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Throughout the history of the United States citizens have always had the right to bear arms. I believe this is a core freedom that should never be taken away from those worthy. However, in todays society, there are many people who are not stable enough for the responsibility of owning guns. With todays system of obtaining guns many people who should not have guns have the opportunity to obtain them, and I believe something needs to be done about that.

The Citizens of The United States SHOULD care!




A Nightmare in Newtown

On Decmber 14, 2012 Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary and ruthlessly murdered 20 children and 6 adults with a high capacity assault rifle and two Joyful Sons 12 Precious Daughters pistols. Accredited author Peggy Drexler had some remarks regarding the Newtown shooting: only guns are created to do exactly that (kill), and only assault weapons are manufactured expressly to do that as quickly as possible. Seriously -- could Adam Lanza have dispatched 26 innocent souls in Newtown in five minutes with anything but an assault weapon? (Drexler, 2014) She goes on to say that the decrease 6 Incredibly Brave Friends in hunting rifle purchases has led to an increase in and Loved Ones assault rifle purchases.




Land of the free and home of the brave is a term coined by our society to describe the people of this great nation that we live in. As a people, we claim to be the most free nation in the world, but at the same time we are also the nation responsible for the most gun homicides as depicted in the picture below.

Our right to bear arms was not intended to equal more gun murders.

Shooters and Drivers

The way it IS


The way it SHOULD be

The most dangerous thing that the majority of our public does everyday is drive a car, but in our recent history, we have seen almost as many fatalities due to guns as we have cars. With this being the case, why do we continue to allow such lackadaisical and inefficient gun laws?

Easy Ammo

18 =

Currently, the only requirement for ammunition is age: 18- rifle, 21 pistol.

21 =

Governmental Tension

According to, The White House said the Department of Justice is taking steps to clarify terms in the federal law barring those with certain mental health problems from As United States purchasing firearms following citizens, we can no complaints from states that have longer sit around called the statute ambiguous. and wait for answers, we must demand them!

As stated in the New American, since Obamas gun reform push: 109 new gun laws 70 of which have loosened restrictions
(Obama Gun Control Scheming Sparked Record Firearm Sales, 2014)