Yellowfin Locks University of Konstanz as Speaker at Business Intelligence Event Global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor

, Yellowfin, has today confirmed that BI Coordinator for the University of Konstanz, Sebastian Vo gt, will present at its upcoming Think Tank 2014 conference. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, May 02, 2014 -- Think Tank is Yellowfin's annual B I summit. Think Tank 2014 ± to be held in Melbourne, Australia (Yellowfin's internat ional headquarters) ± will run across Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 May 2014. For further details, and to register, go here: ference.jsp ªIntroducing BI to a publicly funded German university ± with mainly email, excel an d paper-based workflows of data exchange and report generation ± is a major undert aking,º said Vogt. ªThis presentation will outline opportunities and challenges of t he ongoing BI project.º Yellowfin General Manager for EMEA, Daniel Shaw-Dennis, said that the vendor had developed a strong portfolio of use cases within the education industry, and th at exploring the successes of the University of Konstanz's BI program would provid e a valuable learning experience for Think Tank 2014 delegates. ªWe're excited and proud to be involved in the University of Konstanz's ambitious repo rting and analytics initiative,º said Shaw-Dennis. ªBecause of the dedication of Seb astian and others closely involved, the university has developed a commendable e xample of a widespread user-oriented BI program. This case study displays a seri es of processes, challenges, solutions and results from which everyone at Think Tank 2014 can benefit. ªWe're looking forward to continuing to assist academic and business decision-makers throughout the University of Konstanz to access and independently analyze factbased insights. More importantly, we're assisting those decision-makers to improve the quality of teaching and student services, the effectiveness of government r eporting and research grant submission, strategic planning, as well as cooperati on between departments and faculties.º Utilizing Yellowfin, the BI team at the University of Konstanz delivers self-ser vice data analysis to its department heads and Central Administration Board. The German based university, situated in the city of Konstanz in Baden-Württemberg , utilizes Yellowfin's BI solution to uncover insights within its broad range of o perational, financial, student, human resources, research and comparative rankin gs data. Read about the University of Konstanz ± Yellowfin partnership here: http://www.yel ellowfin-Business-Intelligenc-128377 View the University of Konstanz ± Yellowfin case study here: http://www.yellowfinb As the Coordinator of the University of Konstanz's BI project, Vogt is profoundly involved in all the conceptual as well as the technical aspects of the ongoing B I project. Vogt received his Masters degree in Political Science from the Univer sity of Bremen in 2012. Yellowfin's global 2014 Think Tank conference will be held throughout Monday 26 an d Tuesday 27 May at the Melbourne Conference & Training Center (1/477 Collins St

reet, Melbourne 3000, Victoria, Australia). About Yellowfin: Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software vendor p assionate about making BI easy. Founded in 2003 in response to the complexity an d costs associated with implementing and using traditional BI tools, Yellowfin i s a highly intuitive 100 percent Web-based reporting and analytics solution. Yel lowfin is a leader in mobile, collaborative and embeddable BI as well as Locatio n Intelligence and data visualization. For more information, visit www.yellowfi About the University of Konstanz: The University of Konstanz was founded in 1966 as a reform university, with the main campus on the Gießberg opening in 1972. The university has over 11,000 stude nts from almost 100 countries, with over 220 partnerships with many prestigious international universities, including Yale University, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Zurich. Students can choose from more than 100 degree prog rams. The University of Konstanz is one of the eleven universities whose Institutional Strategies are being funded by the German Federal and State Governments to expa nd university top-level research. The University of Konstanz is also consistentl y ranked among the global top 250 by the ªTimes Higher Education World University Rankingsª. In the ªTimes Higher Education 100 Under 50 University Rankingsª, the Unive rsity of Konstanz achieved 14th position globally in 2012. This position makes Konstanz the best German university amongst those assessed, all of which are und er 50 years old. For further media information, interviews, images or product demonstration, plea se contact: Lachlan James, Communications Manager on +61 (0)3 8617 4954, +61 (0)431 835 658 or For regular updates and news, follow Yellowfin on Twitter (@YellowfinBI), Linked In (Yellowfin Business Intelligence) or email to subscribe to Ye llowfin's free e-newsletter. Contact: Lachlan JamesLachlan James Yellowfin Level 46, 360 Elizabeth Street Melbourne 3000, Victoria, Australia +61 (0)3 8617 4954

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