Dear WC Classmate, Diana and I just returned from several weeks in the kingdom of Bhutan and Nepal, where

we did some trekking and white-water rafting in the Himalayas and also enjoyed the colors, exotic smells and excitement of the week-long Hindu festival, Dashain. I may have mentioned this before, but frequently when we travel, I wear my WC cap- you’d be surprised how many times I’ve been approached by a stranger who either knows about the College or wants to know about it. Alas, however, that didn’t happen on this trip…. So, I was forced to go back to the source… A couple of days after returning from Asia, I went to Chestertown to play a round of golf with old WC friends at the Chester River Yacht and Country Club. There, we were joined by Coaches Ed Athey and Don Chatellier. (Coach Athey was nursing an ankle injury, and didn’t play, but followed us in his golf cart and provided appropriate harassment). After the round, I had a brief reunion with Rene Duvall ’62, who was also on the Chestertown links that day. While in C’town, Barry Evans ’63 and I took a brief driving tour of the WC campus. While we joked that it could be age-related, it is truly easy to get disoriented on campus, what with the plethora of new and refurbished buildings and re-configured drives and roadways. The Daniel Z. Gibson Center for the Arts opened its doors to students and faculty on the first day of classes. It is simply a spectacular addition to campus and to Chestertown as well. The center was formally dedicated on Friday, October 2nd . The final phase of the Alumni House renovation will include building an entertainment porch on the side of the Alumni House, which will be accessed from the dining room. Construction began in October and the house will be rededicated in April, 2010. The new Hodson Hall complex hopes to open its doors to students by November. Check out to see what’s in store with this renovation. Truly amazing! There is a good reason for all this investment/improvement. Again, Washington College has enrolled one of its largest freshman classes ever; totaling 378. The total fall 2009 enrollment: Undergraduates = 1314 Graduate Students = 58. Many more news items- too many to mention… To keep abreast of all these happenings, I urge you to log onto . The website is quite good and you can add your personal input. Of course, little of this continued improvement would be possible were it not for active and supportive alumni. The end of the year is fast approaching. Washington College is counting on you to do your part. Thanks once again for your support!

Bob Leitch Class Representative, ‘62