Corrupt Canadian Elections (Vote Fixing


This is how we lost Canada..and this how we are going to lose our freedoms..and then our lives... I warned you all long ago and you did not listen and you are still not listening
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written and witnessed y &aniel ' (owsey updated )pril *0th 2012 +,(-#%. /lease read my other article that provides much more information on this issue at0 - wrote this document entitled Remedy for our stolen democracy0 -n hopes that you1ll reali2e that this is information which all 3ree #anadians need to 4now0 to insure the protection of our democracy. (his statement has previously een released to all mem ers of our /arliament. (his has een read y many people on-line at the -nternet5s 6orld 6ide 6e 0 at pu lic forums0 on line news medias7and more. Remedy for Our Stolen emocracy &ear #iti2ens: /lease read this. 8originally written 2001 and revised after 'une *0 20029 6e in #anada have a very serious pro lem with corruption in our voting process. -t has een going on since approximately 1:6:.8since the use of computers9 - witnessed this as a result of wor4ing on a federal election campaign. 6e have a very old voting system that is extremely flawed. 3irst0 it has to e understood how a voting station 8polling station9 wor4s. /olling stations are manned y pu lic volunteers from all represented parties. )ll activities and allot counting is witnessed y them in the polling stations. 6hen the polling station closes0 the witnesses manually count all allots for each riding. (hen the results are reported y telephone to an undisclosed location 8and local campaign head;uarters9. )t which time the someone sitting at a computer terminal can enter any vote results he or she feels like entering0 as there are no witnesses present for this process. -n #anada0 there is no way to verify those computer results. )s0 all allots are lan4. (he allots are useless once the witnesses leave the polling stations. (here is no way to verify the accuracy of the information that is entered in the computer an4. 6e have no safe guards against the corruption of vote results. $ost corruption will occur in highly populated areas.

<ince these activities will li4ely not e noticed. )nother thing to reali2e is that while the votes are eing counted0 no one 4nows what the vote count results are at the other polling stations in the riding0 and in this way if the results reported on the television are wrong. +one of the witnesses well e aware of it.. =eali2e that each riding has many polling stations. <o none of the witnesses really 4nows what the total vote count is for the riding.. (his ma4es it very easy to corrupt the vote count. ,nly the campaign head;uarters 4nows the vote tally. /lease understand that once the witnesses ta4e their eyes off the allot ox and leave the polling station the votes mean nothing. (he witness should e given a document signed y every witness indicating the vote count at that polling station. )lso the vote counts for each polling station should availa le on line after the election so they can e verified and scrutini2ed y the witnesses to ma4e sure there is no discrepancies or errors. (his is not the case and that omission proves that that is deli erately so. )nd as - discovered when the fraud happens there is no remedy for it. 6ho would elieve it. -t is to e understood that if even the smallest possi ility for vote corruption exists. (hen all possi le safe guards should e put in place for the witnesses to eliminate it. - suggest that we put into place a system where all allots have a uni;ue >/# ar code on the ac4side. (hen each polling station would e allotted a predetermined num er of allots. (he location of each and every allot would e accounted for0 through the whole voting process. (he allots would randomly and anonymously e given out to voters at each polling station. )t the end of the day the used and unused allots could e counted manually as well as with a computeri2ed counting machine 8<canned with computer9. )ll activities need to e monitored y the volunteer 8pu lic9 witnesses. (he allots will still need to e counted manually. -n this way0 all allots will e accounted for in the whole country. (o further safe guard. - repeat0 %ach and every volunteer will e given a printed signed copy of the results0 to 4eep0 efore they leave the polling station. <o that results can e colla orated in the future y the volunteers at an on line site or manually through pu lic records. (here should also e any other security safe guards put in place to ensure that the possi ility for corruption never exists again. +ote. (he chief reporting electoral officer should have no authority to do any certifying of vote results without pu lic witnesses from the represented parties eing present to witness all his certification activities7 ,ur votes need to e protected. ,ur democracy starts at the polling stations on the day we vote. ?ets ma4e sure it does not stop there@. ! A" A #RO$ A% FREE CA%A !A%& <incerely0 $r. &aniel ' (owsey )ll truth passes through three stages 3irst it is ridiculed <econd it is violently opposed 8attac4ed9 (hird it is accepted as self evident )rthur <chopenhauer0 /hilosopher1ABB-1B60

Corrupt Canadian Elections [Aug 30 200 !.pdf "I#$T C%IC& 'A(E A' T) *)+,%)A*

Thousands rally in Toronto against 20-- Election .raud and /"o0ocall/ 'candal 1 2arch --3 20-2
/roduced y the (oronto Cideo )ctivist #ollective 8youtu #opyright D 2012 (C)#. )ll rights reserved. http://www.youtu!v",AEFu2yt-+F http://www.youtu!v",AEFu2yt-+F Election Fraud in Canada '(e eception )y t(e *eaders(ip of t(e COC and Ot(er Canadian %+O,s re Election Fraud lic/!=2v>--#6/a-(0Gp36 6hen will the real activists of #anada reali2e that the leadership of the #o# has always een and continues to e the fifth column serving the purpose of containing and preventing real activism and change. (Eey do great wor4 in researching and exposing the evil powers around us 8the roll of the fifth column- to deceive0 pretending to e on the side of HgoodH 9 ut have never0 never0 ever promoted or supported anyone or any group or any party that committed to ending the evil practices. (hey supported the HfluffH and actively campaigned against any one or group see4ing real democratic su stantive change. ?i4e #anada5s maIor unions0 (he #,# line has always een to sit at the ta le with the glo ali2ers drin4ing tea and eating crumpets0 wining and dining0 tal4ing endlessly a out amelioration and humani2ation ut going nowhere0 except marching protestors off to (im uctoo as they did in ,ttawa years ago 8- was there9 at a glo ali2ers meeting when the #,# and >nion and other +J, leadership and the ndp and the environmentalists marched the thousands of protestors away from the site of the glo alist5s meeting and off into nowhere land. $any of us did not fall for this tric4 ut instead left the prescri ed route and marched up the hill0 stormed the fences anyway0 suffering the ru er ullets and teargas. (he glo alists play the song well in tune with our etrayers. +o0 &avid0 the #,# is not at all Hnon politicalH. (hey are very political indeed fulfilling ,rwell5s dou le spea4 language serving the glo alist masters. +ote that they only get active in HsafeH fights. (hey are silent on chemtrails. on smart meters. on the severe radiation ha2ard of 3u4ushima and our governments refusal to protect and inform us citi2ens of the extent of harm and of ways to ameliorate it. on #anada5s participation in the crimes against humanity in the invasions and destruction of and thefts from the $iddle %ast0and of the murder of innocent civilians there. and most importantly they are silent on the fraud and outright theft y the financial elite who are stealing with impunity from the commons and deli erately imposing regimes of impoverishment on the :: K 8the rest of us.9 -t is only when enough of us rise a ove their deceit converging in common cause that hope will succeed. (he ama2ing response of the people is way ahead of the #,#. (he Io of the #,# now is to ensure that that response marches off to (im uctoo again. #onnie 3ogal Luoting &avid #reighton MdcrBonNsympatico.caO: Jood interview 8 elow9 <teve@ - 4now that the #of# is strictly Hnon-politicalH0 ut sometimesPsuch as when we may have an actual 5stolen election5Pit may e worth eing a little it

partisan0 n5est-ce pas! $eanwhile0 4eep up the good wor4 &avid QQQQQQQ ,n 0:-0*-20120 at A:0* /$0 #ouncil of #anadians wrote: &ear #ouncil of #anadians supporter0 -t5s only een one wee4 since we launched our national survey on election fraud ut already the response has een ama2ing@ (he #ouncil of #anadians has received hundreds of reports0 with claims of deceptive and harassing phone calls coming in from concerned voters right across the country. 6e5ve een a le to get our message out even further through the media0 including nationally televised interviews 8you can watch these elow9. )nd new reports are coming in every day. (han4 you to everyone who has already filled out our survey. -f you haven5t yet0 clic4 here to do so now. Rou5re directly helping to expose the nature and extent of these dirty tric4s0 and identify federal ridings where voter deception or interference may have influenced election results. Coters and candidates in a given riding can apply to defend their legal rights under the #anada %lections )ct. Eowever0 there may e an urgency to act if sufficient 4nowledge has een gained of such attempts to deceive or interfere. H#anadians need to understand their rights in the )ctH0 says 'ean-/ierre Gingsley0 #anada5s former #hief %lectoral ,fficer. H-f an individual elector in a riding feels that there has een an irregularity0 fraud0 corruption or illegal practice that has affected the result0 they can launch a legal action to annul the result. -t5s great that the #ouncil of #anadians is wor4ing to inform #anadians of this right.H (he #ouncil is now analy2ing all survey results y riding to determine next steps0 including the possi ility of supporting applicants who wish to pursue egal action. =idings of particular interest have emerged0 including: %ipissing-'imis-aming S margin of victory " 1B votes Eto)ico-e Centre S margin of victory " 26 votes .u-on S margin of victory " 1*2 votes Elm/ood-'ranscona S margin of victory " *00 votes Sas-atoon-Roseto/n-0iggar S margin of victory " 5*B votes "ississauga East-Coo-sville S margin of victory " 6A6 votes 1innipeg Sout( Centre S margin of victory " A22 votes on Valley East S margin of victory " BA0 votes 1illo/dale S margin of victory " :*2 votes Vancouver !sland %ort( S margin of victory " 10B2A votes 2itc(ener 1aterloo S margin of victory " 201FF votes Sout( S(ore-St3 "argaret,s S margin of victory " 20:15 votes Eglinton-*a/rence S margin of victory " F0062 votes 6e need your help and here are two ways you can right now: 1 S /lease fill out our survey now. -f you 4now someone else who received fraudulent or misleading information around the 2011 federal election0 particularly in one of these ridings0 please forward this on to them too. 2 S $a4e a donation now to help 4eep our %lection 3raud #ampaign moving forward. )nd if you5re not yet a mem er of the #ouncil of #anadians0 Ioin today@ -t5s than4s to your support that the #ouncil of #anadians is a le to ta4e a lead role in this crucial issue. 6or4ing together as #anada5s largest citi2ens advocacy group0 we will vigorously defend this most fundamental of our democratic rights. (han4 you0 Jarry +eil %xecutive &irector (he #ouncil of #anadians <ee elow to watch national media coverage of the #ouncil5s election fraud

campaign. )nd remem er to fill out our survey at C-&%,: =o ocalls: #(C +ews #hannel: Jarry +eil0 executive director0 $arch 10 2012 C-&%,: =o ocalled legal rights. <teven <hry man0 a lawyer for the #ouncil of #anadians0 discusses how #anadians affected y fraudulent phone calls during the last federal election can assert their legal rights0 #T# /ower U /olitics0 $arch 10 1012

C'I'4 China Controls Canadian 5oliticians
https://www.youtu!v"F*f46T#rAh$V@ https://www.youtu!v"F*f46T#rAh$V@ /u lished on 1A +ov 2012 #<-< warns #anadians that /oliticians are under the control of #hina. <ign up to &efend your country http://no- s-news. #<-< warns of threats of foreign ta4eovers =eport comes as (ories review #hinese firm5s id for +exen usiness/#<-<WwarnsWthreatsWforeignWta4eovers/A2A5:1*/story.html #<-< warns of threats of foreign ta4eovers =eport comes as (ories review #hinese firm5s id for +exen Ty 'ason 3e4ete0 /ostmedia +ews <eptem er 220 2012 )s the federal government re-views a proposed ta4eover of a #algary- ased energy company y a state-owned #hinese oil giant0 #anada5s spy agency is warning such ac;uisitions can pose a threat to national security. (he shareholders of petroleum producer +exen overwhelmingly approved (hurs-day the X15.1- illion >< foreign ta4eover of the company y the #hina +ational ,ffshore ,il #orporation 8#+,,#9. (he proposed ta4e-over - and the political environment for future foreign ac;uisitions - now rests in the hands of a #onservative government conflicted on the issue. (he vote y +exen share-holders came the same day the #anadian <ecurity -ntelligence <ervice warned in its latest annual report that some state-owned foreign companies are pursuing Hopa;ue agendasH in #anada and that attempts to ac;uire control over strategic sectors of the #anadian economy pose a threat to nation-al security. (he #<-< report does not identify specific state-owned companies or associated countries. H6hile the vast maIority of foreign investment in #anada is carried out in an open and transparent manner0 certain stateowned enterprises 8<,%s9 and private firms with close ties to their home governments have pursued opa;ue agendas or received clandestine intelligence support for their pursuits here0H #<-< says in its annual report0 ta led (hursday in /arliament. H6hen foreign companies with ties to foreign intelligence agencies or hostile governments see4 to ac;uire control over strategic sectors of the #anadian economy0 it can represent a threat to #anadian security interests. (he foreign entities might well exploit that control in an effort to facilitate illegal transfers of technology or to engage in other espionage and other foreign interference activities0H the report adds. H#<-< expects that nation-al security concerns related to foreign investment in #anada will continue to materiali2e0 owing to the increasingly prominent role that <,%s are playing in the economic strategies of some foreign governments.H (he #<-< report also high-lights that 4nowledge is power in today5s glo al economy0 especially in areas of science and technology0 meaning #anada is a prime target for economic espionage. 6ith that in mind0 many countries are going to great lengths to find an advantage0 the report says0 which has led to Ha noticea le increase in clandestine attemptsH to gain unauthori2ed access to proprietary information or technology. H)s a world leader in communications0 iotechnology0 mineral and energy extraction0 aerospace and other areas0 #anada remains an attractive target for economic espionage. <everal countries engage in economic espionage against #anada to ac;uire expertise0 du-al-use technology and other relevant information related to those and other sectors0H the report adds. H-t5s important to note that those who commit economic espionage are not Iust interested in domestic #anadian interests and resources. #anada5s commercial interests a road are similarly vulnera le. (he implications of economic espionage on #anada can e measured in lost Io s0 in lost tax revenues and in an overall diminished competitive advantage.H

(he government5s review of the proposed +exen ta4e-over will consider a num er of factors0 including whether #+,,#0 as for all state-owned enterprises0 adheres to #anadian standards of corporate governance as well as how and the extent to which the non-#anadian company is owned or controlled y a state. D #opyright 8c9 (he ,ttawa #iti2en =ead more: usiness/#<-<WwarnsWthreatsWforeignWta4eovers/A2A5:1*/story.htmlVix222EE*I>y?3

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