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Grassfed Belted Galloway Beef

All prices are per pound. USDA Inspected, vacuum sealed and frozen for your convenience.

London Broil 6. Stew Meat 5.25 Ground (Bulk) Beef 5.25 Tamworth Heritage Breed Pigs: They are among the oldest of the pig breeds, but as with many older breeds of livestock, it is not well suited to modern production methods, and is listed as “threatened” in the U.S. Tamworth pigs have a reputation for producing the best bacon.

“I know of no pursuit in which more real and important services can be rendered to any country than by improving its agriculture, its breed of useful animals, and other branches of a husbandman's cares” George Washington (July 20, 1794)

Wells Tavern Farm is small multigenerational family farm established on family property which originally functioned as a tavern, post office and community hub during the early 19th century. We raise lovely heritage breed animals all of whom experience life in the outdoors – sun, rain, wind and pasture. Each year, a few of these animals become available as high quality meat that we sell directly to the consumer through our website and personal contact. Since our family has labored at farming on our rural Shelburne property constantly since 1941, we have never applied any toxins to our land in order to discourage weed growth or other un-natural processes. We use the manure from our animals as fertilizer for our endeavors, and closely monitor the feeds and ingredients consumed by our animals in order to avoid genetically modified ingredients and unnatural ingredients. We love our animals – you can see the love if you come and visit us sometime. Please call ahead. It is our goal to do our little part in preserving these heritage breeds and our family’s land for generations to come. For more information, please visit:

Heritage Breed Pastured Pork
All prices are per pound. USDA Inspected, vacuum sealed and frozen for your convenience.


Country Style Ribs 7.75 Rib End Chops 6.25 Center Cut Chops 7.75 Sweet Italian Sausage (bulk) 8. Breakfast Sausage (bulk) 8. Maple Syrup Cured Hickory Smoked Thick Cut Bacon 8. Maple Syrup Cured Bone In Ham Steaks 8.

Wells Tavern Farm Pastured Lamb
All prices are per pound. USDA Inspected, vacuum sealed and frozen for your convenience.

Leg of Lamb 7. Lamb Chops 13. Ground Lamb 6.50


Free Range One Dozen Chicken Eggs $3
Special Seasonal Availability:

Heritage Pastured Lilac Turkey Heritage Pastured Standard Bronze Turkey Heritage Pastured Bourbon Red Turkey
All prices are per pound.

Fresh for Thanksgiving. Whole Bird. 4.50 Reserve early, as we will sell out. Reservation sizes: 10- 13 lbs., 14-17 lbs., 18 plus lbs. Humanely raised Rose Veal will be available in early 2010. Wells Tavern Farm Pastured Goat, Chicken Duck available by special request.



Wells Tavern Farm is committed to raising heritage breed animals that have been bred over time to develop traits that make them particularly well-adapted to local environmental conditions. Heritage breed animals can naturally reproduce, have vigor to live long and healthy lives without excessive human intervention, and to produce a more flavorful product. Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs, Pilgrim Geese, Lilac Turkeys, Silver Appleyard and Saxony Ducks’ conservation status as listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy is ‘Critical’; Tamworth Pigs: ‘Threatened’; Belted Galloways: ‘Recovering’; and Bourbon Red Turkeys and Brahma Chickens: ‘Watch’.

Wells Tavern Farm practices managed grazing. Turkeys, Pigs, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Dairy and Beef Cows - all the animals on our family farm roam at will over soil full of insects and worms, grass and dandelions. I bet you didn’t know that Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs are good grazers!

mineral supplement. Wells Tavern Farm Lilac, Standard Bronze, Bourbon Red Turkeys and chickens eat bugs, plants and grass from their pasture, in addition to grain from a Vermont cooperative. The grain that we feed to the poultry, waterfowl, and pigs contains just grain, vitamins and minerals – no animal byproducts, hormones, stimulants, or other wacky ingredients.

We are your neighbors, and our children will be your children’s neighbors. Wells Tavern Farm makes available small quantities of fine local meat and eggs to be sold directly to consumers through honest relationships. This local food relationship encourages a return of quality control to the consumer and the producer respectively. These quality characteristics are not only in the product but in the method we use to produce these farm products.

It takes more time to properly raise a heritage animal. As the animals grow, we develop relationships with our animals. When the time comes to process our animals, we have chosen facilities that utilize the most up-to-date, humane practices available, and are “Animal Welfare Approved”. The flavorful meat in a bird - or in any animal - is a product of four factors - the fundamental underlying flavor of its meat, its age, how it was raised, and what it ate. We feed our Belted Galloways only pasture, grass hay and a trace