashion node at the International Design Indaba Expo in Cape Town; the Nederburg Wine Auction; the BBC Africa Radio Awards held in Kenya and selective shows for Johannesburg Fashion Week, Cape Town Fashion Week, Durban Fashion Week and ARISE Africa Fashion Week.

Umzingeli Productions is responsible for the entire production of Mozambique Fashion Week and also staged Delhi Fashion Week in 2008 and ‘09 in India. With offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and a team of highly-dedicated professionals Umzingeli continues to be at the forefront of innovative event production. Driven by passion, and aided by an extensive international contact book of celebrities and industry professionals, Umzingeli tailors each job directly to its client’s needs to ensure that only the best possible outcome is achieved.

© Peter Morey

© Simon Denier

© Simon Denier

© Simon Denier

P.O. Box 51422, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa, 8002 Cape Town Office Tel: +27 21 421 0701 Fax: +27 21 421 0719 Johannesburg Office Tel: +27 11 339 4887 Fax: +27 11 339 7001 Email: Website:

Best of South Africa


Fashion & Jewellery

312 Couture: In Pursuit of Your Own Identity

Fashion is an art and identity is a process. 312 Couture is all about self-worth and expressing your identity, the freedom to be yourself without fear or apologies. Providing the consumer with exclusive and luxury international brands, this stunning boutique caters for the perfect gentleman and is a new fashion force to be reckoned with. The yearning for style is constant worldwide and the last decade has seen the very same need express itself in Johannesburg and thus the concept of 312 Couture was created. From Savile Row in London, to Paris, Milan and New York, the boutique brings you sought after international trends and fashion but grounded in each individual’s culture and personal preferences. 312 means the liberty to stay in touch with your own identity. It is the passion to see people of various backgrounds dress up and be themselves. Offering aspirational Made to Fit clothing, Image Consultancy and Wardrobe Makeover services for business executives, metrosexual men and fashion connoisseurs alike. Seeing each person as original and authentic, the driving principle is “in pursuit of your own identity” and is based not only on knowledge, discovery and feelings but also on experience, contentment and lifestyle. Pleasure should go hand in glove with what you wear and you should always feel good. Great fashion happens when your being and your look exist together in perfect harmony. What makes 312 unique? Two dedicated young men who not only know the ins and out of fashion, but more crucially – they love what they do. 312 Couture is the product of fashion geniuses Mike Ilunga and Joachim Nzuzi endorsed by Richard Moloko.


Best of South Africa

They have a passion for men’s fashion and are committed to improving an individual’s image by creating personal identity with a sense of style, class and elegance. The Directors represent a wealth fashion retail and image consultancy experience from working in highly successful brands and boutiques in Sandton, the fashion capital of South Africa. Knowing that confidence and success run parallel, the pair approach business like they approach life: Be and let the people follow…

To be truly essential in life, one has to achieve a balance between lifestyle and personal image. 312 Couture is all about discovering and appreciating your own unique touch and then installing a lifelong appreciation of your unique taste within. 312 Couture can help you find your identity, Jo and Mike have found theirs, it is now your turn. For people who understand the importance of well tailored garments and handmade shoes, 312 Couture is definitely the prime destination. Knowing that service excellence is key, modern and sophisticated, this trend-setting boutique offers a private lounge where executives can relax while shopping – transforming business into pleasure. The boutique is located at shop 312 Legacy Corner, Sandton - the address for the perfect gentleman. Stockist of international brands including Sand, Seventy, handcrafted made to order Gaziano and Girling shoes, and FP Jeans for men and women. 312 Couture is brought to you by Moloko Fashion.

Tel: +27 11 783 4881

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Stoned Cherrie
Stoned Cherrie, established in 2000, is an afro-urban lifestyle brand that is expressive of African urban culture in South Africa.

Our vision is to become a global African lifestyle brand pioneering a Cultural Revolution in Africa. In essence, Stoned Cherrie is a product of a repressed history and the freedom we enjoy today - a conflation of past and present. Our aesthetic oscillates between our cultural heritage and how contemporary Africa has evolved over time. Our design signature is reminiscent of past eras: the fiery Shebeen Queens, the bold intellectuals, the sparkly cover girls of the 50’s and the urban energy that swept over the ghetto’s of South Africa in difficult times. We believe in an abundant universe and it is this belief that has kept us constantly

inspired to innovate rather than follow. This has also seen Stoned Cherrie being birthed as a smooth sexy street-wise label that has artfully swerved fashion stereotypes by being old, new and futuristic at the same time. We are passionate about social development and believe that as Stoned Cherrie grows as a brand, so too should the communities that have contributed to its identity. We therefore take pride in having contributed to the restoration of dignity to the lives of women from the African Feeding Scheme by employing them as beaders and seamstresses. By upping the humble crochet, ‘funkifying’ Seshweshwe and resurrecting all our heroes,

sung and unsung, Stoned Cherrie has been instrumental in transforming the way that South Africans feel about themselves. We have also partnered with various other creatives from graphic designers, beaders and textile manufacturers to celebrate a thriving and dynamic creative industry. We believe that collaboration is our new currency and that South Africa’s creative spirit has the potential to yield great ideas. Tel: +27 11 447 9629 – Flagship store the zone rosebank Tel: +27 11 402 0188 – the studio


Best of South Africa

The African Romance™ Story
African Romance™ is Africa’s first homegrown international luxury diamond and jewellery brand.

African Romance™ is viewed as a trailblazer in the industry, presenting national and international diamond and jewellery wholesalers, distinguished luxury clientele and tourists with a five star facility at which to access an exclusive selection of African diamonds and fine jewellery. Their business model is representative

of a new era of beneficiation that is both sustainable and profitable, setting the benchmark for mineral beneficiation in South Africa. African Romance™ is situated in the heart of Sandton, the financial hub of Africa. Their showrooms are simultaneously an expression of African chic and luxury

and a state of the art diamond cutting and jewellery production facility. Diamond tours allow visitors to witness how they skilfully transform rough diamonds into multifacetted brilliant works of art. African Romance™ have taken care to create their legendary, yet relaxed, African welcome in an environment where refreshments, friendship and congeniality are always on offer in the Ubuntu lounge and private VIP viewing rooms. Clientele can browse through the African Romance™ jewellery collections designed and manufactured on the premises, set their diamond purchases in beautifully crafted mounts or chat to one of the highly skilled designers to create a bespoke masterpiece. African Romance™ aspires to be the epitome of African sophistication. Visit them to discover excellence and the spectacular soul of Africa, timeless as ever...forever captured in their diamonds. Showrooms: African Romance, Entrance Maude Street, CNR West Street, Sandton, 2146 Tel: +27 11 3845600 Fax: +27 11 3845661

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Fashion & Jewellery

Shemer Jewellers
A division of D.Carrington & Co (Pty) Ltd has a long and illustrious history.

Shemer Jewellers

The Shemer Family, based in Germiston in the early 1900’s started as a general dealership selling everything from bicycles to watches. Eventually the “jewellery” part of the business took off and in 1948, H Shemer & Co (Pty) Ltd was formed. The business in those days was located in President Str. Germiston. The business traded as one of the most upmarket jewellery stores in the country for many years, until it was purchased by the Fivelman family in 1977. The business continued to trade in Germiston until it was moved to Bedford Centre, Bedfordview in 1984. Bedford Centre, still our home, was to see a further change of ownership in 1998, when the Shemer name and trading store was bought by its present owners, D.Carrington & Co (Pty) Ltd, under the Directorship of Derrick and June Carrington and son Alan. A story often told by Derrick is that life often runs full circle. As an apprentice watchmaker in the late 1950’s, Derrick worked for Mr.Hymie Shemer. He then left the


Best of South Africa

Shemer business to start his own business and registered D.Carrington & Co in 1966, the irony being that he now owns the Shemer business! Signature Collection Each piece in the collection consists of either 18ct white or 18ct yellow gold, diamonds of the highest quality and the highest grade of coloured gemstones. Many of the pieces in the collection are made “in- house” at our on-site manufacturing workshop. Our staff would be happy to help you design and manufacture your own exclusive piece to your specification using your own gold and gemstones. The balance of the Signature Collection is imported from the most reputable factories in Italy and the far East. Time Pieces Shemer Jewellers is proud to present some of the world’s most luxurious and prestigious watch brands. We are proud stockists of the

world’s largest selling and biggest luxurious brand, ROLEX. The Rolex brand is complimented in store by a number of other leading brands, namely Omega, Ebel, Tag Heuer, Raymond Weil and Michel Herbelin. Shemer Services The name Shemer Jewellers is synonymous with service. We pride ourselves in offering our clients a rich tradition in watchmaking with over 50 years experience through Derrick Carrington our Managing Director in our fully fledged watchmaking workshop situated off site. We are official service agents for all the luxury brands we stock, including being one of the few Rolex certified workshops in South Africa. On the jewellery front we offer an on-site handmade jewellery workshop. In Mike Fridberg our master craftsman we offer a service of specially designing and manufacturing exclusive pieces of jewellery to suit your needs. All jewellery repairs and insurance valuations are also undertaken.

Shop U9 Bedford Centre Bedfordview 2008 Tel: + 27 11 622 4735 Fax: + 27 11 615 5614 Email:

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Décor, Design & Interiors

Culinary Equipment Co leads the way
‘Due to globalization many products we use every day are now produced in Asia instead of Europe’.

Global pressure for cheap goods has lead to the demise of traditional production methods in the west leading to a flood of poor quality merchandise on our shelves. South Africa has not been immune to this shift, and products from electronics to stoves are now produced en mass in factories by unskilled labourers in countries such as China or Vietnam’. The Culinary Equipment Company, founded by Wehrner Gutstadt in 2002 has endeavoured to buck this trend. The company’s mission is to import brands only of the highest possible quality solely from Europe, thereby supporting master artisans in their traditional craft. The Culinary Equipment Co is the only company of its kind to support this ideal in South Africa. Established primarily as the importer of the world-renowned Lacanche range of French range cookers, the company has grown


Best of South Africa

Culinary Commercial, lead by Wehrner Gutstadt, is the professional arm of the Culinary Group. With several large scale commercial projects on the go at any instant and a history of developing restaurant kitchens and concepts which go straight into the nation’s top ten listings, it provides firstrate industry knowledge and experience. Locations Culinary Equipment Company Head Office and main showroom Lanseria Centre, Johannesburg With over 1500 square meters of floor space, a professional demo kitchen, a coffee bar and cookbook library, customers are able to immerse themselves in Johannesburg’s finest gastronomic experience. A team of highly trained experts offer tailor-advice and consultancy to designers, kitchen builders, chefs and private homeowners. Tel: +27 11 701 2200 Culinary Morningside Morningside Shopping Centre, Shop L11 Cnr Rivonia and Outspan Roads, Morningside, Sandton Tel: +27 11 022 3164 Email: Culinary Cape Quarter Tel: +27 21 802 4233 Email: Culinary Winelands Stellenbosch Culinary Winelands is created to cater both for home enthusiasts as well as professional chefs. This store offers a coffee bar, and a culinary library. Find ranges of professional cookware products, espresso machines, and range cookers. Professional restaurateurs welcome. Tel: +27 21 887 7206 Email:

Culinary A La Carte Is a distributor to the trade of specialty food products from Europe and South Africa, and South African wines. Culinary a la Carte is based in Johannesburg with a comprehensive distribution infrastructure nationwide. Tel: +27 11 701 2200 Email: Culinary Consulting Culinary Consulting offers a turnkey solution for professional kitchens needs. Our specialized teams of industry specialists hail from a wide variety of backgrounds. Therefore offering strong understandings of both the technical aspects as well as the human elements in professional kitchen designs. Our projects successes, include but are not limited to high-end dining establishments, banqueting, supermarket retailers, bistros, and commercial production facilities. About our products The brands and products the Culinary Group supports all adhere to a strict profile. All products and components are produced in the European Union. Brands also feature the highest levels of quality, durability, and design. Brands represent superior craftsmanship and dedication to their craft. The Culinary Group headed by Wehrner Gutstadt is the sole importer of all ranges, whereby we develop a strong active working relationship with each of our suppliers. Acting as sole agents for over 50 top tier companies means that we carry a great deal of responsibility towards each product. This commitment and responsibility is communicated to our clients. Culinary Group is a member of the Careful Carriers Group of Companies.

to include over seven thousand line items. Today, forty brands make up a formidable contingent of products that cover everything from cutlery, vegetable slicers, espresso machines, to copper or ceramic cookware. Information about the full spectrum of products can be found at With many companies finding themselves compromised by high rent and staffing costs, the Culinary Equipment Company has grown organically to include a small, highlytrained team that is renowned for delivering exemplary service, and long-standing client relationships. Situated in Lanseria, Stellenbosch and Cape Town (August 2009) the group boasts an enormous 1500 square meter showroom in its Johannesburg headquarters – including a full commercial demonstration kitchen and the facility to cater for high-end functions.

Best of South Africa


Décor, Design & Interiors

Cobra Watertech Background
As global leaders in water control technology, and a company that is fiercely proud of being South African, Cobra Watertech (Pty.) Limited has been manufacturing stylish, top quality taps since 1951.

Cobra produces one of the most comprehensive ranges of plumbing fittings in the world, boasting a wide variety of tap and mixer styles - ensuring that there is an attractive product suitable for every purpose.

In 1986, the company was one of the first South African enterprises to have gained SABS ISO certification. Cobra has since distinguished itself further with its ISO 9001 2000 quality management accreditation, thus maintaining its

reputation as one of South Africa’s leading brand names. Research and development is key to Cobra’s success, resulting in the company incorporating the latest technology with modern styling and affordability.


Best of South Africa

The extensive Cobra range includes utility taps that are essential for bringing much-needed water to rural communities, through to top quality products that grace many prestigious houses and buildings both locally and

internationally. The brand has recently expanded into sanitary ware and geysers, therefore offering homeowners a complete bathroom solution. While South Africa represents the majority of Cobra product merchants, the company has also been successful in penetrating the African, Asian and south American markets. The company employs nearly 1500 people through out South Africa, all striving towards the common Cobra goal – “production excellence”. Social responsibility is an integral part of Cobra’s business practices, a number of programs have been undertaken in South Africa to improve the quality of life for our people.

For a full view of our product catalogue and literature visit our website on or e-mail or phone 0861 21 21 21

Best of South Africa


Décor, Design & Interiors

Imagination meets Sophistication
When we talk about Persian carpet, the king of carpets, it is definitely a tale of magnificent art established over twenty-five hundred years ago.

The Persian rug, from being simply articles of need, as simple as floor coverings, to protect the tribesmen from the cold and damp, has found new fans, lovers and wealthy owners, those who decorate their mansions and luxurious homes with this precious wealth Over the years, Ghorbany Carpets has supported individual tastes and needs, making ‘thousands for one’ as opposed to ‘one for thousands’. This trend has reached its peak and, moving with the times, Ghorbany Carpets helps individuals find their own path and create their own mottos through design and décor. In the past, trends were influenced by domineering philosophies and ideas.


Best of South Africa

Recent years, however, have shown a huge shift in the design industry as clientele are now moving largely towards the trend of individuality. Currently, homeowners confirm who they are and what they believe in through their homes and subsequent design choices. “Having lost the effect of such strong philosophies, like communism and capitalism for example, means that individuals are now expressing their personal philosophies and lifestyles through the décor choices they make,” explains co-owner of Ghorbany Carpets, Shervin Ghorbany. Moving away from traditional ways of thinking about carpets, buyers are now using alternate styles and colours in their homes. The power to make a decision comes strongly through the types of carpets that individuals create. “This is not to say that the traditional styles are no longer on the market, but that a new trend has arrived on the scene; one that is not linked to a dominant world philosophy but rather to individual ideas and opinions, creating more options for buyers,” says Ghorbany. The current motto that is running through the industry is, “Be yourself! Do as you please.” This is the best time for those who are in touch with who they are.

Where does this lead the carpet industry in 2010? “My expectation for the upcoming years is that this move towards dominant individuality is a very positive thing. It allows for people to be true to who they are and make decisions based on that,” explains Ghorbany. Two facets emerge in the evolution of carpets. The first is the design and the second is colour. Design is evolving from the more traditional carpets to the revolutionary modern designs. And with colour, the options are endless. “At Ghorbany, we are open to new ideas and value the opinions and ideas of our clientele. It is for this reason that we provide carpets to suit individual needs,” explains Ghorbany. Carpets are no longer wanted for ‘blend in’ purposes such as it was in the pre2005 period. Post 2005 until the present day illustrated carpets as statements by themselves. They are not required to just fill a space or add a finishing touch, they are now focal points in the home.

Tel: +27 11 465 8718

Best of South Africa


Beauty & Wellness


Best of South Africa

Best of South Africa


Life Day Spa – Design Quarter District, Fourways This 1100m² contemporary spa set in the heart of Fourways, boasts indoor water features, triple volume ceilings and natural finishes that blend in with nature. The 17 themed treatment rooms equip with coloured lighting and tranquil music offer our guest a unique experience with each visit. Relax and unwind prior to your treatment of your of choice in our spa facilities that include an indoor heated spa pool, steam rooms, saunas, Swiss showers and sensation showers. Signature body rituals and a Rasul

mud treatment chamber allow for further relaxation. Our newly renovated interactive Manicure and Pedicure area is the perfect to spend with friends on those special occasions, having a luxurious treatment and glass of bubbly. Our extensive list of packages will cater for anyone’s needs although unique tailor made packages can be structured to suite the most seasoned spa visitor. Explore your sense of taste, in a healthy, yet indulgent manner. Our health bar serves a variety of tasty beverages to the day spa visitor awaiting treatment. Complete your spa experience with a hair treatments or Blow Dry

at our in house hair salon. Life Day Spa invites you to “Experience your senses” in a haven that epitomises ultimate luxury.

Tel: +27 11 465 7777

Octavia’s Sensorium Day Spa – Emperors Palace, Kempton Park Residing within the D’Oreale Grande hotel at Emperors Palace, Octavia’s Sensorium Day Spa offers a world class health and beauty spa, an unrivaled haven where the physical, mental and spiritual are equally cared for. Relax and indulge in the opulent Roman Bath, taking you back to years of splendor encapsulating another world with its soothing, warm waters and powerful jets. Set around the renowned Roman Bath, this 11 room spa offers guests ample room to relax

and enjoy a range of exclusive spa treatments. Each treatment room boasts a unique ceiling mural that mimics the relics of ancient Rome. Our treatment menu ranges from individual spa treatments, customised spa packages and exclusive Signature treatments. The facilities range from a sauna, steam room, 18 jet Swiss shower and an outdoor pool that is offered complimentary with any treatment booked. Allow yourself to further relax and socialise by enjoying a Rasul Mud Treatment Chamber with up to three of your friends or float away your stress in the ancient ruins of the floatation tank.

Relax, unwind and be treated as royalty in the true tradition of health spas since their prominence in the age of classical Rome.

Tel: +27 11 928 1815


Best of South Africa

Renaissance Day Spa – Michelangelo Towers, Sandton Situated in the exclusive Michelangelo Towers in the heart of Sandton, this opulent, 5 star spa has everything to offer the discerning spa visitor. Relive the Renaissance Era at this contemporary spa that features painted images by the famous Michelangelo. The 12 luxury treatment rooms allow our guests to enjoy a tranquil and private spa experience. Our spa facilities include an indoor heated

spa pool, outdoor pool and sundeck, steam rooms, saunas and sensation showers. These are freely available to enjoy before or after treatments. Selected treatments can be enjoyed around the indoor or outdoor pools upon request. A soothing beverage menu is also available to compliment your indulgent spa experience. We cater to both the individual and corporate clientele and offer specialised VIP memberships at discounted rates for regular guests.

Renaissance Day Spa projects an image of relaxation in an environment of luxury, professionalism and tranquility.

Tel: +27 11 783 9904 / 0291

Soulstice Day Spa – Silverstar Casino, Krugersdorp At the award winning Soulstice Day Spa we pride ourselves in offering a unique, customised spa experience. This 1000m2 spa is located at Silverstar Casino, Krugersdorp and overlooks the second largest musical fountain in the world. Each of our 13 treatment rooms are equipped with plasma screen TVs that portray tranquil images of nature. Enhance your mood by selecting from three music channels and enjoy the healing elements of colour therapy. Our executive couple’s suite, boasting its own hydro bath, fireplace and sensation shower offers couples a romantic getaway in an environment that is private and tranquil. The facilities match the grandeur of the spa. On offer are an outdoor pool, a heated indoor jetted pool, and outdoor heated rock pool, mosaic water lounges, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, a unisex steam room and saunas. A floatation tank and Amethyst crystal Rasul chamber offer unique add-ons to your treatment of choice.

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Mangwanani Private African Day Spas

MANGWANANI PRIVATE AFRICAN DAY SPAS are located in some of the most idyllic settings in South Africa and offer a rare experience of true African indulgence. Traditional healing therapies and sensual royal rituals have been weaved into unique and indulgent treatments designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the body, mind and spirit. We have branches that are located in strategic locations around the country giving everybody access to the Mangwanani Experience. River Valley Is nestled in the Valley of the Hennops River, the river runs right along side of the resort creating a tranquil and peaceful environment. Most of the treatments are done in huts and rooms situated by the river. An opportunity not to be missed, experience Africa in a relaxing and unique way through decadent spa treatments.


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Indaba Is situated just north of the fast paced business world of Sandton, nestled beneath the vista of the magnificent Magaliesberg Mountains once inside the walls of Indaba you escape to a tranquil world of indulgence and decadent revitalization. At your disposal are all the services available from the Indaba Hotel with the multiple Conference rooms and venues. The Mangwanani Spa is also situated in prime Real Estate on the property with an idyllic view of the natural bush in the heart of Sandton. A great opportunity and experience for Team Building events for men and woman alike. Zevenwacht, Located on the Stellenbosch wine route in Cape Town in one of the country’s idyllic locations, surrounded by vineyards and cultivated cheese and wines. The Dutch House that has been transformed into one of South Africa’s top restaurants. The Mangwanani Spa is located at the top of the farm which overlooks rolling vineyards of the entire estate. The perfect date for your loved one, or a fun filled adventurous day for friends and family. Mangwanani – Sibaya Is situated at the Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom on the North Coast KZN where Mangwanani is graced by the rejuvenating power of the African Sun. Close to an international airport and North Coast resort locations, with magnificent sea views. Bashewa, Located east of Pretoria, Bashewa offers relaxation and the celebration of natural well-being in Redwood hot tubs nestled in tranquil forests surrounded by wild buck feeding grounds. Meropa, Nestled in the enigmatic reaches of Northern South Africa, Meropa offers Sun International patrons yet another environment for True African Indulgence in it’s intimate Moroccan setting laden in

culture, legend and romance, so too is Mangwanani. All locations have various treatments available to indulge in your senses, The African Revitalisation Spa, which is a full day package including 7 treatments, from 08h30 till approximately 17h00, The African Moonlight Spa, three treatments, 18h30 till approximately 22h30 and many more, which incorporates essential oils, flowers and spices. Welcome snacks and drinks on arrival, dinners and entertainment in the form of African dancing, singing and drumming. Transport can be arranged from selected locations and unique packages created to suit either your personal or corporate needs. Mangwanani is the perfect destination for Client Relationship Management, Corporate events or just to unwind and relax and experience the Mangwanani Magic. A fully detailed listing of all our available packages and branches can be booked either on line by visiting our website or calling our central reservations number direct 0860 55 00 55. All of our locations encompass the unique décor and revitalisation that has become an integral part of our lives and a necessity to our well-being. Mangwanani is a unique African Spa Experience, which incorporates Wellness, Entertainment and Social Responsibility. Main focus is to empower previously disadvantaged people in South Africa all trained within the Mangwanani training and development programme. The original idea was born out of a preference, to establish a retreat where one could be pampered from head to toe and indulge in sheer decadence. Mangwanani specifically wanted to uplift rural woman and not necessarily use qualified Beauty Therapists, to allow previously

disadvantaged woman from the local communities, to be empowered by their natural abilities. Mangwanani’s approach to training and development is a holistic one, with the development of the previously disadvantaged being one of the Pillars of its transformation strategy. Mangwanani has won Spa of the Year in South Africa since inception. Our online products and packages can now be purchased through

Central Reservations: 0860 55 00 55 Tel: +27 12 371 2100 +27 11 465 5298 Fax: +27 12 371 2200 E-mail:

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Ever since Cleopatra took milk baths to preserve her beauty, it has been the quest of women to improve their skin and hide the effects of ageing. Many advertisements for skin care products make unsubstantiated claims of eternal youth, promoting fad ingredients that are made out to be miracle cures. Consumers are no longer fooled by glamorous photos of air-brushed celebrity beauties, but are looking for products that offer real results and a beautiful healthy radiance.

most effective anti-ageing skin care products in the world by employing science and research with the finest quality ingredients for products that transform the skin long term. We approach skin care differently by looking at the fundamentals of skin problems and treating them with Environ’s unique step up system that enables the consumer to climb the Vitamin A ladder according to their individual requirement and achieve maximum benefits and results. We know that science and attention to detail helps us to keep a meaningful promise.”

Environ is a scientifically proven skin care system that provides essential vitamins and antioxidants that skin needs on a daily basis. Environ’s quality skin care range ensures skin stays young, slows down the visible signs of ageing and ultimately helps prevent possible malignant changes. It draws on cutting edge technology, combined with proven botanicals and scientific principles to create skin care ranges that effectively address different needs and problems for people of all races and ages. Environ’s more than 70 products are only available through professionally trained stockists including plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons, dermatologists, general practitioners and skin care professionals in 66 countries Long before AHA and free radicals were talked about Dr Des Fernandes, world renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon and founder of Environ Skin Care (Pty) Ltd, pioneered the use of antioxidants and Vitamin A in high, effective doses. The introduction of Vitamin A into the formulation of skin care products heralded a new era in the treatment of sun-damaged skin. Environ specifically targets the natural physiology of the skin and focuses on restoring the particular antioxidants that are responsible for protecting the skin. It does not use “fashionable” ingredients – it uses only the most effective ingredients to achieve real results. Always at the forefront of skin science it also pioneered the combination of iontophoresis and low-frequency sonophoresis as well as skin needling for enhanced penetration and medical treatments. “The rejuvenation of the brand is an exciting time and just more evidence of why consumers should choose to use Environ. Even in tough times like these, we continue to lead and are offering something new and relevant to our market.” Valerie Carstens, Environ’s CEO explains the company’s brand values: “For Environ, there are three key words... Science, Research and Results. We strive to make the Says Valerie Carstens: “Just as Dr Des promised when he first launched Environ we are constantly updating our formulae, so that we remain ahead in real skin care. We are simultaneously revitalising the Environ brand with a new look and feel. Environ’s new image is contemporary, fresh and sophisticated but still keeps the integrity and strong promises of our brand at heart.” around the world, and also through direct sales consultants in South Africa. Environ skin care products are manufactured in a world class laboratory and are one of the few skin care ranges in the world that do not have preservatives added during the manufacturing process.

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Laserderm specializes in Aesthetic Dermatological procedures which enhance appearances using the latest techniques and laser equipment.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Melasma Skin Tags / Polyps Skin Cancer Fine Lines & Wrinkles Ageing Necks & Hands Acne Scars Tattoo Removal Cauliflower Nose Red Neck Keloids & Scaring Stretch Marks Acne Warts Psoriasis Vitiligo

Laserderm has a wide variety of the most advanced laser and light based technologies specifically used to treat each of these conditions. Other treatments: • FRAXEL Laser Resurfacing • BOTOX & Fillers • Cellulite Management & Body Shaping • Microdermabrasion (Crystal or Crystalfree) • Chemical Peels • PDT • Photo-Rejuvenation For more information of these and other treatments – please contact one of our branches for a free consultation. Trust the Professionals with your skin and body treatments…

Since its inception in 1997, Laserderm has built a strong reputation for professionalism and excellence in the Aesthetic Industry. It has positioned itself as a leader in Laser treatments offering a wide variety of the most advanced aesthetic, light based and laser technologies available including iClear, MultiClear, Synergie AMS, Derma Genesis Biosystems, Alexandrite Laser, Nd:YAG Laser, GMax (2-in-1) Laser, Diode Laser, KTP Laser, Pulsed Dye Laser, Erbium Yag Laser, CO2 Laser, Q-switch Alexandrite Laser and the FRAXEL™ Laser. Endorsed by leading Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons it has gained enormous credibility over the years. With its resident

Dermatologists, Aesthetic Practitioners, professionally trained Laser Operators and Aestheticians, Laserderm offers its clients the widest range of non-invasive Medical Aesthetic Procedures and Combination Treatments including: • Laser Hair Removal (Permanent hair reduction on all skin types) • Blue Leg Veins • Red Facial Veins • Spider Veins • Rosacea (Telangiectasia) • Haemangiomas / Port Wine Stain • Pigmentation: Sun Spots, Liver Spots, Freckles, Blotches, Pigmented or Brown Lesions

Morningside / Sandton: +27 11 783 3110 Cresta Corner: +27 11 476 1228 Dunkeld West: +27 11 341 0580 Waterkloof: +27 12 460 4646 Email:


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Fractional Laser Resurfacing is the very latest in laser technology. It can deliver similar results to that of ablative resurfacing (resurfacing techniques that are very severe on the epidermis), without the discomfort and inconvenience of a lengthy healing period.
Another advantage of Fractional Laser Resurfacing is that the treatment is performed in doctors’ rooms with a topical anaesthetic cream and thus does not require a general anaesthetic! The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes and has an excellent safety profile. Fractional Laser Resurfacing treats a small “fraction” of the skin, leaving intact, undamaged skin around each treated area to act as a barrier and a reservoir for rapid healing. Fractional Laser Resurfacing is done with a Fraxel™ Laser, which passes through the dry outer layer of skin and wounds the underlying collagen. Nearby undamaged cells then immediately mobilise to heal the wounded area. However, no visible wound is created, and so no wound care is required. The skin may appear ‘bronzed’ and red for a day or so but makeup can be applied immediately. The Fraxel™ Laser is FDA approved for the treatment of facial wrinkles, age spots, and sun spots, but also for skin on which resurfacing would be effective, such as acne scars, hyperpigmentation and sundamaged skin. Testimonials “Fraxel is a unique treatment for two reasons; firstly its’predictability – almost everybody sees improvement in skin-texture and elasticity, and secondly it is simply the safest and most effective treatment for “off the face”indications such as neck, chest and hands.” Dr Ean Smit, Dermatologist Cape Town “Fraxel™ is perhaps the best laser innovation for some years. It has been shown to be the best treatment for acne scarring and helps to build up depressed scars. And it usually helps wrinkles if they are not severe enough to require a facelift. It is also a great treatment for perioral rhytides, which cannot be treated by plastic surgery and there is no risk of hypopigmentation usually seen with deep peels. It usually helps melasma but we select only patients over 35 with no intention of further pregnancies. It often reduces other types of pigmentation as well, such as Becker’s naevus and café-au-lait patches and also reduces post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation when the cause of the problem is no longer active. With patience and perseverance, it even improves stretch marks.” Dr. David Presbury, Dermatologist Laserderm Morningside ”Incorporating Fraxel™ into my plastic surgery practice has significantly improved the aesthetic outcome of my patients, especially when used with the non-invasive radio frequency treatment Thermage™.” Dr. Vernon Ching, Plastic Surgeon Linksfield “The new generation Fraxel™ is definitely the most innovative scientific advancement in non-surgical, skin laser resurfacing. This laser can be programmed to focus on the target areas of skin, in keeping with peer-reviewed, published, academic principles of skin science. The skin re-modeling occurs without noticeable side effects and tissue reactions. It is definitely the gold standard in achieving optimum results from a minimal downtime procedure. Most of our clients are back to work in 24 hours. Fraxel™ resurfacing is an essential office procedure to any facility offering excellence in dermatology, plastic surgery and skin care.” Dr. Dylan Naidoo, Dermatologist Durban “This is a fantastic, non-invasive, “no downtime” way to achieve skin resurfacing, and is ideal for the South African women aged 40-65 years with some sun damaged skin too”. Prof. Don Hudson, Plastic Surgeon Claremont “At last a reliable tool for the treatment of hitherto ‘no go’ areas and difficult skin types.” Dr. Saul Braun, Plastic Surgeon Rosebank “[Fraxel™ is] patient friendly with amazing results even on darker skin types.” Dr. Sian Hartshorne, Dermatologist Laserderm Dunkeld “My patients were very happy with the results of their [Fraxel™] treatments and felt that the outcome was similar to pictures seen on the internet and in magazines. It reality did not disappoint. Although the treatments can be painful, I have not had anyone cancel as a result of this. On the contrary, many said they would like to extend the treatment to other areas.” Dr. Vivianne Jaques, Dermatologist Melrose “Fraxel™ is an effective, safe laser that gives patients glowing new skin with minimal downtime. Because the depth of the laser can be set, it can be based to treat more superficial conditions such as skin pigmentation or deeper problems such as acne, scarring and wrinkles. Patient satisfaction is overall high.” Dr. Judith Budavari, Dermatologist Hyde Park “We have had excellent results treating pitted acne scarring in Type 4/5 skin, 60 to 70 percent improvement with no downtime and no post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This has become my favourite indication and the patients are thrilled with it.” Dr Sya Beaton, Dermatologist Durban

Fraxel is distributed by Stern Laser – 082 551 5938 / 086 11 STERN For your nearest Fraxel Laser Clinic go to

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Sandton City Future Vision

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Corporate Profiles

South Africa: Open for Business
South Africa is the powerhouse of Africa – as the most advanced and productive broad-based economy on the continent, the country leads the way in industrial output and mineral production. It generates about two-thirds of Africa’s electricity, is connected with approximately 40 percent of the total continent’s phones, mines over half the world’s platinum and provides 10 percent of the world’s gold.

For ‘Ease of Doing Business’, South Africa was ranked 32 out of 181 countries by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation’s ‘Doing Business’ 2009 report. The annual survey measures the time, cost and hassle for businesses to operate and South Africa gained three places over last year’s survey and is regarded as a major emerging market for business and investment. Since the advent of democracy in 1994, South Africa’s economy has been based on sound macro-economic policies aimed at promoting domestic competitiveness, growth and employment and increasing the economy’s outward orientation. Key economic reforms have given rise to a high level of stability with taxes reduced, tariffs lowered, the fiscal deficit brought under control, and exchange controls relaxed. The country’s central bank, the South African Reserve Bank, maintains its independence from the government and its monetary policy has shown good results with the real interest rate stabilised and the currency remaining at competitive levels. The government has made it clear that foreign investment is welcome in South Africa, and investor-friendly policies abound. South Africa’s financial systems are sophisticated, robust and well regulated – the sector has long been rated among the top 10 globally. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) rates among the top 20 stock exchanges in the world by market capitalisation. South African banks have been very stable throughout the shocks experienced from the recent global economic meltdown and this stability has been attributed to prudent regulation by the South African Reserve Bank.


Best of South Africa - Photo Sasol - Tower

The country’s exchange rate makes it one of the least expensive countries for foreigners to live and do business in. Energy costs are still among the lowest in the world, petroleum prices are favourable, telecommunications costs are coming down and labour costs are lower than those of other key emerging markets. In terms of competitiveness, South Africa was ranked 45th out of 134 countries – ahead of Italy and India – in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index for 2008/09. Technological research and quality standards in South Africa are worldrenowned, and numerous leading technologies have been developed, particularly in the fields of energy and fuels, steel production, deep-level mining, telecommunications and information technology. Manufacturing sectors are increasingly technology-intensive, and this high-tech sector enjoys extensive growth. Although the country is experiencing the impact of the global recession, preparations for the FIFA 2010 World Cup are stimulating increased private investment, which is playing an integral part in dampening the negative impact of the global recession on the local economy. The 2010 event is a catalyst for the implementation of a number of infrastructure projects, which has a further knock-on effect on the economy, and is proving to be instrumental in leading to a relatively strong economic recovery by stimulating investment, service export growth and private consumption. Located at the southernmost tip of the African continent, South Africa is ideally positioned for access to the 14 countries comprising the Southern African

Development Community (SADC) with a combined population of over 250-million people. The African market is growing and as more countries and companies are gearing up for business, they are looking at South Africa as a regional logistics hub and portal for trade into Africa. The country’s seven commercial ports form by far the largest, best equipped and most efficient network on the continent. Known for its world-class, progressive legal framework, cutting-edge technology, competitiveness and industrial capability, South Africa has enormous potential as a business and investment destination. Firstworld infrastructure and high living standards combine well with a vibrant emerging market economy to ensure good value for money and myriad reasons for doing business in South Africa. - Photo Sasol - R&D man - Photo Volkswagen South Africa - VW plant.

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Liberty Properties
Liberty Properties has made headlines of late for its bold expansion plans that include multi-billion rand refurbishments to its premium property portfolio and an intention to expand its footprint in Africa.

Liberty Life Regional Office Century City

This ambitious approach is synonymous with the pioneering spirit that has made the company a dominant force in the South African property industry since 1972. The business has a retail, commercial and hospitality portfolio of over 1.5 million m2 in size and exceeding R20 billion, of which more than R17,2 billion is directly attributed to Liberty. Overview Liberty Properties is an independent, strategic company operating within the broader Liberty Holdings Group with a strong focus on

property management, property development and asset management. Before 2008, Liberty Properties was purely responsible for the development and management of Liberty Holding’s property portfolio. Today, the business services both Liberty and third party clients. The company is driven by a need to maximise sustained, real returns for its policy holders and investors, lucrative environments for its tenants and superior destinations for its guests. It is also committed to developing valuable investment products for its intermediaries to market.

Three core capabilities: Liberty Property Management The key focus is the management of a spectrum of prestigious retail and commercial properties for the Liberty Group and third party organisations across Africa. An expert services capability which includes Leasing and Lease Administration; Operations Management; Facility Management; Building Administration; Property Administration (Billing); Credit Control; Procurement; Finance and Tax.


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company ethos is to create and invest in property ventures which make a statement and make a difference in the lives of South Africans. • Over 433,000m2 of retail space • 7 shopping centres • Over 970 shops and stores A big name in the hospitality sector Liberty Holdings is the largest owner of hotel rooms in the country. This hotel portfolio falls within the ambit of the Asset Management arm of Liberty Properties. The hotel portfolio currently includes eleven hotels, with over 2970 rooms and an open market value of R1.9bn or 12% of the total portfolio. Seven of these hotels are located in Gauteng, two in the Western Cape and one in the Eastern Cape and one in Tshwane. Managed by the Southern Sun Group, each hotel reflects an individual character and all provide quality, flair and warm hospitality. With two new hotels in development, Liberty’s dominance in this sector will increase. Both the Stay Easy Pietermaritzburg hotel and the Umhlanga Garden Court are pegged for completion in early 2010 to take advantage of the 2010 World Cup Soccer and the high occupancy levels forecast for the region and other major cities countrywide. High powered commercial portfolio Liberty Properties name coincides with a number of prime properties throughout the central business districts of South Africa, all with easy access to the main national roads, city centres, shopping centres, bus routes and taxi routes. The offices are clad in modern structural designs offering large and spacious interior and are suitable for various office set up. Beautiful garden landscapes and panoramic views complement the facilities and are a retreat for occupants. Specialist office buildings include the Sandton Convention Centre, Sandton City Office Tower and Twin Towers. The offices, located in Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Western Cape, are leased out to third party organisations - subject to availability. • Over 384,000m2 of office space • 11 locations • Over 400 tenants Liberty Property Development This side of the business specialises in property development, refurbishments, extensions and value-adding projects for the Liberty Group and

Undisputed retail giants Liberty Properties is recognised by the iconic brands it includes in its shopping centre portfolio. Heading the line up is the flagship investment, Sandton City with the adjoining Nelson Mandela Square. In addition the portfolio includes Eastgate, Liberty Midlands Mall, Liberty Promenade Mitchells Plain, Alberton City and Greenacres Shopping Centre. Situated throughout South Africa’s four major provinces (Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Western Cape), these retail assets dominate their settings and offer quality tenants to the communities they operate in.

Each of these centres can stake claim to the fact they contribute significantly to the enhancement of the urban scene and the lifestyle of South Africans. Demand for space at these premier mega-malls is high and the portfolio’s retail vacancy rates remain low. The company’s current expansion plans will entrench the demand for tenancy, and produce escalating rentals and property values – ensuring sustainable real returns above inflation for long term investors. By developing and operating shopping centres, Liberty facilitates job creation, community and social development. The

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Umhlanga Liberty Regional Office

third party clients across Africa. In three short years the capability has grown from being a start-up concern to one of the largest players in the market with some R5 billion worth of approved development projects on the table. The company is presently involved in several projects, which include: • The R1,7 billion rejuvenation of Sandton City complex • R610m refurbishment and extension of Eastgate Shopping Centre. • R184m extension to Alberton City Shopping Centre • R300m construction of an Umhlanga Liberty Regional Office • R312m extension and refurbishment project at Liberty Promenade Shopping Centre. • Construction of two new hotels – the R100m Stay Easy Pietermaritzburg Hotel and the R262m Umhlanga Garden Court investment. • A US$ 200m new mixed use development in Lusaka, Zambia The Lusaka deal has empowered Liberty Properties vision to be considered as a serious player in the African market. The third party partnership is the company’s first project outside of Africa and this and other mandates give greater realisation to the company goal of growing this premium brand throughout Africa. Asset management Liberty’s property fund represents one of the few investment options through which an individual can gain access to major shopping centres in South Africa. When you invest into this portfolio you buy into a collection of the

most prestigious retail and hospitality assets on the continent, boosted too by a significant commercial presence. The investment philosophy is to buy prime property with a long term view to develop and realise value. The portfolio is proactively positioned in line with these views, which are based on a sound investment process combining a top-down and bottom-up analysis of our investment environment. Over the past five years (2004-2008), the company statistics paint a positive picture. The Liberty Property portfolio has averaged around 17.1% on a gross basis and has managed to beat inflation by over 10% and money market rates by 6%. In light of the current downturn, management does not envisage the portfolio returns dropping below average CPI and money market rates, even taking into account the negative factors hitting the commercial property market. The fund adopts a buy-tohold strategy and for investors with a longterm view, continues to provide outstanding risk-adjusted returns across all product structures. As at 2009, over 250,000 people have chosen to invest in Liberty’s property linked policies. Some history The company originally made its debut as Rapp & Maister Real Estate Limited - a business which invested in properties primarily in Johannesburg’s CBD. The name was changed to Liberty Life Properties in 1989 after a full acquisition of its issued share capital by Liberty Life in 1976. Throughout the decades and its many acquisitions, Liberty Properties continues to be a leader in the South African property industry.

2009 Liberty Properties signs first deal with a third party organisation, outside South Africa within months of new mandate to build a fee earning business and expand the business to the rest of Africa. The deal involves developing a $200 million mixed-use development in Lusaka on behalf of Zambia’s National Pension Scheme Authority. This will be Zambia’s first fully enclosed shopping mall. Sandton City Shopping centre wins the Best Shopping Centre award for the 12th year in the 2009 Leisure Options Best of Johannesburg Readers’ Choice Awards. Greenacres Shopping Centre in Port Elizabeth wins a Diamond Arrow Award for the best shopping centre in the Eastern Cape. 2008 • R1.7 billion investment in the extension and refurbishment of Sandton City Shopping Centre announced. • A new 10,000m2 wing at Alberton City is launched. • Eastgate Shopping Centre wins The Star Reader’s Choice Awards 2008 for the Best Shopping Centre. 2007 Following a business restructure, Liberty Properties is renamed Liberty Group Properties (Pty) Ltd. Two new subsideries Liberty Property Management (Pty) Ltd and Liberty Property Development (Pty) Ltd - are formed and registered. Construction of new Liberty Life regional office in Century City, Cape Town is completed.

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Mixed use Development; Lusaka, Zambia

2006 Second phase of the hugely successful Liberty Midlands Mall launches in September. 2005 In June 2005, Liberty Properties acquires Main Street 9 (Pty) Ltd’s interest – in the Sandton City complex, Nelson Mandela Square, Alberton City, Southern Sun Sandton Sun, Intercontinental Towers Sandton City and Garden Court Sandton City. 2004 Liberty Life Properties purchases Liberty Promenade, located in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town. Sandton Square is renamed Nelson Mandela Square. A huge 6m statue of Nelson Mandela is erected on the Square in his honour. 2003 • Construction of the new Liberty Midlands Mall in Pietermaritzburg, KZN is completed. • The remaining 50% share of Greenacres Shopping Centre is purchased, resulting in 100% ownership of the centre. 2000 • Liberty Life Properties changes its name to Liberty Life Group Properties. • The Sandton Convention Centre is developed and opened in September. In the 90’s Refurbishment of Eastgate Shopping Centre begins in 1990, followed by the Sandton City refurbishment in 1992. Rapp & Maister

Construction is unbundled in 1995 and subsequently purchased by Grinaker. Liberty Life Properties acquires Bedford Village in late 1997. In the 80’s The early 80’s sees a huge scale expansion of Sandton City including the addition of the Sandton Sun and Twin Towers. It also brings the start of an investment in hotels that continues into the 90’s and beyond. In July 1980 Liberty Life Group becomes the sole owner of Eastgate. In 1981 Greenacres Shopping Centre is developed. Alberton City is acquired in June 1985 and LibertySentrum opens its doors for the first time in September 1985. August 1989 sees the name Rapp & Maister change to Liberty Life Properties.


Best of South Africa

The Norwood Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarket is acquired in September 1975, followed by the development of the Durban Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarket in July 1978. Concurrently, the group develops a large number of commercial properties, primarily on Braamfontein Ridge. These include Rennie House (an office building with residential suites on the top floors), and Libridge, which is purpose-built as Liberty Life’s extension to the Liberty Life Centre Head Office. The existing head office of SA Breweries (now SAB Miller) is acquired shortly thereafter, resulting in Liberty Life owning almost every property on the ridge. These investments, along with several other buildings, give Liberty Life Properties responsibility for at least 174,000m2 of commercial property in Braamfontein, making it the single biggest landlord in the area today, the business is responsible for over 1,367,714m2 of gross lettable areas across South Africa.

In the 70’s Liberty Properties is the first company to introduce the concept of shopping centres in South Africa. With the acquisition of Rapp & Maister Real Estate, Liberty Life also gains Sandton City, which is officially opened in October 1973. Eastgate Shopping Centre is opened in March 1979. At 86,000m2, it is far larger than Sandton City and twice as big as any other shopping centre in SA at that time.

5th floor West, Libridge, 25 Ameshoff Street Braamfontein Johannesburg 2001 PO Box 31287 Braamfontein 2017 Tel: +27 11 408 5111 Fax: +27 11 408 5112

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Finance & Investment

Alexander Forbes
Alexander Forbes is a leading provider of financial, risk and insurance and multi-manager investment solutions internationally.

The primary operations are based in South Africa and the United Kingdom. A significant network of subsidiaries and partners ensures we provide an outstanding level of service to our customers internationally. Alexander Forbes’ customers include small, medium and large organisations, specialist groups and individuals. We focus on our customers to deliver an efficient and innovative local service by empowered people wherever we operate. Alexander Forbes Risk Services The activities of Risk Services include corporate insurance broking, risk management and risk finance consulting, cell captive insurance facilities, claims management, and specialist areas of aviation, marine,

professional indemnity, political and credit risk, transportation and other special risks. As a leading independent provider of risk management services, Alexander Forbes Risk Services has the expertise necessary to deliver informed and innovative risk management solutions. Our experience, gained over seventy years of providing expert advice, ensures that your business risk-related needs are focused on and your risks dealt with in the most appropriate manner. Alexander Forbes Insurance (AFI) AFI is a specialist, dynamic team focused on bringing outstanding customer service to affinity groups and individuals. We are represented by a countrywide network with offices in all main centres.

By committing ourselves to a thorough understanding of your lifestyle and reacting rapidly to your ever-changing requirements, we are geared to design and market a growing range of niche products tailored to meet your evolving needs. Our brands serve different sectors of the individual market and include tailored household insurances incorporating contents, all risks, motor, buildings and specialised covers. We also offer personalised Group Schemes and approved motor brand and 4x4 vehicle covers. For advice and information on any of our products and services, please call the AFI Service Centre on 0860 100 000.


Best of South Africa

Alexander Forbes Financial Services The activities of Financial Services include the administration, consulting and actuarial calculations relating to retirement funds, communication in all areas of employee benefits, asset consulting, providing business solutions and independent assessments, management of clients’ health care programmes, and through the health management division, an integrated approach to the management of HIV/Aids employee absenteeism and disability. Services to individuals include financial planning, including estate planning, tax, death and disability benefit services and retirement and investment planning. HomePlan allows retirement fund members to use a portion of their fund credit as security for a loan when buying or improving a primary residence.

Trust Services invests and manages funds on behalf of the dependants of deceased fund members. African Network (AfriNet) Alexander Forbes is represented in nearly 40 African countries through subsidiaries, associate companies and correspondents. We have offices in Botswana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We are represented by correspondents in Algeria, Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, DRC, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger,

Nigeria, Reunion, Senegal, Sudan, Togo and Tunisia. Facilitating cross-border trade through our extensive network on the African continent provides a challenge which, through access to the Group’s extensive skills and resource base, Alexander Forbes is more than equipped to meet. Our AfriNet network is the largest provider of risk, insurance broking and employee benefits in Africa. The African network is co-ordinated by Sandton based Alexander Forbes AfriNet Investments.

Head Office contact number: Tel: +27 11 269 0000

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Finance & Investment

American Express Foreign Exchange offers travellers throughout South Africa the reassurance that their foreign exchange needs will be taken care of in true Blue Box fashion.

With over 50 outlets strategically located throughout the country, American Express Foreign Exchange is the only name that travellers need to know. Most local travel agents refer their customers to American Express Foreign Exchange, so those planning a trip abroad can enjoy the international

support of the world’s most trusted brand together with in-depth local knowledge, commitment and contacts. American Express offers foreign and local currency available in all major denominations and can help you exchange your money easily and without hassle. Travellers’ cheques,


Best of South Africa

originally invented by American Express, can be purchased or sold at any of their branches. American Express debit cards allow users to perform transactions at any ATM in the local currency, safely and conveniently. Free delivery of foreign exchange and travellers’ cheques is available by arrangement. American Express Foreign Exchange branches specialise in foreign exchange. This allows the knowledgeable staff to give your money the focus it deserves, and enables you to enjoy the benefit of the company’s local and international know-how, as well as its streamlined processes. The pay-off line, “There’s nothing foreign about us,” emphasises that although foreign exchange can be confusing, clients at American Express will be made to feel right at home, and will be given confidence and peace of mind every step of the way. With highly competitive exchange rates and a full breakdown of all costs associated with the purchase or sale of foreign exchange, American Express is able to offer the best total deal every time, offering outstanding value for money as well as consistency. Top-class service is another priority. When you visit the specially branded American Express outlets, you will enjoy the kind of service that recently secured this company the ASATA Award for Best Foreign Exchange Provider for the third consecutive year. To locate your closest Amex branch, simply phone the national Call Centre on 08600 FOREX (36739). Wherever you go, whether around beautiful South Africa or around the world, make sure you have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with the world’s largest foreign exchange organisation, with a reputation for trust, integrity and value that has been upheld for more than 150 successful years.

Call Centre: 08600 FOREX (36739) Head Office: +27 11 550 9000 Email:

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Technology & Communications

Virgin Mobile
Once upon a time in a land far away… Virgin Mobile was launched in South Africa in 2006.

Of course, that’s not where the story begins. That has it roots way back in 1970 before disco swept the dance floors, before mobiles were even thought of and way before anyone had heard of Richard Branson. Virgin was started by Branson as a mail order record retailer. When postal strikes threatened the business, Branson did what he always does and adapted, opening up a store in Oxford Street London. In 1972 he signed up his first artist, Mike Oldfield, and they released Tubular Bells in 1973. This was a raging success and since then Virgin Music has gone on to sign Janet Jackson, Phil Collins, Rolling Stones and other embarrassingly famous and rich people. Virgin Mobile comes to South Africa It’s no secret that Branson has an affinity

for South Africa. Perhaps it’s our shared entrepreneurial spirit, maybe it’s because we both beat the odds and continue to dream, maybe it’s because, as a country, we have achieved what many believed to be impossible, maybe it’s just our good looks. Whatever the reason, Branson has done more than open up businesses here, he has created opportunities. In October 2005 he took his belief in and passion for South Africa and channeled it into creating future growth. He opened the Branson School of Entrepreneurship, aimed at giving ambitious but disadvantaged learners a chance to determine their own future. Being the consummate entrepreneur himself, he also saw the business opportunities in the country. It was no surprise, therefore, when he


Best of South Africa

opened Virgin Active and then, in 2006, Virgin Money and Virgin Mobile. Internationally, Virgin Mobile operates in several countries around the world – UK, USA, Australia, Canada, China, France and, of course, South Africa. South Africans have always had a soft spot for Branson and his daring, no-holdsbarred attitude. As a result, the launch of Virgin Mobile into South Africa was greeted with great expectation. But the market was certainly not an easy one to break into. With two key players already firmly entrenched in the country and a third one trying to muscle its way in though the back door, Virgin Mobile had to offer something truly unique and enticing for the South Africa public to sit up and take notice. Virgin Mobile started by asking a few key questions. In an industry that invented personal flexibility, why are all the leading players so inflexible? Why do they insist on charging for a minute when people rarely talk for long? Why should someone who pays upfront, pay more than someone using credit? If owning a mobile is meant to make your life easier, why are the packages so darn complicated? And finally, why should these companies get away with offering packages and benefits that only make sense to the company and not the customer? To stand out from the small but entrenched crowd, Virgin Mobile entered the South African

arena promising to put the customer first. We realised that, in an industry that prizes profit above logic, the consumer needed a champion – someone who would stand up for them and provide options that were affordable and simple to understand. As a company known for renegade behaviour, the role of champion had Virgin written all over it. So we adopted a no-nonsense, no bull attitude that is reflected in everything we do, say and support. And the success of this approach can be seen in the fact that, just over a year after launch, Virgin Mobile is opening its 20th flagship store.

Virgin Mobile – A sorta definition. In its simplest form, Virgin Mobile is a mobile company. We sell time. We sell mobile phones. But we also sell an attitude because we stand for something. We stand for the unconventional. The guy (or gal) who is tired of being told what he should want and would rather hear how he can get what he knows he wants. We stand for simplicity because bullshit doesn’t baffle brains, it annoys them. We stand for respect. To create the Virgin Mobile communication, a visual and verbal voice was created The rules are simple; don’t be ordinary, don’t be formal, don’t use clichés that have lost their meaning or overused tricks that have lost their power. Don’t do the expected, do take people by surprise and don’t choose copy or visuals so dead boring that you would rather sew your eyelids together with mooring rope than look at them. By staying consistent, approachable and relevant to all consumers - from first time users to the most hardened and cynical mobile-addict - Virgin Mobile has established itself as one of South Africa’s most recognisable brands. People know what it stands for and, most importantly, relate to it. And it’s this sense of recognising something in Virgin Mobile within yourself, that gives it its unique appeal. Oh, and don’t try too hard. Virgin Mobile is about being effortlessly unique. For more information contact 0860 000 818.

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Technology & Communications

Inala Technologies
Inala’s core competency lies in electronic engineering as applied to the telecommunications, GSM, avionics, broadcast and electronic design and maintenance industries



Best of South Africa

Inala distributes and supports equipment and solutions from leading manufacturers and suppliers in these domains and contributes high-tech equipment of its own design and manufacture to this comprehensive portfolio. As a result, Inala has become a supplier of choice in South and sub-Saharan Africa. Inala Technologies is ISO 9001 Certified. Inala Distribution is the leading supplier of network test, coverage enhancement, monitoring and management solutions for wireless and fixed networks in southern Africa. Inala Distribution also specialises in complete fibre-optic solutions, power monitoring and fuel cells. Suppliers include: ADC Krone, Bird Technologies Group, Tektronix, Cellvine, Couei, Spirent, Lancier, Livingston and IdaTech. Inala Broadcast offers integrated turnkey solutions to the Broadcast, Professional HD/ DV, Display Technology and Surveillance industries in Southern Africa. Inala’s offerings to the broadcast and professional television and video markets include equipment for on-air and live events, news broadcasting, audio/video routing and networking, media management, virtual studios and digital effects solutions. Inala Broadcast was contracted to supply a full turnkey system for the establishment of the CNBC Africa facility in Johannesburg and regional Bureaus in Cape Town, Nigeria and Kenya. Suppliers include Dolby, Miranda, Grass Valley and JVC Inala Service’s SANAS-Accredited Service and Calibration laboratories in Johannesburg and Stellenbosch (No. 142, 542, 742) are certified for Electrical (AC and DC), Time and Frequency as well as Radio Frequency calibration facilities. Inala Systems gives the company the agility to address niche applications by creating sophisticated, innovative and high-tech applications for the local and international telecommunications and GSM markets Applications such as monitoring the complete cellular feeder and antenna system of Base Transmitter Stations (B-MON), monitoring alarms on 2.048 Mb/s digital networks (DPAM) and the

remote monitoring and management of assets, environmental and access control at remote cellular base stations (SAM2). Additional SAM2 base station applications include generator controllers and the SAM2 Hybrid or Energy Conservation Control (EPCC) function, an application used to conserve overall operational costs through intelligent remote power management. Inala Installations is in the process of integrating and commissioning Inala’s Systems products into the some of the largest multinational network operators in Africa. All work is carried out according to prescribed quality, operational and safety standards. Inala Training in support of the local industry, Inala Training takes promising graduate students from Universities and Technikons and leads them through practical training into gainful employment both in house and with customers. Black Economic Empowerment Inala’s BEE strategy has been aligned with the seven components of transformation of the ICT BEE Charter. Today, Inala Technologies is an accredited level 3 BEE employer with a proven track record of

supporting previously disadvantaged individuals (PDIs) and communities through financial, social, educational and business assistance. Inala has a PDI staff of 52 from a total staff complement of 103. Andile Ngcaba, Chairman of Inala and former Director General of the South African Department of Communications, is head of the BEE consortium with a 33.7% investment in Inala Technologies.

Inala House, 557 15th Road, Randjespark, Midrand, South Africa Postal Address: Private Bag X131, Halfway House, 1685, South Africa Tel: +27 11 206 8300 Fax: +27 11 206 8333 Email: Stellenbosch Tel: +27 21 880 2206 Fax: +27 21 880 2675 Email: Durban Tel: +27 82 871 4228 Fax: 086 677 0273 Email:

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Corporate Profiles

Galderma South Africa
Galderma is the world’s leading dermatological pharmaceutical company, focusing exclusively on the research, development and marketing of therapeutic, corrective and aesthetic solutions in dermatology.

Internationally Its expertise spans a broad spectrum of skin, hair and nail diseases. The company currently has global revenues in excess of €900 million. Created in 1981, Galderma is a joint venture between Nestlé and L’Oréal, its parent company Galderma Pharma is based in Switzerland, and it functions as a fully fledged multinational company. Galderma today employs nearly 3,000 people and is headed by President & CEO Humberto C. Antunes. 10 major products are distributed in over 65 countries. To drive its sustained growth, Galderma invests around 20% of revenues annually in innovation for the development of drugs and other medical solutions; and boasts the largest research centers in the world specifically dedicated to dermatology.


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The three R&D centers responsible for discovering new molecules and developing them worldwide are situated in France, USA and Japan. To-date 1 600 scientific publications, more than 500 inventions and 5 000 patent applications and patents have been recorded by the Company. Galderma deploys equally sophisticated high-tech production facilities in France, Canada and Brazil. International Portfolio Galderma’s ongoing development is anchored in its portfolio of highly successful dermatological products. Therapeutic areas of expertise: Acne, pigmentary disorders, skin cancer, medical solutions for skin senescence, onychomycosis, psoriasis/steroidresponsive dermatoses, rosacea. Leading products by end of June 2009: Cetaphil®, Differin®, Clobex®, Loceryl®, Oracea®, Rozex®/Metro®, Epiduo®, Silkis®/ Vectical®, Tetralysal®, Tri-Luma®, Benzac®, Metvix®. Acknowledged the world over for its expertise, Galderma aims to remain the world’s number one dermatology company. Galderma’s Global Ambition
Jenny Wright, Managing Director, Galderma Laboratories South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Committed to the future of dermatology, Galderma’s ambition is to be recognized as the most competent and successful innovation-based company focused exclusively on meeting the needs of dermatology patients and physicians. Locally in South Africa Started in 1996, Galderma South Africa celebrates 13 years of existence in the country as a wholly owned subsidiary and is ranked by IMS as no 3 in Dermatology.1 The current focus is on prescription medications for both Dermatologists and General Practitioners. The product portfolio is dominated by treatments for acne for which Galderma is market leader. The largest brands within the Galderma portfolio include Differin® and Tetralysal®. The cosmetic range (Cetaphil® cleansers and moisturizers, Nutraderm® and Nutraplus®), has been specifically formulated to be gentle and provide support for patients using any doctor’s prescription treatments. Benzac®, Loceryl® Nail Lacquer, Retacnyl®, Rozex® and Metvix®, completes the line-up. Galderma employs 28 members of staff in the South African Affiliate, dedicated to the core business of Sales and Marketing, with Regulatory and Finance support. Many other noncore services such as

local manufacturing and distribution are outsourced to local BEE partners. Galderma works closely with the Dermatological Society of SA, and have set up a Dermatology Ethnic Working Group, to share information on ethnic skins, facilitate skills transfer, and assist with research through a specific Study Grant allocated to studying of black skins. The company also sponsors the official Dermatology Society website, which has a closed section for Medical Professionals, plus an open section for the public to use. Some practices used by our population still today can cause irreversible damage of the skin and the Dermatologists are really concerned about educating the general population. Through this website we are assisting them in reaching many consumers with the correct information about their skin care. Galderma South Africa has been acclaimed as the market leader in Dermatology by both Dermatologists and GP’s regarding superior service and expertise on which the company prides itself and we remain committed to Dermatologists, GP’s, Pharmacists and their patients in the future.
References: 1. IMS MAT Q2 2009: D+J1A+J2A. COR 0909-2. Final approval date: 23/09/09

Galderma Laboratories South Africa (Pty) Ltd Co. Reg. No.: 1996/000311/07 PO Box 71150 Bryanston 2021 Tel: +27 11 706 2339

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Media & Marketing

Best of Advertising – NET#WORK BBDO
In May 1994, the doors of Net#work BBDO were smashed open by two visionaries, Keith Shipley and Mike Schalit. Well-wishers and sceptics watched from the sidelines. Today, 15 years later, the wellwishers are proud and the sceptics asked for jobs.

From left to right: Abdulla Miya, Joy Turnbull, Graeme Jenner, Boniswa Pezisa and Rob McLennan.

Schalit found his genius in creativity and Shipley found his genius. The partnership was a balance of borderless imagination and business savvy. The combination of strategic and creative magic, emanating out the embryonic ad agency, became a magnet for young, aspirant talent which led to the current leadership strength of Group Executive Chairperson Boniswa Pezisa, Executive Creative Director Rob McLennan, his deputy Graeme Jenner, MD Abdulla Miya and his deputy Joy Turnbull. Advertising awards, the symbol of creative and effective advertising excellence, began to crowd Net#work’s mantle and it got harder for the big brothers of the industry to ignore their existence. Big brands put them on their pitch lists and creative talent kept knocking on Schalit’s door. The result was creative critical mass,


Best of South Africa

bigger clients and accelerated growth. What Oscars are to actors, Grand Prix Loeries are to South African creatives. Winning one of these is the ultimate nod of approval that secures an agency’s future in an industry that revels in rivalry. Net#work proudly and uniquely boasts a consistent record of 15 Grand Prix’s, one for every year of its existence. In industry terms, this is called ridiculously unbelievable. Schalit likes to call it team#work. In a rare showing of united pride, the local industry applauded Net#work twice when it put South Africa on the world’s creative map in 2007 and again in 2009 for winning the ultimate global accolade, a Cannes Grand Prix. This was a first in SA’s advertising history. Reputation for great creative was only one of the labels Net#work gathered over

the years. From as early as 1995 onwards, it was selected as the top ad agency in its size bracket ten years in a row. Then in 2004, it was named overall advertising agency of the year, then again in 2005 and yet again in 2008. Then it added another title – Deloittes Best Company to Work For. From 2002 to 2005, Net#work was consistently ranked South Africa’s number one advertising agency to work for. By 2005, it had risen to the Best Small Company to Work For and the fourth Best Company to Work For in South Africa, eclipsed only by corporate giants: RMB, Microsoft SA and Portland Cement. However, it didn’t stop there. In the same year, Net#work was also selected by the Department of Labour as a best practice employer and invited to share

its successful model to help shape future legislation. The incubation and maturation of creative talent is still thriving at Net#work. Seven members of its creative team are on The Top 20 Creative Directors’ list with Schalit at the pinnacle, a place he has held for 12 years. McLennan holds the number two position as well as Creative Circle Chairmanship, and the Loerie award for Best Young Creative has gone to Net#work mentees for the last three years. Current creative leaders of Jupiter, Grey, Joe Public, Lowe, Draft FCB, McCann’s, Ireland Davenport and new upstart Hello World all graduated through the Net#work’s ranks. Net#work BBDO is no longer singular. Five complementary companies make up the Net#work Group that has recently been ranked as the country’s number one hothouse of diverse creativity. “Our strength is in our partnerships,” says Shipley. “All the advertising disciplines that form part of the Group are industry bestof-breed.” The Net#work management team believes the red-thread of their success is the talent that has walked through their doors. Miya adds: “Awards have never been our goal, original thinkers are. Together, our focus has always been on our clients’ work, staying creatively consistent and never losing our sense of adventure.”

Tel: +27 11 912 0000

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For South Africa's fastest growing independently owned outdoor advertising company it has been an exhilarating year of introducing new products, upgrading existing media offerings, implementing improved operational systems and establishing an exciting outdoor media-driven SED programme.

New products
Cementing its position as the country's 3rdlargest outdoor media player, ADreach has enhanced its offering with two brand new high impact outdoor advertising innovations, namely Supalites and PlayPumps®:

3.6m high x 2.5m wide double-sided backlit portrait signs are placed at close proximity to the road traffic, making them impossible to avoid. This, combined with the repetitive advantage of 4 signs in a row, effects the most commanding outdoor campaigns ever seen in Johannesburg. No other outdoor medium more effectively combines size, repetition, proximity and position to deliver the highest impact brand exposure 24 hours a day. There are 25 prime Supalites sites available in Joburg. Each incorporates attractive landscaping and comprehensive infrastructure upgrades that form part of the City's street beautification activities in preparation for 2010. Supalites will play an important role as an advertising medium in the build-up to and during the World Cup; offering FIFA sponsors and partners with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their brands to the millions of visitors and billions of spectators anticipated.

Supalites are illuminated 9m² advertising signs displayed on consecutive poles on central road islands to deliver the most powerful outdoor impact available on the market.



Literally a life-saving invention, PlayPumps® provide easy access to clean drinking water in rural communities that are currently among the one billion people worldwide with little or no access to safe water. The PlayPumps® mechanism doubles as a merry-go-round for children. As they play clean water is pumped from underground boreholes into a water storage tank above the ground. The tank is connected to a simple tap that makes it easy for both adults and children to draw water. In addition to facilitating a sustainable supply of easily accessible water, PlayPumps® also provide a rare opportunity to advertise in outlying communities. The incorporation of sponsor message boards into the mechanism's innovative design generates sufficient revenue for the maintenance of the pumps. Each pump displays multiple advertising frames that can deliver hard hitting advertisements to a precise target market in their homestead 24/7.

Supalites and PlayPumps® form part of ADreach's national network of more than 30,000 advertising signs. Other outdoor media innovations include: - Street Pole Ads - Sponsored Road Traffic Signs - Billboards - Event Flags - Event Ads - Street Name Ads

money, Street Pole Ads remain unrivalled in their ability to repetitively and cost-effectively target highly defined, captive commuter and pedestrian audiences.

Improved operations
ADreach has introduced a revised and more scientific Road Grading system that categorises all sites according to criteria such as LSM's, degree of other messaging, traffic flow and proximity of poles to roads. Improved operational functionality includes new application and flighting methods that allow for faster and more cost-effective turnaround times. A Net Rate billing system has been introduced (in line with new Outdoor Media industry standards in SA), with the aim of establishing a more regulated and effective industry that will in turn render greater longterm benefit to our clients.

Product Upgrades
A massive 18-month upgrade of Street Pole Ads in Joburg has culminated in the delivery of larger format, visually enhanced and standardised frames that deliver between 50% and 100% more advertising space. Frames are now placed at a standardised height and angle to deliver a clean, consistent and unified City look and feel. The larger format, slick and standardised Street Pole Ads deliver all the benefits unique to this medium, with even greater impact. Offering even more advertising value for

Advertise To Millions, Earn Points On Your BEE Scorecard
Together with specialist BEE consulting company BEESA, ADreach has developed an innovative SED initiative that that will expose your brand to millions while at the same time boosting your company's BEE scorecard. The BEESA and ADreach Socio-Economic Development Programme enables Sponsors to cost-effectively tap into targeted markets whilst earning Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) points on their advertising spend. This is achieved through publicising credible SED initiatives on ADreach's powerful outdoor advertising boards. Companies are given a choice to support any one of a

number of Socio-Economic Development (SED) initiatives that BEESA promotes. Half of the Corporate Sponsor's contribution goes directly into funding the chosen SED initiative and the other half is used to promote the initiative on any of ADreach's outdoor advertising products. (Flexibility on the proportions is possible.) The programme promotes the following SED initiatives that focus on education and skills transfer: - Student Support Services - Artisan SA - Schools Resource Programme - Teacher Enhancement Programme - EBIO (assists beneficiaries with career guidance and provides them with the skills to access employment opportunities.)

The BEESA ADreach SED Programme ensures that Corporate Sponsors' SED contributions go to credible initiatives for the upliftment of worthy beneficiaries. Its advertising component generates crucial awareness for the SED initiatives; informing potential recipients about the benefits of the initiatives and how they can participate. Sponsors achieve solid corporate branding through effective outdoor advertising AND improve their BEE rating by earning BEE points on their advertising spend. Brands are aligned with credible development initiatives, thus also securing positive brand recognition and access to numerous associated public relations opportunities.

Beyond 2010
The ADreach Group is driven by an entrepreneurial mindset that motivates constant development and advancement. We continue to strive towards our vision of delivering outstanding street furniture innovations that contribute towards the establishment of South African streetscapes that compete with those of the best cities in the world. Through the BEESA ADreach SED Programme we demonstrate our support of the notion that SED is the foundation of economic growth for the South African economy. We are committed to supporting credible SED initiatives that promote education and skills transfer; with the aim of maximising the social and business impact of Sponsor's SED contributions. We remain proud to offer the technology, experience and resources that make us South Africa's market leader in innovative outdoor media alternatives.

The ADreach Group Leading Africa into the 21st Century with world-class streetscapes.

Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Mpumalanga/Limpopo, North Central, Port Elizabeth


Boston City Campus & Business College
Education. For Life

Boston City Campus was founded in 1991 with the intention to better equip UNISA students to succeed in their examinations. The spectacular results obtained by Boston’s UNISA students in their examinations resulted in Boston City Campus expanding beyond expectations. Since inception, where Boston only offered tuition towards UNISA degrees, there are now over 100 different career paths from which a student can choose from. From an initial 6 learners in 1991, Boston City Campus & Business College has grown with over 25 000 learners in 2009. As Boston grew, new divisions were formed to address the specific needs of learners, these included Boston School of Finance to address the needs of the financial services industry and Boston Technology Campus to address the needs of the IT industry. Boston offers tuition on a full-time, part-time and flexible study option, to


Best of South Africa

meet the individual needs of each learner. Registrations are open throughout the year. Boston City Campus & Business Colleges can be found in all major cities, and these include Alberton, Bedfordview, Bellville, Benoni, Bloemfontein, Braamfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Francistown, Gaborone, George, Germiston, Johannesburg City Centre, Kempton Park, Kimberley, Krugersdorp, Klerksdorp, Nelspruit, Orange Grove, Paarl, Pietermaritzburg, Polokwane, Pinetown, Potchefstroom, Port Elizabeth, Port Shepstone, Pretoria North, Pretoria Arcadia, Randburg, Queenstown, Roodepoort, Richards Bay, Sandton, Stanger, Rustenburg, Swaziland Mbabane, Swaziland Tshaneni, Springs, Tzaneen, Umhlanga, Vereeniging, Welkom and Witbank. Boston also offers administration and training in various learnership programmes and is able to assist employers in making the most of their training opportunities available to them.

Boston is proud to be associated with the following accrediting, certifying and professional bodies which include: SERVICES SETA, INSETA, ETDP SETA, ISETT SETA, FASSET SETA, SABPP, LG SETA, CompTIA, PROMETRIC, UNISA, ICB, PASTEL, ACCA, FMI and MICROSOFT. Boston is proud of the endorsement which is received from CompTIA which states that “Boston City Campus & Business College are showing significantly higher pass rates than other training providers. Boston not only train but also certify the most individuals” Loraine Vorster, Regional Manager for Sub Saharan region. Boston is also proud of the ACCA Gold Class status which it recently received and also is a MICROSOFT certified partner. Career qualifications and short courses offered through 46 branches nationwide include Information Technology, Management, Marketing & Sales, Hospitality & Leisure, Service Industry, Accounting, Legal, Secretarial & Office Administration, Sports

Administration, HIV/AIDS and Study Wise courses. Unisa Degrees and Media Studies are also available at selected campuses. Boston City Campus & Business College strives to enhance, uplift and continuously improve the quality of life long education and training in Southern Africa through their commitment to “Education. For Life.”

Boston City Campus & Business College Head Office: +27 11 485 2838

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Logistics & Supply Chain

Mediterranean Shipping Company
The independent Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) through its innovative, flexible and unique approach to shipping has continued to grow during and beyond the first decade of the new South Africa.

The company, which was founded in 1970, has become the biggest user of the South African ports and in 2003 was given the accolade of being the second biggest container carrier in the world. With in excess of 400 container vessels, the company provides global coverage linking South Africa directly with Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Middle East, Far East and Australia as well as the key ports of Africa’s West Coast, East Coast, Indian Ocean Islands, Madagascar and Mozambique. The success of MSC is evident in its phenomenal growth over the past decade that can only be attributed to its quality management system that aims at consistently improving upon service levels within the shipping community and its willingness to initiate change to meet the requirements of clients and principals. MSC has significant investments in the South African property market. Its own characteristic office buildings, worth


Best of South Africa

Opposite page: Top, MSC Head Office in Durban. Bottom left, MSC Johannesburg Office. Top left: MSC CEO, Captain Salvatore Sarno. Top middle: Port Elizabeth Office. Left: Cape Town Office. Above: Millennium Window depicting the history of MSC. Designed by Captain Sarno.

R220-million, have become landmarks in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria. The new Port Elizabeth office, which was converted from an existing national monument, was opened in 2004 and the restoration alone cost R6.5-million. The ‘Italian Village’ built in 1996 at the Umhlanga Ridge is comprised of seven houses to accommodate MSC’s Italian personnel and their families, and is now valued at R30-million. Another success has been MSC’s diversification into the business of their own container depots. These are situated in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Rosslyn, Pretoria that boasts its own rail siding as was promised to MSC’s clients, particularly the motoring industry easing the access to their manufacturing plants. The newest depot is the Port Elizabeth one which is situated in the Nelson Mandela Park near Uitenhage and which became fully operational in April 2006. A second Durban

Depot is currently under construction on a site situated only 3 kilometers from the Container Terminal. All the depots have Customs bond facilities. MSC has contributed significantly to community upliftment and training schemes, such as ABET, which have been implemented for previously disadvantaged staff members. Assistance has been given in the upgrading of community properties such as hospitals and schools with a special emphasis placed on Aids awareness. The company has also participated in the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ scheme for the past two years. The ‘MSC Izivunguvungu Foundation for Youth’ organisation which was started in Cape Town with the cooperation of the SA Navy has benefited up to 250 previously disadvantaged youths; classrooms have been provided at the Simonstown Naval Base, full time tutors have been employed and learners are provided with transport as well as their meals. The youngsters are given tuition in

academic subjects and are being schooled in all aspects of sailing and yacht building. Some of these students are amongst the crew who sailed very successfully, in the America’s Cup which culminated in Valencia in 2007. The company undertook the principle sponsorship of the SA America’s Cup 2007 campaign as part of its 25th Anniversary celebrations in South Africa. Without MSC’s support this challenge and the fantastic results achieved would simply not have been possible. The major success factor in South Africa has been the extremely close relationship that MSC has built with clients, a strategy that will hopefully see MSC moving into the number one position in the world in the future. MSC House, 54 Winder Street, Durban 4001 Tel: +27 31 360 7911 Fax: +27 31 332 9297

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Logistics & Supply Chain

High Octane Mass Distribution
South Africa’s only dedicated distribution company concentrating in the advertising, printing and point of sale industry. Our systems allow Fast and Furious to provide deliveries and service consistently higher than our competitors.

“We accept the assignments conventional express companies avoid as well as matching their service for routine items,” says Grant Fletcher, Managing Director. “Our core business is mass express distribution with a bias towards the Advertising/ Marketing industries and home-delivery cosmetics.” The company’s competitive advantage derives from meeting impossible deadlines for all kinds of time-sensitive consignments. “We offer a customised service to deliver exactly what customers want, no matter how

extreme the urgency nor the size or nature of shipment. Since we’re not constrained by one-size-fits-all global procedures, we don’t expect customers to fit in with standard operating procedures and office hours.” Fast and Furious relishes every challenge. People in the company enjoy a permanent adrenalin rush. They work late. They work weekends. They have excellent relationships with transporters, brokers, airlines and shipping lines that enable them to “make a plan” when a job demands extraordinary performance.


Best of South Africa

The media industry is the most time sensitive of all. Newspapers, for instance, are the only products irretrievably worthless after their sell-by-date. The supply chain is critical as distribution is worked out with extreme precision. If a magazine insert or supplement is thicker or heavier than expected, it can throw out all the pre-planning. The volume is now too bulky to fit in the delivery vehicles - or too heavy for safe transport. Alternative arrangements have to be made - generally at short notice.

“High-volume printing machines are busy round the clock and some jobs have to fit into a narrow time window especially over weekends,” says Fletcher. “If a machine breaks down, there is little in the way of recovery time. The marketing sphere is demanding. An advertisement may arrive late or the customer may change his mind about the content and order a last-minute reprint. All such eventualities put tight deadlines under further pressure.” The company also tackles the distribution of other specialised printing and stationery applications such as annual reports and examination papers, which have to be delivered quickly, intact and under conditions of high security. Fast and Furious is equally accomplished at moving full loads from source to one destination or splitting the loads and arranging distribution to numerous outlets.

Home delivery cosmetics may seem to be worlds away but there are commonalities. Once ordered, high-quality cosmetics are eagerly awaited. The consignments need to be picked, packaged and delivered to end users secure from tampering, damage or theft. Similar need profiles apply to various other general cargo items ranging from machinery, equipment and engineering to chemicals, automotive and avionic spares, high-tech equipment and fashion. Fast and Furious is a New South Africa company, started up under the new national dispensation in the early 1990s. It is a responsible South African corporate citizen, employing, assisting and encouraging ownerdrivers to build their own successful business.

Tel: +27 11 552 4900

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Setting Up in South Africa

Routledge Modise in association with Eversheds


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South Africa is an exciting place to do business and is attracting more and more foreign interest and investment. Progressive trade and industrial development policies and a favourable legal and business environment offer a promising economic climate for local and international firms. It is the most advanced and productive economy in Africa with sound economic policies, world-class infrastructure, industrial capability and cutting-edge technology. In spite of its progressive legal framework and legislation relating to commerce, competition, labour and disputes that conform to international norms, it is essential for a foreign investor to engage the services of a local legal partner, who understands the local market and the complex legislative processes for doing business within South Africa. When entering a new market you want a law firm that understands the country and has local expertise, a global outlook and a commitment to a high level of quality. Routledge Modise in association with Eversheds can offer you superior local knowledge and broad expertise to successfully steer you through often unfamiliar business territory. As well as offering strategic and legal advice, the firm can also help you meet the right contacts. If you are thinking of setting up business in South Africa you need a local partner who can assist you from start to finish; step alongside you to fully research the market, carry out a due diligence investigation and clear the way by handling the myriad of legal and other logistical requirements. Routledge Modise in association with Eversheds can assist with all this as well as call upon the Eversheds network for multijurisdictional assistance. By working as part of Eversheds International the firm is able to offer its

clients substantially increased resources and expertise. Clients can tap into this wealth of knowledge and work through professionals who know exactly what they are talking about and have already achieved success for many other investors. Africa is the world’s last relatively unexploited market and South Africa is the gateway to the African continent. Eversheds’ Africa Desk is run jointly from its Johannesburg and Paris offices and can help you make the most of the opportunities available. Routledge Modise in association with Eversheds has experienced professionals in all major sectors such as construction, energy, finance, healthcare, mining, mergers and acquisitions, property, retail, tax, transport, information technology and telecommunications.

Best of South Africa


Success Story

Beerbird and Fan Can
Two of the very best South African products rocking the world!

Directors from left to right: Greg Ivins, Barry Owen, Erich van Niekerk

Beerbird cc was founded in November 2006 – on a mandate to become a manufacturer and distributor of innovative products that would satisfy unmet needs in the marketplace. And so it was that in September 2007, the first product, the Beerbird beer chicken cooking grid, was launched in South Africa. From humble beginnings (the concept, brand and imagery were all conceived in a small garden in Randburg) Beerbird cc has really spread its wings and the company now has award-winning products at

hundreds of retailers nationwide. In addition to this, Beerbird has now also launched in the UK, Australia and New Zealand – where it is enjoying remarkable success. The brand is fun, striking and energetic and resonates well with the outdoor braai culture that is so pervasive in South Africa. The directors of Beerbird cc are determined to build on the success of the initial products in the company’s stable – this time with a product set to be even bigger than the Beerbird brand.

The new brand is called Fan Can and it is an ongoing collection of sports jigsaw puzzles – all individually packaged in a can. All of the puzzles are officially licensed by the relevant sports authorities and, to date, there is a Springboks Collection, a Proteas Collection and a Bulls Collection. In addition to this, the company has also secured deals to produce and sell licensed Fan Can products in New Zealand (with the All Blacks and New Zealand Cricket) and in Australia (with Cricket Australia, the AFL


Best of South Africa

and the NRL.) Further deals in several other countries around the world are currently being finalized and this should see Fan Can in at least another four countries before the end of 2010. The link between sport and the perceived educational value of puzzle building augur well for Fan Can and should make it one of the biggest retail success stories in the children’s market in coming years. In addition to this, the puzzles are also set to be highly attractive to sports enthusiasts of all ages and

this should see the product being very prominent in places ranging from the home pub to the boardroom and from the school classroom to the weekly bingo meeting! As a company, Beerbird cc is a leader amongst SME’s in product development, marketing prowess and rapid international expansion. While all of the manufacturing of the product takes place offshore, the company’s brands are home grown, developed and perfected. None of the company’s products are ever

launched anywhere in the world before being launched in South Africa. As such, Beerbird cc really is exporting its brands to the world and is proud to be a rapidlygrowing ambassador of South Africa!

Beerbird cc Email: Tel: +27 11 791 4287

Best of South Africa


Medical Healthcare


Best of South Africa

We Own This Gap

Best of South Africa


Medical Healthcare

Healthcare in South Africa
South Africa has a well developed public and private healthcare system that stretches from free basic primary healthcare provided by the state to highly specialised hi-tech health services available in the private sector.

South Africa’s private hospital industry is a national asset with a global reputation for delivering world-class, quality medical care. At present, there are 247 private hospitals with 30 334 beds in South Africa. Substantial investments in new technology ensures that international best-practice standards are maintained in the country’s private hospitals, and in terms of quality of care, the industry was recently ranked fourth on an international scale by a 2007 Citygroup report. In the public sector, the large, urban teaching hospitals offer good care and the government’s 2009 Budget speech makes provision for increased contribution to healthcare with higher remuneration of health professionals and a continued expansion of the hospital revitalisation programme. A total of 31 hospitals are under construction, 18 of which will be


Best of South Africa

completed over the next three years. In the rural areas, over 500 new clinics now stand in areas where formerly people had no access to health services. The country’s healthcare fraternity can lay claim to a number of medical innovations, the most famous being when Dr Chris Barnard and his team made history with the world’s first successful heart transplant at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town in 1967. Since then, South African medicine has gone from strength to strength, with milestones achieved in every facet of modern medicine. South Africa is also among the most sought-after destinations for foreigners to receive top-quality surgical procedures at relatively affordable prices. This medical tourism is a growing trend that is also seeing local aesthetics or cosmetic surgery providers increasingly attracting and catering for overseas clients to have their procedures done in South Africa. A number of innovative and sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives have seen South African companies focusing on health and doing their share to increase services to those that can’t otherwise afford care. The world’s first and only primary healthcare train, ‘Phelophepa’ (meaning ‘good, clean health’) travels throughout South Africa bringing much needed medical services to South Africa’s rural poor. The 16 carriages is a vast operation that includes an onboard pharmacy, cancer screening and education, psychology and health, optometry and dental clinics, diabetes, prostate and PAP smear tests and treats over 40,000 people every year. This innovative “miracle” train is funded mainly by South Africa’s state-owned rail carrier, Transnet, and the remainder is met by a mix of corporate sponsors, charities and individual donors.

Cipla’s innovative CSR program, Miles for Smiles, raised money for Operation Smile, a non profit organisation transforming children’s lives by providing free reconstructive surgery where they were suffering from facial deformities such as cleft lips and palates. The award-winning local program, Carte Blanche, has initiated the ‘Making a Difference Campaign’ where they identify the most urgently needed equipment in hospitals and then persuade the corporate sector and its viewers to help fund it. To date, the campaign has raised approximately R55-million for life-saving hospital equipment. These are just a few of the incredible innovative CSR programs that the private healthcare sector has initiated and, through this work, they are making a huge difference to the nation.

Best of South Africa


Medscheme Group
A proud Level 3 contributor to broad-based black economic empowerment in South Africa, Medscheme is the third largest medical scheme administrator and managed care provider in the country and serves over two million people through a wide network of 19 branches.


The new premises for Medscheme’s Cape Town operations


Best of South Africa

AfroCentric Investment Corporation Limited’s acquisition of a majority stake in Medscheme’s holding company, Lethimvula Investments Limited, has positioned the Group as the largest, listed, black-owned healthcare company in South Africa. Medscheme’s vision is to achieve industry leadership through the delivery of innovative, efficient medical scheme administration and health risk management solutions of exceptional quality. The company’s unique solutions are based on an intimate knowledge of the healthcare environment developed over almost four decades of experience in the industry. This offering is differentiated in four distinct areas: Focused customer solutions and partnerships Medscheme is a true multi-medical scheme administrator and health risk management solutions provider that recognises that each client is unique. The organisation’s approach is to build mutually beneficial partnerships with clients and, having developed a rigorous understanding of their needs, to tailor unique, focused solutions that empower clients to achieve their strategic objectives. Efficient, effective, quality administration Medscheme’s primary objective is to deliver efficient,quality service to its client partners. This is achieved through the implementation of a strategy of continuous improvement based on constant measurement of outputs against specific stringent quality

standards. This ensures that service level agreements with client partners are consistently achieved or exceeded. World-class information technology One of Medscheme’s primary business imperatives is to ensure that its IT platforms and technology comply with international best practice. This strategy ensures that Medscheme’s IT platform and technology are optimised to deliver maximum business value and generate efficiencies that improve service delivery to our client partners. Quality, health and financial risk management Managing financial and health risk in the context of the healthcare industry is the essence of Medscheme’s business. The company’s depth of clinical, actuarial and financial expertise enables Medscheme to deliver health and financial risk management solutions of exceptional quality that are a source of competitive advantage to our client partners. Audited financial results demonstrate that the company is financially sound with a strong balance sheet and cash reserves while corporate governance and internal audit practices are held in high regard by external auditors and clients alike. Medscheme’s integrated offering is delivered by its two operating divisions, Medscheme Health and Medscheme Health Risk Solutions.

Best of South Africa


Leaders in medical scheme administration Medscheme Health’s vision is to be recognised as the leading medical scheme administrator in South Africa in terms of service excellence and quality. The division delivers a comprehensive series of integrated solutions which recognise that flexibility and differentiation are paramount to remaining competitive in the highly competitive medical scheme industry. Serving a diverse base of customers which include medical schemes, boards of trustees, scheme members as well as intermediaries and healthcare professionals, the primary goal of Medscheme Health is to meet the needs of its clients through sheer service excellence, quality, differentiation and personalised solutions. This business model is based on six pillars: • a unique, client-centred business philosophy • highly skilled, experienced managers and staff

• state-of-the-art technology • constant monitoring of quality and efficiency • excellence in corporate governance and • a national branch network. The smooth running of the scheme is ensured by a comprehensive spectrum of services including fund management, dedicated call centres, scheme finance, secretarial and key accounts. Similarly, medical scheme members receive the best possible service through a wide variety of convenient client touch points which include: • • • • • scheme-specific call centres interactive websites email services SMS services Client Liaison Officers

In 2009, Medscheme Health achieved’s highest award for excellence having achieved the highest overall score in an independent annual survey which measures accredited medical scheme administrators across 24 relevant criteria. This award demonstrates Medscheme’s commitment to excellence and quality in service delivery.


Best of South Africa

health risk solutions
New standards in health risk management Medscheme Health Risk Solutions (MHRS), Medscheme’s health risk management division, has been at the cutting edge of health risk management for 20 years. The division is now considered South Africa’s pre- eminent health risk management organisation and continues to set new standards. The discipline of health risk management aims to balance cost (price and utilisation of healthcare services) with quality of care (best healthcare results or outcomes) and access to healthcare services. Health risk management solutions are continuously evolved to ensure continued industry leadership and differentiated in the following areas to ensure MHRS continues to set the standards in health risk solutions: • “Best of breed” health risk management components. • Flexibility, client-focus and -support. • Investment in and ongoing development of clinical, analytical and operational (using intelligent systems) capabilities. • A focus on new initiatives to bring about healthcare professional and beneficiary behaviour change through: – Information sharing – Development of scheme-specific reimbursement models (aligning incentives). – Co-ordination of care. MHRS has consistently demonstrated positive results in presentations to clients and at national and international conferences. Aid for AIDS is an example of this standard of excellence. Its clinical guidelines are the norm in South Africa and it boasts a large and satisfied medical scheme and corporate client base. The quality of its services and the superior health outcomes of its enrollees have been demonstrated in numerous internationally published scientific papers. MHRS’ industry leadership was recognised in 2009 when the business was awarded seven Diamond Arrow awards and one Golden Arrow award for excellence in managed care services. In addition MHRS received the highest overall score in disease management.

To contact Medscheme please call +27 11 671 2734 or visit our website at

Best of South Africa


10 Years of providing state of the art emergency medical care to South Africa that reflects realhelprealfast

Confronted with a medical emergency and need


Connects you to ER24 hi-tech 24-hour Contact Centre Advanced life support services Medical emergency anywhere in South Africa

Our Mission and Values
The company’s primary mission is to deliver efficient emergency medical services in a socially responsible manner. In pursuit of its goal, we actively and continuously invest in the development of our people, infrastructure and technology, and simultaneously foster mutually beneficial long-term relationships. Our approach emphasises innovation at all times, in order to enhance the ER24 brand and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. ER24 is the sum of its people and the values by which we operate are people-centered: we pride ourselves on our professionalism, integrity, compassion, innovation and balance.


Best of South Africa

ER24 provides a wide range of services for medical assistance tailored to meet the ever changing and diverse requirements of the Health Care sector. We provide the following products and services: Corporate Service, Medic Service, Medic Access, Schools Honors Program, International Travel Extension, Foreign Patient Repatriation and a range of specialised advice lines to cater for any type of emergency. Education & Training The ER24 National Training Academy – leaders in the training arena; provide a range of SETA accredited emergency care courses to companies and individuals. Our innovative approach to interactive teaching involves the extensive use of media aids and one-on-one instruction principles by experienced practitioners. Contact Centre Emergency calls received from across South Africa, are processed utilising state-of-the-art VOIP multimedia software. Our dispatchers rapidly direct the appropriate emergency medical teams to the identified scene, ensuring response times are minimised. Special Events The ER24 Special Events Department provide an array of high profile clients with specific solutions to meet their event requirements. ER24 Site Based Medical Services Complete risk mitigating medical assistance solutions for remote site projects throughout the mining, petroleum, engineering and related industries.

For all your enquires please contact ER24 Tel: 0861 084 124 Email:

Best of South Africa


The complete Cetaphil® line includes award-winning1 cleansers and moisturizers, formulated to be gentle, nonirritating and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), with variations available for all skin types.

requiring extra attention and overnight moisturization. The Cetaphil® Gentle Cleansing Bar, a non-soap bar designed to cleanse dry, sensitive skin, was then launched into the US in 1998.2 In South Africa, Cetaphil® Cleansing Lotion was initially marketed by Alcon Laboratories. Galderma Laboratories (Pty) Ltd entered South Africa in 1996, and then took over the sole rights to market and distribute Cetaphil® Cleansing Lotion. Cetaphil® Cleansing Lotion is the ideal choice as part of a skincare regimen to address the dryness caused by topical medications used in the treatment of acne, fine lines and wrinkles.3 Cetaphil® Cleansing Lotion will not strip the skin of natural protective oils or emollients, or disturb the skin’s natural pH balance. It is fragrancefree, and non-comedogenic, making it the ideal choice for daily facial cleansing, and make-up removal. Recommended for over 20 years in South Africa, this facial cleanser is ideal for people with special skin conditions like acne, rosacea or eczema, because of the gentleness of the formulation. Cetaphil® Cleansing Lotion is gentle enough for all members of the family.4,5 The Cetaphil® Cleansing Bar followed soon afterwards, and was launched in 1998. Cetaphil® Cleansing Bar is a gentle, non-alkaline, non-soap bar designed for dry, sensitive skin, which moisturizes as it cleans. Free of harsh detergents that might dry or irritate your skin, this bar is ideal for all-over body cleansing in the bath or shower.4 Cetaphil® products are recommended by dermatologists, pediatricians, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals for common skin conditions, such as sensitive skin, acne, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema.2 In addition, Cetaphil® is often the recommended cleanser for individuals undergoing cosmetic therapies and new dermatology procedures whose skin may be exceptionally sensitive.2 The early years Cetaphil® Cleansing Lotion was originally invented by a pharmacist in 1947, as a compounding vehicle for dermatological remedies. In the early years, Cetaphil® Cleansing Lotion was only available from select pharmacists. Due to consumer demand, more drug stores began selling the increasingly popular cleanser by the 1960s. In fact, it was so effective, the original formulation has not changed at all over the years. By the 1980s, it became available at all major retail stores across North America.2 The 90s – a time for product innovation In the 1990s, the product line expanded in North America with the introductions of Cetaphil® Moisturizing Lotion, a non-greasy moisturizer for long-lasting relief of dry, sensitive skin; and Cetaphil® Moisturizing Cream, an emollient cream for dry areas Growth into the millennium New product development continued in 2007, with the launch of Cetaphil® Oily Skin Cleanser, a gentle, non-drying foaming cleanser for oily, combination or acne-prone skin. The non-irritating formula of Cetaphil® Oily Skin Cleanser is designed to remove surface oils, dirt and make-up without leaving the skin feeling tight or overly dry. This foaming cleanser leaves skin feeling fresh, does not leave behind irritating residue, and is non-comedogenic.4 Cetaphil® UVA/UVB Defense was launched in 2007 into global markets, and the line extension was launched into South Africa in 2009. Developed for highly sensitive skins, and for patients


Best of South Africa

with specific conditions that react to UV radiation, the formulation of Cetaphil® UVA/ UVB Defense offers best-in-class protection against the harsh rays of the sun.6 In June 2009 the beauty experts at Allure Magazine recommended Cetaphil® UVA/UVB Defense as their product of choice for skin protection.7 In 2008, Cetaphil® Cleansing Lotion was only 1 of just 25 brands inducted into the Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Hall of Fame, after winning the “Best of Beauty Award” for seven consecutive years (1999 – 2008). This esteemed honor is given to a select number of products (out of 10 000+) that have won the Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award for five years or more. Rather than selecting from a suggested list, editors and readers named products they truly preferred.8 Formulated with only 8 ingredients, of which 3 of the ingredients: water, cetyl alcohol and propylene glycol enhance the hydration of the skin.9 Cetaphil® is now the #1 Recommended OTC Brand by Dermatologists and Pediatricians in the US10 and is the #1 cleanser and emollient brand sold by Pharmacies in South Africa.11 All Cetaphil® products are specially

formulated for sensitive and dry skin types designed to preserve the skin’s natural protective barrier and retain the essential moisture it needs daily. About Galderma Galderma, the manufacturer of Cetaphil®, is a global leading pharmaceutical company specializing in the research, development and marketing of therapeutic, corrective and aesthetic solutions in dermatology. Its expertise covers a broad spectrum of skin, hair and nail diseases. The parent company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Corporate Services are located in Paris-La Défense, France. Galderma has subsidiaries in Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, North America, Latin America, Australasia and Japan.

Galderma Laboratories South Africa (Pty) Ltd Co. Reg. No.: 1996/000311/07 PO Box 71150 Bryanston 2021 Tel: +27 11 706 2339

References: 1. Accessed 21 September 2009. 2. Accessed 10 September 2009. 3. Sullivan J. A clinically practical approach to acne: Part 1: diagnosis, assessment and general skin care. Modern Medicine of South Africa April 2009; 34 (4): 21 – 28. 4. Accessed 14 September 2009. 5. Schalla W et al. Cleansing Diseased and Sensitive Skin – A multicentre surveillance study with the cleansing lotion Cetaphil® Der Informierte Artz 1993; 14: 927 - 930 6. Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50+ Product Profile. 7. Accessed 10 September 2009. 8. Accessed 10 September 2009. 9. Accessed 10 September 2009. 10. Source: Galderma Data on File May 2009. 11. Source: IMS Data MAT July 2008 – June 2009. CET 0909-1. Final approval date: 23/09/2009

Best of South Africa


Medical Healthcare

Providing state of the art Dental Care

DENTAL MAKEOVERS Everyone has the right to a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. We wish to ensure people do not remain in the dark and that they make informed decisions. We have state of the art surgeries all equipped to enable the clinician to use the best techniques available in Dentistry today. FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE IMPORTANT When we first meet a new person there is a subconscious way that our brains and eyes interact with this person. Normally your eyes scan from their eyes, to their nose and then to their mouth. Only then would the rest of

the body follow. Any stained, missing or chipped teeth will be held in memory and will be used to construct that First Impression – If you’ve lost confidence in your smile, we can help you get it back! COSMETIC DENTISTRY Have you got total confidence in your smile? Do you have fresh breath? Are you happy with the appearance, shape and colour of your teeth? Modern dentistry has a dazzling array of techniques and systems to build a healthy, attractive and confident smile.

WANT WHITER, BRIGHTER TEETH? A great option for you might be a professionally administered tooth whitening system. Patients with natural teeth that are discoloured due to age, smoking or other extrinsic staining factors are excellent candidates for tooth whitening. Bleaching does not work as well on teeth that have intrinsic staining. The results will vary from patient to patient. Patients with deep intrinsic stains can have other cosmetic options such as veneers and crowns to help achieve the desired results.


Best of South Africa

would have to be extracted. In modern times because of a procedure known as root canal treatment the infection can be treated, the injured nerve removed and the pain associated with such symptoms alleviated. FISSURE SEALANTS An increasingly popular treatment in dentistry is making it possible for kids to slip through childhood without a single cavity. When parents ask their dentists what are the best ways to prevent their children from getting cavities, dentists often respond “SEALANTS!” Kids will still have to: • brush • floss • visit their dentists Sealants can cut molar cavities by more than 50 percent, and can be especially helpful in areas without fluoridated water.

The dental sealant is one of the most revolutionary materials available for protecting our children’s teeth. For the past 18 years, a new generation of children have been enjoying the benefits of protective sealants. KIDDY CARE DENTISTRY Air abrasion provides an alternative to the high-speed hand piece for removing decay from tooth structure. Its many purported advantages compared to traditional preparation procedures include: • less invasive, more conservative treatment • reduced need for local anesthetic • earlier and more accurate diagnosis which reduces under- or over-treatment • reduction or elimination of vibration, chipping, and micro-fracturing • pain free procedures Tel : 08610 (TEETH) 83384

DENTAL IMPLANTS The lifestyle change which can take place can be quite simply earth shattering. Tooth loss affects millions of South Africans. Conventional tooth replacement methods, such as bridges and dentures, are not always the answer for many people due to the frustration and embarrassment created by poor fit or maintenance problems. ENDODONTIC (ROOT CANAL) TREATMENT It used to be that if a tooth was infected or the nerve in the tooth was dying, the tooth

Best of South Africa


Conferencing & Exhibitions


Best of South Africa

Best of South Africa


Conferences and Exhibitions
South Africa uniquely combines the best of Africa with the sophistication of world-class hotels, venues, transport and communication structures, and is recognised internationally as a top meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) industry destination. As exceptional value-for-money merges with first-class facilities, South Africa is fast becoming a preferred business tourism destination.

Voted the third favourite long-haul destination country by UK-based events agencies in the influential 2008 Meetings and Incentive Travel magazine, South Africa is also listed in the top 35 most popular conferencing destinations in the world by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA). The country is aiming to break into the Top Ten global conferencing destinations in 2010. South Africa’s business tourism sector has grown into one of the most lucrative and healthy market segments internationally, and Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban all boast world-class convention facilities. Leading the pack are the big three – the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) and Durban’s International Convention Centre (ICC). Since 2001, the World Travel Awards have named one of these three centres as the best conferencing venue

in Africa, and with more than 63 percent of all conference activities on the continent taking place in South Africa, the country is by far the top meetings destination in Africa. Durban is consistently ranked among the world’s top destinations and the massive ICC in Durban, along with its adjacent Durban Exhibition Centre, hosts spectacular large conferences and trade shows. The Cape Town ICC is set in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world and offers a purpose built, state-of-the-art convention facility with high tech infrastructure. Johannesburg hosted Africa’s biggest conference to date, the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development with an estimated 40 000 delegates, spread across three of the city’s premier venues: the Sandton Convention Centre, which boasts the most advanced conferencing and exhibition technologies available; the Expo Centre, the


Best of South Africa

Media Club - Photographer Rodger Bosch - CTICC

Media Club - Photographer Hannelie Coetzee - Inside Durban ICC

Media Club - Photographer Hannelie Coetzee - Durban ICC

largest convention facility on the continent; and the Wanderers Stadium. Top event management and solutions companies abound in South Africa and one such company, Global Conferences Africa, has a proud track record of managing large conferences and oversaw much of the logistics when the World Summit came to town. Hotspots around Johannesburg include the elegant and exciting Emperor’s Palace which provides a range of multi-purpose venues; one of Africa’s largest one stop conference and exhibitions facilities, Gallagher Estate; the Coca-Cola Dome with its nonstop extravaganza of expos, concerts and shows; and if you are looking for exclusivity, then Summerplace is the choice business, banqueting and conference centre. Africa’s largest and leading hotel group, Protea Hotels, has high-tech conference

venues throughout South Africa, including the well-known Ranch in Limpopo that offers a superior range of business facilities in exquisite settings. Across the country, there are more than 1700 smaller world-class conferencing and exhibition venues – ranging from intimate bush hideaways to large-scale, hi-tech convention facilities. Once the deal is done, nowhere else in the world can you combine business with pleasure as you can in South Africa. A magnificent climate, a menagerie of wildlife, world-class sporting facilities all combine to offer a wealth of leisure activities where one can walk with elephants, experience African culture or immerse in luxury shopping and relaxation. South Africa has an enviable track record of close to 1000 international conference events hosted annually, and as the 2010 FIFA World Cup draws near, the event presents an

Media Club - Photographer Hannelie Coetzee - Sun City

Media Club - Photographer Hannelie Coetzee - Inside Durban ICC

ideal opportunity for South Africa to market itself further as an outstanding world class business tourism destination – those who will be visiting South Africa in 2010, will certainly return soon for more.

Media Club - Photographer Hannelie Coetzee - Durban ICC

Best of South Africa


Accredited International Professional Conference Organisers
Since it’s inception in 1992, Global Conferences Africa has grown to become not only the leading Professional Conference Organising (PCO) company in South Africa, but also the only one with nationwide and regional branches (Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nairobi & Windhoek).

Global Conferences Africa’s area of expertise lies in Conference and Event Management. Having managed over 400 international conferences, it’s track record speaks for itself. Whether it is a sales conference for 100 delegates, or an international association conference for 10,000 delegates, Global Conferences Africa is ready, willing and able to offer it’s services in whichever capacity the client chooses. Global Conferences Africa offer a variety of services, from full Professional Conference Organising, to Destination Management, to On-line Registration and Database Management. The Management Fees are tailor-made according to the exact extent of the services provided.

Global Conferences Africa has many years of experience in dealing with VIP’s and high profile international delegates; Heads of State, Cabinet Ministers and captains of industry have attended many of the conferences successfully planned and managed from conception to completion. Global Conferences Africa’s clients are given the highest level of flexibility and service delivery. A rapid reaction to change and an aptitude for innovation are just two of the reasons that well established relationships continue with clients such as Telkom, The South African National Roads Agency, The National Ports Authority, The National Treasury, Sasol, Murray & Roberts and Stanlib.


Best of South Africa

Working closely with the client, Global Conferences Africa act as a conductor, bringing all the variety of services and suppliers to order, acting as a conduit between the client and all the people involved with the conference, ensuring that everyone plays to the same tune. Global Conferences Africa is an Accredited International Professional Conference Organiser (AIPCO), a patron member of SAACI (Southern African Association for the Conference Industry) and was the first PCO in South Africa to join ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association). As an 86% BEE company, with a BBBEE Level 2 Contributor status, clients of Global Conferences Africa can claim 125% in their own procurement credentials. Global Conferences Africa is 100% owned by Tourvest Holdings (Pty) Ltd, South Africa’s largest (black-owned) travel and tourism company. For more information, please visit: or see below for branch contact details: e-mail: Cape Town: Tel +27 21 532 6333 Fax +27 21 532 6331 Durban: Tel +27 31 561 5916 Fax +27 31 561 4423 Johannesburg: Tel +27 11 676 3000 Fax +27 11 884 1603 Nairobi: Tel +254 20 374 2435 Fax +254 20 374 1980/8593 Windhoek: Tel +264 61 275 300 Fax +264 61 263 417 Nairobi: Tel +254 20 374 2435 Fax +254 20 374 1980/8593 Windhoek: Tel +264 61 275 300 Fax +264 61 263 417

Best of South Africa


Emperors Palace Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort
An opulent conference facility next to the O.R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg

Location makes this venue the ultimate conference, exhibition and event facility. Emperors Palace offers a diverse range of multi-purpose venues and breakaway rooms with extensive technical resources including Wi-Fi connectivity. Catering for groups of eight to 3,000, Emperors Palace excels in three essential ingredients - superb cuisine, impeccable service and an elegant atmosphere. Whatever the event, presidential or private, formal or frivolous, business or celebratory, with more than 20 unique and adjustable venues, Emperors Palace is the perfect destination. Each venue is equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual equipment including multi-media capabilities and flexible lighting. No request is too large, no detail too small, everyone embraces a shared philosophy to fulfill every wish. The resort has three hotels which include the ultra luxury 5-star Peermont D’oreale Grande, the deluxe 4-star Peermont


Best of South Africa

Mondior, the newly refurbished 3-star Peermont Metcourt Suites and the chic and affordable Peermont Metcourt all conveniently situated next to O.R. Tambo International Airport (with a free shuttle service to and from the airport). But Emperors Palace is more than just a conference venue with its host of activities like the casino, restaurants, bars, a health spa and the Odeon Showbar. It is also filled with flamboyant works of art, a garden grand enough to suit a Roman Villa and manicured lawns. The perennially popular Emporium and entertainment centre has just undergone a major revamp, with nearly R100 million spent on brand new restaurants, entertainment outlets, and children and family outlets. The highlight of this re-development was the opening of a spectacular state-of-the-art Nu Metro movie theatre experience which houses one of the largest cinemas on the African

continent, seating over 500 people. Peermont has a host of other properties in spectacular locations in Southern Africa, most offering the added benefit of overnight facilities, your conference is guaranteed to be easily accessible, well managed and successful. Whether you’re looking for a beachside resort, urban retreat or a city setting, Peermont Hotels, Casinos and Resorts offers a plethora of destinations and facilities and its properties can host everything from small sized board meetings to large conferences and extravagant celebrations, and are able to deliver creative, unique and memorable events. There is a choice of 14 premium, 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels each complemented by superior conferencing facilities, world-class restaurants, indulgent day spas, pulsating entertainment and championship golf courses, thus providing superior luxury and relaxation for delegates and partners.

Peermont Group Sales Tel: +27 (0) 11 557 0557 Fax: +27 (0) 11 463 6185 Email: Emperors Palace Tel: +27 (0) 11 928 1000 Fax: +27 (0) 11 928 1001 Email:

Best of South Africa


For each and every occasion, there is a season.
For those who know that memorable events and principal occasions merit an exceptional setting, there is a place where the most discerning demands are met, gracefully, perfectly and completely.

Summer Place combines classic design, décor and ambience with sheer joie de vivre, harmoniously and elegantly. Its character is generous rather than rich, welcoming its guests without overwhelming them. It is a place where the most distinguished of visitors can feel contented. Truly a place for all seasons.

A time and space for all things of importance Summer Place is unsurpassed as a venue for conferences, business functions and events. A professional yet warm ambiance has been created, where it is abundantly clear to see, that business, truly matters. Efficient, versatile

configurations of rooms, facilities and services are available to set the scene for strategic discussions, key negotiations, private break-aways or commercial celebrations. Surroundings conducive to the creation of wealth, provide tangible inspiration for sound decision-making and significant action.


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that indoor and outdoor spaces flow naturally into each other, adding a further sense of unity and togetherness. Subtlety of design has also created space for seclusion, without requiring those in search of a moment of private thought, to stray too far from the central entertainment area. Where refinement of taste is customary Banqueting facilities at Summer Place offer versatility and flexibility in perfect accord with excellence and tradition. Kosher and non-kosher kitchens, staffed by accredited caterers, are able to tantalise the most discerning of palates with a variety of menu options, suited to individual preference and budget. Served in gracious surroundings with impeccable style, matched with superior crockery, silver table appointments and linen of the finest quality, every occasion at Summer Place, becomes an event in itself. A place that exceeds every expectation Beyond the structures of Summer Place,

its personnel are closely-knit teams who have each been selected for their ability to contribute to a greater whole than the sum of their parts. Assistance is available for planning and theme management, over and above the details of logistical and practical considerations. If professional, discreet and considerate service can be seen as an art, then here is a place where the exceptional has become the rule. A place that is unique and fulfilling in every aspect of conferencing, banqueting and executive business facilitation, a place that adds warmth to every occasion.

For laughter, joy and celebration Set in classically landscaped gardens, surrounding an elegant pool where sparkling fountains splash around a magnificent bronze sculpture, Summer Place is an idyllic location for weddings and special occasions. The style of architecture and proportion of buildings is in such harmony with the rest of the property

69 Melville Road Hyde Park, Johannesburg Tel: +27 11 447 9744 Fax: +27 11 880 2050 E-mail: PO Box 413555, Craighall 2024 South Africa

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Protea Hotel The Ranch
“Where hospitality is a long tradition!”

This 4-star country hotel was built in 1960 and has been managed by the Shearer family ever since. It is situated on a 1 000 ha conservancy lying between the R 101 and N1 25 kms south of Polokwane. From small beginnings it has grown into one of Limpopo’s finest business and leisure hotels, and the wide variety of facilities have been expertly developed to meet the needs and expectations of discerning travellers. Protea Hotel The Ranch offers 107 ensuite bedrooms, four Executive suites and two Presidential suites. These suites rank amongst the very best in South Africa and epitomize the care and attention to detail that has made this hotel a landmark and a by-word of hospitality and service over half a century. Two excellent restaurants continue the long tradition of fine dining, and special food festivals, with celebrity chefs, are held six times a year.


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A major new feature, and the first of its kind in South Africa, is the Golf Estate and Academy. Forty self-catering chalets surround a 12-hole (par 3) “express” golf course, and a top professional is on hand for beginners and extra lessons for the regular golfer. The conservancy is home to 23 antelope species and, tucked away amongst the trees of the savannah, is the Kolobe tented camp that can accommodate up to eighty guests, and the Bush Willow Entertainment Centre, a very special venue for intimate functions and product launches. Game and sundowner drives are offered, and a major attraction is the Lion Kingdom where walking tours with the lions can be arranged. As a conference and meeting venue, Protea Hotel The Ranch has few equals. There are eleven function rooms ranging from a venue that can seat 900 delegates and 550 banquet guests, to the small but

state-of-the-art Excalibur Board Room. Country weddings are not forgotten and a beautiful small chapel seating 200 people makes that special day quite unforgettable. Next to the chapel is the rose-garden, a fitting tribute to the skills and the love of gardening of the Shearer family. But is not just the heady fragrance of roses that fills the air. Every building is surrounded by gardens where each season offers a brilliant new array of colours and scents. This is the ideal getaway for stressed city-dwellers seeking to unwind, play some sport, go horse riding or mountain biking and even challenge the team-building course with its high ropes and other obstacles! Four swimming pools (two heated), a fitness centre and a children’s Activity Centre all contribute to a hotel operation that fully understands what each guest is seeking and strives to provide levels of service and traditional hospitality that far exceed the expectations of the guests.

For further information and reservations Protea Hotel The Ranch POLOKWANE ~ Limpopo Province South Africa Tel: +27 15 290 5000 Fax: +27 15 290 5050 E-mail: Website:

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Eskom Academy of Learning
The Eskom Academy of Learning is of international standards an exquisite and practical venue.

It is located on a 105 hectare farm in Midrand (Johannesburg), which ensures the necessary space and tranquillity to host your corporate or personal event. The conference centre offers world class conference facilities that can accommodate between 10 and 350 delegates with the convenience of accommodation facilities to match your budget on the premises. Conference facilities These outstanding venues are suitable for both small and large functions. The centre offers 13 syndicate rooms which can accommodate smaller meetings or workshops from as few as 10 delegates, five conference rooms seating up to 80 delegates, two advanced auditoriums seating a maximum of 350 and an executive boardroom with video conferencing facilities. All these venues have technologically advanced equipment and refreshment areas.


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Accommodation The Eskom Academy of Learning conveniently offers accommodation facilities consisting of 551 rooms on the premises. Not only does it offer the best views of rich wildlife but we also strive to facilitate your budget with our range of comfortable reasonably priced accommodation. Function venues Our venues range from stylish restaurants to the outdoor, pool-side feel of the Lapa and Boma. Our creative Food and Beverage staff takes pride in preparing dishes that are beyond expectation. Although our menus offer a generous choice of dishes, we are always willing to respond to special requests, wherever possible. Included in our facilities is a flat, carpeted exhibition area approximately 405m2 in size with the perfect setting and space for guests to mingle. This multifunctional venue can also be utilised for gala events, car launches and conferences. Recreation facilities The Eskom Academy of Learning also offers an opportunity for team building and relaxation with squash courts, swimming pool, three sports fields (for soccer, volleyball, and netball), a sports bar for spending a relaxing evening with colleagues and the Waterhole as an executive bar for private functions. Try us for your next, conference, exhibition, election, banquet, computer training, or stop-over. Tel: +27 11 651 6111 Fax: +27 11 651 6824 Email:

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The Gaborone International Convention Centre
The Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC) at The Grand Palm Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort

Botswana’s premier business address Hailed as the gem of the African continent, Botswana is a fascinating country of extraordinary natural beauty. Just a few minutes from the city centre of Gaborone and 12 kilometres from the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport lies The Grand Palm Hotel, Casino and Convention Centre, which, in the grand tradition of Botswana hospitality, offers luxury accommodation and dazzling entertainment. The Grand Palm offers a versatile conference centre comprising of five conference venues. The world-class Gaborone International Convention Centre (GICC), adjacent to the Peermont Walmont hotel, is a state-of-the-art, multi-faceted convention facility suited to the needs of both international and local meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions and other events.

The Grand Palm offers the Okavango Suite that can accommodate up to 250 people seated theatre-style and can be divided into two smaller rooms. The Moremi Suite comprises three separate meeting rooms and the cinema, that can seat 100 people, is ideal for seminars or lectures. The GICC offers the Tsodilo Suite, covering 1 550 m² in area and can be used as a single venue housing 1 040 people is a banquet set-up, 1 807 people in cinema style and 1 550 for a cocktail reception. This suite offers six varying configurations catering to a variety of needs from banquets and conferences to music concerts and major sporting events. The GICC also has four Serondela Rooms which can be used separately or in combination. As individual rooms they host 20 people in banquet style, 30 in cinema style and 18 in boardroom style.


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area for bar and catering services and balcony overlooking The Grand Palm Resort. Other facilities at The Grand Palm include the newly refurbished casino with its modern, glitzy interiors and 150 ultra modern slot machines in various denominations. The restaurants offer an unmatched experience to the connoisseurs of fine food and include the Beef Baron and Rib Room specialising in prime Botswana Beef cuts and Mokolwane Bistro, a modern, African chic restaurant serving a delectable international buffet. The Fig Tree is an open thatched pool bar and the Kalahari Bar is the favoured rendezvous for guests to unwind and catch up on the day’s activities. The 4-star Peermont Walmont is a hotel of elegance, offering Botswana’s highest standards of hospitality. The rooms are equipped with all the facilities and modern

conveniences that discerning travellers have come to expect and the newly refurbished Executive 5th floor, with the exclusive Executive Club Lounge, offers the travelling executive unsurpassed business services. The Grand Palm Resort also features the Peermont Metcourt Inn, a modern, chic and affordable 3-star hotel offering guests cosy, and comfortable accommodation and delightful service. The Grand Palm’s wide range of other recreational and sporting facilities include a health club with full gym, squash court and saunas, 2 floodlit tennis courts, a volleyball court, a sparkling swimming pool, children’s playground, birding, nature walks and a picturesque lake surrounded by manicured lawns and the beautiful African bushveld.

Peermont Group Sales Tel: +27 (0) 11 557 0557 Fax: +27 (0) 11 463 6185 Email: The Grand Palm Tel: +267 363 7777 Fax: +267 391 2989 Email:

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Cultivate the ‘Essence of Life’ with Moloko Investment Group. Acquisition . Innovation . Growth
Moloko Investment Group (MIG) is a dynamic investment company focusing on high-growth niche opportunities in the hospitality and lifestyle markets. MIG seizes sound financial opportunities which have potential medium to long-term growth prospects, based on strong entrepreneurial fortitude with a specialised management team headed by its Chairperson, Richard Thabo Moloko. The Group strives continuously to revitalise its investments, encouraging the development of new activities while maintaining high standards of corporate entrepreneurship. MIG pioneers new products, services and businesses.

The Place, 1 Sandton Drive, Sandton 2146, South Africa Tel: + 27 11 944 9600. Email: