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Rajab 03,1435/May 02,2014

Friday Bulletin

Issue No. 574

The Weekly Muslim News Update

Be Ambassadors of Peace

Muslim leaders at the first Annual Journey of Faith Islamic Conference, themed Muhammad the Messenger of Peace at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC). More than 3,000 people turned up at the two day event held at the weekend. INSET:Canadian Scholar Sheikh Said Rageah, the founder and chairman of the Journey of Faith Conference addressing participants

The first annual Journey of Faith International Islamic conference closed on Sunday with a clarion call on Muslims to carry forward the message of peace, tolerance and co-existence as epitomised in the teachings of the Noble Quran and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad, on whom be Allahs peace and blessings. The two day event held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi attracted more than three thousand participants both Muslims and non-Muslims and saw several speakers stressing on the need for Muslims to embody and follow the example of the Prophet in their lives. The founder and chairman of the Journey of Faith Conference, Canadian scholar Sheikh Said Rageah told the gathering that they have a responsibility to change the negative perception of Islam being held by many non-Muslims.

He called on Muslims to work together in correcting the misconceptions that the teachings of Islam promotes violence and stressed that contrary to this perception, Islam stands for peace, harmony and mutual relations with people of other faiths and this was exemplified by none other than Prophet Muhammad who lived in mutual relations with idolaters, Christians and Jews. Upon his migration to Madina, his first statement to the people who were from different faiths was to spread the message of peace to everyone, he said. In this country the only option which we have is to live with the rest of humanity in peace. We should live and show them the true of Islam by preaching peace, he said. Speaking on the lessons from the battle of Uhud, the Canadian scholar told Muslims to remain united and follow the leaders and
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The Friday Bulletin

Rajab 03,1435/May 02,2014

Be Ambassadors of Peace
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scholars of the Ummah saying that taking a different approach will only result in weakness and defeat. If we are not united, if we are not willing to listen, respect and follow our leaders and scholars, we will be defeated, he added. The same message was amplified by Sheikh Ahmed Hameed from India who said that even after more than a decade of being tortured, attacked and humiliated, the Prophet peace be upon him continued to show exemplary attitudes towards his enemies and never showed animosity towards people of other faiths. After the conquest of Makkah, he extended a hand of peace to the people of Makkah who had tortured him for 13 years and forced him to migrate from the city, he said. Sheikh Hameed stressed that Muslims have a responsibility to show to people of other faiths the innate values of peaceful mutual relations and they should be good ambassadors of Islam through their day to day conduct with other people. This is the best way to convey the message of Islam to other people, he said. Speaking at the event, the majority leader in the National Assembly Aden Dualle said the conference came at the right time and expressed optimism that it will address the misunderstanding and misconceptions being levied against Islam and Muslims. He told scholars that they have the responsibility to preach the ethos of peace and mutual relations stressing that this is what Islam stood for. Duale scoffed at the media and security agencies for taking an unfair attitude against Muslims saying that their actions meant to demonise the faith. Islam according to the Quran and teachings of Prophet is not the video shown by the National police Service Commission. The media should also be fair to Muslims and stop associating the faith with terrorism and violence, he said. Do not get the picture and position of Islam from a few individuals and then splash it on television, he told members of the media fraternity. Duale who is also the MP for Dujis said Muslim leaders should no longer continue to bury their heads in the sand saying it was a fundamental obligation upon them to come out clearly in broad day light and preach peace and tolerance and also condemn acts of violence. He said Muslims were being seen as a security threat and were unfairly being targeted due to the misconception that Islam and Muslims are intolerant. We cannot freely walk in our own country. Today our sisters mode of dress has become a security risk, the rest of Kenyans looks at the hijab and the kanzu through a different angle, he said. To the government, Duale said the Muslim community is a serious stakeholder

and should not be stigmatised, discriminated against, placed in confinements and instead need to positively be engaged in fighting terrorism. His message to nonMuslims was to get the true teachings of Islam by reading the Quran and not taking the television documentary by David Kimaiyo (the police commissioner) as the teachings of Islam. On his part, the Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow said the fact that the Quran states that the Prophet was sent as a mercy to mankind sends a clear message that Islam stand for peaceful co-existence. It begs the question why do some people unfortunately give the negative perception that you must kill non-Muslims yet the faith is very clear that the prophet was sent to mankind as a mercy to all people, he said. The Quran is very clear if you kill one life you have destroyed the whole of mankind and if you save one life you have saved the whole of humanity, he further explained. Other speakers at the conference included Sheikh Abdulrahman Ibn Mansoor al Qahtani from Saudi Arabia and Sheikh Badru Jaffar, a member of the Jamia Mosque Majlis Ulamaa.

Somalia angered by the arrest of its diplomat by Kenyan police

Somalia Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed has called on the Kenyan government to give an official response and clarification over the arrest of a senior Somali diplomat in Nairobi on Friday. Siyad Muhamad Shire was arrested last Friday by the Kenya police together with an unknown number of people at his Hurlingham residence and released a few hours later following the intervention of the Somalia ambassador to Kenya. The premiere said the arrest is a blow to the diplomatic ties between the two neighbouring countries terming it a serious violation of diplomatic immunity. Ahmed Said his government is disturbed by the arrest of consular Siyad Mohammad Shire adding the Somalia government would seek an official response from the Kenya government regarding the arrest. The federal Government of Somalia continues to express serious concerns over the detention of law-abiding citizens in Kenya. We find the arrest of the diplomat as a violation of diplomatic convention. Both our governments share same security concerns but the continued detention of innocent Somalis only serves to create an atmosphere of fear and mistrust that will result in dividing our communities said the prime Minister. The Somalia government recalled its ambassador to Kenya after the arrest of the consular in the ongoing security crackdown against illegal immigrants and refugees in the country. Ambassador Mohamed Ali Nur was on Sunday recalled backed to Somalia immediately by the Federal government of Somalia to shed more light on the circumstances surrounding the arrest which has not been taken lightly by Mogadishu. The ambassador claimed that Kenya had broken international regulations applied to diplomats by arresting the consular. "We have recalled the ambassador back home to consult with him about what reaction the Somalia government will take about the arrest of our consular in Nairobi on Friday" said Mahad Mohamed Salad Deputy foreign minister at a joint news conference on Sunday. The diplomat was detained for several hours but later released after the intervention of Ambassador Mohamed Ali. Somalia Parliament Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari has reacted angrily to the detention of one of the countrys top diplomats by the Kenyan authorities.
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Busia Muslims in appeal for Mosque reconstruction

Muslims in Busia County are appealing for funds for reconstruction of Al-safa Mosque which is dilapidated and on the verge of collapse. According to the mosque's Imam, Sheikh Mohammed Abdillahi Issack, the mosque was built in 1996 to cater for the spiritual well-being and educational needs of over 1000 faithful. Due to poor workmanship, cracks and leakages have developed over time making it difficult for worshippers to perform their religious obligations comfortably especially during rainy seasons. Speaking to The Friday Bulletin, Sheikh Issack called on donors, well-wishers and Muslim charitable organizations to come out for the pleasure of Allah and support the initiative. ''We are appealing to our Muslim brethren to come out and donate generously towards this noble cause of Allah and Allah would reward them here in the world and hereafter in Akhera,'' he further appealed. More information on the project can be accessed from the Imam Sheikh Mohammed Abdillahi Issack through 0722254547.

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Rajab 03,1435/May 02,2014


The Friday Bulletin

Finding peace in a turbulent world

Tarek M. T. Ezzat In the turbulent world of the 21stcentury, it is not easy for many people to find peace. Conflicts, protests, struggles, natural disasters and human tragedies are spreading fast around the world, and most of humanity, especially since the start of the global financial crisis in 2007, are living in a state of economic fear and instability. What will happen tomorrow?Nobody knows. In this environment where external peace is difficult to find, a Muslim can at least search for inner peace. There are many elements needed to reach a state of inner peace (al-nafs al-mutma'inna the reassured soul mentioned in verse 89:27 in the Qur'an), and knowing the main ingredients required for finding peace makes it easier to reach the right destination. So what are the main ingredients of inner peace? 1- As regards day-to-day life, finding peace of mind is an important key for reaching a state of inner peace, and this involves many practical details such as lowering expectations of this worldly life, living a sustainable life free of debt and therefore free of worries, and other important matters to be detailed. 2- A believer's attitude towards life, such as patience, and inner feelings, like thankfulness and contentment, are crucial for finding inner peace. 3- One's relation with Allah, trusting Him, and doing one's best to come closer to Him, are all required elements for finding peace, as at the end of the day, as mentioned in the Qur'an, (with the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace) (13:28) What are the most important worries most people have in their daily lives? People have many worries, including debts, finding good friends, dealing with other people, dealing with injustice, not having enough time, too much work, worrying about the future, dealing with life's problems, and in general being dissatisfied with what they have. Each of these worries has a remedy, and the following ideas are reminders that aim to help us find inner peace and tranquility. 1) Get Out of Debt One of the main concerns most people have is being in debt and being worried about how to pay the next due payment, whether for credit card debts, bank loans, or similar obligations. Today's consumer society encourages us day and night to buy new products, many of which we don't really need, and through aggressive marketing campaigns many people find themselves gradually going into increasing levels of debt, month after month, and year after year. Being caught in the debt trap takes away part of a person's freedom, and when this happens one feels worried when there are too many debts to repay, and when monthly expenses no longer balance with monthly income. At this stage, one's peace of mind totally evaporates, as worries can easily turn into a nightmare which disturbs the balance in life, and may reach the point described in this hadith When a man gets into debt, he speak and tells lies, and he makes a promise and breaks it. So the first important advice is don't get into debt. 2) Keep Good Company Meeting friends and relatives on social occasions and during weekends and holidays gives an important dimension to our social lives. By sharing and caring, one gets away from the daily routine of work and study, and gets involved with a wider circle of people one loves. But be careful. A good friend no doubt helps his friend on the path towards Allah, and vice versa. So be very careful who you take as a close friend. The best friend is the one who reminds you of God when you forget, and encourages you to do good to others and live a decent life that pleases Allah. Keeping away from bad friends and company is therefore very important for finding inner peace. 3) Do Good to Others and Deal Kindly with People We live in an age where most people don't have time for others, and where violence, crime and selfishness prevail in many locations on our planet. In such an environment it is not easy to be unaffected, as what people around us do has a direct and indirect impact on our lives. In any case, as a Muslim it's important to maintain good manners and to deal with people in a kind way, even those who are hostile towards us. This needs a lot of patience, but God loves those who are patient. Doing good to others is a high priority to please Allah. A good deed brings light both to the heart and to the face. Doing good deeds results in being blessed in one's sustenance, and the hearts of people are naturally attracted to the doer of good. 4) Don't Get Angry Another important ingredient for inner peace is to be patient with people and to avoid anger and negative reactions and feelings. Anger takes away part of our feeling of peace, and often makes a person act in an irresponsible way. Allah praised in the Qur'an those who are patient, and those who are able to control themselves and suppress their anger and forgive others. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was a very calm and wise person, and he always advised his companions not to get angry. If one day you do feel yourself on the verge of exploding in anger, try to make wudhu' (ablution), or if you are standing sit down and seek refuge from shaytan (Satan). When a person gets angry, Satan has a strong impact on him, as anger takes away part of one's good manners and one's sensible way of reasoning. So if you are searching for peace, do your best to be calm and patient 5) Forgive and Don't be Unjust Taking patience in dealing with people one step further, do your best to forgive and never be unjust. The path of injustice is a path which takes a person away from the path of God. If you are searching for inner peace, forgive and overlook people's mistakes, and don't take revenge for your personal satisfaction. Be patient and fair, and Allah will love you, bring you closer to Him and increase you in inner peace. 6) Slow Down and Don't Overload Yourself with Responsibilities We all have responsibilities in life, and in the modern world of today life gets more complicated each year, with more speed, new and faster technologies, and more stress all the time for most people. In such an environment one needs to find the right balance in order to live a life of peace, and taking on too many responsibilities is often counter-productive. Try to reduce your daily load till you reach the right balance, and don't be in a hurry, as it's best to do a small number of tasks well than doing too many under stress and without perfection. Remember, this life is a mere transition, and we won't take our wealth with us to the Hereafter, so live a balanced life if you are searching for peace. Sometimes we go through weeks and months when we are running most of the day, either due to a high work load or too many engagements and matters to attend to, or both. When life gets too busy and you can't find peace, try to slow down a bit. Driving when you are relaxed and not in a hurry is very different from driving when you are in a hurry and pressed for time. The same applies to all other life activities: walking to the train with serenity is not like running to catch that last train. All these details accumulate and at the end of the day one ends up either stressed or at peace. So try to slow down if you are searching for
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Topic: Changamoto katika maiSUNDAY LECTURE sha

By: Ustadha Amina Alitala 4th May 2014 Time: 2.00 pm -4.00 pm Venue: Makina Mosque Kibera

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The Friday Bulletin

Pictorial: Journey of faith conference

Rajab 03,1435/May 02,2014

LEFT: Sheikh Ahmed Abdulhameed gives his presentation as Abdulwahhab interpretes in sign language. ABOVE: Aden Duale, the Majority leader in the National Assembly together with Muhammad Mahmoud, the Mandera West MP and Bura legislator Hassan Wario in a light moment during the conference

LEFT: Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan (Middle) who is recovering from the effects of a grenade attack follows proceeedings at the conference: ABOVE: Participants at the the ladies section follow lectures through TV screens

RIGHT: Zool Nimji, the Ummah Foundation Secretary General, Abdullahi Abdi, the NAMLEF chairman and Farouk Adam, the Jamia Mosque Committee vice chairman were among the thousands who turned up at the conference at KICC. Left: Muslims who turned up for the conference performing prayer at the KICC grounds

Sheikh Badru Jaffar (Left), a member of the Jamia mosque Majlis Ulamaa and Sheikh Wasim Kempson, the Imam of Al-Muntada masjid in London deliver their talks

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Rajab 03,1435/May 02,2014

The Friday Bulletin

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The Friday Bulletin

Rajab 03,1435/May 02,2014

Finding peace in a turbulent world

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peace, it will certainly help. 7) Take Time Off Take time off when you need it. After a busy time at work or studies for exams, it's important to take some time off to recharge batteries; both spiritual and physical. Taking time off gives a chance for reflection and deep thinking, a chance to refresh one's ideas and clear pending matters. Time off also allows for contemplation and being closer to God, the only real source of peace. 8) Take Life One Day at a Time Sometimes we feel like there are so many problems to deal with this week, next month or next year, but we forget that each problem has a solution, and that we don't cross our bridges till we get there. When feeling stress due to future problems, it is wise to unwind by taking it one day at a time. Yes, one should plan ahead and do one's best, but at the end of the day it is Allah who decides what will eventually happen, so we need to ask Him to guide us to what is best for us in this world and in the Hereafter. 9) Look at the Positive Side of Life Being positive most of the time is one of the ways which leads to inner peace. Each event we experience has its positive and negative sides. Sometimes the positives are greater than the negatives, and in some cases it's the other way round. Even when a believer experiences a negative event, he/she is advised to look at its bright or positive side, as only focusing on the nega-

tive side leads a person to losing hope. We must remember that there is always hope, and even if we can't immediately understand the positive side of the matter we face, it is there, and by thinking and reflecting we can benefit from lessons learned, even after weeks or months, and gain more experience. So be positive and patient if you are searching for peace 10) Be Content and Satisfied Even if the external environment is hostile or hard, a content believer would still be happy. Why? Because happiness comes from the heart, it comes from the inside. If the external factors are good, this would help increase happiness, but if they are unfavorable if one is content one would still be happy. If you are searching for real peace and happiness, not temporary pleasures, start by refining your heart and coming closer to God, and when you become content with what God has provided you and the many blessings you have you will find inner peace. An important way to achieve that is to lower expectations regarding worldly matters, and to remember those who have less than you and thank God for His many bounties and blessings. Tarek M. Ezzat is the managing director of

Following its sterling performance in last year's KCSE, in which the school managed to appear in the top 100 private school category nationally, the management invites parents, and the general public to its prize giving day ceremony at the school on a date to be announced in May, 2014.All are welcome. The school has limited vacancies in Form 1, 2 and 3 and classes 1-7, both day and boarding. The primary school section is fully integrated

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The Friday Bulletin


Rajab 03,1435/May 02,2014

Kenyan Somalis campaign against ethnic profiling

Following the recent security operations carried out by the Kenya security apparatus to crackdown on terror suspects and illegal immigrants in Kenya, a campaign through the social media dubbed Kenya I am not a terrorist has been launched. The campaign highlights the abuse and discrimination against the Somali ethnic community whenever any terror attack occurs and aims at shattering the negative stereotype on the community which has largely been propelled by mainstream media. Since the operation started, hundreds of undocumented asylum seeker and refugees from Somalia have been deported while a large number of others are still being held at the Kasarani sports stadium and others returned to the Kakuma and Dadaab refugee camps. The operation has also adversely affected the Kenya-Somalis, a reason for the resulting irritation and condemnation by the community who consider it as ethnic profiling. Many took their frustrations to the social media to condemn the police swoops, by sending tweets and posting pictures that contained messages that clearly protested against what they termed as ethnic profiling . The ongoing security swoops in the estate now entering its fourth week have paralyzed business activities as traders continue to count loses.

'Exhibit good characters to defuse misconceptions' Muslims urged

Muslims in the country have been advised to exhibit good Islamic moral character to reduce the existing prejudice and misconceptions against Islam and Muslims. Prominent Canadian scholar, Said Rageah, noted that Muslims need not use force nor engage in debates over these misconceptions and distortions leveled against Islam and Muslims. They need to portray a positive image and good Islamic character and adherence to the teachings of the Holy Qur'an and Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon Him) adding that this will not only clear the misconceptions but also attract non-Muslims to Islam. ''Islam teaches us to exhibit good character and forge mutual relations to all people irrespective of their faith. This will not only change the negative perception but will reduce the stereotypes and attract nonMuslims to the faith,'' he said. Sheikh Rageah while answering a question by Jamia Mosque Vice chairman Farouk Adam on how the misconceptions and Islamophobia against Islam can be reduced said that one needs not be a profound scholar or a great jurist to call others to Islam stressing that a Muslim should be a caller to Islam by his or her good conduct than eloquent oration. Speaking at Jamia Mosque when he met members of the Jamia Mosque committee last Friday, Sheikh Rageah who is also the Imam of Abu Hurairah center in Toronto Canada further stated that there are many distortions leveled against Islam and Muslims just because of the true teaching of the faith which emphasizes on the oneness of God and a correct understanding of harmony and peaceful existence, adding that Muslims should not relent in their efforts of moving forward despite the many challenges and hardships they were undergoing. He praised the Muslim leadership at the Mosque for its service for the Muslim community and called on it to maintain the same spirit for further prosperity, adding that as leaders they have important obligations to play in presenting Islam positively and furthering the true message of Islam to people of other faiths during their lifetime. Chairman of Majlis Ulamaa of Jamia Mosque, Sheikh Fathudin Thangal echoed the sentiment of the Sheikh and called on Muslims to be good ambassadors through portraying good image of Islam to people of other faiths, stressing that they should live by the tenets of Islam which emphasises on tolerance and peaceful co-existence with other communities. ''Through good conduct and exhibiting Islamic ideals in their daily activities and personalities, Muslims can be a good example and play a significant role in reducing the mistrust towards Islam and Muslims held by many people,'' Sheikh Fathudin. Sheikh Fathudin paid tribute to and thanked Sheikh Rageah for his concerns for Muslims and visits whenever privileged to be in the country and called on him not to relent in his efforts in striving for Islam and Muslims in general.

Somalia angered by arrest

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Mr Jawari who was speaking at the Parliament session in Mogadishu, said that Kenyas attitude violated all international conventions terming the arrest as provocative. The fact is that (the) Kenyan authorities have behaved atrociously with the Somalia Diplomat, he even showed the police his identity as a Diplomat but still they didnt respect him These provocative and unlawful acts are not acceptable to this Parliament and are not acceptable to the Somalia People. They cannot be ignored, said the Somalia Speaker. The Kenyan government is yet to comment on the incident.

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Education for the future

Ummah Foundation is in the forefront of providing Education bursary that aims at educating students who cannot afford both high school and university education. As from the beginning of 2014, Ummah Foundation has been able to provide education bursaries to the tune of Ksh. 3,508,420. In the third quarter of last year, the Foundation issued education bursaries to needy urgent cases amounting to a sum of Ksh. 1,472,805 to 57 students in secondary schools from all parts of the country. This was possible through the contributions Ummah Foundation received from well-wishers during the holy month of Ramadhan and especially from our sister Organisation in Canada- Human Concern International. We take this opportunity to sincerely thank our Brothers and Sisters who donate generously to Ummah Foundation so that our children can go to school. It is still our prayer that you continue giving us all the support. The new policy of Ummah Foundation with respect to education bursaries is to support bright and needy students in secondary schools. This has been necessitated by the lack of adequate financial resources to support university and tertiary college students. Education is the best investment any society can give to our youth and it is a sure way of eliminating poverty and ignorance from our midst. The Bursary scheme has been running for the past eight years since the Foundations inception and it has taken root in the fact that many have graduated out of our system and adding value to the growing economy of our nation. The Foundation now prides of more than 1200 students from the eight provinces who have passed through the bursary scheme since the year 2007. It is imperative to mention that Ummah Foundation in collaboration with several stakeholders like Jamia Mosque ,Parklands Mosque, Park Road Mosque and City Park Mosque Committee have taken worthy steps in making the dreams of our Ummah come true. The major challenge facing Ummah Foundation is the high influx of applications that we receive in our office every day. As an organization, Ummah Foundation only targets a certain percentage of the Muslim community mainly from very humble backgrounds to gain experience of higher learning due to the limited resources. It is our obligation to sensitize well-wishers and donors to take an active role in making Education a key a priority. The beauty of the scheme is that it is built on virtues of honesty, transparency and manned by an experienced Education Committee that comprises of personalities of high integrity in the Muslim society. Let us all join hands and educate our children, our future. The Prophet (s.a.w) said, Seeking of knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim male and female. Contact us: Ummah Foundation Village Plaza 2nd Floor, Ngara Road P.O.Box 58717-00200, Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254202680610/13 Mob. 0734845277 Email: Web:

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