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Ackee Ban Remains
FDA is recommending seizure or import refusal of ackee products
By Staff Writer
News Americas
hile many Jamaican
nationals may look for-
ward and always enjoy a meal
with ackee and saltfish, the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration is
recommending seizure or import
refusal of canned, frozen and
other ackee products.
The ackee fruit which is har-
vested from the ackee tree
(Blighia sapida), is native to West
Africa, but is also found in
Central and South America,
many Caribbean countries
including Jamaica, and southern
It contains the toxin hypo-
glycin A, which drops to negligi-
ble levels in the edible portion of
the fruit when it is fully ripe,
making them safe to consume .
However, the rind and seeds still
have high levels of hypoglycin A
when the fruit is fully ripe and
should not be consumed.
When the product is improp-
erly processed, concentrations
can rise above 100 parts per mil-
lion (ppm) and pose a health risk.
The ingestion of hypoglycin
A may result in no symptoms or
symptoms that range from some
vomiting to severe vomiting
with profound hypoglycemia,
drowsiness, muscular exhaustion,
prostration, and possibly coma
and death.
In issuing final guidance on
enforcement criteria for Ackee,
the FDA said its district offices
may detain, without physical
examination, all ackee products
offered for import.
The exception will be for
those firms that are identified on
a “Green List,” which according
to the FDA have demonstrated
that they have food safety con-
trols in place to ensure that only
properly ripened ackees, without
seeds or rind, are included in fin-
ished products. They are Fruit
Processors Ltd. of Belize,
Antillean Canning S.A. of Haiti
and from Jamaica: Ashman Food
Products Ltd., Canco Limited,
Central Food Packers Ltd.,
Double Deuce Jamaica Ltd.,
Exotic Products Jamaica
Limited, Island Packers,
Southern Fruits & Food
Processors Ltd., Stanmark
Processors Company Limited,
Tijule Company Ltd. and West
Best Foods Limited.
Canned, frozen and other
ackee products are marketed in
the U.S., largely to people from
Caribbean cultures, and most of
the products are imported from
Jamaica, Belize and Haiti.
In recent years, there has
been interest by a processor in
Florida to market ackee products
in interstate commerce.
Persons wishing to comment
on the final Compliance Policy
Guide (CPG) ruling may submit
electronic or written comments to
the FDA at 12420 Parklawn
Drive, Rockville, MD 20857.
Ackee fruits
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he transformational leader attempts
to give individualized consideration
to the needs of followers to align the fol-
lowers’ goals with the leader or organiza-
tion’s goals. The transformational leader
is inspirational by creating an exciting
picture of the benefits from the future
state that the leader is moving the group
Transformational leaders are also
role models who become a source of
ideal influence for followers. The desired
outcome of this type of leadership is a
group of followers who are highly com-
mitted and internally motivated to
achieve the goals and objectives estab-
lished by the leader.
Transformational leadership con-
trasts with the more traditional method of
leadership known as transactional leader-
ship. The transactional leader is envi-
sioned as engaging in a series of encoun-
ters or social transactions with followers
in which the leader negotiates compli-
ance to ideal behaviors. The transaction-
al leader motivates followers by using
rewards and consequences, which are
external motivators.
As a result, the follower will become
strongly committed to achieving the
leader’s objectives only if the follower
strongly desire to obtain the reward or
avoid the consequences. Followers do
not generally consider transactional lead-
ers to be ethical, although there is noth-
ing inherently unethical about this lead-
ership approach.
Ethical leadership is often discussed
in the context of organizations and the
behavior of organizational leaders.
Employees, investors, and other organi-
zational stakeholders expect leaders to
act in an ethical manner and to avoid
organizational activities that may be
harmful to society.
To meet this expectation, organiza-
tional leaders not only have to be ethical
in their personal behaviors but must
ensure that the other members of the
organization behave ethically. Ethical
leaders should treat employees fairly and
impartially. In addition, ethical leaders
should ensure that the activities of the
organization do not unduly harm society.
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Dr. Neva Alexander, an Educational Consultant, < >
hings are never easy for small-busi-
ness owners in New York City and the
other neighboring communities. No matter
how hard they try, there are always prob-
lems to solve and fires to put out.
New rules and policies including
increasing fines and penalties are being
implemented by the New York City
Hundred of small-business owners
from our communities are finding it very
difficult to keep pace with new regula-
Bar owners, restaurant operators, bar-
bers, hairstylists, home improvement con-
tractors, daycare operators and other entre-
preneurs are facing challenges as a result
of New York City Council policies.
The Council is the lawmaking body of
the City of New York and comprising 51
members from 51 Council districts
throughout the five boroughs. The Council
serves as a check against the Mayor in a
"strong" Mayor-council government
The Council monitors performance of
city agencies and makes land use decisions
as well as legislating on a variety of other
issues. The Council has 35 committees
with oversight of various functions of the
city government.
For several decades members of our
community have been voting for the
Democratic Party. In fact, the majority or
48 members of the current City Council
members are Democrats, while only three
(3) represent the Republicans.
Nevertheless, despite their political
affiliations and support for the Democrats,
it would appear that there is a disconnect
between our local business operators and
their City Council members.
Our business operators complained
that they are not being consulted on the
Council’s new policies or regulations.
It would appear that most of our entre-
preneurs and business operators are clue-
less about the running of the Council and
are not benefiting from contracts or other
business opportunities.
Policies and regulations may be nec-
essary, but they should not be hurting or
hindering the very business that they
intend to protect and promote.
As part of the solutions, members of
the Council should communicate/connect
more with the people, while, business
owners should seek to better understand
the operations of the policy-makers.
Dr Neva
The transformational leader
City Council needs to connect
with our business operators
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(Near Burke Avenue)
-cigarette users will have to take it out-
side under a new law taking effect in
the city on Tuesday.
The measure passed by the City
Council last year places e-cigarettes under
the Smoke Free Air Act, which bans tradi-
tional cigarettes in restaurants, bars, private
office buildings, and public places like
beaches and parks.
Supporters of the new law say it will
prevent e-cigarettes from making smoking
socially acceptable again, especially
among teenagers.
But critics say the ban will hurt tobac-
co smokers who are trying to kick the habit.
"Now one that wants to stop smoking and
use vaping products have to go out and sit
with the smokers and be around exactly
what they are trying to get away from," said
Henley Vaporium CEO Peter Denholtz.
A similar ban on e-cigarettes is also
taking effect today in Chicago.
E-Cigarette Ban
Takes Effect
federal court has permanently
barred Ramesh Sarva, a certified
public accountant in Little Neck, N.Y.,
from promoting and selling an alleged
nationwide tax scheme, the Justice
Department announced recently.
Judge Josephine L. Staton of the
U.S. District Court for the Central
District of California entered the perma-
nent injunction order yesterday, to
which Sarva consented.
According to the complaint, welfare
benefit plans permit companies to pool
together and make monetary contribu-
tions toward the purchase of life insur-
ance for the benefit of each company’s
employees or principals.
Participants in legitimate welfare
benefit plans may be able to deduct the
full amount of their plan contributions as
a business expense. The complaint
alleged that Sarva falsely informed his
customers that the welfare benefit plans
he promoted were legal, but in fact,
Sarva has been promoting plans that
illegally permitted his customers to both
claim substantial tax deductions for their
plan contributions and later access the
full cash value of their plan contributions
by taking out loans against the life insur-
ance policies purchased.
The complaint alleged that Sarva’s
promotion of these unlawful welfare ben-
efit plans deprived the U.S. Treasury of
significant amounts of tax and subjected
his customers to audits and IRS scrutiny.
The injunction order bars Sarva
from promoting and selling any purport-
ed welfare benefit plans.
Feds Bars Public Accountant
Rep. Grimm Pleads Not
Guilty to Fraud Charges
ep. Michael Grimm, who represents
parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island,
entered a not guilty plea in federal court in
Brooklyn Monday over allegations he
defrauded the government of more than $1
million while owning a Manhattan restau-
He was released on $400,000 bond,
posting his Staten Island home as his bond,
and was ordered to surrender his passport
and firearm.
The 20-count indictment was
announced by U.S. Attorney for the Eastern
District of New York Loretta E. Lynch, FBI
New York Field Office Assistant Director-
in-Charge George Venizelos and IRS
Criminal Investigation Chief Richard
Grimm is charged with five counts of
mail fraud, five counts of wire fraud, three
counts of aiding and assisting in the prepa-
ration of false federal tax returns, one count
of conspiring to defraud the U.S., one count
of impeding the Internal Revenue Service,
one count of health care fraud, one count of
engaging in a pattern or practice of hiring
and continuing to employ unauthorized
aliens, two counts of perjury and one count
of obstructing an official proceeding.
"Michael Grimm had a choice, and it is
the choice faced by every business owner in
America. He could run a business legiti-
mately, or succumb to the lure of easy
money and try to cheat his way to success,"
Lynch said.
Federal investigators say the charges
stem from between 2007 and 2010, when he
was the co-owner of "Healthalicious," a fast
food restaurant on the Upper East Side.
Prosecutors allege that he paid workers
off the books and hired people with illegal
They allege that he hid more than $1
million in income, depriving the U.S. gov-
ernment of tax revenue in the process.
"When it came to his restaurant, Michael
Grimm never met a tax he didn't lie to
evade," Lynch said.
Rep. Michael Grimm
arold L. Gruber, 60, an attorney, and
his law firm, Harold L. Gruber, P.C.,
Brooklyn, New York, have recently entered
into a settlement to resolve allegations of
submitting at least nine fraudulent filings to
the Attorney General’s Real Estate Finance
Bureau and breaching his fiduciary duties
as an escrow agent.
Under the settlement agreement,
Gruber and his firm are permanently barred
from engaging in any act, directly or indi-
rectly, related to the offer or sale of securi-
ties in or from New York, which includes
cooperative apartments and condominium
Attorney Harold L. Gruber is a solo
practitioner with an office in Brooklyn. He
was one of the most prolific filers of offer-
ing documents with the Attorney General’s
Real Estate Finance Bureau. Under the
terms of the settlement, Gruber is perma-
nently barred from filing any documents
with the bureau on behalf of property
developers, or engaging in any other secu-
rities-related activities. Gruber has agreed
to pay $60,000 in fines. A court’s order, in
effect since December, preliminarily
enjoining Gruber from engaging in fraud or
in securities-related activities also will
remain in effect permanently under the set-
The investigation into Gruber began
after homebuyers at the Mirada, a newly
constructed condominium located at 161
East 110th Street, Manhattan, complained
to the office about pervasive water leaks
and construction defects in their brand-new
building, and that the developers failed to
obtain a permanent certificate of occupancy
from New York City’s Department of
Under New York law, a seller of con-
dominiums must file a written document
known as an offering plan with the Real
Estate Finance Bureau prior to engaging in
any public marketing or sales activity. The
plan must contain all information material
to the offer, including representations about
the individuals making or taking part in the
offering and the condition of the property
being offered.
Real Estate
Lawyer Banned
Scammer Gets 5yrs
By Kimmy Blair
Street Hype Writer
neike Mickhale Barnett, a Jamaican
citizen, was sentenced Tuesday
(April 29) in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., in con-
nection with his role in a fraudulent lottery
scheme based in Jamaica that targeted vic-
tims in the United States, the Justice
Department announced.
Barnett was sentenced by U.S.
District Court Judge William J. Zloch to
serve 60 months in prison and 5 years
supervised release.
Barnett also was ordered to pay
$94,456 in restitution.
Barnett’s prosecution is part of the
Department of Justice’s effort, working
with federal and local law enforcement, to
combat fraudulent foreign lottery schemes
preying on American citizens.
According to the U.S. Postal
Inspection Service, Americans have lost
tens of millions of dollars to fraudulent
foreign lotteries and sweepstakes.
“This sentence sends a strong mes-
sage that the American justice system will
not stand by while criminals defraud
unsuspecting Americans of their savings,”
said Stuart F. Delery, Assistant Attorney
General for the Justice Department’s Civil
Division. “The Department of Justice will
use all available means to hold these inter-
national criminals accountable.”
Barnett was arrested in Orlando, Fla.,
in August 2013, following his indictment
by a federal grand jury in Ft. Lauderdale
on Aug. 9, 2012. Barnett pleaded guilty
on Feb. 28, 2014, to conspiracy to commit
wire fraud. As part of his guilty plea,
Barnett acknowledged that had the
case gone to trial, the United States gov-
ernment would have proved beyond a rea-
sonable doubt that, from 2008 through
2012, he was a member of a conspiracy in
which elderly victims were informed that
they had won a large amount of money in
a lottery and were induced to pay bogus
fees in advance of receiving their purport-
ed lottery winnings.
In an effort to convince the victims
that the lottery winnings were real, the
conspirators sent them written and elec-
tronic communications discussing their
purported lottery winnings which claimed
to be from a genuine sweepstakes compa-
ny, and from federal agencies, including
the Internal Revenue Service and the
Federal Reserve.
“As international fraudsters focus
their criminal schemes on Americans, we
will do all we can to prosecute and deter
such criminal activity,” said Wifredo
Ferrer, U.S. Attorney for the Southern
District of Florida. “ We will continue to
bring international fraudsters to justice in
the United States.”
Also as part of his guilty plea, Barnett
acknowledged that the government would
have proved beyond a reasonable doubt
that he knew the claims of lottery win-
nings were completely fabricated and he,
along with his co-conspirators, kept the
victims’ money for their own benefit with-
out paying any lottery winnings.
Assistant Attorney General Delery and
U.S. Attorney Ferrer commended the
investigative efforts of the U.S. Postal
Inspection Service, Homeland Security
Investigations, and the U.S. Marshals
Con Edison Top
Award Winner
imone Mair, an O&R Customer Service
Systems Analyst who spent 167 hours
volunteering her own time last year in sup-
port of not-for-profit organizations, includ-
ing the 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade
Center, recently was honored with Con
Edison’s prestigious “Living Our Values”
Consolidated Edison, Inc., O&R’s parent
company, created the annual award 21
years ago to recognize and honor the values
and work ethic of outstanding employees
who consistently serve as role models.
Mair, a Westchester resident who grew up
in the Bronx, is the 13th O&R employee to
receive the award. It is given to Con Edison
men and women who exemplify the
Company’s values of service, honesty,
courtesy, teamwork, excellence, and con-
cern for the quality of life in their commu-
As a Customer Service Analyst, Mair
provides technical support for the
Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVR) in
O&R’s Customer Service department.
Oneike Mickhale Barnett,
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Kingston, Jamaica WI- ABC News:
nvestigators in Jamaica have traced a rel-
atively paltry sum of dirty money to a
convicted gang kingpin who profited from
government contracts while he oversaw an
international crime syndicate, a senior offi-
cial said Tuesday.
Christopher “Dudus” Coke long con-
trolled a sizable network of drug dealers
and he was once identified by the U.S.
Justice Department as one of the world’s
most dangerous drug kingpins. He surren-
dered to authorities and was quickly extra-
dited to the U.S. in June 2010, about a
month after Jamaican soldiers and police
conducted a bloody siege of the blighted
West Kingston slum that served as his vir-
tual fiefdom.
But the director of the Finance
Ministry’s investigative division the past
two years said Tuesday that his agency has
uncovered bank accounts with just
$300,000 they can trace back to the gang-
ster, who is serving a 23-year sentence in a
U.S. prison. They are seeking to confiscate
the money through the island’s courts.
Justin Felice voiced frustration with
the amount that could be traced to Coke, the
second-generation leader of the notorious
Shower Posse syndicate that got its name
from the gang’s practice of “showering” its
enemies with bullets. Without disclosing
specifics, Felice said that a “lack of mean-
ingful information and intelligence from
other law enforcement agencies has been
disappointing” and hobbled their investiga-
State agencies also were forced by
Jamaican courts to return property and real
estate to Coke’s mother, girlfriend and for-
mer business associates such as Justin
O’Gilvie. Coke and O’Gilvie were partners
in at least two companies that organized
popular street parties and won public works
contracts in West Kingston’s slums.
Coke “was getting government con-
tracts for all sorts of activities, and obvi-
ously some of those were allegedly legiti-
mate contracts,” said Felice, a British
national who previously worked at the anti-
corruption branch of the Jamaica police
In a country where gangs have long
benefited from ties to the two major politi-
cal parties, Coke ran a criminal empire out
of the Tivoli Gardens neighborhood that
seemed untouchable until Jamaican offi-
cials agreed to act on a U.S. extradition
warrant. His slum stronghold was aligned
with the Jamaica Labor Party and in 2010
was represented in Parliament by then-
Prime Minister Bruce Golding, who
stonewalled Coke’s extradition for nine
Once Golding’s administration gave
in, a state of emergency was imposed and
security forces besieged Tivoli Gardens,
where Coke was credited with enforcing
public order while using violence to strike
fear into both foes and followers. At least
76 civilians were killed. Jamaican authori-
ties caught Coke a month later, only after he
decided to surrender.
Only J$300,000 they
can link to Dudus
Christopher "Dudus" Coke
Is serving a 23-year
sentence in a U.S. prison.
By Juan O. Tamayo
senior Canadian parliament member
has taken a punch at Cuba’s new for-
eign investment law, saying that one of his
constituents has been jailed on the island
since 2011 without trial and has been offered
leniency if he pays questionable debts.
“The international financial community
should ponder long and hard the investment
blandishments of Cuban ministers, diplo-
mats and trade officials,” said Peter Kent,
chairman of the House of Commons Defense
“Reality is at stark odds with the plati-
tudes” of those officials, Kent added, going
on to detail the case of his constituent, Cy
Tokmakjian, one of several foreign business-
men jailed in Cuba on what they say are
fraudulent corruption charges.
Tokmakjian, 73, a Canadian citizen of
Lebanese descent, is president of
Tokmakjian Group, at one point the second
largest Canadian firm operating in Cuba.
He has been jailed since Sept. 10, 2011
for investigation by Interior Ministry offi-
Kent described the ministry as modeled
on the Soviet KGB and East German STASI
security services. He also noted that all of
the other jailed businessmen come from
Canada and Europe — not Cuban allies such
as China, Venezuela or Russia.
Tokmakjian’s assets in Cuba, worth
more than $90 million, have been frozen and
“it seems no coincidence” that the total value
of the government’s claims against him
exceeds that amount, Kent wrote in a column
published Tuesday in the Huffington Post.
“There have been suggestions to com-
pany representatives that additional millions
sent from Canada could result in a more
‘lenient’ outcome,” he added. “He has been
told, many times, that, if he drops
International claims against Cuba or admits
to minor ‘offenses,’ he would have a lenient
trial and be released immediately.”
Canadia warns
Cuba investors
MAN was shot outside the Arima
Magistrates' Court this on Monday.
At around10 a.m. a man was exiting the
courthouse when several shots were fired
at him. He died at Prince Street. A party of
police officers are currently at the scene.
And last night a 43-year-old Caroni
man was gunned down near his home.
Michael Heeralal, of La Paille Village,
was headed to his workplace where he was
employed as a watchman when at around
11.30 p.m. he was killed. The two killings
took the murder toll to 149 according to an
Express tally.
Man shot dead outside
Arima courthouse
90-04 161 Street, Suite 301,
Jamaica, NY 11432
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By Joseph Scrofano, eHow Contributor
he New York Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) regu-
lates child support in New York State. In a custody pro-
ceeding, if the parents cannot agree between themselves, a New
York judge will determine which parent has legal custody over
the child or children. Once the court determines custody, the
court must calculate an amount for child support that the non-
custodial parent must pay to the custodial parent in child sup-
port. Then the court memorializes this amount in child support
order. Have a question? Get an answer from a lawyer now!
New York State, like most other states, has child support guide-
lines that judges must follow in calculating the amount of child
support the noncustodial parent must pay each month. The
guidelines consider several factors.
First, the guidelines consider the total parental income,
adding up both parents income as defined by each parent's most
recent federal tax return.
Second, the guidelines assign a percentage of income
depending on the number of children the parents have. For
example, one child gets 17 percent of the combined income
while 2, 3 and 4 children get 25, 29 and 31 percent, respective-
Finally, based on the percentage that the noncustodial par-
ent contributes to the total parental income and the number of
children, the guidelines compute a monthly child support
The guidelines would assign two parents with a total
parental income of $10,000 per month and two children to need
$2,500 per month for child support. That equals 25 percent (for
two kids) of $10,000. If the noncustodial parent earned 60 per-
cent of the total parental income (or $6,000) per month, then the
noncustodial parent would have to pay 60 percent of $2,500 in
child support to the custodial parent for a total of $1,500 per
month. The court can also add expenses for future health care
and education or consider any other factors it deems appropri-
Custodial parents in New York State have two enforcement
processes to choose from when a noncustodial parent stops
making child support payments.
First, a custodial parent can use the administrative enforce-
ment process through their local child support agency. This
process does not require a court appearance. Administrative
actions include intercepting the noncustodial parent's tax
refund, unemployment insurance or wages.
It also includes submitting negative information to the
noncustodial parent's credit bureau, forcing a suspension in the
noncustodial parent's driver's license or filing a lien against any
of the noncustodial parent's assets.
Second, the custodial parent can go through New York
courts to enforce compliance with a child support order. The
court can enter a money judgment against the noncustodial par-
ent for all child support arrears or even impose a jail sentence
or probation.
Contact an attorney licensed to practice in New York to
find out how the facts of your situation apply to New York State
child support laws, which are subject to change.
Understanding the Child Support Laws
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Iona star
Armand plays
in Portsmouth
Iona College men's basketball senior
guard Sean Armand has been invited to
the 62nd annual Portsmouth Invitational
Tournament in Portsmouth, Va.
The three-day tournament was held
on Wednesday, April 16, through
Saturday, April 19, at Churchland High
School Sports Complex.
Each year for 61 years the
Portsmouth Invitational has invited 64
of the best college basketball players
(seniors) from across the nation to par-
ticipate in a four-day, 12-game tourna-
ment in front of representatives from
every NBA team.
With Armand's selection, an Iona
men's basketball student-athlete has par-
ticipated in the tournament for three
consecutive years.
Ottey Sets Sight
On World Champs
She may be nearing her 53rd birthday,
but Jamaican sprinting legend Merlene
Ottey is still not ready to pull the plug
on her record-breaking career.
Ottey recently told reporters in
Jamaica, she is currently preparing for
this summer's IAAF World
Championships in Moscow, almost 30
years since her first appearance at the
event in 1983.
Now a citizen of Slovenia, which
she represented as recently as last year's
European Athletics Championships in
the 4x100m, Ottey, who has a record 14
World Championships medals between
1983 and 1997, laughed when asked
about her retirement, advising that she
has been preparing well for the August
10-18 meet.
KINGSTON, Jamaica --
he 2013 World Championship 200m
bronze medallist, Blessing Okagbare of
Nigeria believes she can pull off an upset
over World Champion Shelly-Ann Fraser
Pryce at the Jamaica International invita-
tional (JII) at the National Stadium in
Kingston, Jamaica on May 3.
Reports from Nigerian-based websites
such as quote an opti-
mistic Okagbare speaking from her base in
the United States of America in a statement
from the Blessing Okagbare Foundation.
According to the reports, the five-time
Nigeria 100m champion and African record
holder stated that: “Jamaica is a country of
champions. Everyone knows about their
prowess and their enviable success on the
track, but I’m determined to compete on the
big stage and prove myself.”
Okagbare was beaten into third by
Fraser Pryce and Murielle Ahoure with
American Allyson Felix out injured at the
IAAF World Championships last year in
Moscow, Russia.
This time around the Nigerian is confi-
dent that she can rearrange the positions in
her favour.
“I believe it is doable [beating Fraser-
Pryce in her native country]. My records
will always get better and so I can only train
harder, grow my aspirations and keep my
belief aflame,” Okagbare is reported as say-
The Women’s 200m Saturday is expect-
ed to be a highly competitive event with
World Champion Fraser Pryce going into the
half-lap event against the Olympic champi-
on Felix and an Okagbare eager to make her
mark on the sprinting world. World
Championship silver medallist Ivory Coast’s
Ahoure will not be participating.
Courtesy of Jamaica Observer/Gavay Watt
ew testing procedures will be in
place for the May 3 staging of the
Jamaica International Invitational at
Kingston's National Stadium.
The announcement was made at
Friday's press conference at the Jamaica
Pegasus Hotel.
Following the recent revelation by
the Court of Arbitration for Sport that
there were flaws in the sample collection
procedures for four time Olympian
Veronica Campbell Brown at last year's
staging, organisers of the Jamaica
International Invitation say it won't be
business as usual at this year's event.
Vice Chairman of the organizing
committee, Ludlow Watts, confirmed with
TVJ sports that new testing procedures
will be in place on May 3.
Meanwhile, a host of Olympic and
World Champions have been assembled
for the 11th staging of the meet.
Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce who will
clash with American Allyson Felix in the
women's 200 metres and Warren Weir and
Nesta Carter who will face American
Justin Gatlin in the men's 100 metres, will
headline the local cast.
A super field has been put together
for the women's one lap event which will
have Sanya Richards Ross, Christine
Ohuruogu and Francena McCorory, all
global gold medallists in the last two
The 3000 metres and pole vault, both
for women, are the new events on this
year's programme.
The four hour meet will feature 16
events for the professional athletes as well
as six development races and four relays
for high schools.
The budget for this year's meet is US
Cup Season
Starts, May 25
aribbean Cup Inc. wishes to invite
the public to their 2014 New York
Caribbean Cup Soccer Tournament offi-
cial opening on Sunday, May 25, 2014,
at 12:30 pm at Thomas Jefferson Sports
Complex, 12508 Flatlands Ave (at
Shepherd Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11208.
This year marks their 23rd season
of providing the most exciting soccer
tournament in the New York five-bor-
ough area. The Eastern New York State
Soccer Association, which governs soc-
cer on the Eastern Seaboard, recently
referred to us as the Champagne of soc-
cer in this area.
They are looking forward to anoth-
er successful Caribbean Cup season
including the hosting our third annual
Mid-Season Classic August 3rd, 2014.
A Press release party about the
2014 plans will be held at the Fish Eye
Lounge, 5913 Foster Avenue, Brooklyn,
on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 7:00pm.
For further information contact
John S. Melbourne
or (646) 265-4738.
New drug testing measures at
Jamaica International Invitational
Okagbare believes she
can beat Shelly-Ann
Blessing Okagbare
World Champion, Nigeria
Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce
World Champion, Jamaican
Jamaica Wins
GROS ISLET, St Lucia –
amaica won the Headley/Weekes
Trophy after they dominated Windward
Islands in the Final at the Beausejour
Cricket Ground, on Tuesday. The match
ended in a draw and the Jamaicans were
awarded the trophy after gaining more
Jamaica ended with eight points
while Windwards got five points for draw.
Captain Tamar Lambert said it was pleas-
ing to win the trophy and was full of praise
for his team-mates and team management.
31 West Standford Blvd,
Mount Vernon, NY 10550
Call Earl:
West Indian Products
• Steam Fish • Roast Fish
• Fresh Fish
By Donovan Longmore
Event Promoter
n the month of March we celebrated
National Women’s Month. It’s a time in
which we pay homage to our great female
leaders and heroine. James Brown stated
that this is a man’s world, but it’s nothing
without a woman.
Another wise scholar mentioned that
“if you teach a man, you teach an individ-
ual; but when you teach a woman, you
teach a nation.”
As pioneers in the music industry, we
have decided to pay tribute to the Queens
of Reggae Music.
Come Saturday May 24, 2014, Club
Amazura will never be the same; it will be
a night fitting for a grand memorial week-
Music lovers from the tri-state and
surrounding states will be treated to a spe-
cial night of musical fantasy. We have
gathered some of the biggest names in the
genre of Reggae music.
With the likes of Sister Carol, Etana,
Queen Ifrika, Spice, Lady Ann, Junie
Ranks and Sister Nancy; this will surely
be the talk of the town.
Other greats couldn’t make the date
due to previous obligations. Nonetheless,
this annual event will be one that is worthy
to be called Royal. Mixing the old with the
new, our concept is simply to keep a
diverse event with strong appeal to all. The
all female line up will be hosted by Suzie
Q and selections spun by Tasha Rozez.
Partial proceeds from this event will
be donated to charitable organizations
both here in the states and Jamaica.
For more info: 585-284-3001;
516-668-7737 or 860-777-7558
Queens of Reggae for Amazura
Sheimyrah Mighty
Wows Crowd at
Barclays Center
By Smith Georges
15-year-old Brooklyn born of
Haitian-Jamaican immigrant par-
ents motivated fans with her electrifying
rendition of the USA national anthem at
the Nets’ playoff game with the Toronto
Raptors on Sunday (April 27) at the
Barclays Center, Brooklyn.
Sheimyrah Mighty sang the anthem
and left the crowd totally delighted and
captivated the fans' hearts with her gold-
en voice. "She’s a sensational singer,"
said her manager Euneek Kebreau of H-
Factor Family.
Mighty who came out a winner at an
audition held at the Barclay Center a
week ago mesmerized the judges with
her powerful performance of the national
In recognition of her talent Mighty
has been invited to perform across the
country and internationally including
during President Obama’s 2008 cam-
paign at Eisenhower Park, the inaugura-
tion ceremony for Brooklyn Borough
President Eric Adams at the Brooklyn
Museum; Saint Lucia’s 35 years of inde-
pendence; at Donald Trump’s Lincoln
Day Dinner and the Power of Dreams
Awards where she shared the stage with
Danny Glover. Mighty also performed at
the ‘Every Woman Every Child project
spearheaded by the First Ladies of Africa
Advancing the MDGs 58th Session of
the Commission on the state of women at
the United Nations.
Mighty performed at the Apollo
Theater talent show on August 14, 2013
and also won the first round of Star of
Tomorrow at the Apollo in April 4, 2010.
She was a participant at the Broadway
Theatre Project in Tampa, Florida for
three weeks of training for acting and
singing, where she was requested to per-
form with Ben Vereen at the finale con-
cert for Broadway Theatre Project.
Mighty is currently working on her
new single featuring Rayvon, to be
released late spring 2014.
For more information on
Sheimyrah, please visit her website at
hen was the last time you attended a
great stage show? Just cast your mind
back on the killer stage shows that we
attended both as children and adults in
Kingston at Carib, State and Regal theatres,
and Montego Bay at the Palladium, those
shows were a stark contrast to the shows of
For Mother’s Day entertainment there
can be no better line up of artists to create an
atmosphere of respect, love and celebration
of mothers. They bring the songs, the mem-
ories and the emotions that will make
Mother’s Day May 10th 2014 unforgettable
at the newly furnished Amazura Night Club,
New York’s most experienced promot-
ers, Earl “Jr Jam Roc” Lyn of Nakasaki and
Jam Roc Night Club fame along with Junior
Ewart of Ruff Stuff Band, have put together
a showcase for Mother’s Day that has suc-
cess written all over it.
These two promoters have collaborated
over the years to give Jamaican and
Caribbean/New Yorkers the time of their
Once again in what we consider to be a
stroke of genius they have put together
artists such as; Ken Boothe, Frankie Paul,
Leroy Sibbles, Dobby Dobson, and Ed
Robinson to take you down memory lane
and bring you back again.
But your fun doesn’t end there; the pro-
duction will also include a presentation hon-
oring three of these icons for their outstand-
ing work and performances over the years
and what is billed as an exciting fashion
show featuring fashions by Anthony Shea
out of Jamaica and Margaret Persaud from
Guyana, to keep mothers fully entertained
and engaged for the evening.
Then just to make sure you really have
fun the shows MCs for the night will be
Boogie Gee and the “King of Mix Up” him-
self- Ragga Shanti. DJ’s on hand will be
Kriss Kapone and the Disco Kid.
There will be a free raffle with your
admission ticket, the prizes includes a flat
screen TV, gift certificates from Sam’s
Caribbean Marketplace and a family vaca-
tion for eight in Jamaica at Den Milo Villas
in Mamee Bay Ocho Rios (Airfare not
But there’s more the promoters have
expressed the sentiment that their produc-
LOVE should be affordable so, if I were you
I’d pick up the phone and get as many of the
$25.00 ticket deals I can.
Sons and daughters take your moms
and moms, if they are not around take your-
self, this is one show you don’t want to miss
so, run to the phone and call: (646) 750
0045 for information.
To Our Dear Mothers With Love!
Earl “Jr Jam Roc” Lyn
Nakasaki and Jam Roc
Night Club fame
Tops Billboard's
Reggae Chart
or the past three years, reggae singer
Chronixx has built an enviable track
His efforts are paying off as the
'conscious music crusader' is number
one on Billboard's Reggae album chart
with his latest EP, Dread & Terrible.
Released on April 1, the Dread &
Terrible project contains 10 tracks
including Alpha & Omega, Here Comes
Trouble, Capture Land and Eternal Fire.
The set features production work from
Phillip 'Winta' James; Lloyd 'John John'
James; Chronixx's in house production
team, ZincFence Records; Overstand JA
Records; and France-based Pierre Bost.
By Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz
32nd Senatorial District, Bronx
County, New York
Tel. 718-991-3161
roup Chief Executive Officer of
GraceKennedy Limited, Don Wehby
leads a distinguished panel of speakers
scheduled to participate in an interactive
engagement titled Caribbean Forum,
organized by Grace Kennedy Money
Services and its business partner Western
The forum which is being held under
the theme, “Engaging the Diaspora –
Enriching the Caribbean”, will take place
on Thursday, May 8 starting at 5:30 pm at
Tropical Paradise Ballroom in Brooklyn.
Admission is free.
Members of the Caribbean Diaspora
are invited to come and listen to a number
of illustrious speakers as they explore and
exchange ideas on: Economic Integration
through Education and The Impact of the
Dream Act on Education. Joining CEO
Don Wehby at the Caribbean Forum are:
James Moss-Solomon, Exec-in-Residence
at the Mona School of Business,
University of the West Indies (UWI); Sean
Mason, Regional Vice President
Caribbean, Western Union and Brian
Figeroux, Esq., Attorney-at-Law,
Figeroux and Associates.
The guest speakers bring a vast
wealth of knowledge and experience hav-
ing worked regionally and internationally
in a variety of disciplines.
More information about the
Caribbean Forum is available by calling
(718) 693-0300 or (718) 576-4438.
GraceKennedy CEO to Address
Caribbean Diaspora Forum
Don Wehby CEO
GraceKennedy Limited
Summer Camp
ount Vernon’s Youth Bureau is
offering teens between the ages of
13 and 14 an opportunity to get an intro-
duction to job readiness training and com-
munity service through placement at this
year’s Safe Haven Summer Camp.
Unlike summer employment this pro-
gram does not pay, but it does offer young
people invaluable experience in the work
“This program will give young peo-
ple work experience. “We encourage
mature youth to apply for this program as
their role, if selected, will be to support the
camp directors and counselors by partici-
pating in recreational activities, education-
al enrichment activities and field trips,”
said Mayor Davis.
The CIT will receive a nominal
incentive for their participation and a
waiver for field trips and activities. This
program is made possible by the City of
Mount Vernon and the Westchester
County Youth Bureau.
“The Mayor and the Mount Vernon
Youth Bureau recognize that there is a gap
in services during the summer for youth
ages 13 and 14 who may be aged out of
summer camp and too young to work. The
CIT Program was designed this year to
provide youth development opportunities
during the hours when youth are vulnera-
ble to unsupervised time and loosely
structured activities” DaMia Harris,
Executive Director.
Applications are available in the
Mount Vernon Youth Bureau-City Hall,
Room 308, and on online at and
For further information, please contact
Debbie Butler at (914) 665-2344.
By Shermaine Sacasa
Managing editor, Christian Times
reliminary report on Mayor deBlasio’s
appointments paints grim picture for
Blacks in New York City, acording to
activist minister and pollster Dennis
Dillon during the officially released of the
report on Thursday (April 17) on the steps
of City Hall.
The scathing report addressed many
of the disparities that impact the City’s
Black and Latino residents and the gaping
holes of injustice and inequality in the
Mayor’s appointments.
According to the report, published by
The New York Christian Times, Blacks
delivered 47% of the votes to deBlasio yet
only represent 10% of his key leadership
appointments, while Whites delivered only
21% of the votes yet received a whopping
81% of these key appointments.
The seven departments with the
largest budgets have no Blacks in leader-
ship, and none of the top seven lead posi-
tions in criminal and civil justice are head-
ed by Blacks.
The Report also addresses New York
City’s majority Black workforce with the
top managers and executives being mostly
Dillon, who is pastor of the Brooklyn
Christian Center and publisher of The
Christian Times, is also the chief
researcher of the bi-annual Economic
State of Black New York Report.
The detailed preliminary report on the
Mayor’s appointments and key crises
areas for Blacks also addresses the dispar-
ity in education, foster care and criminal
justice in New York City.
“Justice continues to be an elusive
dream for Blacks in New York, and this
mayor has added layers of bricks to the
walls that divide in this the tale of two
cities,” Dillon noted.
Dillon, the chief architect for the
Black Church Mean Business Movement
and founder of many citywide clergy
groups including Churches United to Save
and Heal (C.U.S.H.), is calling on the
Mayor to dispense fairness to the Black
community through a more balanced set of
This new group, Clergy United For
Fairness (CUFF), wants equality for
Blacks. The clergy will be joined by law
enforcement organizations to press the
mayor to reverse some of his unjust
The Black Community Cries Foul
Justice and Equality Not Reflected in Mayor’s Appointments
Bill de Blasio
NYC Mayor
Dennis Dillon
Activist Minister and Pollster
BRONX --- It was one of the coldest,
rainy days in April, but that didn’t
prevent Lydia Moreira from ventur-
ing out to Council Member Andy
King’s 12th District office (1st l) to
be a recipient of the Can, Can Food
Giveaway. “I need food,” said Ms.
Moreira, who is 29, single and home-
less. “I’ve applied for food stamps, I
went to a hearing and won the case
but I’m still waiting to receive my
food stamps. So, in the meantime,
I’m visiting food pantries like crazy.”
Some may say it’s the sign of the
times as people of all ages and
backgrounds came out in the pour-
ing rain to Council Member King’s
first Can, Can Food Giveaway.
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World Ventures:
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Retail/Business Opportunities
LIME pumps $3m in teams heading to
Penn Relays
BY SANJAY MYERS Observer staff
Thursday, April 10, 2014
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LIME Foundation chairman Errol
Miller and other LIME representatives
with students who were handed
cheques at LIME’s headquarters yes-
terday. The donation will go towards
By Dave Johnson
Director-Penn Relays
his year's Penn Relays is in many
ways dedicated to all the high
schools in Jamaica which have partici-
pated in the Relays over the years. We
mark the 50th anniversary of the year
Kingston College became the first
Jamaican high school to attend the Penn
The team, captained by Alex
McDonald, won the 440-yard relay with
Lennox Miller anchoring, and finished
second in the mile relay.
The KC 440-yard relay of Jim
Grant, Rupert Hoilette, Ken Keyes and
Miller is being inducted into the Penn
Relays Wall of Fame this year. The KC
team is the third Jamaican boys' relay
team to be added to the Wall of Fame in
its 21 years of existence.
Indicative of the strength of
Jamaican schools was last year's finish
in the 4x400-meter relay, in which
Calabar, Munro and Manchester swept
the first three places.
Calabar's team ran 3:09.22, the sec-
ond-fastest time ever run at Penn, trail-
ing the record by only 0.50 seconds.
The team was anchored by Jovan
Francis, who ran 44.8, the fastest high
school 400-meter split turned in at the
Relays. With the high-quality of compe-
tition at Boys' and Girls' Champs this
year, and in the subsequent weeks, this
may turn into one of the best years ever
for high school athletes on the Franklin
Field track.
Jamaican high schools
to star at Penn Relays
Boys 400 M Hurdles
Girl 100 M
Penn Relays to be
live-streamed on flotrack
he Penn Relays announced today a
partnership with Flotrack which will
see the 2014 Penn Relays steamed live via
Flotrack’s “Flo Pro” premium subscription
The 120th running of The Penn Relay
Carnival will take place April 24-26 at the
University of Pennsylvania at historic
Franklin Field. More than 22,000 athletes
from around the world will convene upon
Philadelphia to compete in the event
which has seen more competitors enter
than any meet in the world.
“We are extremely pleased to partner
with Flotrack to broadcast The Penn
Relays live via the internet,” the Frank
Dolson Director of The Penn Relays Dave
Johnson said. “With a world-class caliber
field again entered to compete for a famed
Relays wheel, fans who cannot make it to
Philadelphia will feel like they are a part
of this historic event thanks to the out-
standing track and field coverage Flotrack
will provide.”
An international leader in online track
and field streaming, Flotrack has covered
professional, collegiate, and high school
track and field meets around the world
since the inception of its service.
“The Penn Relays is the Super Bowl
for our sport. The history and the excite-
ment of the event is unmatched. We at
Flotrack are thrilled to be the exclusive
streaming partner through our Flo Pro
product,” said Mark Floreani, Co-Founder
and Chief Marketing Officer of Flocasts.
“The Penn Relays is a valuable addition to
Flo Pro’s exclusive offerings of the best
track and field content on the internet.”
In order to view The Penn Relays via
Flotrack, fans will need a “Flo Pro” sub-
scription. A monthly subscription costs
$19.99 and a yearly subscription costs
Fans who are already “Flo Pro” sub-
scribers will have access to The Penn
Relays at no additional cost.
Flotrack will provide live commen-
tary throughout the three days of The Penn
Relays on the track, led by Gordon Mack,
Alex Lohr, Isaac Wood, Mitch Kastoff and
Ryan Fenton.
Live action will broadcast all three
days, except for USA vs. The World events
which will be broadcast live on NBC
Sports April 26 from 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB), Irwine Clare
Snr, ten-year-old violinist Kayla Robb and Community Relations Officer at the
Consulate General of Jamaica, NY, L. Christopher Castriota, strike a pose, at the
TJB’s inaugural fundraising breakfast, held at the Country Kitchen Restaurant, in
Pelham Manor, New York on April 19. Robb performed at the event, which formed
a part of TJB’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations, to assist hundreds of Caribbean
athletes who participate at the annual Penn Relays in Philadelphia.
Do you have a family member
looking to study in the USA/Canada?
The National Educational Venture Alliance is an educational
recruitment company that assist needs of academic institutions,
companies and students locally, nationally and internationally.
We work with a team of experts in various
academic specialties to accomplish this.
visit our website today..
Call us at 718-749-9428
Announces Its
Monday, July 7 to Friday, August 15, 2014
Six (6) Fun-Filled weeks of educational enrichment, activities, sports,
day trips to cultural institutions and new experiences
Applications can be picked up at UNITY NEIGHBORHOOD CENTER
3952 Bronxwood Avenue, Bronx, NY 10466
Monday-Friday: 3-6 PM • Call (718) 994-8400
$800 for 6 weeks • Camp hours: 7:30 AM-6:00 PM
his may sound crazy to you however,
don’t dismiss it so fast. Last week I had
a conversation with a mom about what is she
doing to get the baby ready for school. “Miss
the baby is only 8 months old he has plenty
of time before he gets to school” she
This statement is very common in the
community. I explained to the mother that
the baby is learning all the time and now is
the best time to give the baby experiences
that will prepare her for school. She just
brushed me off.
In order to close the “experience gap”
we need to work on changing that mentality
in the communities across the nation. Too
many of our children get to kindergarten and
they are not ready for learning. In order for a
child to learn they must be prepared for
learning and that process begins the first day
that you bring the baby home.
National research shows that 60% of
African American boys are not ready when
they get to kindergarten and 80% of them do
not read on their level in the fourth grade.
This is because many caregivers do not
understand the importance of preparing a
baby for school by giving them the social
emotional school readiness skills. Many edu-
cators and care givers do not understand
what this looks like.
You should begin reading to your baby
when you become pregnant and continue
when she is born . If your baby needs to stay
in the hospital for a few days when you visit
read to your baby and play classical music or
jazz they are very good for brain develop-
ment. You should purchase a few children’s
CD for the baby.
You should read books that are age
appropriate for the baby. The books should
have few words, be colorful and it should be
a board book,( books that are hard that the
baby is not able to tear).
When you are reading you must sit the
baby in your lap. This will allow your baby
to hear the words clearly, she will be able to
look at the pictures and will begin touching
the book.
The baby will also observe you turning
the pages. As the baby gets older she will
begin turning the pages. This is also helping
to develop their fine motor skills. Being able
to turn the pages of a book is a skill that your
baby needs for school. You should also have
at least 8 books in a bin on the floor for your
This allows your baby to choose her
favorite book. She will also make books a
part of her play. When you go out take a
book with the baby. Read to your baby wher-
ever you are waiting around, on the train, at
the doctor’s office etc.
When should you begin getting
your baby ready for school?
Christopher Maltby
Freelance Journalist
ilm Festival makes it’s third triumphant
return to New York City, bringing with it
tales of international diversity, showcasing
both student and professional films from
around the globe. Celebrating a different
aspect of the fight for worker and labor
power each evening, this year’s Festival is
made up of a diverse and fascinating kaleido-
scope of films.
In addition to events highlighting both
the SEIU and the New York Taxi Workers
Alliance, festival honorees will include the
Joseph Murphy Institute for Workers
Education and Labor Studies at CUNY, and
The MFA Program in Social Documentary
Film at The School of Visual arts, celebrating
them for their guidance in the next generation
of socially conscious filmmakers.
While the cultural mandate of the
WU!FF is to publicize and highlight the
struggles and successes of workers in their
daily efforts to unite and organize for social
justice, a few events in this years calendar
pay homage to the city of its birth, casting a
reflective, sometimes unforgiving light on
New York City’s oft complicated relationship
with worker’s rights.
This year the Festival will commemo-
rate the 103rd anniversary of the Triangle
Shirtwaist Factory Fire, one of the deadliest
industrial disasters in the history of the city.
The fire, which erupted in the late afternoon
of March 25th, 1911 on the eight floor of
what was then known as the Asch Building,
claimed the lives of 123 women and 23 men.
The devastating aftermath would spearhead
legislation for improved factory worker safe-
ty standards.
In the ensuing years unions fought to
improve working condition, however the bat-
tle for equal pay and workplace rights still
faces intense opposition and age-old ene-
mies. The past few years have seen attacks on
worker’s rights to organize in New York,
New Jersey, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana and
Michigan by right-wing politicians funded by
corporate interests.
One facet of the Festival that addresses
the issue of workers rights globally is no
stranger to controversy; in fact it seems to be
a lightning rod for it. On May 18th, the
Campaign to Stop Killer Coke will host an
event at Judson Memorial Church, located on
New York University’s campus. Alone, this
would hardly be exceptional, however the
Campaign will be screening the award-win-
ning documentary,
New York Film Festival
Fights For Workers Rights
Located on
White Plains Road, Bronx
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Your Caring Master Stylists
By Del Sandeen
here are several reasons you might
experience excessively dry hair.
Black hair leans toward being dry, due to
the tight curl pattern that hinders natural
oils from easily making their way down
the shaft.
If your hair seems dryer than usual,
you can work to get the moisture level
back up by taking a few pampering
steps. For dry (not damaged) hair, you
can restore it by following some (or all)
of these methods.
1. Cut Back on Heat Styling
Blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons and
hot combs can all cause dryness. Too
much heat is damaging, so if you use any
of these tools daily or almost daily, cut
back to no more than once a week.
Experiment with wet sets, wraps and air
drying instead. If you can cut out all heat
styling, your hair will recover much
quicker. Plus, you'll explore gentler
options in styling that you might not
have tried before.
2. Leave the Color Alone
While hair color agrees with many
women, sometimes it can dry your hair
out, especially if you're using bleaches
to lighten your hair. Put color on top of
relaxers and dry hair is the result. Either
stick to rinses, which are gentler, or
avoid color altogether until your hair is
healthier. And when you do return to
color, stick to shades that don't vary so
much from your natural hair color.
3. Wear Protective Styles
When you wear your hair out and it rubs
against cotton clothing, wool hats and
wool sweaters, your ends take a beating.
Because dry ends often split and break,
you'll experience hair loss. Wear protec-
tive styles like braids, cornrows, two-
strand twists, flat twists, topknots, buns,
chignons and French rolls to keep your
ends protected and less prone to dryness
and breakage.
4. Protect Your Hair at Night
In addition to wearing protective styles
during the day, it's important to protect
your hair at night while you sleep. Satin
caps and silk or satin pillowcases are
much gentler on your hair than cotton
pillowcases or scarves. Your hair glides
against silky fabrics, while clinging to
cotton. Plus, cotton sucks moisture out
of your hair, leading once again to, you
guessed it, dryness.
5. Rinse and Conditioner Wash
Black hair does better if not shampooed
daily. However, if you work out regular-
ly or swim during the summer, you need
to rinse perspiration, saltwater or chlo-
rine out. After every dip in the pool or
every strenuous workout, rinse your hair
thoroughly and follow with a condition-
er. Conditioner washes are good in
between shampoos for keeping your
scalp and hair clean without over-drying
with too much sudsing.
6. Condition, Condition, Condition
It's very hard to over-condition black
hair, especially if you wear yours natu-
ral. Regular deep conditioning can
restore the moisture levels you desper-
ately need. For excessively dry hair,
deep condition once or twice per week.
You don't need a hood dryer for this. You
can slather on a good deep conditioner,
cover it with a plastic cap and relax
around the house for a couple of hours.
Wrap it in a towel for additional heat to
soften it.
Rental Space
Nail Tech Chair
Steps to Fix Dry Hair
Fitzroy Melvin
For special advertising and editorial -- 201-281-7226
Paterson boxer fought years to
clear name and died a free man
elio Coutinho, 71, Colonia, New
Jersey, admitted his role in a large-
scale mortgage fraud scheme that
caused millions of dollars in losses. The
defendant conspired with others to
release liens on encumbered properties
via fraudulently arranged short sale
The defendant pleaded guilty on
Monday before U.S. District Judge
Susan D. Wigenton in Newark federal
court to an information charging him
with conspiracy to commit wire fraud.
According to documents filed in
this case and statements made in court:
From March 2008 through June
2012, Coutinho and his co-defendants
conspired with each other and others to
release liens on encumbered properties
via fraudulently arranged short sale
transactions. This allowed Coutinho and
his co-defendants to profit from new
fraudulent mortgage loans obtained on
the properties from other mortgage
To complete the short sale transac-
tions, Coutinho and his co-defendants
submitted materially false closing and
other documents to mortgage lenders.
They submitted fraudulent mortgage
loan applications to lenders to obtain
new loans on properties in and around
Elizabeth, New Jersey, including a prop-
erty on Fulton Street.
Coutinho was a loan officer at a
northern New Jersey mortgage broker-
age company, and he submitted false
documents in support of the schemes.
Co-defendants included Jose Luis
Salguero Bedoya, 37, Elizabeth, a real
estate investor who, along with his girl-
friend, Yazmin Soto-Cruz, 33,
Elizabeth, provided much of the funds
used by the defendants to perpetuate
their fraudulent schemes. Christopher
Ju, 28, Edison, New Jersey, negotiated
the fraudulent short sale real estate
In all, Coutinho and the others
obtained approximately $2 million in
illegal mortgage proceeds.
The conspiracy count to which
Coutinho pleaded guilty carries a maxi-
mum potential penalty of 30 years in
prison and a $100,000 fine.
Loan Officer Admits to
Short Sale Fraud Scheme
ubin “Hurricane” Carter won 27 bouts
as a middleweight boxer in the ’60s but
his biggest fight played out over 19 years
—his effort to free himself from prison
after twice being convicted of a triple mur-
der inside a Paterson NJ bar.
The celebrated case exposed racial
prejudice in the Passaic County NJ justice
system, transfixed a nation and inspired
both a song by Bob Dylan and a movie star-
ring Denzel Washington which was filmed
at a Jamaican owned bar in Paterson called
King Jersey.
Carter, who battled prostate cancer,
died Sunday April 20, 2014 at his home in
Toronto. He was 76.
On April 23, 2014 about 50 people —
politicians, family and friends of Carter —
gathered on the City Hall steps to pay trib-
ute to the boxer, who spent much of his life
fighting to clear his name and that of his
friend, John Artis, after being twice con
victed of killing three white people in 1966.
This was supposed to be a candlelight
memorial, but the wind made it impossible
to light the candles — and the symbolism
was not lost on those gathered. “It must be
the Hurricane,” said Emmanuel Capers, an
aide to Mayor Jeffery Jones who led the
Although Carter was reluctant to return
to Paterson after his release from prison,
many of his family members still live in the
Among the family members at the
service were his daughter, Theodora Carter,
and his niece, Janice Rivers.
•Loving caring, ambitious, mature
woman seeks companion between the
ages of 45-60 yrs old for a committed
relationship. No cheaters and liars need
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panion between the ages of 30-50 yrs old
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York or New Jersey areas. Call Tricia
718-772-0860 or 876-262-3416.
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• 44-year-old single Jamaican male,
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58 yrs. Seeks companionship with single
loving female for long term relationship.
Call @718-496-3481.
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Jamaican man seeks professional compan-
ion between the ages of 30-50 yrs old for
a committed relationship. Michael 876-
•Single Jamaican male, 33 years old with
high esteem seeks a professional compan-
ion between 35-40 years old in the
Brooklyn, New Jersey or Bronx areas who
is humble, understanding and committed.
Place your request here only $50 for 6 runs
Please send questions and comments to Divine Diva •
Dear Divine Diva:
ere's one for the books on parental
stupidity. When my daughter,
"Robin," began to reach her teen years,
her father - in an attempt to be funny -
advised her that she could keep from
becoming pregnant by putting an aspirin
between her knees and keeping it there.
My stupidity was assuming that sex
education and pregnancy prevention
were taught in her school. I never
broached the subject with her.
Robin became pregnant at 15.
The young man she was seeing told
her she couldn't get pregnant in a swim-
ming pool because the chlorine would
kill the sperm. Have you heard that
before? Needless to say, the inevitable
result was a baby.
I love my grandson dearly. God did
not make a mistake even though we
adults were all dummies in the advice
department. Please tell parents, children
and adults to educate themselves and
learn all the facts and fictions about teen
pregnancy and prevention.
-Mom With No Excuse In New Jersey
Dear Mom:
Your letter underscores the importance
of parents taking the initiative and dis-
cussing sex and values with their chil-
dren before hormones kick in and peers
fill their heads with misinformation
about birth control.
Some popular misconceptions
include the idea that jumping up and
down after sex prevents pregnancy, that
douching with Coca-Cola is an effective
contraceptive, that you can't get preg-
nant during your menstrual cycle, that
"withdrawal" prevents pregnancy, and
that you won't get pregnant if it's your
first time or if your breasts aren't devel-
It is vitally important that parents
talk to their children about sex because
many schools offer only abstinence-
based sex education - which has not
slowed the spread of STDs. (sexually
transmitted diseases) also STI's
(Sexually transmitted infections)
According to the April 2005 issue
of Journal of Adolescent Health, teens
who pledge to remain virgins until mar-
riage are more likely to take chances
with other kinds of sex that increase the
risk of STDs. Remember to talk with
your children and give them facts
-Always Divine Diva
guy may share his sexu-
al fantasies or secrets.
He may even question his
own desires -- especially if
they're not conventional. But
here are some sexual secrets
and insight into male desires
that'll get any man excited!
Men are visual. He
sometimes wants to sit back
and enjoy the show. This can
mean watching you dance
seductively, caress yourself,
and truly bring yourself
Make some noise.
Moan. Talk dirty. This shows
him that you're comfortable
with your body; tell him
you're not some uptight
prude who's afraid of letting
loose and feeling good.
Remember, your turn-on
is his turn-on.
Be the woman of his
dreams -- literally. Wait until
he's asleep, and then make
your move.
Trust me, no matter how
soundly he is sleeping; there
is one body part that will def-
initely perk up when you
touch it. He'll be putty in
your hands. The experience
may be a bit surreal for him.
He may never fully
awaken, but he'll love his
sexy dream and its leading
actor -- you! If it's late and
dark and he's sleepy, he may
not be certain of where sleep
ends and reality begins, but
let him revel in this sleepy
He'll appreciate your
initiative and awaken the
next day with a satisfied
smile on his face.
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ARIES (March 21-April
19): Though it can be hard
to keep your cool, it might
be helpful to try. A dynamic
array of transits could test
your patience on more than
one occasion. There's no
doubt that this is a time of
change and something
you've been feeling in your
bones for a long while.
TAURUS (April 20-May
20): Translate restless urges
into plans that can pave the
way for a better future! A
part of you may be looking
for something new, fresh,
and exciting in life. While
you generally dislike
change, you may not have
too many options at this
GEMINI (May 21-June
20): It might be necessary
to find a compromise
between being true to your-
self and sticking with tradi-
tional ideas and values. It
could be hard to do in a
week when opting out
might seem like more fun.
CANCER (June 21-July
22): Anxiety may creep into
the situation, leaving you
feeling unstable regarding
your job or career situation.
A potent blend of transits
might bring unexpected
news that could unnerve
you. Another possibility is
realizing the futility of your
current situation.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22):
Misdirected energy and
careless conversation could
leave a stain on this week,
especially if your pleasure
instincts take the lead. A
desire to follow your own
instincts for fun and good
times could cause regret.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept.
22): Be ready for unexpect-
ed change as the powers
that be may seek to alter
conditions regardless of
your needs or desires. This
might be the case particular-
ly where joint finances are
concerned. If you need to
talk with your bank manag-
er or financial adviser, go
ahead so long as you don't
get involved in heated con-
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):
Dissension fills the air if
you're involved in relation-
ships, particularly those
related to romance or busi-
ness. Try to put yourself in
the other person's shoes and
let kindness be your mantra
over the days ahead. Words
can be hurtful now, espe-
cially as misunderstandings
could cause frustration and
anger to build.
SCORPIO (Oct. 23- Nov.
21): The time is right to
take a new approach toward
health. Begin a diet, add
some daily exercise, or give
up a bad habit. However,
what transpires this week
may need a more radical
decision. Perhaps it's time
to leave your current situa-
tion and find an assignment
better suited to your talents
and capacities.
Dec. 21): When it comes to
your values, you might need
to adopt a traditional
approach, despite your out-
going, adventure-loving,
and wild ways, which could
cause conflict this week. A
need for security despite a
desire for romance, fun, and
thrills might cause you to
stop and think. You might
want to check your priori-
ties, too.
Jan. 19): Issues associated
with home and family could
be aired. An intense blend
of energies may stir up
issues on the domestic
front, perhaps encouraging
you to take action. The truth
is that it may be long over-
due anyway. Don't rush into
making decisions if you feel
frustrated or tired.
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb.
18): Ideas may flow thick
and fast, bombarding you
with information at warp
speed. Insights, solutions,
and inspiration may seem to
flow effortlessly your way,
but your nervous system
could take a beating as a
result. If you want to get the
most out of the days ahead,
you need to schedule time
for deep rest and relaxation.
PISCES (Feb. 19- March
20): A money issue may
come to a head as a revolu-
tionary set of aspects
encourages you to do some
thinking.Unexpected events
might have an influence on
money going in and out of
your account, so check
statements and keep notes
on spending just in case!
‘reach your target for less’
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am appealing to everyone espe-
cially our Caribbean brothers and
sisters. I have been asked to pur-
chase a Linear Accelerator Machine
for Cornwall Regional Hospital in
Montego Bay, Jamaica costing
approximately US $5 Million. I met
with the Minister of Health, Dr.
Fenton Ferguson a few weeks ago.
He asked if I can purchase two
machines as Kingston needs one
If 500,000 people give a
one-time donation of $10,
we will be closer to our goal.
An Urgent Appeal
Please send donations to
Vincent HoSang
Family Foundation (VHFF),
117 Route 303, Suite B,
Tappan, NY 10983
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HealthNews by Madeline Ellis
t the mention of peppermint, candy
canes and ice cream comes to mind. But
did you know that peppermint is also an age-
old herbal medicine that has been used to
treat a wide range of abdominal woes? The
oil extracted from the peppermint plant con-
tains a host of compounds, but the most abun-
dant and perhaps the most pharmacologically
important is menthol.
Studies have shown peppermint oil to be
fairly effective at relieving irritable bowel
syndrome (IBS), a collection of symptoms
that includes abdominal pain and cramping,
bloating, constipation and diarrhea that
affects 5 to 20 percent of the population. One
explanation is that the oil—especially the
menthol—blocks calcium channels, which
has the effect of relaxing the “smooth” mus-
cles in the walls of the intestines. Recently,
Alex Ford, a McMaster University
researcher, concluded that instead of popular
over-the counter drugs, peppermint oil should
be the first line of defense against IBS.
Peppermint can temporarily allay itching
caused by insect bites, eczema and other
lesions, including the rash of poison ivy.
Peppermint tea can be used as a mouthwash
for babies with thrush (yeast in the mouth) or
for reducing nausea and vomiting during
pregnancy, especially for women who want to
avoid stronger medications.
The Healing Prophet
We solve:
• Marriage Problems
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Vincent HoSang
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holesterol is found in every cell of the body and has important nat-
ural functions. It is manufactured by the body but can also be taken
in from food. It is waxy and fat-like in appearance.
Cholesterol is oil-based and so does not mix with the blood, which
is water-based. It is therefore carried around the body in the blood by
Cholesterol is both our friend and foe - at
normal levels, it is an essential substance for
the body's normal functioning, but if levels in
the blood get too high, it becomes a silent
danger that puts us at risk of a heart attack.
Herbal Medicine - The Power of Peppermint
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Meet the ‘First Lady of Tea’
By Gem Morrison
Contributing Writer
rooklyn’s based entrepreneur and
mother of six Victoria ‘First Lady of
Tea’ Hyde has been described as a
“woman who means business.” She knows
the challenges and the joys of being a
mother, but is always willing to offer
holistic health consultation and herbal
remedies to her clients.
First Lady of Tea caters for tea parties
and creates gift-baskets for special occa-
sions including Mothers Day. She is also
the co-host of WVIP 93.5’s Greenzone
Radio Show airs on Wednesday’s at mid-
The First Lady was happy to explain
some of the benefits of tea and herbs to
Street Hype during an interview recently.
“Did you know that mint is considered a
food and is Number 4 on the list of the Top
12 Foods? And did you know it’s a brain
food too?, ” she explained.
The she further noted that many herbs
such as yerba mate, rooibus, cerassee and
green tea have an extensive list of health
benefits including being rich in antioxi-
First Lady provided the following about
•Teas have nutritional and anti-aging prop-
•Tea is the only beverage that stimulates
and calms at the same time
•Thiamine in tea enhances mood and helps
the body burn calories
•Green tea has 7 times the beta carotene of
spinach and 8 times the antioxidants of
orange juice
•1 cup of green tea can be equivalent to a
few servings of vegetables.
Apart from herbal teas, First Lady’s
gift baskets contain natural sweeteners, tea
biscuits, jams, dark chocolate, and other
tasty treats, candles, teapots, mugs and
sometimes a cuddly toy or accessory. The
aromatherapy basket features essential
oils, herbal soaps, lotion, bath salts, can-
dles, bath treats and more.
For further information contact:
347-285-4465 or
Victoria ‘First Lady of Tea’ Hyde
105.5 FM
Tues-Thurs 4-7 pm
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aparkan Shipping is offering the free
shipment of an economy box with
the shipment of a barrel to five major
destinations in the Caribbean, the com-
pany announced recently.
The offer is for barrel shipments to
Guyana, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados
and Point Lisas and Port-of-Spain in
Trinidad and Tobago.
“In an effort to help our customers
provide a little extra to their families
back home at this time we are offering a
free shipment of an economy box which
can accommodate fifty pounds when you
ship a barrel. This is limited to one ship-
ment per customer,” said Sherry
Mohamed, Manager of Laparkan’s
Northeast region.
This special pre-summer offer is
now in effect and will run until June
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By Anthony Turner
Street Hype Writer
FL wider receiver Marion Manningham,
a hero of the Giants Super Bowl XLVI
victory and Jamaican actor Paul Campbell
who has had leading roles in films such as
The Lunatic, Shottas, Third World Cop and
Dancehall Queen will be honored at the
Second Annual Image Entertainment
Distinction Awards (IED Awards).
The event will be held on Sunday June
1st, 2014 at the Galapagos Art Space in
Brooklyn, NYC.
"We extremely pleased with our two top
honorees - Mario Manningham, American
football wide receiver for the New York
Giants and actor Paul Campbell who is her-
alded as Jamaica's most popular actor. They
have both excelled in their respective fields"
said event founder Diva Madonna.
Other honorees are President /CEO of
Vera Moore Cosmetics, celebrity makeup
artist Diane Pottinger, humanitarian Dr.
Dwight Williams, author Jean Alerte,
actress/model Mylessa Ford, promoter
Derrick Sanders, Nigerian producer Femi
Ojetunde, celebrity stylist Michael Barnett,
business guru Jiton Greene, and promoter
Lanny Gee. Jersey Shore's Angelina and
celebrity stylist Luke Destin will be the pre-
Hosted by reality TV star Tara Wallace
of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop New York” and
comedian Jonathan Martin, the IED Awards
will kick off at 6pm sharp with a star-studded
'Red Carpet & Cocktail Reception' which
will be catered by Mango Restaurant and
Country Kitchen.
The night’s entertainment will com-
mence with a fashion show by designers
Khanami Creations and Petal Exclusive, fol-
lowed by the awards gala (7- 10pm) that will
include a musical tribute to pop icon Whitney
Houston and reggae superstar Dennis Brown.
Performers include Mary J Blige's 15 year
old artist Katlyn Nichol; songwriter to
Grammy artist Ciara, Jimond Abston; reggae
artist Teddy Selassi and soul singer Autumn
New York based Glamsensedivas in col-
laboration with juSSoul Productions will
host the gala this year. Jersey Shore's
Angelina and Celebrity Stylist Luke Destin
will be among the presenters. Part proceeds
from the event will be donated to charity.
Online viewers can watch this year's
IED Awards live at 2nd Annual IED
Early bird tickets can be purchased at
Image Distinction
Awards sets for June 1
Diva Madonna
Founder/Executive Producer
IED Awards
John Hines & Montrice Darby
4:PM-7:PM Tuesdays & Thursdays
For info and advertising
‘The Talk Show That Has Everyone Talking..!’
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