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Biological Products | Titan Biotech Ltd

Titan Biotech Limited, established in 1992, is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier company in Delhi, India that offers a high quality range of biological products, which used for pharma and other field, li e nutraceutical, !eterinary " animal feed, agriculture industries, microbiology culture media and plant tissue culture media food " be!erages, biotechnology " fermentation, cosmetic and other field# $e are one of the best biotechnology products supplier organi%ations that offer superior quality range of biotechnoly, biological e&tracts, agar agar powder and much more chemical products# 'ur products are certified by I(' 22)))* 2))+ for food production#

Our Products:Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals

,gar ,gar -owder Beef .&tract -aste Beef .&tract -owder /ollagen -eptone Brewer 0east -rotein 1-harma 2rade3

Food Products
,gar ,gar -owder Brewer 0east -rotein Beef .&tract -owder 14or (easoning3 /,L/I56 /,(.I7,T. -8'T.I7 9)9 B:; 1TB<: Liquid3 14at " 'il -reser!ati!e3

Agro Nutrients
,minofert=/< ,minofert=+)) ,minofert=>)) ,minofert=64 ,minofert=6?

Biotechnology & Fermentation

-eptone = TBL 0east .&tract TBL -owder

,gar ,gar -owder <ighly -urified ,gar (pecial B..4 .@T8,/T -,(T.

Cosmetic Ingredients
-< -rotein -< -rotein -< -rotein -< -rotein -< -rotein /asitone 2)9 1Liquid3 /asitone A)9 1Liquid3 /asitone ++=B)9 1-owder3 /asitone >+=C)9 1-owder3 (oyatone ++=B)9 1-owder3

eterinary & Animal Feed Ingredients

7utri!et=++B) 7utri!et=>+C) 7utri!et=L/ 2 mcg 7utri!et=L/ C mcg 75T8ID.T=/bT

!ehydrated Culture "edia

,cetamide ,gar 1Double -ac 3 ,=1 6edium ,/ ,gar ,/ Broth ,cetate Differential ,gar 1(immonEs /itrate ,gar, 6odified3

Plant Tissue Culture "edia

,ndersonEs 8hododendron 6edium

Banana 6icropropagation 6edium Banana 6ultiplication 6edium /<5 17B3 6edium /L/FI-'6'., /- 6edium

La#oratory Chemicals
Tri=,mmonium /itrate, .&tra -ure Tri=,mmonium /itrate, ,8 28,D. ,mmonium /obalt (ulphate ,mmonium Dichromate,.&tra -ure ,mmonium /hloride,.&tra -ure

$e are one of the leading manufacturer, e&porter and supplier of high quality range of biological products, biological e&tracts and other
biotechnology products at very comparable prices. If you want to buy biological products, just you can move to Titan Biotech Ltd, this is the one stop destination.

Contact $s:/orporate 'ffice* ,=2FA, IIIrd 4loor, Lusa Tower, ,%adpur /ommercial /omple&, Delhi=11))AA, India -h* G91=11=2>B>>9B),2>B>;B1+,2>B>)>;2 G91=11=;>)2)1)) 1A) lines3 4a& * G91=11=2>B>;1C1 Domestic .nquiries* infoHtitanbiotechltd#com

mar etingHtitanbiotechltd#com International .nquiries* e&portHtitanbiotechltd#com /ustomer /are* customercareHtitanbiotechltd#com $or s* ,=9)2,, 8II/' Industrial ,rea -hase=III, Bhiwadi = A)1)19 18aI#3 India .=+;),/hopan i, Bhiwadi=A)1)19 18aI#3 India $ebsite* http*FFwww#titanbiotechltd#comF


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