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Let’s Go Soul winning

Section One Let’s go Soul winning a. “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you alway, even to the end of the world.” Matt. 28:19. The Bible Commands us to Go, Teach, and Baptize. According to Romans 10:15, the Great Commission teaches us to have pretty feet. The Great Commission also teaches us wisdom. (Proverbs 11:30) Section Two 1. Have a definite time to go. Take time out of your week to dedicate to God. This does not mean you cannot go any other time. 2. Be Soul-Conscious. Talk to everyone. Do not be embarrassed because of the way you look or who you are talking too. Remember everyone needs to be saved. 3. Be clean and neat. You are representing God, so watch your odor – breath and body. 4. Carry a Testament with you. It is easier to flip through a small New Testament instead of a large Bible. This eliminates “dead time” between verses.

5. Go Two by Two. The silent partner can pray and help eliminate distractions. And this is also a safety technique. 6. Go with different people. Each person can teach you something and God works differently through different people. 7. Claim the Spirit’s fullness before going. The Lord said He would prepare the hearts of the people. Pray for the Lord’s guidance. 8. Go believing. Trust that the Lord is in control. God will lead you directly to those who need to be saved. 9. Be nice. “Nice” goes a long way. Remember, you are representing Christ. Have compassion. 10. Be complimentary. Make sure you give honest compliments and sincere compliments. 11. Be careful about going in. Sometimes it’s wiser to stay outside. This eliminates distractions and is safer for ladies that are soul winning by themselves. 12. Be a good listener. Remember, you are not their advisor. Maybe the Lord is working on their heart. 13. Only one does the talking. This is so you don’t confuse the “soul.” This also eliminates one partner trying to “outdo” the other. 14. Stay on the subject. Don’t allow the conversation to stray to far from the Gospel plan. That is your reason for being there.

15. Find someway to get them lost. They have to be lost to be saved. Use Romans 3:10. Most people will admit to a lying. 16. Stay in the same book of the bible. This eliminates “flipping” and is easier for beginners. 17. Draw a map in your Testament. By “drawing a map, you eliminate stress in the heat of the moment. It also keeps you in order and from forgetting a verse. 18. Ask them, “If You Were To Die Now, Do You Know That You Would Go to Heaven?” Don’t ask them leading questions. For Example, “Have you prayed and asked for Jesus to come into your heart?” Be direct. 19. Ask them, “Would You Like to Know?” Let them know that there is hope of salvation. 20. Ask them, “If I Showed You How You Could Now, Would You Do What the Bible Says?” They must decide on their own. Personal trust in God is what saves them. 21. Show him that he is a sinner. Use Romans 3:10 and Romans 3:23. These verses show that everyone is a sinner. 22. Show him the price on sin. Use Romans 5:12 and Romans 6:23. They must understand that the debt of sin must be paid. 23. Show him that Jesus paid the price. Use Romans 5:8. Tell them that God loves them.

24. Review the main points to be sure he understands. 1) He is a sinner. 2) Sinners deserve to spend eternity in Hell. 3) Jesus paid the price for our sin. 4) If we ask Him, He will save us. 25. Ask if you may pray. You can “Pray the Plan” and then lead them into the sinner’s prayer. Even if they don’t get saved then, you can pray for them to be saved 26. Ask him to pray. Stop in the middle of your prayer and ask him if he would like to ask Christ into his heart. 27. Take his to take your hand. You need to be very careful; I would not advise that a young lady ask to take a worldly man’s hand. Use common sense. 28. Then you pray again. Pray your self and then lead him into the sinner’s prayer. 29. Ask him, “Where, According to the Bible, Would You Go if You Died Now?” The correct answer is Heaven. This step is more for him than you. 30. Lead him to a public profession. Your next step is to get him to come to church and make a public profession of faith. 31. Go by and get him on Sunday morning. Make sure he has a way to get to church. Most people will not just go to a new church on their own. They need encouragement. 32. Sit with him in service. No one likes to come into a crowded place and look for a seat. Be thoughtful and save one for your convert.

33. Go down the aisle with him. During the invitation, offer to go down the aisle with him and help him. It’s very scary for a new person to go done the aisle and make a decision. 34. Within a week have him over for a meal or coffee and cake or something. This is a step for people who have a home – not college students. College students could invite converts to a church picnic or another church wide activity. This helps the convert grow. This helps the convert meet people in the church and warm them to the prospect of joining the church. Conclusion: This is a Door-to-Pew overview of how to go soul winning. Each soul winner finds certain things that he or she does just a little differently, and that is fine. The point covered are main points to get someone started soul winning. Remember, the fields are white unto harvest.