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Answers for infrastructure.


It heps frefghters batte fres.
It helps you bolster your future.
Todays and Tomorrows Intelligent Fire
Detection and Building Evacuation System.
Nothing protects facilities and occupants like a
FireFinder XLS syslem. When a re is delecled,
the panel is instantly alerted. In less time than it
takes to draw a single breath, alarms are activated
and emergency control operations are engaged,
including re door closure, elevalor caplure and
air handler shut-off.
Clearly, the FireFinder XLS system is fast. But
thats not all it offers. It can also provide the
pathway to a brighter future.
Out of the box, FireFinder XLS panels feature
an industry-leading 6 LCD screen that provides
rsl responders wilh easy-lo-read lexl, maps and
hazmat icons, and gives your technicians intuitive,
easy-to-follow instructions for running reports.
Thanks to innovative electrical and software
features, the panels can be installed up to 25%
faster.* FireFinder XLS panels are also compatible
with thermal strip printers and pager interfaces.
And the FireFinder XLS family offers you choices.
There are control panels for large applications that
support up to 2,500 addressable points, as well as
panels for small- to mid-sized facilities with 500
addressable points or fewer. And the best part is
that you are never locked into a single solution;
each FireFinder product can be networked into
other members of the FireFinder XLS family,
which means your system can grow along with
your needs.
Perhaps the most important feature of the
FireFinder XLS is the one you cant see yet: its
future expandability. Thanks to the efforts of our
research and development team, the system is
networkable and supports the option of integrated
voice evacuation.
Its true promise lies in the state-of-the-art
hardware and software weve developed, which
provide the platform on which groundbreaking
new Siemens re deleclion producls are being
*Compared to Siemens MXL sytems
The FireFinder XLS family of products has your future
covered wilh conguralions and solulions lo meel your
customers needs.
Ideal for large applications
Up to 2,500 addressable points
Available as an add-on to existing FireFinder
XLS panel or as a separate panel
Integrates the latest voice evacuation
technology for intelligible, undistorted
voice messages
8 digital audio channels
UL-listed for background music and paging
Ideal for high-rise applications
A PC-based central point of annunciation and
control of networked FireFinder XLS systems
Sophisticated graphics
Ideal for mid-sized applications
Up to 504 addressable points
Allows PMI to be programmed for global
operation which facilitates control of
networked FireFinder XLS and MXL panels
Can be programmed to display messages in
Spanish, Portuguese, French and Hebrew
Supports CCU/M interface for alphanumeric
pocket paging
Lnables asl ulure rmware upgrades via
removable PCMCIA card available with the PMI
Supports TSP-40A thermal strip printer
Applications requiring more than 2,500 points
(high-rise, campus, etc.)
The FireFinder XLS family is a platform you can
build upon, offering compatibility with existing
and emerging life safety products such as:
FirePrint Intelligent Fire Detector
Sinorix 227 Clean Agent Fire Suppression
Nolicalion devices such as.
Strobesselectable strobes with face-
mounted selector switches to allow
adjustment of intensity levels after mounting
Hornscompatible with a range of
explosion-proof, weatherproof and
electromechanical horns
Speakerscan provide emergency voice
activation and the option for paging and
background music
Each FireFinder XLS panel features a center-
mounted 6 LCD screenby far the largest in
lhe induslry-giving reghlers, mainlenance
personnel and installers an unparalleled view
into the heart of the FireFinder XLS system.
Larger, more readable textSay goodbye to
cryptic abbreviations that can mean headaches
or inslallers and nighlmares or rsl responders.
Detailed descriptions appear for each event
Floorplans and mapsFire personnel can see
exactly where they are in relation to the activated
re device
Hazmat iconsEasily recognizable symbols are
used to indicate the presence of explosive gases
or liquids, poisons or umes lhal reghlers may
The FireFinder XLS ealures signicanl eleclrical
and software upgrades that can greatly reduce
installation times.
Device programmer and loop tester unit allow
testing of device wiring before it is connected
to panel
Polarity-insensitive detector loop wiring permits
positive and negative wires to be crisscrossed
between detectors
Flexibility to add modules to meet system needs
More detection devices per input zoneloop card
can be split into two circuits, with devices spread
across in any combination
Windows-based conguralion lool has
graphical user interface (GUI) with drag-and-drop
functionality for easy creation of panel database
The PMI can display text in English, French, Spanish (shown),
Portuguese, or Hebrew
Floor plans and maps enable re personnel lo see
where they are in relation to the device in alarm
Large screen accommodates detailed information and hazmat icons Windows-based conguralion lool has drag and
drop simplicity
The FireFinder XLS family of products is built
with your future in mind. In addition to reduced
installation time and easier maintenance,
FireFinder XLS products present a unique set
o ealures and benels lhal make il easy lo
sell to your customers.
Intuitive facility graphics simplify day-to-day
system tasks
Simple buttons allow arming and disarming, as
well as access to device sensitivity reports and
print-review screens
Alarm indicalions are shown wilhin user-dened
oor plans lhal, combined wilh delailed, cuslom
messages, provide easy location of devices
reporting an alarm
System speed helps your customers protect
people, assets and business continuity
FireFinder XLS syslems help rsl responders
save life and property better than previous
detection platforms
For your largest customers, the FireFinder XLS
system can scale to accommodate virtually
any facility and can interconnect with other
FireFinder XLS systems by simply adding a
network interface card.
Can interface with existing conventional systems
Scalable to 64 data-gathering panels per system
Can provide Style-7 wiring for increased
network survivability
Additional FireFinder XLS systems can be easily
interconnected for network expansion
Compalible wilh bus, loop and slar conguralions
Optional Network Command Center for
detailed graphics
The FireFinder XLSv gives you lhe exibilily lo
install voice evacuation technology now, as an
integral feature of your system panels, or later,
as an add-on. The XLSV includes all the features
of the FireFinder XLS, plus the ability to integrate
voice-quality messages to locations throughout
your customers building or campus.
Multi-function audio channels can be used for
emergency evacuation, as an everyday paging
system or for playing background music
Powerul, sensilive ampliers provide wide
frequency ranges for undistorted voice messages
and music
Get the knowledge you need to sell FireFinder XLS
products. Siemens offers sales training at multiple
locations across the country to help you better
understand the FireFinder XLS family of products,
see how lhey work and develop lhe condence
necessary to sell and install the equipment.
FireFinderXLS/ XLSVFirePanels
A Webbased tutorial for anyone who needs
a basic understanding of the FireFinder XLS
and XLSV systems. This course introduces each
syslem, ils eld devices and componenls.
Learn to install, operate, maintain, test,
troubleshoot and wire a FireFinder XLS system.
A functional description of the FireFinder
XLSV integrated voice-evacuation system
and modules, including single and multiple
channel conguralions and lhe various syslem
architectures. A hands-on lab lets you work
with the hardware and the ZEUS software of
the FireFinder XLSV system.
Learn how to setup, modify, test and troubleshoot
a FireFinder XLS and MXL networked system.
Learn how to design, modify, test and use the
ZEUS custom system software logic to design an
FireFinder XLS re syslem.
Pick the right products for your customers from the FireFinder XLS family.
You'll be inslalling condence or lhem and a smarl business opporlunily or you.
Contact your Siemens Territory Manager for more information.
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